💧Episode 12🩸
by Tiana
“what the heck is Maja doing here? Jordan asked Alvary when they were all at the sitting room. Janelle was already in her room.
“and why the heck are you so worried about that? Alvary asked.
“you know how dad so much hate her and her mom. So you’ve been together with her all these years?
“of course not Jordan, i saved her life and i just found last month so stop making a big deal out of this,”
“hey.. it okay Alvary. Your sister just came today and you shouldn’t be arguing over Maja. Instead we should welcome her,” Lena said.
“okay.. i guess i will only welcome Jordan if only she welcomes Maja too,”
“i think you’re still obsess with that girl. Am tired and i won’t stoop so low to talk about that girl with you,” Jordan spoke angrily then hurried upstairs to her room.
“Jordan.. Jordan! Lena called and hurried to catch up with her. Alvary sat down on a ouch, he stare at the letter in his hand and wished Janelle will remember something, what about her mom? where could she be and what actually happen to her grandfather! He had a lot of questions and lots of things he want to discussed with her and that can only happen if only she regained back her memory.
▪▪Loren walked to the sitting room to announce to Sebastian that he’s dinner is ready. He was so lost in his thought and she have to tapped him, bringing him back to reality.
“Mrs Loren! he said
“your dinner is ready,” she said.
“am not eating,” he said bluntly then stood up.
“is that how you’ll also gonna kill yourself, by starving yourself. I know wherever Janelle is she wouldn’t want to see her father this way,” Loren said.
“it all my fault Mrs Loren. Janelle left with that anger in her heart for what i have did to her, she wasn’t even in a good terms with me when she left, she was so mad at me for still pushing through with her so called wedding,” Sebastian said bitterly.
“i’ve warned you to leave the young girl alone and it was just recently she broke up with her boyfriend. Janelle and i has a lot to talk about when she’s back from Mexico but no one saw it coming. I never knew it will be the last time i’ll see her,” Loren sniffed while Sebastian said nothing as he walked to his room. The doorbell rang and she went to open it quickly- surprise to see Clark.
“what are you doing here? she asked with a frowned.
“hi Mrs Loren,” he smiled.
“what are you doing here? she asked coldly.
“huh.. am here to talk to Mr. Sebastian..
“he don’t want to talk to anyone and he won’t even listen to you. Look Clark it better you just l;eave seeing you remind me of how you hurt Janelle and i hate you for that,” Loren said peskily.
“okay.. can i talk to you about that. Am sorry for whatever that happen between Janelle and i, but in case non of know about this. Janelle won the international dancing competition. The result was announced since yesterday, i know it took quiet some time and that’s because everyone was still in shocked about her sudden death,” he said sadly while Loren’s eyes were filled with tears.
“what the essence after all, she’s dead already and their’s no need of keeping all those things- her award and the money, Sebastian has it all and doesn’t need it,” Loren said.
“i just want you to know i didn’t intentionally hurt Janelle, i love her and i felt so stupid for what i did,” Clark said.
“if only you knew how much Janelle loves you and talks about you a lot! but ever since you broke her heart she hate you Clark, you did that on purpose you asshole,” Loren yelled at him then slammed the door. She don’t want to talked about this anymore. The house feel so empty without Janelle.. the girl she loved so much.
✨Maja was beautifully dressed in the pink gown that Claire brought for her. It’s her graduation but she felt so sad because Janelle is not here to witness this special day of her life. She somehow wish her dad is also here to witness this day. An award was given to her as the best graduating student. She felt so happy and Claire was so proud of her, Now Maja is only one she have left and vowed to protect her.
“do you have anything to say? Mrs. Cary asked, Maja nodded and she gave the microphone to her. She was at the stage where they award was presented to her.
“this a dream come true in my life. The journey has not been easy but God mercies kept me moving. Thank you for all your support and special thanks goes to the woman i so much cherish, mama esto es para ti. Thank you so much cause you’re the one that make me who i am today. Claire stood up and all cynosure of eyes were on her in that hall- It was certain that she has raise a very intelligent kind girl.
