💧Episode 10🩸
by Tiana
@J’s Fashion House✨
After the conference meeting, Janelle stayed behind with her Manager.
“that was a great idea Ma’am Janelle, I knew you’re always the right woman for this job,” she smiled.
“I’ve always been,”
“i don’t only want the JFH to remain here but for everyone to know it worldwide,”
“yeah, I have make arrangement for you at Mexico already and am sure the H.O.F will gladly accept our proposal,” her manager said.
“thanks a lot,” she smiled, her phone rang and she checked the caller which was Clark.
“if anything comes up don’t hesitate to tell me, i have to answer this call,” she smiled then walked to her office and was surprise to see Clark..
“Clark! she called in a low tone.
“what the heck are you doing here? she yelled.
“am not gonna stop until you forgive me Janelle. What you saw was nothing at all, i still love you,” he said remorsefully while she laughed sarcastically.
“i have had enough of your lies Clark and why aren’t you in Quezon.. huh?
“because i have sent a representative to represent me. I need to make peace with you before any of my performance. I love you babe and am sorry if you’re hurt by what you saw,” he pleaded trying to hug her but she withdrew back.
“i don’t force myself on people and i hate when people are trying to force themselves on me. Clark, I’ve always loved you, i love you so much that i had to give my body to you, wasn’t that even enough for you,” she said in a shaky voice trying to hold back her tears, she can’t shed a single tears right in front of him.
“all am asking is for your forgiveness,” he pleaded.
“is that the only thing you want, okay Clark i have forgiven you,” she said icily.
“now that you’ve got what you want can you leave my office,” she yelled angrily.
“babe.. just try to give me a chance to be a better person,”
“i only give people one chance, you can’t hurt me and still have me back. Clark they can never be us again because am serious when i say its over between us and leave my office or i call the security,” she said.
“okay.. but am not gonna give up that easily Jane,” he said before walking out. Janelle sat down in her seat and let out her tears. She loved him and but she have to let him go, it pointless holding onto to someone who can you betrayed you this much.
Janelle was in her room with Vera and Sally, she was done packing her stuff, their flight will take off the next day in the morning..
“so when are you coming home babe? Vera asked.
“when my head finally cool off from all this. I just want to be away from my dad and Clark. That asshole have the gut to come to my office, he keep saying he loves me,” she sighed.
“you’ve heard that before,” Sally shook her head.
“i need time for myself and i guess staying in Mexico will do me good,”
“that’s a good idea you know, but am gonna miss you,” Vera smiled.
“we’ll always get in touch and i might not come back as soon as you expected because the worse part is that i agree to marry Gaston once am back from Mexico,”
“what! they both said in unison.
“why will you do that? Sally asked.
“because i and Clark are done and that’s what dad always wanted me to do- to marry Gaston but i also have my own plan,” she smile sadly.
“you don’t have to accept that,”
“it okay girls, am perfectly fine for now. You guys will gonna sleep over and i just asked my maid to make your favorite dishes, tonight will gonna be great you know,’ she chuckle.
“perfect! Vera giggle.
The door went open and Janelle was surprise to see her nanny. Nanny Loren, it been two weeks she went to her hometown and now she’s back.
“nanny! Janelle smiled and rushed to hug her.
“i miss you so much Janelle,”
“i miss you nanny,” Janelle smiled. Loren has been like a mother to her and she felt so good seeing her, maybe things might get better with her in the house.
“this my friends,” she introduced while they two girls greeted her.
“you’re always welcome Sally and Vera,” she smiled.
“Janelle can i talk to you for some time… please? Loren asked.
“sure nanny,” she smiled then looked at her friends.
“keep yourself busy, am coming back,” she smiled then walked out with Loren.
“Oh my! what happen to your hand? Loren asked surprise to see the small cut.
“it just a small cut nanny, please don’t make a big deal out of it,”
“how did you hurt yourself?
“please nanny!
“just tell me Janelle. Seb told me you guys have been quarreling recently,” she said.
“i got this from the kitchen when i was trying to make myself some tea,”
“what! that’s impossible Janelle, you don’t even know how to cook so how can you be in the kitchen while you’re so busy all day and you even have other maids to attend to you,”
“okay Nanny, i got myself cut because am damn tired of everything and everyone. Dad still insisted i marry Gaston,”
“and Clark? she asked, she knew about Clark because Janelle couldn’t stop talking about him to her.
“he cheated on me, i caught with another girl in bed. I’ve gotten over this nanny, i just want to moved on,” Janelle said trying to hold back her tears.
“but you still love him Janelle,”
“yes i do but that was then!
“i know Janelle but maybe you should try to forgive him,”
“i can’t. You just came back nanny, i think you need some rest we’ll talk about this when am back from Mexico,”
“oh Seb told me about that too,”
“yea, i gat business to do over their but will come back in two weeks time,” she said.
“i’ll miss you Janelle. Once you’re back we’ll talk about his,” Loren smiled then hugged her.
“welcome home once again, i have to go now,” Janelle smiled then walked back to her room..
The next day…✨
Janelle had breakfast with her friends at her personal dining room. She called her manager and she told her everything has been arranged, she also called three of her board members that she will go with.
“so you guys are leaving so soon? Vera asked.
“yea, i have to take my bath now. And thank you a lot girls. Yesterday was just the best i forgot all my pains,” she smiled.
“our plan worked out, we just want to see you happy. We don’t want you to cry over that asshole you know,” Sally smiled.
“you’re the best girls,” she smiled then walked to her room, grabbed her towel and walked to the bathroom.
Maja packed her hair in a clean bun and smiled. She picked up her small side then slide her pen in it.
“you seems ready for the exams? Claire asked.
