💧Episode 18🩸
by Tiana
“you mean my dad murdered your grandpa? he asked perplexed.
“i don’t want to talk about this,” i said then turn to leave but he quickly held me by the wrist.
“make me understand this Maja, i want to know everything that happen when i was away, please! he pleaded while i sighed.
“you can confront your dad but he will still denied it a millions times. He murdered my grandpa in cold hands and mom became so angry, we couldn’t do anything because we have no strong evidence against him, he’s now free and happy while i lost a grandpa and we had to move to batangas where he won’t find us. It all his fault Alvary,” i yelled trying to hold back my tears.
“then am sorry about this, i never knew my dad was capable of murder but i don’t have to pay for his sins…
“i know that Alvary and am not angry at you, i just want us to keep our distance because if we don’t things might get more complicated,”
“am sorry about the whole thing! he sighed.
“Maja,” mom called and i was surprise to see her, i know she must be surprise to see Alvary as well.
“Alvary! she called with a small smile.
“uhmm, good day aunt Claire,” he smiled.
“longest time! how have you been? she asked walking towards us.
“doing fine,” he replied then look at me.
“am surprise to see you here, i mean how did you even know we live here?
“Janelle told me,”
“she did! where is she now? did you have her contact? Mom asked so worried.
There was an awkward silence before mom later speak up again.
“thanks for saving Janelle. Maja told me everything,” she said.
“i had to. You might see Janelle as the tough one but the truth is that she’s so soft and fragile. I promise to talk to her and am sure you guys will get along soon,” He said while i looked at him, i felt so relief. She likes Alvary and that means she might listen to him.
“have a seat,” mom said, i wonder why mom is trying to accept him here. Anyway a little kindness will do.
I sat down on the couch opposite to him while mom was seated beside me.
“thank you so much Alvary. I never thought destiny will bring us together again and in this way and that’s through my daughter Janelle. I was such a bad mother and all i wanted now is Janelle’s forgiveness. Thank you for bringing back Janelle to us,” mom said remorsefully looking so sad.
“at first i thought it was Maja, they look so identical. Who would have thought i would have two Maja, two identical Maja’s,” he smiled then looked at me.
“that was a secret i keep to myself all alone. I thought it wasn’t a good idea to tell Maja, i only told her about it when i heard about Janelle’s plane crashed. I would have never forgive myself if i ever lose her,”
“i will talk to Janelle. She wasn’t happy to come back here and i even had to force her because she had a lot on her mind and few problem with her dad. Janelle is just in a state of confusion and sadness, she truly needs someone to talk to and now that she have a family i will do everything i can to bring her to you, maybe this the only thing i can do to you and am sorry for everything that happen, for what my dad did to you even thou am still finding it difficult to believe it. Please Aunt Claire i want you yo know i have a pure heart doing all this,” he said sadly.
“it okay Alvary. You’ve done more than enough for saving my daughter,”
“Janelle is just hurt but am sure she’ll turn around,” he said.
“i hope so, i really need my sister back,” i said…
After the long talk with Alvary, i and mom decided to wait a little bit, maybe after he has talk to Janelle she might accept us. I accompanied Alvary outside since he said he needed to leave on time- Janelle was already calling him. I felt so nervous being around him, it been seven years now and i can’t believe this my same best friend whom i freely play around with but now everything has changed i can’t do any of this again.
“thank you Alvary,” i said almost in a whisper.
“i should be the one thanking you, despite everything you still accept me with your mom,” he smiled, then stood facing me.
“i’ve miss you so much Maja, i miss you so much and i know you also did the same,” he said, his words sent shivers down my spine, it makes me feel so different. He’s right I’ve missed him so much and even lost hope of seeing him again but here he is, standing right in front of me.
“hey,” he smiled then held my hand.
“don’t give me that looks and stop acting as if we are strangers. You’re still my best friend remember? he laughed then pulled my ears.
“ouch! that hurts you know,”
“yeah but i won’t stop until you start to treat me like your best friend,” he said, i was surprise when he pinch my nose teasingly which make me smile.
“this so childish.. okay,”
“of course not. This what you’ve love doing to me when i look sad, you pinch my nose, pull my cheeks and ears and then ruffle my hair making me look so crazy,” he laughed while i smiled remembering those sweet memories we once shared.
“we were just kids and now everything has to changed,” i said sadly.
“changed! like how? he asked puzzled.
“it nothing,” i said plainly.
“are you even happy seeing me Maja? he asked and i could feel the pain in his voice, i raise my hand and looked at me staring keenly at me.
“of course am happy to see you Alvary,” i rushed my words.
“i have something to show you,” he said then dip his hand in his trouser pocket and i was surprise when he brought out a small folded old paper.
“you remember this? he asked, i quickly collect the paper from him and unfold it. Oh my- it my letter to him when he left for MEXICO. I smiled the whole thing is making me blush already, he kept this letter for good seven years that means he still remembers me.
“oh my, it sound so childish,” i laughed as i read the letter.
“everything is childish to you now. This letter of yours kept me alive and kept the love in me still burning. Each time i read it i felt more strength and hope that am gonna see you someday. Your letter kept me moving Maja,” he said staring deeply at me. I smiled then gave him back the letter.
“thanks anyway,” i smiled.
“and the locket? he asked staring at my neck. I knew he would ask.
“uhmm.. the necklace got missing,” i said. Well actually the necklace is still safe with me in my box but i have to tell him is missing for now.
“like seriously,” he scoffed.
“it got missing when mom and i were busy packing to come here to batangas that was years ago,” i said while he frown.
