💧Episode 7🩸
by Tiana
Alvary woke up early the next day and the first person he could think of was Maja, he quickly called her hoping she will pick up his call.
“Alvary,” he heard her calm voice and he could see how happy she was because it a video call.
“are you just awake?” she asked smiling.
“yea, yesterday was such a long day for me i had to sleep late, i miss you so much,” he smiled.
“i miss you too, as you an see am almost ready for school,” she smiled.
“but have you tell your mom about the phone, i mean did she know i gave you this?
“of course not, am still hiding it from her Alvary, even grandpa doesn’t know this am scare she might scold me,” Maja said sadly while he sighed.
“you don’t have to lie to her or hide anything just come out be clean and tell her,” he said.
“i will try to, so how is Mexico? and your mom? have you make any friends? who’s your new bestie now? she asked while he laughed.
“one question at a time Maja, do you want to kill me with your questions,” he said while she laughed
“looks like someone is jealous already,” he teased.
“of course not, i just want to know how everything is going on with my bestie,” she smiled.
“i just got here Maja and everywhere is damn boring, i don’t even have friends and mom is planing to enroll me in a new school. I just have to get use to this place,” he said sadly.
“with time you’ll be happy there,”
“and i have read your letter, i will keep it safe Maja. Thank you for that,” he smiled.
Lena walked to Alvary’s room and meet him making a video call with a girl, she smiled- this must be the girl he told her about, she smiled then walked closer and sat down beside him.
“good morning mom,” he greeted, she smiled then kissd his forehead.
“so Maja, meet my mom,” he said, Maja smiled seeing how beautiful the woman is, Alvary looked so much like her.
“nice seeing you Maja, you look so beautiful,” Lena said.
“thanks ma’am,”
“my son just came yesterday but he kept talking about you, you must be so special to him! you don’t have to worry he’ll always come visit,” Lena said.
“thank you Ma’am,” Maja smiled, his mom seems so nice.
“am late for school, i have to go now,” Maja said.
“okay.. take care,” he smiled then hanged up.
“she’s so beautiful,” Lena smiled.
“yes mom, i hope i will get to see her soon,” he said.
“and seems my son is in love..” she teased.
“maybe,” he smiled then stood up.
“now you should get ready and am gonna take you out for shopping then think of a better school to enrolled you,” she said.
“perfect mom, thanks a lot,” he smiled then picked the letter Maja wrote to him and read it again and again.
▪▪Alvary was done having breakfast with his mom when a boy of his age walked in.
“Mrs Lena, good morning! he yelled as he walked in but stopped when he saw Alvary.
“is this your son? he asked her.
“oh Jason.. how is your mom today? Lena asked.
“who’s he? Alvary asked his mom.
“he’s our neighbor and also a son to my friend. Jason is a wonderful boy and am sure you two will make the best of friends,” she smiled.
“come here Jason, this Alvary my son,” Lena introduced while Jason smiled.
“welcome to Mexico, your mom has told me a lot about you,” Jason said while Alvary smiled back.
“am Alvary,”
“nice name and am Jason,”…
Back @ San Francisco..✨
▪▪Claire and her family were done having dinner and she was thinking of getting another job, things will only get worse she don’t have anything doing, she have to pay Maja school fees and also take care of lots of things.
“so mom you mean Mr. Lewis fired you just like that? Maja asked.
“it a long story Maja, Lewis is not a good man and his kindness towards us isn’t genuine, i think i also know why he asked Alvary to leave,..
“yea and that’s because he wanted him to see his mother,” Maja said.
“not only that Maja, with time you’ll get to understand that,”
“uhmmm, okay mom i will just be in my room,” she said then walked to her room.
“don’t you think it high time you tell Maja about her sister, it important she knows she have a father and a sister in manila,” Joe said.
“there’s no point in telling her that father. Sebastian isn’t a good man after all,”
“but what about her sister, she need to know about Janelle,” Joe insisted.
“i will tell her that only when the right time comes,” she said, suddenly they heard some sound outside, two men barge into the room and Claire was surprise seeing them- who are they.
“hi Claire,” a familiar voice said, a man in walked in and Claire was so surprise seeing him.
“Lewis,” she muttered..
“yes its me Claire am here to ask you my question one last time,”
“look Lewis am sorry for slapping you but it all your fault. Am not interested so you should try to mind your business,” she said angrily.
“and that’s one thing i hate about you Claire, you talked anyhow thinking you’re bold enough to face me. i told you this already if you can’t be my wife then i will make your life miserable so where is Maja? he asked.
“i guess it better if you leave our house Lewis, how can you be so shameless, leave my daughter and grand daughter alone! Maja has nothing to do with this,” Joe said so pissed off while Lewis laughed.
” go and look for Maja,” Lewis told his men and they quickly went to the check the other rooms, Claire try to stopped them but they pushed her away.
Maja who was already eavesdropping on their conservation hurried back to her room when she heard him saying they should look for her, she quickly picked her phone- the one Alvary gave her then called the cops, she hide under her bed hoping no one will get to see her.
