💧Episode 8🩸
by Tiana
**Seven years Later**✨
Remirez company..🏚🏟
Janelle rounded up the third file, arranging the papers back in them, she set it in the cabinet, just like the first and second and she was going for the final when she heard the Ringing of her phone, she smiled when she saw the caller, it Clark her boyfriend.
“hi babe,”
“babe, are you at the dancing show, everyone is anticipating you,” Clark said
“oh.. okay, am on my way,” she said. She quickly left the files there and took her bag as she went out. She needed to be there, this was what she worked all day for. She’s glad her dreams came true. All she ever wanted was to be a star, a dancer but she needed to help her dad out in the company. Things drastically changed when she clocked twenty and that was last year. Sebastian wanted her to get married to Gaston the only son of the Murphy’s. That’s the only way things will work better. They both need each other in business, Sebastian and Philip have already agreed for they children to get married for the sake of the company. And now it been a year she declined that, she made it clear to her dad, that she already have a boyfriend. Handling such business isn’t her passion, she always have passion for fashion designing and dancing and she was able to have her own fashion house which was named *Janelle Fashion house* JFH* which was trending and also at the top ten list list of good and latest fashion house. She’s a busy person and hardly find time for herself- she’s a dancer, a fashion designer and also works in her dad’s company but Sebastian is still making it worse by trying to push through with her wedding.
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▪▪▪Janelle quickly arrived to the venue and get down from her car.
She walked to the hall and all cynosure of eyes were on her, they paparazzi were all over her taking several pictures of her. This is not just a mere competition but an international dancing competition, she was glad to have get to the last round and she hope she will win the contest which will yearn her more fame and more money of her own.
“Babe,” she smiled as she walked to the first seat where Clarke was seated. It was reserved for VIP.
“thank goodness you came on time, just two more people to your turn,” he said then clasped there hands together.
“you’re always the best babe, i believe you’ll gonna win this,” he said while she nodded, she felt so lucky having Clark, it not been long they got into a relationship, it just four months back and now she’s so much in love with him. He’s a musician and a popular one at that, they first meet at a talent show which she was invited and ever since then they’ve been friends and now lovers. He’s also a busy person like her. They hardly see each other but Janelle wasn’t bothered, as far as they still loved each other it okay with her, she told him about her dad constant nagging for her to marry Gaston but he told her he’ll help her get out of that dilemma.
🏫Janelle felt more relax at Clark’s mansion, at least she’s free from anyone for now. The dancing contest was great and the result will be out in few days time.
“so what about you and Gaston? Clark asked
“about me and Gaston? is that even a question. I told you that already, he’s is not the right man for me. Dad has all they money he want but he just want things to work out the way he want for the sake of the company as he claimed,” Janelle said so worried.
” you know i won’t allow that, and you know how much i love you. I will fight for you even if it means talking to your dad,” he said
“he won’t even listen to you, it pointless Clark,” she said sadly.
“don’t give me that look babe,” he said pulling her into a hug.
“am going for a concert tomorrow ..” he stated
“huh… where? she asked
“not too far thou, at Quezon city but i’ll be back after a week,”
“it has always been like this, me so busy, busy with work and same thing with you. Don’t you even think this relationship is damn boring i sometimes feel it not gonna work out,” Janelle said peskily.
“am sorry, this just our lifestyle- always busy..
“busy! she scoffed. “we hardly have time for ourselves Clark,”
“and that’s the reason i brought you here, to spent good time with you Janelle. What important is what we both feel for each other. I promise once am back from Quezon, i’ll make it up to you,” Clark cooed then kissed her forehead.
“i love you babe,” he muttered..
“i hope you’ll gonna sleepover? he asked.
“it’s gonna be fun you know,” Janelle smiled while Clark kissed her passionately..
“hey babe.. not here you know,” she laughed, Clark carried her in his arms then headed to his room…
The next morning…✨
Janelle slowly open her eyes and notice she was in a different room..
“thank goodness you’re awake, you’ve been sleeping like a baby,” Clark teased, then moved closer to her.
Janelle quickly picked up her phone and notice three missed calls from her dad.
“breakfast is ready,”
“thanks, i will just take my bath,” she smiled.
“and.. last night was just the best,” she winked at him..
▪▪▪Janelle arrived home later that morning and was surprise to see her dad, he suppose to be at work,” she thought..
“and where are you coming from Janelle? Sebastian asked angrily.
“i was so busy dad, i had to go somewhere!
“somewhere like where? Janelle what wasn’t our agreement. I will help achieve your dreams, it was all because of me *J fashion house* is still alive, you know how much i have helped you Janelle and i guess it your turn to help me out too,”
“you helped me because i am your daughter, it your responsibility dad stop acting like am just a stranger to you, am your daughter,” Janelle seethe, her eyes were already getting blurry with tears.
“Gaston is not a stranger and i know what’s best for you Janelle. Just do this for me… please,” he added.
