💧Episode 15🩸
by Tiana
Maja quickly withdrew from the hug and was still in shocked about the kiss.
“anyway thanks babe,” Clark said with a smiled while she nodded.
“you look so nervous?
“huh! of course not, am fine,” she smiled.
Maja enjoyed his company until he later left, she left this not right- Janelle might still love Clark even in death.
▪▪Janelle find it difficult to sleep that night, she felt so troubled and wished to tell Alvary about everything, to tell him she isn’t Maja. She kept wondering who this Maja was and why she looks exactly like her. Her father only told her about her mother and she never know if she has a sister somewhere else, this got her more confused.
She felt so sad as she remembered about her life in the Philippine, yes she had a good and luxury life but a very complicated one. Starting with her dad whose’s bent on sending her off to someone she don’t love and with Clark her so called boyfriend who cheated on her for no good reason. She felt so cheated and angry with all of them, she wished she’ll just stay here with Alvary get married and live a good simple her because to her, her happiness is more important, she don’t want to take the risk of going back to the Philippine and been forced to marry Gaston again but her greatest fear among all this is to lose Alvary they guy she so much loved now. She wanted to know who this Maja is and if she still exist because she don’t want to lose Alvary to anyone not even to that Maja. As a saying say every disappointment is a blessing because if she haven’t got into an accident she wouldn’t have meet Alvary and find her true love as she thought.
▪▪The next day… ✨
Maja was done having breakfast with her dad when a call came into her phone.
“who’s that? Sebastian asked referring to the one calling her. Maja checked the caller and was surprise to see her mom’s call.
” oh, it just a friend,” she smiled.
“oh! i thought it from the JFH. Anyway you need a good new phone and lots of things are at risk Janelle, some people already know you’re alive so why are you still hiding, what the essence of staying at home doing nothing? he asked.
“i know dad, i understand why you’re saying that but i don’t just feel good..
“we’ve talked about this already! i wanted to call my doctor to do a good check up on you but you refuse, i also told you to go and see him personal maybe he can help but you still refuse Janelle…
“just give me time dad… i need some space,” Maja seethe.
“just today Maja, am introducing you to the public tomorrow and we also have a meeting to attend. I have speak with your manager at JFH to handle some things for now,” Sebastian said with finality.
“i have accept the fact that i was wrong when i was bent on forcing you marry Gaston and now that you’re back i have let that slide because i love you and don’t want to create any problem between us but as for this everyone needs you Janelle, there’s no point in staying at home,” he said while she nodded sadly.
“ok dad, i have one more question to ask,” she said.
“what is it?
“it about mom! i mean where the heck is mom? Maja asked curiously to know what he have been saying about her mother.
“and why are you asking that just now? he asked curiously.
” i just had a dream- about her, even thou i don’t know her i kinda feel she’s alive somewhere,” she said.
“i don’t know. Claire just dumped you at my door step and ever since then i never hear or see her again, i don’t even know if she still exist,” he said.
“you never look for her because you were engrossed in work or women or other things leaving my mother behind,” Maja said angrily and Seb was surprise by her sudden outburst.
“i’d searched for her, i look for her everywhere including her dad but i couldn’t find them,” Sebastian defended.
“but what actually happen? no mother would actually dumped her only child to the father and then leave without returning back. What did you did to her, why didn’t you marry her? Maja asked while Sebastian stood up to leave.
“am not ready to answer any of these, not now,” he said.
“because you were busy with your so called wife and son then, you left mom to suffer, you left her with your own child,” Maja scoffed.
“that’s not the point Janelle. I thought we’ve talked about this. I didn’t accept your mom to my house because i have a fiance’ already but i never told Claire to leave, i don’t just want my home to be broken that time. What’s important is that we are together and since Claire is no where to be found we are still happy without her,” he said.
“but what if she comes back, what if mom comes back claiming to have me back after all am her daughter,”
“Janelle, i guess this plane crashed have done more damage to your brain. I’ve thought you were always happy with me, i give you everything you want. I made you who you are today and that’s because you’re the only family i have left. Claire can’t come from nowhere to claimed you back because i wont allow that to happen not now nor never. Why are we even talking about this? Sebastian asked curiously.
“it nothing dad, i just want to know more about my family especially my mom the woman i never see not even her picture. Anyway it’s okay,” Maja said sadly then walked to her room leaving Sebastian in shocked. He knew Janelle never really took this serious and curious to know everything about her mother, she never really care that much to ask such questions but he guess this might be different Janelle because her character is quite different from the Janelle he knew back then. He felt so guilty about everything especially whenever he remembers what actually happen between him and Claire. She left and till now she never return, he never see nor hear about her or her father again and that makes him wonder if she’s hiding or something happens to her. He knew wherever she is, she must have know about Janelle and now he felt a little bit scared she might come and take Janelle away from him but he vowed never to let that happen. “Janelle belongs to him alone,” he thought.