“don’t you dare hurt my daughter. Your son is already in Mexico and Maja is happy being alone without your him! so what did you want? Claire yelled at him.
“i want you Claire.. just marry me,” he yelled back
“i can’t,”
“then you’ll have to face the consequence,” he held while Joe punched him so hard on his face.
“leave my daughter alone and don’t you dare try to hurt Maja,” Joe yelled while Lewis was so angry, he removed a gun from his jeans pocket.
“Lewis, just drop the gun.. let talk about this in a more matured way,” Claire pleaded, she became more scared when she saw the gun he was holding.
“we got her boss,” they men said as they dragged Maja with them, they guys already spoted her under the bed.
“mom,” Maja cried while Lewis laughed.
“i never wanted you near my son and i guess it better i end your life here. Alvary will never stop if he didn’t see you again,” Lewis grin evilly.
“what did you want from my family, just tell us be… please,” Claire cried.
“you won’t succeed Lewis, you better stay away from Maja,” Joe said as he pulled Maja into an hug. Lewis quickly dragged Claire but Joe tried to stopped him.
“don’t make me do this the hard way old man,” Lewis said angrily, then he pulled the trigger at the old man. Claire and Maja were shocked when they heard the gunshot.
“grandpa,” Maja yelled..
“the cops are here,” one his men who was looking through the window said.
“it not over Claire,” he said then hurried to the back door and escape with his men. Claire was surprise to see the cops, she wondered who called them already.
“dad! Claire yelled in tears as she held her poor dad who was in a pulled of his blood.
“help us,” she cried, Maja was shocked.
The cops went in and helped him take Joe to the hospital but before they arrived he has already given up the ghost.
😥 It 9pm.. Claire and Maja were still at the hospital, they were just coming from the morgue. Joe is gone and they both find it difficult to accept that. Claire told the cops everything that happen and they were surprise to know Lewis was involved in this, he was so rich and influential business man and wonder why he have to get himself involved in such mess.
… Mr. Lewis was arrested but within a week he was bailed out because he was able to free himself or probably bribe them out. He can’t be in jail not because of that poor Claire, he thought.
😭Claire stood in tears when she told about Lewis dismissal from the custody, the case was dismissed since she have no solid prove that it was Lewis who was responsible for her father’s death. All she felt for him was hatred.
“i told you this before Maja, Lewis claimed to love me, he said he wanted me to be his wife but he’s intentions were all evil, am sure you saw how he killed your grandpa coldly and the worst part is that he’s a free man now, no one believe us because we are poor and because we have no solid prove. It a good thing Alvary is not here i just hope you’ll stay away from that family,” Claire said sadly.
“i know mom,” Maja said then wipe off the tears in her eyes, she missed her grandpa, she couldn’t believe Alvary’s dad could be this wicked to them.
“dad was the only one i had Maja because he was the only one i grew up with, my mom died ever since i was born and when i was at the verge to losing my dad i got a job to work as a maid to your dad by doing so, i was able to gathered enough money for dad treatment. I did everything i could for dad to survive and now that Lewis has killed him coldly i will never forgive him. He might get away with this now but he won’t get away with this in the future,” Claire cried while Maja comforted her.
🤔🤔Jordan kept wondering if her dad was the one that killed Maja’s grandpa. That same night when Lewis returned home she heard him talking to somehow on phone to clean up the mess they mess they did and that cleared her mind when her dad was taken away by the police for questioning. He might be the one who killed Maja’s grandfather but she can’t tell it to anyone…
A week Later…✨
Maja was in her room making a call with Alvary, she was bitterly crying when she told him about her grandfather’s death, he was so shocked as well. She wanted to tell him it was his dad but she still don’t want to make him feel bad about this, she don’t want him to hate his own father.
“am sorry about this Maja… am so sorry those hoodlums have to come to your house that night,” he said, he wished he could just appear in her room and give her a comforting hug.
“Maja,” Claire called as she walked to her room, she was surprise to see her making a call with Alvary- a video call.
“that son of a bitch! she yelled as she quickly collect the phone from her hand and smashed it to the floor, she hit it again and again until it was fully destroyed.
“are you still communicating with Alvary- his father killed your grandpa Maja, his father only want to destroy our family,” Claire yelled at her.
“and who even gave you that phone? she asked angrily.
“am sorry mom.. Alvary did before leaving to Mexico,” Maja said in tears while Claire ran her hand through her hair, looking so frustrated.
“you’re so stubborn huh! i want you to stay away from that Alvary. He’s the same as his dad, stay away from him and from now hence forth i cut off whatever relationship or friendship you have with him,” Claire yelled as she quickly packed all his photos in her room, including the flowers and also her locket on her neck, she threw it outside and quickly rushed to the kitchen to get a kerosene to burn them all. Maja kept crying, her mom was gradually going insane, she so much hate Lewis but now she’s transferring it to his son, Alvary knew nothing about this and Alvary is a good person. Maja quickly picked back the locket, she can lost everything except this locket! she can’t allow her mom to burn this, She quickly put it in her jeans pocket before Claire finally came and burn it all.
