💧Episode 17🩸
by Tiana
Janelle’s POV😥
I was about going out with Selene behind me when dad walked in.
“am going to batangas,” i told him
“Why? and what for? he asked.
“to see the so called Maja. Selene told me everything. The imposter lives with her mom in Batangas and this lady here said she’s my sister,” i scoffed while dad looked shocked.
“sister? he asked looking at Selene then back to me.
“the clock is still ticking dad we have to leave now. I need to sort this out once and for all, i need to know who is Maja and why she have to steal my identity even if it just for fews days, i need to know why she so much look like me and why Alvary loves her more than me,” i yelled in anger.
“oh.. okay Janelle, we gonna go together. I will follow you,” he said. I nodded then walked out.

The driver was already driving in a high speed, Selene was at the front seat with the driver while i and dad were at the back. I was quiet throughout the whole drive as lost of thoughts kept running through my mind. What if Selene is right- what if Maja is truly my twin sister why did dad doesn’t even know anything about it. Did i have a mother and a sister elsewhere.
“it gonna be fine Janelle, just try to cool down,” dad said calmly as he held my hand.
“am so nervous dad, i don’t know why am even feeling this way. What if i have a sister somewhere?
“am so confused as well. I thought you’re the only child i had,” he said.
“you thought. Just tell me the truth dad what the heck actually happen? where’s my mom? i asked trying to hold back my tears.
“she left Janelle. I’ve told you this like a millions times, ever since she dumped you at my door step she left and never return and you were my only child then,” he said while she nodded trying to calm myself. I don’t want to talk too much because i might end up getting angry and crying at the same time.
After the long drive we finally arrived to Batangas and here we are at a little house. I quickly step out of the car as i stare at the house and few people around.
“are you sure this exactly where she lives? i asked Selene to be sure again.
“am sure of that,” she said while i nodded then looked at dad who was quiet
“it wasn’t a good idea coming to this place at all,” he said.
“i will just go and knock,” i said. I slowly walked to the house and stood in front of the door feeling so nervous. I was about knocking the damn door when it went open and a woman walked out, we almost dumped into each other.
“Maja.. why are you dress this way,” she said in shocked but i guess she was more surprise when she saw someone, her eyes were fixed behind me. I turn to look at who exactly she was looking but was surprise to see her staring at dad. I was speechless not knowing what to say when i saw her, she looks young and very pretty.
“hi,” i said bringing her out of her thoughts, she turn back to me still in shocked.
“where’s Maja? i asked.
“am back mother! i heard a female voice behind us. I quickly turn to see who was that and i was shocked to see the lady. She looks exactly like me- is she Maja?
Everyone was quiet, dad was shocked as well, when we saw her.
“Ja.. nelle,” she gasped and rushed to hug me but i stopped her then moved backwards. I looked at her then back to her mother.
“dad, did you know this woman here? i asked pointing at the woman in front of us.
“Claire.. what’s happening here? dad finally spoke and it dawn on me this might be my mother because he called her Claire and he once told me my mom’s name is Claire.
“you’re still alive Janelle,” the woman said in tears then moved closer to me, she took my hand and held it softly.
“am sorry my child… am sorry for everything,” she cried while i scoffed then freed my hand from hers.
“what actually happen, tell me dad. Who is this woman? i yelled at him in anger.
“she’s your mother Janelle, She’s the woman i have been looking for all these years and i didn’t know we had twins,” he said sadly looking at Maja.
“did you just said we had!,” the woman scoffed then walked up to dad and slapped him so bad. I stood there in tears and shocked as i watched the drama unfold.
“you rejected them, you said you weren’t ready to be a father back then, you said you have nothing to do with a maid. You lied to me Sebastian and you chased me out of your life, you said i should never show my ugly face to your wife and son,” she yelled in tears as she hit him again and again.
“i guess he haven’t told you everything Janelle. I know i was a bad mother for dumping you at his door but it was all his faults. Sebastian never really loved me, he only sees me as his maid and when i got pregnant for him he said i should abort the baby and leave. He hated me for that,” she cried as she told me that.
“that’s not enough reason for you to abandon me. You choose Maja over me because you loved her more than me,” i said.