▪▪▪▪▪Maja sat down sadly on her bed and re-think about the whole thing, she can’t believe she’s even here not after what her dad did to her mom and how he abandon them. If her mom haven’t given out Janelle to him maybe Janelle will still be alive, she thought and more tears clouded up in her eyes. She felt so sad about everything because she wasn’t even given the chance to see her sister nor even know anything about her. Life is just being so unfair to her. Immediately her phone rang and she checked the caller which happens to be her mom.
📞”hi mom,” she answered.
📞 “you need you come back home Maja,” Claire said from the other end.
📞 “huh? but why mom…?
📞 “i mean it Maja, just come home. Come back to Batangas now and stop all that,”
📞 “but mom i thought this what you’ve always wanted? Maja asked.
📞 “i know but i can’t stand the fact that you’re living in the same roof with Sebastian. He doesn’t even deserves to know he has another daughter. I lose Janelle already and i don’t want to lose you to him or to anything again.
📞 “i know that mom but don’t you think they will all be suspicious again. I mean i just came back and he’s even planing to introduced me to the public tomorrow. I can’t just leave mom, at least not now,”
📞 “but am not comfortable with the whole thing!
📞 “i know mom, i will handle this myself,” Maja said before hanging up. They might all be suspicious if she just leave like that but at the same time she feels she can’t cope or keep pretending to be who she’s not.
▪▪Maja and Selene sat in a restaurant and she told her everything about her family now.
“he’s your dad Maja so what’s wrong in telling him the truth. Just tell him you’re Janelle’s twin sister and let your mom come back to him,” Selene suggested.
“mom will never do that. I mean why will you expect her to go back to someone who never loved her. He was the same person that chase her out of his life and now mom doesn’t even want him to know he have another daughter aside from Janelle. She’s scared of losing me to him. I actually want all this to end but i guess mom is right he doesn’t deserves to know me. At least he was the one who knows my sister so well because he raise her, that’s enough for him. I and mom are still doing good,” Maja said.
“this sound complicated Maja, he’s still your father,”
“i know that and that’s why i came, at least for the few days i spent with him i know he’s a nice man but atimes he so difficult to understand atimes,”
“you can’t actually pretend to be like Janelle for the rest of your life, i mean you don’t know anything about fashion and moreover you don’t even know how to dance, you don’t know anything about this and people might actually doubt if you’re truly Janelle or just an imposter,”
“i know and that’s what am avoiding. Am leaving to batangas tomorrow. Please don’t tell anyone about this, i know dad will ask you about me but just tell him you don’t know,” she said.
“okay! but everyone will be so worried now. You shouldn’t have even come here in the first place, now you’ll gonna leave without telling anyone. They will be so worried at the same time confused,”
“whatever Selene! i need to go now,” Maja said and with that she stood up and hurried back home to get few of her things ready, not even Loren will know about her whereabouts…
Few weeks Later…✨

Janelle and Alvary were just coming back from the gym, it was so much fun for Janelle having Alvary always by her side. She’s glad she has now fully recovered and could walked on her on. Things are pretty much good and she wished she’ll just stay here and never return back to the Philippine.
“i will just take a shower, before having dinner,” Janelle said to him then walked upstairs to her room.
“so when is she going back to where she belong to? Jordan asked, then walked closer to him.
“until when she’s ready,” Alvary replied.
“ready! she’s absolutely fine now. I still can’t believe you still want this girl even after all this years,” Jordan said disgustingly.
“and i still can’t believe you hate her even after all this years Jordan. I guess it better you go back to dad in San Francisco and i will have peace of mind with Maja,” he scoffed.
“am not here for you after all, am here for mom so don’t even talk about that again,” Jordan said peskily then walked out in anger. He heaved a sighed of relief as he watch her leave. Jordan is such a pest in this house.
😃Alvary smiled to himself as he stare at the bracelet in his hands, he’s planing to give this to Maja and he thinks this just he perfect time to give her. He smiled then walked to her room, he was surprise to see her still just in her towel and its seems she just finish taking her bath.
“Alvary,” she called with a smile.
“oh! i just came to give you this! he said, his eyes roaming all over her body.
“what is it? she asked then collect the bracelet from him.
“i got you this,” he smiled.
