💧Episode 9🩸
by Tiana
After dinner Janelle and Gaston stood at balcony to talk things out, she wasn’t happy with any of their conversation and she told his parents clear that she isn’t interested in their son.
“so you think Clark is more better than me? huh? Gaston asked making Janelle to rolled to eyes, she knew he already know about her and Clark.
“don’t you think is for the best, i love you Janelle and our parents were right because we are destined for each other,”
“destined! look Gaston we both have our own lives and am sure you can’t cope with me neither can i cope with you..
“just try to give me the chance Jane! he said and moved closer to her..
“Gaston let not make this hard for the both of us. We are matured adult and don’t you even realize the goddamn marriage won’t work out, am not interested Gaston am saying this like a million times now but this will be the last time i will say this,” she said coldly..
“wow! i’d like tough girls like you Janelle, it just the matter of time and you’ll be mine,”
“we shall see then,” she said peskily then turn to leave.
“just two weeks Janelle, am giving you two weeks and you’ll be the one running to my arms,” he smirk while she shook her head disgustingly and walked back to the sitting room.
“hope you guys were able to talk…
“no dad my answer still remain the same,” Janelle cut him off.
“you gat a stubborn daughter Seb, i mean she have been the one delaying this marriage and i guess am running out of patience. Am giving her just two weeks, two weeks to finally decide and if her answer still remain no then am sorry no more deal between us,” Philip spoke angrily.
“Philip is right Seb, i hope you can still convince her in this two weeks,” Patricia concluded then stood up and walked out with her husband. Seb accompanied them out and he pleaded with them to give Janelle more time to think things through.
“what they heck was that? Seb asked the moment he walked in.
“dad… aren’t you gonna give up?
“why will you have to disrespect my guest that way,” he yelled at her.
“it non of my business dad, i don’t freaking care. Just let me live my own life, you can’t force me do something i don’t want to,” she yelled back but earned a heavy slapped from her father.
“you have just two weeks to decide and whoever that son of a bitch you’re dating i’ll get to him,” Sebastian yelled then walked out in anger. Janelle quietly sat down and wipe her tears.She can’t believe the sweet and caring dad she once had has now turn into a beast to her, he doesn’t even care about her feelings anymore..
The club was buzzing with music and everyone seems busy- busy dancing, making out and doing all sort of things. Alvary was drunk but not too drunk to understand what’s happening around him.
“Al.. are you just gonna sit here and do nothing,” Jason said as sat down beside him. They had been the best of friends.
“so where is she? Juliana,” Alvary asked.
“oh…on her way probably trying to appear so sexy for you,” Jason smirked.
“that’s good for her,” he smiled
“so Juliana is now your new girlfriend..? Jason asked.
“that’s a stupid question you know,”
“okay.. we will talk about this later, Eunice is already waiting for me,” Jason laughed as he walked away. Alvary glance at his wrist wondering why it taking her so long.
“Am sorry, am late,” he heard a familiar voice even thou the place was damn noisy he could still recognize that voice from anywhere.
“what took you so long Julia. I’ve waited like forever,” he scoffed.
“am sorry babe,” she smiled then gave him a long kiss.
“let get on with it,” Juliana smirk unbuttoning his shirt..
“i love you babe,” he muttered slowly as he took her lips in his, hungrily kissing her.
“you’ll gonna enjoy it,” she giggle as the kiss got more hotter.
Alvary slowly open his eyes, his head was aching and he remembered what happen last night. It was a blast and he enjoy every bit of it but wondered why he got back home. He picked up his phone and called Jason.
📞 “hey dude,”
📞 “Alvary.. you’re awake,” Jason voice came in.
📞 “how did i get home yesterday night?
📞 “huh, you were so drunk and when you were done with Juliana she had to bring you home herself, your mom was so mad you know,” Jason chuckle.
📞 “uhmmm, anyway thanks,” Alvary muttered before hanging up. They door went open and his mom walked in.
“you’re still in bed! Lena said surprised.
“am taking a day off today mom,”
“and what that suppose to mean?
“i can’t go to office,” he said tiredly
“what about the project we promise to the board, we have a meeting with the board members, Alvary you can’t possibly stay all because you were so drunk last night,” she scolded while he sighed then stood up.
“okay mom, i’ll just take my bath,” he said.
“you’re sometimes unbelievable you know,” she sighed then walked out. Alvary glance at his wall clock and notice he was late already, he remembered he have a lot to do in the office, he can’t possibly stay at home.
▪▪Few minutes later, Alvary was already dressed up, he thoroughly searched for his wrist watch in his drawer then came across an old paper, he wondered why he’s still keeping it but some part of him want him to still keep it safe. It was Maja’s letter and each time he sees it only remind him of her, of how she left him, and how she couldn’t even fulfilled her promised, She promise to wait for him but she left, he felt so angry because he have to go back to the Philippine only to hear that she moved out with her mom, he felt so angry because she didn’t even tell anyone to tell him that. To him he lost her and has already gotten over that pain a very long time ago😣.
