💧Episode 16🩸
by Tiana
Alvary quickly ran out but couldn’t find Janelle, he knew she might be somewhere close because she was just with a towel and without any dime on her. He quickly went to Jason’s house which is next to theirs and ask him if Janelle happens to go there.
“what did you mean she left? Jason asked looking all surprised.
“please Jason i wouldn’t be able to sleep if i haven’t found Maja, we just got into an argument and she ran out and..” Alvary explained looking all worried.
“what the heck did you tell her?
“it’s a long story but i have to go now. I have to look for her,” Alvary said then quickly left and ask the rest of the neighbors.
▪▪ Alvary sat down next to his mom at the sitting room looking so worried, he told her what happen.
“i couldn’t find her mom, what if she’s in trouble now,” he said then stood up talking to and fro. He felt so guilty and blamed himself for everything that just happen.
“so you mean she isn’t Maja? Jordan asked curiously.
“am so confused now. If she’s not Maja then where is Maja. Am so confused and i know the only way to find the answer is to go to the Philippine,” he said sadly.
“something is so fishy here. Then who the heck is she? but Maja never have a sister? Jordan asked confused as well.
“what’s important to me now is for her to be safe wherever she is, if anything bad should happen to her i wouldn’t be at peace,” he said looking so troubled.

The next morning…✨
Alvary had a sleepless night, he got a call from Jason first thing that morning and quickly picked it.
“hi dude!
“i need you to come to my house right now,” he said.
“what! am gonna go look for Maja,” Alvary said peskily.
“and she’s here with me,” he said. Alvary was surprise to hear that, he immediately cut off the call and ran out to Jason’s house next to theirs. He walked in and was surprise to see Janelle seated on the couch, she was wearing a pajamas and it obvious it belong to Jason. Alvary stood in surprise, he stare at her then back at Jason.
“you told me she’s not here since yesterday,” Alvary asked Jason.
“i pleaded with him not to tell you that so you shouldn’t blame him,” Janelle said.
“okay am sorry, let just go back home,” he said to her.
“i thought you wanted me out of your house Alvary,”
“that was all out of anger, am sorry about what happen last night,”
“Alvary was damn worried about you Maja, so have to go back home with him,” Jason said while she stood up.
“it okay,” she sighed then looked at Alvary, he hugged her immediately.
“i was so worried about you Maja,” he said calmly but Janelle withdrew from the hug.
“it Janelle not Maja, please call me by my real name,” she said.
“if you say so,” he said then held her hand.
“thanks for allowing her stay here but you both got me so worried,” Alvary said to Jason while he chuckle.
“you kinda deserves it you know, she’s such a nice person and it isn’t her fault she’s in love with you,” Jason said.
“she told you everything?
“yea, i just needed someone to talked to, so i told Jason and am glad he understands me, only him understand me,” she said sadly.
“not only him but also me. I also understood you dear, let just go home we’ll talk about this,” he said.
✨Janelle sat down in her room so lost in her thought she wished she could get over this but she can’t, she loved Alvary and she don’t think she can cope without him in her life again but what makes her more worried is about Maja, who is she? and why the heck did she looked so much like her?
“Janelle! Alvary called as he open the door then fully walked in.
“am sorry about what happen…
“i should be the one to apologies, i was just hurt and you were also hurt too. Am sorry for making things more complicated. I’ve always feel like am a burden to you and i think you’re right when you said i should just leave. So am going back home tomorrow to live my normal life again,” Janelle said sadly but Alvary held her hands and squeeze it gently.
“am not asking you to leave but who knows if Maja might turn out to be your sister or even a twin sister, you might be related to her somehow and we need to find her,” he said while Janelle looked more confused.
“i don’t have any sibling. Dad told me mom just dumped me at his door step and ever since then she never returned,”
“Maja also lives with her mom and grandpa but sadly he’s dead. Maja was my childhood friend back then in San Francisco when we were kids but we later got separated and it been seven years only to find you Janelle,” he said. He told her all the memories he shared with Maja.
“she never keep to her promise because she left and didn’t bother to tell anyone around her to tell me about her whereabout and when i found you i thought she was the one,” he said sadly.
“am just confused now and i guess only dad will help me find out the real truth about all this,” she said. She told him everything about her life and how she lived with her dad.
“i know am old enough to choose for myself but dad couldn’t want that he always decide for me and i hate it,”
“then it time to defend yourself you don’t have to always give in to his demand,” Alvary said.
“yeah, i know that and i guess it better i face my fears,”
“am with you in this journey Janelle, you’re not alone,” he said.
“thanks, i owe you alot Alvary,” she smiled then hugged him..

Sebastian was still in shocked ever since the disappearance of Janelle. She left and never return, Loren doesn’t even know about her whereabout, same with all her friends, no one know where she went to even Selene was able to play along by covering up for Maja. Her posters were all over and Sebastian has swear on his life to find Janelle no matter where she is, it already three weeks but it seems all his hard-work to find his daughter was useless.