“it for the best Maja.. it for the best and mind you we are leaving this place. Our life is still at stake,” she said.
“to where mom? she asked
“to batangas,” Claire replied before walking back to her room.
Throughout that night Maja couldn’t help but to cry, things are gradually turning out to be her worse nightmare. She kept the locket given to her by Alvary safe in her box, she felt bad because she have to hide this from her mom- not again.
💫The next day.. Claire and Maja got their ready to leave.
“am still coming back for Lewis anyhow,” Claire said sadly while Maja stared at their house once more, this where she grew up and it has lots of memories but the good and bad..
“we have to go Maja,” Claire said.
🚛The drive was a long one and Maja was asleep throughout the whole journey.
“Maja,” Claire tapped her and she slowly open her eyes and realize she was still in the car.
“we are here,” she said.
They got down from the bus, Maja frowned seeing how busy the place is, now she have to be in a new school and have to make new friends- this won’t be easy she really missed San Francisco but her mother was right if they continue staying there Lewis might come back for them.
▪▪They arrived at their house, it just a small but very comfortable place.
“Serena did a great job, the friend i told you about! she helped me get this house,” Claire smiled as they walked in.
“seems we have lots of work to do and am so tired,” Maja complained.
“yea, we just have to,”
“am tired mom,” Maja frowned as she sat down on the couch getting irritated by everything.
“am also tired Maja but we just have to manage to bring our stuff in,” Claire said as she went outside to packed their luggage, Maja stared at the room in tears. What about Alvary now? what if he came back for her, she might never get to see him again.
“i will just make something for us to eat, then we can continue with the cleaning,” Claire said while Maja nodded. It’s just her and her mother now, she really missed her grandpa and wished things was like before.
Alvary was surprise when Maja told him about the dead of her grandpa, he was also surprise when Claire called him son of a bitch during their call.
“she might have collect the phone from Maja, something is just so wrong,” he told his mom.
“what are we gonna do now? Lena asked seeing how worried Alvary was.
“am so worried mom, i have to call Jordan maybe she might have know something,” Alvary said and immediately called Jordan but Jordan only told him that Maja lose her grandpa and that’s the only thing she know.
“i need to go back to the Philippines mom,” he said.
“that’s too sudden, you just came here last week Alvary,”
“mom you promise me to give me anything, please mom i promise to come back i just need to see Maja. Just this once, please mom,” Alvary pleaded.
“i know that.. okay,” she said sadly.
“if that will make you happy. I will also go with you to see Jordan,” she said while he hugged her.
“thank you mom,” he smiled.
Lena was so happy to be in the Philippine, it been a long time since she came over here.
.. Jordan was surprise to see her mom with Alvary she ran into her arms and hugged her.
“what a surprise visit, you didn’t even tell me you guys are coming,” Jordan said looking at Alvary.
“well we just want to surprise you, what about dad? Alvary asked.
“he has gone to work, am so happy to see you guys,” Jordan giggle.
“i miss my baby,” Lena smiled.
“but Jordan what happen to Maja, maybe you might know something,” he said.
“i don’t know anything but the only thing i know was that she lost her grandpa,” Jordan replied trying to calm her nervousness, she don’t want to tell him their father was involved.
“Alvary, calm down first! you have to settle down before asking any questions,” Lena said while he nodded sadly.
…When Lewis arrived home later in the evening he was shocked to see Lena, after a very long time.
“what are you doing in my house,” he yelled at her.
“am only here to see Jordan, am leaving now,” Lena said.
“am only allowing you to be with those kids for one reason,”
“am also their mother Lewis and mind you and i Alvary are going back soon, am here to see Jordan and Alvary is here to sympathize with his friend over the dead of her grandpa,” Lena said angrily.
“what! Maja, don’t tell me you’re here because of her,” Lewis yelled at him.
“yes dad she need someone by her side,”
“how did you even know that? Lewis asking looking at Jordan.
“i didn’t tell him anything dad,” Jordan defended herself.
“enough of this Lewis, no need for that stupid question,” Lena said then turn to Jordan.
“i have to go baby, i will come tomorrow,” Lena said hugging Jordan.
“okay mom, take care,” Alvary said…
▪▪Alvary stood at Maja’s door with his mom behind him, he was already in tears when one of the neighbor told them they packed out two days back and the worst part is that nobody knew where they went to.
“maybe they just want to moved on, you’ll gonna see her someday,” his mom comforted him but he just sat down as he let out his tears- where will he find Maja😥.
…Alvary stayed back in the Philippine for like two weeks hoping to see Maja, he asked her friends at school if she told them anything about where they moved to but no one knows anything, he have no option but to return back to Mexico with his mom… Now he couldn’t see her nor reach her on phone, her line isn’t going through again. He’s scared he might not see her again..😥
💔Days turn to weeks,
💔weeks to months
💔months to year
and year to seven years💫…..Maja hope to see Alvary she still have his locket and hope she’ll get to see him that’s if they’re destined to meet again…💫

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