“uhmm… it okay,” he said sadly. Immediately his phone and he quickly picked up the call.
“am already on my way Janelle,” he said before hanging up.
“is that my sister? i asked.
“yeah, i have to go now,” he said.
“okay! just tell Janelle i love her. Mom and i are hopefully praying she’ll come back to us,” i said.
“sure i will, who would have thought you have a twin sister all these years. I sometimes wonder how life would be if you actually grow up with Janelle. You see Janelle is independent, sometimes tough and rude and but most of all she’s too soft am sure she’s gonna love you,” he said making me smiled. I wished we were never separated but am still glad she survived the plane crashed and she still have the chance to know each other and made it up to each other for all the years we weren’t together.
“seems you know a lot about Janelle? i asked.
“maybe, well i have to go now,” he said while i nodded.
“take care,”
I stood there and watched until Alvary’s car was out of sight. He still kept my letter, i thought he was way too careless back then. I laughed at the thought. I wish Alvary never left back then life would have been more sweet with him..
Janelle’s POV😥
I sat down at the edge of the swimming pool with Sally and Vera. I actually left dad’s house and here i am in my own mansion. Thank goodness Alvary is already on his way.
“so you mean that wasn’t you when you first came? Sally asked still surprised.
“yea, it was Maja and not me so don’t get it twisted,” i said.
“oh! you guys must really look alike and why were you guys get separated at first! so you have a sister and a mother somewhere and you’ve live all your life without them,” Vera chipped in.
“am just so unfortunate and so disappointed in my dad, i think i hate him for now,” i scoffed.
“and what about your mother? Sally asked.
“i don’t think i need a mother at this my age now, i mean all i ever wanted was a complete family when i was a kid, at least a father, mother and me but since i couldn’t get any i still felt grateful being with my dad because he gives me everything. I don’t why that woman has to dumped me with him anyways,”
“but she save your goddamn ass, if she hasn’t dumped you with your dad then you’ll just be nobody and a broke ass like your sister,” Sally chuckle while i rolled my eyes.
“sometimes life isn’t about the money only, it about family,” i said with a frown.
“yeah, i think you’re right. If i would still have my mom with me today i will gladly give anything just to be with her, so Janelle make use of this opportunity and make your family complete,” Vera enthused.
“i just feel so angry about everything happening to me. First it was dad forcing me to marry Gaston then my break up with that asshole Clark followed by the plane crashed. Don’t you think these troubles are just too much for me to handle,” i said trying to hold back my tears. I don’t know what direction my life is taking but Nanny Loren said i survived the plane crashed for this, for me to see my family again.
“it okay babes… don’t get worked up over this, just smile and try to forget all these,” Vera cooed.
“it just too difficult, but i just have to be strong, i have to face those fears and i believe it will only make me stronger at the end,”
“and what about Alvary? thought you guys are into something serious? Sally asked.
“Alvary… yea but not yet i guess,” i said sadly remembering the fact that he only loves Maja as he said. Immediately my phone rang and i picked it beside me, seeing the caller i dropped it back.
“isn’t that your dad? Vera asked confused.
“am not picking any of his calls,”..
Few hours Later…✨✨
Vera and Sally left some minutes ago. It was really fun having them here, seeing how dull my mood was they helped me cheered up. We played games which was quiet interesting. I sat down on the couch feeling so tired and sad. I called Mona and told her to helped me with the work in the office and at dad’s company i know he will still take care of things by himself. I packed my messy hair in a ponytail and then rested my head on the pillow beside me. All i need now is some rest to forget about my pains, i still find it difficult to believe i have a mother, like my own biological mother and also a twin sister who looked so much like me. I was so lost in my thought as i imagine what life would have been if we grew up together. I have always admire twins like they dress exactly, look like each other that means they can play pranks on anyone anytime, i felt so sad- why i have to meet my own twin sister this way and through all this. I hate to share the one i love with anyone and what breaks me the most was that Alvary is in love with my sister.
“Janelle! i heard this familiar sweet voice that makes my heart to melt. I quickly sprang on my feet and saw Alvary looking so handsome, he’s just too perfect and good.
“finally! i sighed then sat back.
“so this were you choose to stay? for how long huh? he asked then sat down beside me.
“i don’t know Alvary but this just the best thing to do. I need to cool off my mind, i need some rest,”
“away from your family. Your sister and mom are eagerly waiting for you,”
“and i don’t think am ready to see them,” i stated
“your mom is really sorry about everything. There’s no point in holding grudges Janelle, life is just too short for all these. Please just try to let go of the all the hurts, the pains be free, i just want you to be happy Janelle. I really want to see you happy with your sister,” he said making me shed tears already.
“thank you Alvary but i just feel so unloved..
“you’re everyone’s favorite Janelle, it not being long i came to the Philippine and everyone is happy you’re back and still alive, you’re loved but i guess you’re just too blind to see that. Don’t you want to have a complete family now that everything is over? he asked, i sniffed then wipe my tears. He held my hand and squeeze it gently.
“i want to Alvary, i will go back to my family and make peace with them especially my sister,” i said, he smiled then hugged me.
“but on one condition! i said, he disengaged from the hug.
“what it is? he asked calmly.
“are you willing to help me? i asked in tears while he nodded.
“i love you Alvary and my life will only be complete with you, please i need you in my life. You’ll get to love me and know me better. I will patiently wait until you love me in return,” i said
“it okay.. anything for you Janelle,” he said surprising me. I moved more closer and kissed him…
Janelle ooo🙄💔🖤

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