“thank you Mom,” Maja said from where she was standing while Claire felt so proud! she wipe off the tears from my eyes and so much wish Janelle is still with her.
After the whole program, Maja quickly rush to mom and hug her in tears.
▪▪ “I couldn’t believe the day has finally came, after all the struggles, stress, tests, sleepless nights and the exams I’ve finally made it mom,” Maja giggle.
“i’ve always believe in you,” Claire smiled.
“congratulations bestie,” Selene smiled while Maja hugged her.
“thank you Selene, you don’t know how much you’ve also contributed to my success,” Maja smiled.
“thanks you,” Selene smiled.
“this calls for a great celebration,” Claire said.
“yeah, my parents are already waiting for me at the hall, will you mind if you go with me? Selene asked.
“sure,” Maja smiled..
Janelle’s POV😥
I woke up and felt my head aching so bad. I guess i remembered something. I think my memories are gradually coming back like a dream, but all i could remember today was my name. Yes Janelle was the only thing i know that might be my name. That’s simply means am not the girl Alvary was talking about, but who could she be- my look-alike. Why did she looked so much like me base on the picture Alvary showed me, it’s like am the one in the picture.
The door went open and a lady walked in, i guess that might be his sister because he told me about her.
“you’re still attached to my brother huh! i even wonder how you get to be this different now. How did you even get to be in that plane. Who are you because you’ve changed so much from the poor Maja i once knew in San Francisco,” she said in a mocking voice then sat down beside me.
“i mean why are so bitterd seeing me in this house. Your brother is only being nice, he saved my life,” i said..
“shit! will you just shut up. Now that you’ve finally get to meet my brother are you also planing to rat my father out, to ruined this family with your goddamn mother? she asked. What was she even saying.
“i just need to be alone you know,” i said angrily, getting pissed off with all her bla- bla- bla, my head was aching so bad already.
“Jordan! Alvary called as he fully walked in holding a tray. I heaved a sighed of relief when i saw him. He looked so dreamy, putting on a short and a singlet, he look so hot and i think am starting to like him already, especially the way he so much cared for me but the sad thing is that am not even the one he’s talking about- who could that Maja girl be??
“am just here to see how Ma..ja is doing,” she said stressing out the MAJA with so much hatred.
“see you later,” she smirk before walking out.
Alvary sighed then kept the tray on a table beside me.
“eat your breakfast,” he said.
“uhmm, good morning,” i smiled while he nodded.
“hope she’s not giving you a tough time? he asked, i knew he was referring to his sister.
“sure, am fine,” i said.
“Jordan is always like this ever since we were kids, she was just the obstacle between us and she always report us to my dad when she sees us together at the plantation and that was the reason your mom never took you there again, i thought she was only acting childish, i still can’t believe she still hold on to that hatred she have for you, Jordan is so unbelievable atimes,” he said then took my hand in his.
“it over now. We were just kids then but now we are adult no one can separate us again not even my father,” he said while i nodded, i wanted to tell him about my name, my real name. My name is Janelle and not Maja but i guess this not he right time, i might get him so confused.
“i hope your mom is safe wherever she is and about your grandpa, i wish you could remember everything and tell me,” he said.
“am trying to, it’s just the matter of time,” i said.
There was an awkward silence between us and he kept staring me, his stares send shiver down my spine. This feeling is just so different, i raise my head and still caught him staring at me so deeply..
“what’s with that look? i asked breaking the silence.
“you’ve changed so much Maja, i mean you looked so beautiful, very beautiful but their’s something about you i couldn’t figure that,” he said while my heart skip a bit.
“you don’t have to worry anyway,” he smiled then squeeze my hand gently.
“i thought you’ve always like it when your hair is naturally black,” he asked while i touched my hair and notice it brown in color, I’ve always like that color of hair.
