💧Episode 6🩸
by Tiana
The next day Lewis was damn serious about Alvary leaving to Mexico and it dawn on Alvary that he has no option but to leave to at least see his mom even thou he’ll miss Maja so much.
.. Later in the evening he went to see Maja, he needed to tell her he’s leaving.
Alvary knocked the door and was surprise to see Maja’s mom.
“Alvary! she called surprise, that remind her of Lewis.
“hi aunt, i hope Maja is here? he asked while she nodded.
“Alvary! Maja called happily, she missed him and was glad seeing him.
“we’ll just talk outside,” Alvary held and her hand and they both walked out.
“don’t go too far,” Claire said as she watched the two kids walked away, she closed the door and sighed.
“he might be using his son to get to me, i think i don’t want Maja close to that Alvary again,” Claire said to her dad.
“you’ll will only end up hurting her feelings, Alvary is a good boy and i know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Maja, he likes her a lot,” Joe said, but that wasn’t convincing enough because only her saw how angry Lewis was and it seems he’s determined to make her marry by all means or make her life miserable.
“am leaving Maja, am going to Mexico tomorrow to see my mom,” he said immediately they stopped walking, Maja was speechless at first trying to understand what he meant by that.
“look Alvary, am sorry with what i told you the other day, you’re my friend and i want us to be more than just that because i love you too, i love you so much if that’s the best words i could use to describe my feelings to you, so why are you talking about leaving, are you saying that to scare me? Maja asked staring at him, he pulled her into a hugged and hugged her for a long time.
“thank you for spilling what you have in mind, i love you so much my pretty Maja,” he smiled pulling her ears teasingly.
“am not in the mood for this Alvary! just explain to me what you meant by you’re leaving? she asked again.
“am sorry Maja, i have to leave. Dad want me to leave and you know how much i have missed my mom. I need to do this but i promise to come back for you,” he said while Maja was quiet for some time.
“you’re leaving..? she asked again, her voice was shaky and her eyes were clouded up with tears.
“yes,” he said sadly. Maja hugged him again as she cried on his shoulders.
“you don’t mean it, do you?
“am serious about this Maja, i just hope we’ll wait for each other. I promise to come back for you and i hope you’ll wait for me,” he said while Maja nodded.
“anything for you Alvary, you’ll always be in my heart and i will wait for you even thou it pains a lot to know am not gonna see you for a very long time,” Maja cried.
“am sorry about this,”
“it for the best after all and am glad you’ll get to see your mom,” she sniffed then wipe away her tears.
“keep this locket safe,” he said then touched the necklace on her neck.
“and have this,” he said then removed a phone from his pocket.
“this yours,” he said while she was shocked to see him giving her such an expensive phone, an iPhone!
“i can’t accept this my mom will scold me Alvary, why are you giving me this? she asked.
“if you don’t collect this then we’ll never get to communicate. I will always call you Maja, just keep it a secret we need to communicate once i leave. Please do this for me, please Maja you have to accept this,” he pleaded while Maja collected the phone.
“i already save my contact,” he said.
“i can’t hide this from my mom, she’ll be so mad at me,”
“then explain things to her, if you can’t i will go and tell her myself,” Alvary said but Maja stopped him.
“no need for that, anyway thanks,” she smiled sadly then put back the phone in her jean pocket.
“i hope this won’t be our final day to meet again? Alvary asked.
“if it okay with you i want to see you tomorrow before you leave at the plantation, first thing tomorrow morning,” Maja said while he nodded.
“sure i will come,” he smiled.
“you don’t have to feel sad, i promise to come back, this a promise! he said.
” and i promise to wait for you Alvary- my one best friend,” she smiled.
“okay then, am leaving but i have to tell your mom about it too,” he said. Him and Maja walked back to the house and he told them that! Claire was surprise, this must be Lewis idea, probably to hurt Maja’s feelings because he knew she’ll gonna miss her friend so much.
✨Maja sat down so lonely in her room as she scribble things in her diary- will i ever get to see Alvary again if he leaves? she wrote it down with tears, she missed him already and she don’t know how her life with be without Alvary close to her.
The next day in the morning Maja quickly got dressed for school and leave without having breakfast, she just told her mom she needed to do something important at school, she felt so bad lying to her because she went to the plantation to see Alvary as planned. She meet him there, already waiting for her.
“i thought you’ll not gonna come,” he said then hugged her.
“of course i will, so you’re leaving today? she asked sadly.
“sure but you don’t have to put that face! just smile,” he tickle her but she just smile a bit, her heart was to heavy to laugh at any joke or thing.
“am sorry Alvary i couldn’t even give you anything, i have no money to buy you anything but please have this,” she said as she gave him a paper folded. He smiled then took it from her.
“i took my time and wrote this letter for you, read it only when you arrived to Mexico,” she said..