✈✈✈✈✈ Janelle and Alvary arrived to the Philippine, it been a while for Alvary and he wished he could find Maja anyhow. Janelle still miss home but she felt something might be wrong somewhere, she felt so sad, nervous and happy at the same time, she wished Alvary will never find Maja maybe by that he can learn to love her.
“you said your dad lives in San Francisco, aren’t you going to see him? she asked.
“but that’s when i have taken you home,”
“you don’t have to, i can still remember where i live,” she smiled.
“i just want to see your home and get to know you Janelle. You don’t have to treat me as a stranger,”
“of course not,”
“but do you think you’re ready to face them now? he asked.
“i feel so nervous, everyone by now will thought am dead and i know a lot of things must have change but i just have to face it,”
“and am going with you, i insist please,”
“it okay Alvary. You’re always welcome, my dad will be so happy to know you saved me,” she smiled.
▪▪Janelle and Alvary walked to the big mansion and Alvary was surprise to see where Janelle lives, sure her father must be damn rich, now he’s starting to believe what she told him but he kept wondering where on earth will Maja and her mother be.
Janelle press the doorbell, nervously waiting for someone to open.
” oh my! Janelle,” Loren called in surprise when she open the door, Janelle immediately hugged her, she missed her a lot.
“where have you been? your father was damn worried about you? Loren asked making Janelle to be more confused- what did she meant by that.
“thanks goodness your dad was home early,” Loren said.
“i miss you Nanny,” she smiled then turn to Alvary.
“this Alvary and he’s the one who saved me,” she said while Loren looked confused.
“huh.. but i guess you also told us about your friend? where have you been Janelle and why did you changed a lot, why is your hair brown again? Loren asked curiously then looked at Alvary who seems confused as well.
“Ja..nelle! Sebastian called when he heard her voice, he walked closer to them and Janelle smiled when she saw him, she missed her father so much but this time she promised never to do anything he wished for her.
“dad,” she smiled then hugged him.
“i miss you dad,”
“and you got us all worried, where the heck have you been to? You just left without telling anyone of us and even Selene didn’t know of your whereabout and why did you look so different today? Sebastian asked suspiciously, something seems so fishy.
“what are you guys saying? am just coming from Mexico and this is Alvary the guy who saved my life,” she explained. Sebastian looked at Loren confused.
“look Janelle i guess it better you visit your doctor for check up, what if you lose your memory and can only remember once or few things, am confused here,” Sebastian said.
“could it be Maja? Alvary asked Janelle slowly.
“that’s means someone try to steal my identity, who could that imposter be? Janelle asked so angry.
“i don’t know about anything you just said. Am your real Janelle and i survived the plane crashed,”
“you did! so you weren’t the one who came after three month of your dismissed? Sebastian asked.
“i wasn’t the one. I almost died in the plane crashed dad but Alvary saved me, it was him who saved me and now that am fully okay he’s still kind enough to bring me back home,” Janelle explained to them.
“i knew it.. that wasn’t Janelle. Their characters differs a lot, she just an imposter but why did you look like you? Loren asked.
“i guess the only person that can answer this is Selene, i will talked to her tomorrow,” Sebastian said.
“am your real Janelle dad, see this,” she said then showing him the small black spot on her neck and that’s when he knew she’s his real daughter but who could that be- the other one.
“you survived for me Janelle, am glad you’re still alive,” he said.
“i had to dad, i still have lots of things to accomplished,” she smiled sadly.
“thank you for saving Janelle,” Sebastian thanked Alvary…
▪▪▪▪After dinner Alvary was about to leave but Janelle escort him outside.
“thank you Alvary,” she smiled.
“and thank you too for coming home,” he smiled.
“they weren’t surprise to see me. I mean who could be that imposter that want to steal my identity,”
“could it be Maja, they said she so much looked like you but your behaviors differs, it might be Maja please we need to find her,” he said.
“i know, i will talk to dad about this,” she said.
“okay, just take care,”. Janelle hugged him.
“i love you Alvary,” she whispers to him then withdrew from the hug.
✨Alvary arrived home that evening and was surprise to see his dad at the sitting room already waiting for him.
“what took you so long Alvary. Jordan told me everything,” Lewis yelled.
“come on dad am just coming back now don’t you think i need some peace and rest,” Alvary scoffed and was about going to his room but Lewis stopped him.
“i won’t tolerate such things Alvary. So you’ve been together with Maja all this while and your mom even tolerated that,? Lewis asked angrily.
“she’s not Maja, she’s just her look alike dad and please it high time you forget about her and all the hatred you have for her because am not leaving to Mexico if i haven’t find Maja, i will do everything in my power to find her again,” he said and with that he went to his room leaving Lewis in shocked- so Claire and her daughter are still alive all this while.
▪▪Janelle sat on her bed and Sebastian told her about everything, they kept wondering who that girl might be and why she left without telling anyone and till now no one find her.
“i guess only Selene might have the answers since you said she’s her friend,”
“just when i thought my problems are over,” she grumbled.