“that’s not true Janelle.. i was just as young as you are back then, i have no one else. It was so difficult for me to feed myself and my dad talk more of my babies, life was just too difficult so i foolishly dumped you to your cruel dad because i know i couldn’t give you the best life that you deserves,”
“what if i’ve died in that plane crashed, what if i never survived, i wouldn’t have know i still have a mother and a sister somewhere. When were you even planing to come back for me. You just choose Maja because you love her so much,” i scoffed.
“i love you both and the greatest mistake i have ever make was dumping you to Sebastian, i shouldn’t have done that,” she sniffed, wiping away her tears.
“it was your greatest mistake but to me it the best thing that have ever happen to me because if i was still with you i wouldn’t have this life am living, i would have still be a lowlife like you,” i yelled angrily then turn to dad who wasn’t saying anything.
“tell me the whole truth dad. You only said she dumped me and left, you never told me the reason why a mother will dumped her child and leave. Is that the real truth? i asked.
“am sorry Janelle…
“just tell me dad, i deserves to know the whole truth,” i yelled in tears.
“yes. Claire is right, it all my fault,” he said while more tears flowed down my cheeks.
“please forgive me my child,” she pleaded and i turn to her.
“i have live all my life without a mother and i guess i don’t need any mother now,” i said bitterly then turn to leave but dad held me back.
“Janelle.. we will talk about this when we get home,” he said.
“no dad. Did you just realize what you did. I was separated from my mother and sister all because of you, all because of your goddamn dead wife and son. I don’t need you to dad,” i said peskily then hurriedly went to the car.
“can we please talk,” a voice said. I was about to enter the car but stopped then turn to see Maja standing right in front of me.
“mom loves you so much Janelle. She never choose me over you. She loves us both and am glad my sister is back. I hope things will get better with time and time will get to heal the wounds in our heart,” she said sadly while i stared at her.
“i don’t think so,” i said icily then get to the car and order my driver to speed off.
😥 Maja stood there in tears as she watched the car leave until it was out of sight. Janelle just left like that, she felt so happy seeing her sister after twenty one years but she felt scared that things might not get any better. She walked back to where her mom and dad were standing.
“two wrongs can not make a right Claire, am sorry for everything. Let fix this so this won’t affect our daughters,” Sebastian pleaded remorsefully.
“daughters! you don’t have any daughter Sebastian. These were the girls you rejected, you said you don’t need them remember? Claire yelled at him.
“Maja! he called then looked at Maja who was quiet.
“you look so much like your sister, am so sorry Maja,” he pleaded.
“things will only get better between and i, if only i have my sister back to me. I want my sister back if you want me to forgive you,” Maja said and with that she held her mom and they walked back to the house, Selene followed them behind and they locked the door. Sebastian knocked and knocked but no one open, he got tired and was about to leave but just remembered Janelle left with the car. He had to call his driver to hurry up and picked him up.
Some hours Later…▪▪▪▪▪▪
“am sorry for bringing them here, Janelle threaten me so i had to come here with them,” Selene explained herself to Maja.
“you told me that already and it’s a good thing they came, am happy Janelle survived after all,” Maja smiled sadly.
“it was Alvary who saved her in Mexico,” Selene said as she showed her their pictures and the trending news.

* The real Janelle is back💌
*Janelle Fashion House is back again💌
*she’s a survivor! she survived the plane crashed.💌
*she’s back with her prince charming- the one who saved her life (Alvary)💌
Maja was surprised reading that. She saw some of Alvary’s Janelle’s pictures together.
“isn’t he your Alvary? Selene asked.
“he.. is. Alvary is back to the Philippine like right now? she asked again.
“yes, he’s back with Janelle and but sadly your sister loves him. Janelle is so much in love with him,” Selene said. Maja was quiet for some time.
“am happy he’s back and he saved my sister but all am worried about now is Janelle. I don’t want her to hate us. Mom is still in tears and i just want to make Janelle understand mom really loves her and she didn’t just dumped her all because she feels like,”
“i know that and i feel your pain too Maja. But what about Alvary, i know you still love him and even if you deny it a million times your eyes will say it a whole times. Alvary is back for you,”
“we shouldn’t be talking about this Selene. Alvary is just an old friend. I have a lot of things to think about,” Maja stood up.