“huh!! hope is not something scary,”
“whatever Alvary.. goodbye and take care i have to go to school,” she said sadly while he held her hands.
“i will miss you so much,”
“i will miss you too,” she cried letting out all the tears.
“i just need one request from you Maja,” he said
“what is it? she asked..
“i hope you won’t replace me with anyone, always remember am your bestie, am that one special friend of yours who love you so much,” he said trying to hold back his tears too.
“promise! and i hope you’ll do the same, if you dare replace me with anyone i will make sure i disfigure this cute face of yours,” she teased then pinched his nose playfully making him laughed.
“i have to go now,” she said then hurried to school, Alvary stood there and watch her leave, he sat down and let out his tears, it hurt to leave the one you so much love behind..
▪▪Maja couldn’t concentrate throughout that day at school knowing fully well that Alvary will be leaving or might have leave shattered her heart into pieces, she’s scared she might never see him again..
▪▪@MEXICO ▪▪▪
….Alvary smiled when his mom welcomed him at the airport, he so much missed her as he ran to her arms. Her driver drove them home, to a very large mansion, he never knew his mom was damn rich like this perhaps richer than his dad.
“is this your house? he asked while Lena nodded.
“yes son,” you’ve grown so big now! just look at you, you’re so handsome and you look more like me,” she smiled then clasped their hands together as they walked to the sitting room, the maid came in with his luggage.
“how is Jordan, i miss her so much,”
“she miss you too mum,” he said.
“feel at home son, am happy to have you back,” she smiled then showed Alvary his room.
▪▪>>Later in the evening they had dinner together and he called Jordan.
“Jordan dear,” Lena smiled sadly seeing how her daughter looked so sad.
“how’s dad doing? Alvary asked.
“he’s fine, i miss you Alvary! even thou we quarell like all the times i still miss you. This house this damn lonely,” she said sadly while Alvary laughed.
“so it true people won’t know the importance of something until they lose it, you miss me right.. your one and only sweet brother,” he teased.
“huh.. don’t be too excited, i don’t miss you that much i only miss your troubles bad ass!
“mind your language Jordan, i guess your dad doesn’t even bother about what you speak,” Lena said.
“whatever mom, so how is everyone? and how is Mexico? she asked Alvary.
“i just got here, but i guess it gonna be bored i don’t even have friends i so much miss Maja,” he said sadly…
“huh.. don’t bring that girl in our conversation Al,” Jordan said peskily while Alvary laughed..
…They talked on the phone for a long time and Lena felt so good knowing her daughter is perfectly doing so well.
“so that is it, i miss her so much,” Alvary said as he told his mom everything about Maja.
“i hope you’ll let me visit her someday.. right mom? he asked while she nodded.
“of course i will, anything for my son,” she smiled.
“but mom this my first time coming here and i must say you’re so rich. But why didn’t even fight for us, i mean you and dad got divorced and you didn’t bother to pick one of us here, maybe you never really care for us,” he said sadly.
“i know i have so much explanation to do, am sorry Alvary. Your dad has hurt me so much and i know i also hurt him in someways but i guess parting ways with him was the best thing ever because am not regretting it and i love you and your sister both. Their’s no reason in trying to have you back because Lewis wouldn’t even allow that and i was surprised when he called and told me you’re coming. She told him all that but she felt so sad for lying to him! she can’t tell him what actually happen between her and Lewis this suppose to be a secret.
“it okay mom, what important now is that am with you and i know Jordan will soon come as well,” he said.
“so you like the girl right? Lena asked trying to change the topic.
“which girl?
“Maja, they one you told me about? she asked.
“yes mom and i miss her, i hope we’ll get to see again,” he said sadly while she ruffle his hair.
“of course you will see that your one true love,” she said making him smiled.
… Alvary had a good time with his mom and it was just the best.
He later went to his room to sleep but remembered about the letter Maja gave him. He quickly picked it up then unfold the paper to read the letter:
💌 <<<* I don’t know what life has install for us Alvary😣
“i don’t know if i will ever see you again..🤨
“i don’t know if i will still be that one special best friend of yours…🤗
“i don’t know for how long i will wait for you and i don’t know if you’ll also come back as promised but i hoped someday we’ll get to meet in a right way Alvary because i will never forget you.🙂
“you’ll always be the one in my soul, in my life and in my dreams right from the start.
“I know this not the end of our story neither the end of our friendship. So take care Alvary and always know that on the walls of my beating heart- are the pictures of you and of our love💕.>>> from your #bestieMaja💌
▪▪Alvary kept reading the letter with a wide smile on his face, he promised to keep this letter save, maybe this the only thing that will ease his pains, to wake up everyday and see her beautiful hand writing on the letter will be so amazing. He hope he’ll see her again and it won’t be too late for them, even thou he wonder what life has for both of them- what if they were only meant to be best friends and nothing more to that… Only time can tell…💫
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