“it okay Janelle i knew something was off with that lady,” Loren said.
“but dad you said i have no sibling.. who could she be? Janelle asked again.
“am so confused as you are. That might be an imposter but what baffles me was that she didn’t take a dime when she left, not even any of your things and she never request for any money from me. I guess that explains why she refuse to be announced to the public, she never want to follow me to work. If she’s a bad person she would have go with lots of money,”
“i guess she might be Maja, they one Alvary talks about. I’ll find her myself and she have to explained to me why she will mess with your mind like this.
Two days Later…✨✨
Selene was surprise when she read the trending news on the internet and some comments.
* The real Janelle is back💌
*Janelle Fashion House is back again💌
*she’s a survivor who survived the plane crashed💌.
*she’s back with her prince charming- the one who saved her life (Alvary)💌
Selene was shocked reading that, it was just yesterday she was announced to the public about her arrival and everything might be back to normal again. Selene was surprise to see Alvary’s pictures even thou she don’t know him and she feels this might be the guy Maja always talked about and after all Janelle was alive somewhere. Isn’t that a miracle. She scrolled down and read more comments.
*So the first Janelle that came was an imposter?💌
*who was the girl that came as Janelle few weeks back?💌
* did she have a twin sister or she’s just a criminal who did a plastic surgery- an imposter*💌
Selene sighed, Maja need to know about this, she have to call Maja and tell her about the return of Janelle and Alvary.
Janelle’s POV😀😀
Vera and Sally told me everything too, they were both surprised as well and i told them i wasn’t the one whom they saw, that bitch is just an imposter and am gonna find her no matter what.
I smiled as the read the newspaper on my table. I was already at the Remirez company, i gat lots of things to do and i guess i will be damn busy these days.
*Janelle is back with her prince charming* i read the headline and frown. I miss Alvary i wish things will be back to normal just as we were in Mexico. I love him and am not ready to lose him to anyone, i love him so much.
The door went open and i frown, i don’t want to see anyone now aside from that girl Selene.
“Janelle! i heard this familiar voice, i raise my head in anger and my heart skip a beat seeing him. It quiet some time but i don’t think i miss him.
“Clark! i called then stood up.
“what’s the trending news all about, you left for weeks and never return? he asked.
“that because you were so dumb not to know i wasn’t the one,” i scoffed.
“what did you mean and i thought we are cool with each other. You forgave me remember..?
“hold that shit to yourself, that was an imposter and not me. Clark i gat a lot to do on my plate today so can you leave,”
“okay.. something is so fishy here and who was the guy you’re back with?
“he’s my boyfriend, someone who love me and wouldn’t betrayed me just they way you did,” i said angrily.
“let talk about this Janelle.. am sorry for everything.. okay,”
“not in my office. Clark This is the real Janelle you know before i traveled to Mexico and not that imposter who forgave you but believe me this another version of me. So can you use the door or i should call the security,” i said.
“it okay Janelle we’ll talk about this when you’re ready,” he said making me rolled my eyes, he stared at me one last time before leaving. I heaved a sigh of relief and called my secretary, i asked her not to allow anyone in my office aside from Selene.
I was so lost in my thought when a lady walked in. She stood in surprise staring at me as if am a ghost.
“Selene Marcos.. right? i asked.
“yes.. yes Ma’am,” she replied nervously.
“have a sit,” i said while she sat down on an empty chair opposite to me.
“so tell me everything you know about Maja,” i said, she looked so shocked i know she must be wondering how i know the imposter name might be Maja.
“huh.. i don’t know anything Ma’am,” she stuttered.
“i gat lots of things to do and you wouldn’t like to waste my time if you still like your job and that of your uncle,” i said icily while she gasped.
“just tell me about the imposter you wouldn’t like to see the bad side of me,” i said coldly.
“yes.. she’s Maja,” she stuttered, my heart skip a beat. She’s right, she might be the same Maja Alvary talks about.
“who the hell is she? tell me everything about her so i could get ride of her before Alvary get to know her again,”
“she’s your sister! she blurt out while i was shocked to hear that.
“she’s your twin sister, she told me about that,” Selene said nervously. I was quiet for some time. Twin sister! does that mean we were separated since from birth?
“she lives with your mom, she’s your identical twin sister, she’s your blood and she’ll be so happy to know you’re still alive,” she said while i took my head in disagreement.
“i grew up alone and the only family i knew was my dad, he didn’t tell me about anything. I don’t have a sister or any other sibling and beside i grew up to be independent. I hate it when i have to be in a competition with someone and i don’t share my things with any other person. She might be my sister as you said but it from another world because i never know of her existence,”
“and your mom? she asked making me more angry. I stood up and picked up my car keys.
“for the last Selene, just tell me where i can find her? i yelled.
“in batangas,” she stammered.
“you’re going there with me, right now! ” i said then walked out of my office….

.Batangas here we come…🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
what did you think will be the fate of the two sisters?🙄
Claire might get to see Sebastian..💕

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