“is not as easy as you think, marriage is a long time commitment and am not even ready for that,”
“you’re not ready for that because you enjoy every bit of all your dirty act outside. Let not argue over this. Gaston and his parents are coming to have dinner with us, so get ready,” he said with finality.
“you’re sending me off to someone i don’t love because you never got married and because you’ve made the wrong choices dad. And even till today you never tell me what actually happen between you and my mom but i decide to let it slide because i thought you’re enough for me but not anymore,” Janelle yelled angrily then ran to her room. Sebastian felt so guilty maybe Janelle was right. He always end up hurting they people who loved him, it all start with Claire she loved him so much but he ended up hurting her all because he was trying keep his relationship with Nessa safe and now all he want is for Janelle to get married to the Murphy’s family and with that the company he worked so hard for will survive, he knew working with the Murphy’s means a lot to him and that can only happen if only his daughter get married to their son.
Maja stood beside Toby feeling so nervous, this was the guy from her college, the handsome and popular Toby who always have crush on her but she never gave him any chance. Now she’s standing right before him to give it a try..
“thank goodness you gave me the chance to take you out today, at least to talk,” Toby smiled while Maja nodded feeling so nervous.
“hope you like this place? i can take you to..
“it okay, i like it here,” Maja cut him off.
“am not just used to all this,”
“not use to what? Toby asked calmly
“not used to dating,”
“huh? but you don’t look like one because you’re extremely beautiful,” he smiled.
“that’s what you think,” she shrugged.
“well…i don’t really have the time to date around. I’ve got a lot to do, i have my mom to take care of and things are pretty much at school now,”
“but that isn’t enough excuse Maja, i hope you’ll give me a chance to prove how much i love you,” Toby said holding her hands.
“i don’t have time to be in any relationship. Am scared of getting hurt again because i once fell in love with one guy, i loved him for a very long time but the thing is that we were never meant to be, we got separated,” Maja said sadly.
“you should try to give yourself a chance, a chance to love again Maja. You don’t have to stay stuck in the past. You just have to move on,” Toby said staring deeply at her.
“oh.. okay. I think i still need to sort myself out Toby. Just try to give me time,” she said slowly slipping her hands away from his.
“i have to go now,” she smiled then walked out of the garden, Toby stare at her not knowing what to say.. but he’s certain to win her heart anyhow.

▪▪”so how did it go on Maja? Selene her friend asked excitedly. They were at the college library but Selene still insisted to hear the full gist.
“what else did you want me to say Selene, you know am not into those stuff, i don’t want to have a boyfriend now,”
“huh.. how could you miss this opportunity, or are you still hoping to see that childhood friend of yours? Selene asked while Maja kept quiet.
“not only that Selene..
“no Maja, you were just kids and all you ever have for him was infatuation you only like him because he was your best friend,”
“i guess you’re right Selene. Alvary and i are two different people am here in batangas and he’s probably in Mexico or somewhere else, i don’t even think our path will ever cross,” Maja said sadly.
“okay, quit that face and at least smile. But if i were you i would have chose Toby. Try considering him again,”
Later in the evening..✨
“so Maja, how is school and what about your project? Claire asked, they were just done having dinner.
“everything is going on smoothly mom,” Maja smiled. There life was much better over here, she never knew life could be this lovely here and she could make new friends again. Maybe everything happen for a reason because staying here in batangas brings them peace of mind.
She walked to her room and headed straight to her reading table, she was busy reading but later remembered her conversation with Toby and what Selene told her. Toby is every girls’ crush in the college and why will he only choose someone like her!
Maja waved off the thought then picked her locket from her bag, she open it as she stare at her picture on the right while Alvary’s on the left- she missed him so much, it’s seven years and she wonder how handsome he will be by now.
“Maja! Claire walked in unexpected.
“mom! she stuttered, she was startled and couldn’t hide the locket from her mom.
“what! i thought i have burn this before we come to batangas? Claire asked.
“yes, but i have to pick it up that day, am sorry this the only thing i have to remember Alvary,” Maja said sadly.
“i know you miss your friend but you can’t see him Maja, he’s now our enemy. Have you forgotten what his father did to us. He took away the man i so much loved, he took away my dad and he’s still a free man, ever since then i hate everyone is his family,” Claire said angrily.
“including Alvary? Maja asked.
“but he knew nothing about this mom. Alvary was in Mexico when all this mess happen,” she defended him.
“i know but he’s still his son and can use him anytime against us. Maja is for the best if you forget Alvary because i will never in my whole life allow you to be close to that family again, not when am alive,” Claire said before walking out of her room, slamming the door..
Maja closed her books and stare at the necklace on her table. Her mom was right, Alvary is like an enemy to them because he’s Lewis son, but at the same time he don’t have to pay for his father’s sin. Claire has always like him but everything changed the day her father was killed by his dad. Things will never be the same and Maja was sad because she couldn’t change her decision. She made up her mind to forget him, it for the best after all he was just a friend and even if she happens to meet him again be will only be an old friend😣… It better to forget him now than to get hurt in the future..💔

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