“yes mom, am perfectly ready but i feel nervous. This my final exams and i can’t believe am graduating soon,” Maja giggle.
“am so proud of you and i know your grades will be the best, just take care,” Claire pulled her into a hug.
“love you mom, i have to go,” Maja smiled as she hurriedly walked out.
….Maja arrived to the school and first the person she saw was Toby.
“Maja, I’ve been waiting for you,” he smiled.
“uhmm, seems you came pretty early today,” she said
“yeah! hope you’re ready for the exams?
“sure,” she nodded
“i need to see Selene we’ll talk after the exams,” she said.
“uh! okay, anyway you look so beautiful,”
“oh thanks! Maja smiled then walked away. She walked to the class and meet Selene busy with her books.
“hey girl,” Maja called then sat down on the seat next to her.
“what’s up?
‘fine, are you just rounding up this book?
“am just revising,” she smiled.
…Later on..✨✨
Claire decided to take a day off, her mind wasn’t at peace and she couldn’t tell why she kept thinking about Janelle. It twenty one years now without her daughter and she felt so terrible, she couldn’t even get her back again. She wished her father is here to advise her, she wanted to go back to manila to face Sebastian and have Janelle back but how could she just show her face after dumping her daughter with him for good twenty one years, it wasn’t so easy. She felt so happy knowing the good life Janelle has! especially having her fashion store, she knew everything about her, but she was always careful about Maja, so she won’t ever come across her sister.
Some hours Later…😥😥
Sebastian was couldn’t believe what he heard from one of friend who worked at the airport, he wanted to confirm that himself, he walked into his office through the reserved door used only by him. It led to other offices in the building and down to the car park in the basement, it was a large room and has an expensive decor. He kept walking to and fro. He then lifted the receiver of one of the telephone on his desk and punched the buttons.
“can i speak to the director of international flight? he asked and a male husky voice came in.
“who’s speaking? he asked.
“Am Sebastian Remirez and i just want to find out something. My daughter Janelle is on an official trip with some her staff and is suppose to have left the airport since morning for Mexico. I just want to know if something bad happen? he asked trying to control his shaky voice, he hope is not what he’s thinking and not what Jeff told him.
There was a brief silence at the other end.
“something went wrong, am sorry the plane crash,
“the rescue team was sent immediately but they only found mangles bodies and no survivors,”
“we did our best but we are still putting things in order. We’ll release the necessary information to the public,” he added before hanging up. Another call came in on his phone and he discovered it was from Janelle’s company, they might probably heard about this he thought trying to hold back his tears. Ever since he lost Nessa and Kenny he never thought he’ll Janelle again, she was his only source of happiness.
Later in the evening..✨
The news of he plane crashed was all over the net and it’s now clear to everyone that Janelle didn’t survived since no one survived and some bodies were badly burnt.
Claire was already done with dinner and was waiting for Maja to return back to school, she on the tv and was shocked by the news. *Janelle the popular designer and also a diva lost her live in a plane crash, no survivor was found only mangled bodies* Seeing that in Tv, she quickly reach for her phone and was shocked to see same thing on the internet. It’s for real.
▪▪Maja arrived home that evening looking so tired and sad, somehow she wasn’t at peace and even after her exams she felt so scared about everything. Something might be wrong somewhere but she couldn’t place it.
“mom! she called as she rushed to Claire who was crying so bitterly at the sitting room, she was holding some pictures. She was able to hide those pictures from Maja fro good twenty one years, it a pictures of her and Janelle, when Janelle was just a baby.
“mom? what happen? Maja asked looking so worried.
“i lost her Maja, i lost her again,” Claire cried the more.
“lost who mom? what did you mean? Maja asked then took some pictures she kept on the table.
“who is this mom? Maja asked staring at the old picture.
“am not just a good mother, i felt so horrible. I wouldn’t get the chance to be with Janelle,” she sobbed.
“who is she mom? and why are crying. Am so confused!
“am sorry for hiding this from you for so long, i thought it was just the right thing to do,” she cried again.
“you have a sister somewhere,” she said while Maja was shocked hearing that from her.
“sister? she asked in whisper trying to figure out what her mom meant by that.
“her name is Janelle Remirez, she’s your twin sister,”
“what! Maja scoffed.
“what did you mean mother? i have a twin sister? where the heck is she.. then? Maja asked.
“am sorry dear, i have to make you pass throug this especially now that you’re writing your final exams, i don’t want to bother you with anything but i have to tell you this. Janelle got into a plane crashed today,”
“plane crash? are you serious about this mom? Maja asked with a shaky voice.
“your sister is dead,” Claire dropped the bombshell. Maja was shocked hearing all that! she was quiet for some time trying to understand what her mom meant by all that.
“i have a twin sister somewhere and now you just feel like telling me this after twenty one years? Maja scoffed.
“am sorry Maja,” Claire pleaded.
“oh! Maja laughed sarcastically then stood up.
“you said she’s dead right? so what the essence of telling me that now. You separated me from my twin sister for all this years and the only time you feel like telling me is when she’s finally dead? Maja asked angrily.
“i was waiting for the right time to do so. I know i was wrong…
“cut if off mom, you’re a horrible mother,” Maja yelled in tears then walked out in anger, slamming the door behind. She walked to a quiet place and sat down to cry, she was so confused. She has a twin ssiter all this while and her mom was perfectly good at hiding everything from her, she felt so cheated and betrayed, she doesn’t even know who her sister is or how she look like or behave like? all because of her mother. Now that she’s dead what’s the essence of telling her. Maja couldn’t help but to cry- to let out all her pains…
poor Maja and Janelle….😥
…who do you think might save Janelle…?

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