Alvary settled in the office and was surprise when he got a call from Jordan, his sister.
📞 “hey Alvary,” she called happily.
📞 “i miss you know, i hope you’ll gonna come as you promised? he asked into the phone.
📞 “sure. I’ve told mom about that,”
📞 “okay then, can’t wait to see you home and how is dad doing? he asked.
📞 “dad is just busy with work down here. I have to go now, i’ll call you when am less busy,”
📞”thanks Jordan, bye,” he smiled then hanged up.
✨Janelle felt so bored at work, she wasn’t in the mood to do anything nor talk to anyone not after what between her and her dad. She called her friend Sally but she was busy, so she went to check up on Clark, after all he’s suppose to leave today’s evening, she hope they will get to talk before he traveled.
Janelle arrived to his mansion and called him on phone but he wasn’t picking up, she tried again and same thing happen, she felt so nervous and lots of thoughts were running through her mind. She walked in and the whole house was damn quiet. “He must be sleeping or busy somewhere,” she thought as she climbed the stairs and headed to his room.
At first she heard a soft moan and notice it was from Clark’s room, she headed to the door but it was slightly open- shocked by what she saw. Clark in bed with a lady, she stood there for some minutes and watch them as tears trailed down her eyes, she walked in fully and called his name in a whisper. Clark was shocked seeing her as well.
“Clark! she called again then burst into tears as she ran out.
“Janelle,” he called as he ran his hand through his hair and ran after her.
“am sorry babe.. you gat to listen to me,” he said while Janelle stopped and wipe her tears.
“that’s the biggest piece of bullshit I’ve ever heard from you, Clark i thought you were for real? she asked angrily.
“i love you Janelle, am sorry,”
“sorry for what exactly? is it for cheating on me or what? She amidst tears.
“it over between us Clark. I regret ever falling for you,,” she said and with that she hurriedly walked out ignoring his calls.
✨Janelle settled at the club with her friends, she told them about Clark.
“am goddamn tired all this, it was my dad and now Clark someone i have trusted and give everything to,” she said bitterly as she emptied the last bottle of wine in front of her.
“you’ve taken enough Janelle, just try to get over that asshole,” Sally said busy with her phone.
“i hope you don’t expect to be with the only girl Clark’s has, you knew the kind of guy he is before dating him,” Vera chipped in.
“but he promised to stick to me and me alone. I know it not easy but he betrayed me and i don’t want anything that has to do with him again, not now and not ever,”
“Clark is a goddamn asshole, you just have to moved on babe. He don’t deserves you after all,” Sally added
“why are we even discussing about this. Am here to have fun and not to talk about Clark,” Janelle smiled then stood up.
“and where the heck are you going? Vera asked.
“to dance out my pain,” She winked at them then walked to the stage, Vera shook her head as she watch her leave.
“Jaden is already waiting for me, i have to go,” Sally stood up while Vera sighed.
“okay you guys are so silly, you gonna leave me alone right? Vera scoffed.
“get some drink and catch some fun Vera,” Sally smiled as she walked out of the club.

Janelle arrived home late in the night, she headed straight to her room, feeling so angry about everything. She felt so happy at the club and has forgotten about everything but here at home reminds her of her dad constant nagging to marry Gaston, it also remind her of Clark who betrayed her, she let out a loud scream as she threw whatever her hand laid on, she hated her life and she wished she had a simple life where on one will bother her.
“Ja..nelle! Sebastian called, he was surprise to see her that way, her room was damn scattered and her hand was bleeding already.
“what the heck is wrong with you? he scolded.
“i just want to be alone, please just leave! i want to be alone,” she cried while he pulled her into a hug.
“you’ve changed so much Janelle,” he said making her pulled back away from the hug.
“you’ve changed so much too dad. We both changed you know,” she said walking out of the room.
“you can’t keep on doing this to yourself. Doing this won’t make me change my mind,” he said while she stopped and turn angrily to look at him.
“you want me to marry Gaston? she asked.
“tell me dad, do you want me to marry Gaston am asking this for the very last time,” she said while he nodded.
“okay i will,” she said. Sebastian was quiet for some time trying to figure out what she really meant by that.
“you’ll marry him? he asked again with a small smile.
“yes but only when am back from Mexico. I’ve business to do there and it has to do with JFH, it just for a week and i might spent another week to sort myself out, once am back we can push through with the wedding,” she said.
“oh! am so proud of you Janelle, thank you,” he chuckle then stare at her bleeding hand.
“i will take care of this,” she said coldly then walked out of the room….🚶‍♂️
Janelle is going to Mexico🙄 same thing with Jordan🤔
what did you think will gonna happen..?💕

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