“it so beautiful! thanks,” she smiled.
“and i want us to go out tomorrow,”
“like a date? she asked
“that’s okay by me,” she smiled then stare at the bracelet. He put it around her wrist making it look so beautiful.
“i don’t know what i would have done without you Alvary, i love you so much,” she smiled then hugged him tightly. He slowly withdrew from the hug then kissed her, she wrapped her hands around him and deepened the kiss, inching her body forward. It got breathless and intense, he followed and bent to keep the kiss going. He felt her hands undoing the buttons of his shirt, her soft lips not leaving his. He felt his hunger for her aggravating in a full force. Their lips still on each other in a hot kiss, he walked with her in his arms to her bed and gently laid her on it. He slowly want to pull away the towel from her body but she stopped him. She loved him so much and want him just the way he want her but she’s not ready to allow what happen between her and Clark happen again. Alvary is only doing this because of Maja, he need to know she’s not his Maja. Before they do anything silly she feels he need to know the truth now maybe he might still love her. Not after what happen between her and Clark she vowed never to allow such thing happen but with Alvary she don’t think she can resist him but she have to tell him the whole truth first.
“i love you Maja,” Alvary whispers to hear but she sat up, tears clouded in her eyes.
“Maja! Alvary called in a tenderly manner then hugged her.
“if you’re not ready for this, then it okay by me, am not gonna force you.. okay,” he cooed then kissed her hair.
“i love you Alvary and am ready to give you all of me but i have to let you know the whole truth am not Maja,” she said. Alvary was quiet for some time trying to figure what what she means.
“huh.. what did you mean? he asked perplexed.
“am Janelle,” she asked again making him more confused.
“look Maja, are sure you’ve fully regain your memory, what did you mean?
“i also don’t know Alvary, i don’t know who is this Maja? i don’t know why she looked exactly like me but am not Maja,” Janelle said in tears while Alvary stood up looking more confused.
“but you’re Maja… ” he said slowly.
“i don’t know anything about the letters nor your memories with her. I lied to you all this while and am sorry. Am Janelle Remirez and the only daughter of my father in the Philippine at Manila. That’s where i live where i handle my dad’s company and also my fashion house. I have no siblings and it got me so worried when you always mistaken me for Maja, someone i don’t even know, i don’t even know why i look exactly like her, am also confused Alvary,” Janelle cried.
“what! maybe this explains everything but where is Maja? where actually is she? he said sounding so confused.
“why did you look exactly like her?
“i don’t know Alvary but believe me i love you so much, i love you Alvary. Janelle loves you so much,” she said then stood up and held his hands but he jerked her hand away.
“why didn’t you tell me this earlier. Could you be related to Maja in anyway, why would you even hide this from me and play with my emotions? Alvary asked angrily.
“i love you Alvary and i still do. I looked like Maja so what’s the point of all this now,”
“but you’re not Maja, you may look like her as you said but my heart is connected her and not you. Look Janelle am so confused right now but just get your things ready we are going to the Philippine tomorrow, am gonna booked our flight,” he said with finality.
“am not going anywhere Alvary,”
“and what about your family? he yelled.
“i don’t want them again. I don’t want to go back to my dad anymore, i don’t ever want to see Clark again. Yes i have a luxury life but a very miserable one. I won’t go back and get forced to marry someone i don’t love, am also not going back to see that asshole that betrayed me, Clark broke my heart but i felt everything happens for a reason because I’ve found true love in you,” Janelle amidst of tears.
“i don’t freaky care about all this Janelle or Maja or whatever you call yourself. I don’t even know if you’re telling me the truth but we are leaving tomorrow and if you’re not truly Maja then am gonna searched for her in the whole of Philippine,”
“you can go alone but am not gonna go back their,” Janelle insisted.
“then you’re not gonna stay in this house again,” Alvary angrily yelled at her. She felt so hurt how everything turn out to be, she quickly tighten her towel around her chest and ran out in tears, she went out in tears not minding if she’s only with a towel. She just want to be far away from everyone now. She knew things might turn out this way and she felt so bad because she loves Alvary so much and wish he will understand her. She hated Maja for this, even thou she don’t know her she hate the fact that Alvary is still bent on finding the real Maja, someone who might not even be existing, why can’t he love her the same way she loved him….
Alvary felt so sorry for her, he shouldn’t have talked to her that way, maybe he should have just listen to her- she don’t want to return back home because she might be force to marry someone she don’t love, he couldn’t even understand her. He quickly ran after her and went to the door but she was gone, she was no where to be found…😣😞
poor Janelle and Alvary..😥

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