“okay, we’ll talk about this tomorrow. I have to leave,” Selene said.
“just try to be strong, i gat your back,”
“thank you Selene,”
Maja went to check on her mom in her room, she told her what Selene said about Alvary.
“i told you this Maja, we have nothing to do with that family again. Lewis was the one who ruined our lives, he’s the reason why we are stucked here in batangas, he killed your grandma in cold hands,” Claire said angrily.
“but it was the same Alvary who saved Janelle. Selene told me that mom. Alvary was the one who saved my sister,” she said.
“Alvary is a good person but we have nothing to do with him nor his dad. I guess we are going to Manila tomorrow. I need to see Janelle before anything bad happens!

💫Janelle arrived home late that evening as she picked some of clothes, she told her nanny everything that happen.
“where are you going now Janelle? Loren asked.
“to one of my mansion. I don’t want to see dad again. Am tired of living this life you know, a life full of lies, betrayal and pains. I thought once am back things might get back to normal but it just getting worse,” she cried.
“you just have to forgive your mom and dad Janelle.You survived the plane crashed because of this, you survived because you needed to re -united with your family. You just have to be strong you know,” Loren hugged her.
“please don’t leave, things will gradually fall in to place,” she cooed.
“and what about Alvary nanny. He loves Maja and not me. I don’t think all these can get any better someday because i love Alvary and am scared of losing him to Maja,” she cried. The door went open and Sebastian walked in.
“we have nothing to discussed dad, am leaving tonight,” she said angrily as she fold the last dress and zip the box.
“please get the box to my car, i need some space from everyone,” she said to her nanny then walked out.
“you need to talk to her Mrs. Loren. Maja wouldn’t want to forgive me either, Claire is still mad at me and now Janelle is leaving, why is everything crumbling like this,” he said trying to hold back his tears.
“Janelle is old enough to decide for herself. I guess she’s right, she need some time for herself. Please allow her be for now,” she told him.
The next day…✨
Maja’s POV😥
I had a sleepless night thinking about the things happening, about dad, mom, Janelle and even Alvary, i missed him so much, very much but sometimes somethings are not just meant to be. It seven years now we’ve been away from each other. I open my box and took his locket, i still have it with me and that reminds me of all the sweet memories we shared. I smiled then kept the necklace back to my box, i quickly get my things ready because mom said we are going to manila to see Janelle and i guess she’s right. We don’t have to give on up on her yet. We’ve been separated for quite a long time and i won’t allow that again. We have to do everything we can to have my sister back on our side. I heard a knock on the door and quickly went to open it, i guess it might be Selene. I opened the door but was shocked by who i saw. Alvary.
“Alvary! i gasped as i stare at him. He looks so different, differently handsome and well built.
“Maja,” he smiled, then rushed and hugged me so tight, we remain in that position for some minutes, i felt so much peace within me, I’ve missed him so much.
“am back for you Maja,” he smiled when we disengaged from the hug.
“why are you here? and how did you even get to know i live here? i asked.
“Janelle texted me the address, she told me everything and you’re her twin sister,” he said.
“thank you for saving her,”
“you don’t have to thank me, i just did what was right,” he said and i nodded. There was an awkward silence between us.
“why did you leave without telling me, you didn’t keep to your promise Maja and you got me so worried, a lot of things happen,” he said but i said nothing.
“just tell me Maja!
“I had to Alvary, i had to leave because that was the right thing to do,”
“the right thing to do? you left without leaving no trace of where you went to your mom. It like you just disappeared, you left me so broken and i had to plead with my mom to come by then only to find out you guys have packed out,”
“we had to because i lost my grandpa and it all your dad’s fault Alvary,” i yelled trying to hold back my tears.
“what did you mean my dad? he asked confused.
“because he murdered my grandpa, he was the same person that make us moved here without telling anyone and for that reason we have nothing to do with your family Alvary. Your dad might still come after us. Am glad you’re back and am happy you saved my sister, thank you for that but coming back to our lives isn’t good for now. You’re just an old friend and my sister happens to love you so much. We don’t have to force things to happen Alvary..,” i said sadly trying to hold back much tears from my eyes, it better we just keep our distance because things might get more complicated with Alvary in our lives again!!!😥💔
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