“huh! it seven years already Alvary,” i said since he keep saying he have been away from Maja for good seven years.
“you don’t expect things to be just as before,” i said while he nodded.
“doctor Kenneth is also coming to check up on you later so have your breakfast, if you want i can feed you myself,”
“oh… i can do that myself,” i said.
“i will do that okay,” he said then carried the fork on the tray and the plate of noodles with egg sauce.
“don’t you like it?
“of course i do,”
😀Alvary was done feeding me and he carried me in his arms to the sitting room and kept me on the soft couch.
“doc Ken will soon be here,” he said while i nodded.
“am tired of staying in one place…
“don’t worry Maja, i’ll take you out for a stroll and i will be right by your side to make sure you don’t fall,”
“and what if i fall..
“then i’ll be right on time to catch you in my arms,” he said making me laughed, he’s so sweet to be with. Immediately the doorbell rang and Alvary looked at me.
“doc is here already,” he smiled then walked to the door to get it open, a lady pushed him and walked in coming straight to where i was seated, i was scared thinking it one of those hoodlums in town.
“is this the girl that have been keeping you busy,” the lady yelled.
“Juliana, what sort of nonsense is that? Alvary yelled back at her.
“how dare you little poor brat,” she yelled at me, then dragged my hair and pushed me to the floor, hitting my body so hard on the tiles.
“Maja,” Alvary quickly called as he pulled the lady away for me.
“security! he yelled and withing some minutes the security men showed up and took the lady out. My breathing was ceasing slowly and my leg was paining a lot. My eyes were closed so tight as i keep seeing images, i don’t know if this is an imagination, hallucination or memories but i felt all my memories are back again.
Few hours Later…💫
I slowly open my eyes and found myself in a different place. My eyes were now fully open as i stare at the place. Alvary was sitting right beside me.
“you’re awake,” he smiled, he stood up and was about to leave but i held his hand back.
“am gonna call the doctor,” he said. I just remembered everything, am in Mexico!. Am Janelle Remirez and i remembered how the plane crashed, i almost died!
“i remembered everything. I know everything about myself,” i said while he looked surprise he sat down and held my hand.
“you did? he asked while i nodded, i felt so sad because it pointless to him, am not the girl he’s talking about, am not Maja but why do i look exactly like her. I guess it better if i just played along and i tell him am the Maja he knew but how can i do it. He suddenly hugged me so tight, then kissed me which took me by surprise- this feeling feels so good…😘
🎗🎗Maja was surprise by what her mom said. That is totally a bullshit to her.
‘i can’t do that mother. I can’t take what belongs to Janelle all because i looked like her,” Maja scoffed.
“am not asking you to take what belong to her, i just want you to go back to Manila to Sebastian, that’s the only way we can get back to Lewis after all he did to us, you’ll also have a better life and good job Maja,” Claire explained.
“i can’t mom, so am i to tell them am Janelle’s twins sister or what?
“you’ll only pretend to be Janelle,”
“how is that even possible, it two months already since my sister died and everyone know that so how can i just come from nowhere and tell them am Janelle, they might see me as an imposter,” Maja seethe.
“Janelle’s body wasn’t found or let me say some bodies were badly burn beyond recognition, you can also go for a DNA test with Sebastian if everyone sees you as an imposter. The result will still turn out positive because you’re also his daughter. Just do this for me Maja,” Claire pleaded.
“i don’t even know Janelle and you said she’s a fashion designer and also a dancer. I don’t know anything about fashion and i don’t even know how to dance. Mom this is pointless and i don’t think am ready to meet that silly father of mine,” Maja said peskily.
“How can i even pretend to be Janelle, i don’t even know her and i don’t even have what it takes to be like her,” She said before walking to her room.
will Maja agree to do what her mom wanted..?
Janelle and Alvary… 😍{are beginning to fall in love💕}

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