💧Episode 19🩸
by Tiana
“was that suppose to mean? i asked after our kiss.
“it okay with me Janelle,” he smiled.
“does that means you’re now my boyfriend? i asked.
“it doesn’t have to be that but just always know i gat your back.. okay,” he cooed while i smiled.
“thank you Alvary. You know, this the reason why i never wanted to come back to my dad. The life i had with you in Mexico was so simple and the best days of my life. I have always knew coming back home will only bring more problem to me but it’s somehow a blessing in disguise that I’ve found my family through you. It all you and i don’t even know how to repay you,”
“you don’t have to repay me for that, am doing all these because of Maja,” he said making my mood to change, what did he mean he’s dong all this for Maja.
“for Maja? i asked again and he nodded.
“i mean am doing this for the both of you and for Maja especially because that’s the only way she might forgive me with her mom. She told me everything how.. how my dad murdered her grandpa. Everything sound incredible to me but i knew she can’t lie about that,” he said sadly. There was a short silence between us.
“my grandpa? i asked still confused. Why will Alvary’s dad did that to them?
“why will he do that? i asked.
“i still don’t understand. I have to go back to San Francisco, my dad isn’t happy am here but i told him am not going back to mexico anytime soon until i fixed my friendship with Maja and make sure you’re perfectly okay with your family,” he said while i nodded so disappointed, it like he’s only here for Maja.
“i knew your mom and sister right when i was a kid and that was how we became friends with Maja, when i left to Mexico i don’t know what the heck dad did to them, Jordan didn’t even tell me anything,” he sighed.
“it okay Alvary. Atleast you’ve done your best,” i smiled then stood up.
“i guess you’re hungry, i will just ask the maid to make something for us to eat,” i said then walked to the kitchen.
✨Alvary heaved a sighed of relief when Janelle went to the kitchen. He wondered what he has gotten himself into but if getting more close to Janelle will make her accept her sister and mother then he’s ready to do anything for Maja to be happy because he knew having her sister Janelle back to her is all that matters to her now. He remembered their conversation earlier. Maja has changed a lot, why will she misplace the necklace he gave her. He frowned at the thought, she said that plainly as if she isn’t bothered about it. He remembered about those memories they shared.
* #Flashback😍
<<“i will miss you too,” Maja cried letting out the tears she have been holding.>>
<<“i just need one request from you Maja,” he said>
<<“what is it? she asked..>
<<“i hope you won’t replace me with anyone, always remember am your bestie, am that one special friend of yours who loves you so much,” Alvary said trying to hold back his tears too.>>
<<“promise! and i hope you’ll do the same, if you dare replace me with anyone i will make sure i disfigure this cute face of yours,” she teased then pinched his nose playfully making him laughed.>>*
…. Alvary smiled as he remembered their last conversation before he left. But he felt so sad about what she told him earlier. That they were just kids back then and a lot of things have changed now..
@San Francisco▪▪
..Alvary arrived home late that evening and was surprise to see Jordan- She came back!!!
“Alvary,” she smiled. “aren’t you happy your one and only sister is back,” she smirked making me rolled my eyes.
“and mom?
“she’s fine,”
“dad i need to talk to you,” i said facing dad who was busy with his system.
“about what? is it about those family you’re mingling with now. Alvary I’ve warned you several times to stay away from Claire and her family,” he yelled.
“yea, you wanted that because you’re still scared to go to jail for what you did to their grandfather,” i yelled back angrily.
“i see.. they’ve both succeeded in manipulating you,”
“no dad, they told me everything, i mean how could you do that to them. When have you become a murderer?
“can you just stop yelling at dad for crying out loud. What the heck is wrong with you Alvary. Ever since you were with that girl in Mexico your attitude has changed and now she’s making you disrespect dad this way,” Jordan chipped in angrily.
“fuck off Jordan and leave this to me,” Alvary yelled angrily then walked back to his room. He felt so upset, he’s dad wasn’t even feeling remorseful about anything.
Alvary’s POV😣
I took a quick bath and sat down on my bed reminiscing on everything that just happen Janelle, Maja and her mom and now it dad. I sighed not knowing what else it do. It obvious dad doesn’t like them and who knows if he planned this all, i went to Mexico with mom and after that he killed Maja’s grandpa, i wonder why he had to do that because Maja didn’t tell me the reason. I picked up my phone and tried calling her Maja, thank goodness she gave me her contact.
📞 “Alvary! i heard her sweet tiny voice at the other end which makes me smiled.
📞 “hope you arrived home safe? she asked
📞 “yea and i have talked to Janelle. She promised to go back home to her dad tomorrow,”
📞 “and what about me and mom?
📞 “she’s willing to accept you,” i said and i felt her smile even thou i can’t see her.
📞”thank you Alvary,”
📞 “i guess you’re happy now?
📞 “very happy,”
📞 “okay Maja i…,” i didn’t even finish saying what i have to say and she quickly cut me off.
“thank you again, i need to tell mom about this. Good night,” she said rushing her words and before i knew she hanged up. I stare at my phone and frown, she’s not even giving me any attention. I sometimes wonder if Maja ever feel the same way i do for her. Did she love me or still see me as a friend? I need to know, i need to ask her what she feels about me.
The next day…✨
Janelle’s POV
I decided to go back home like i promised Alvary but not only that, i think that’s the best thing to do, to face my fears. I mean i now have a sister and a mom i should be with them and makes things right, maybe this the right chance to have a complete family.
I sat down at the sitting room while Nanny Loren offered me a drink.
“am glad you’re back,” she smiled then sat down beside me.
“i had to Nanny, what about my dad? i asked. I heard some footsteps and turn to see dad descending from the stairs.
“Janelle! he smiled.
“dad,” i called then stood up.
“am sorry about everything but just always i love you so much and i will do everything to have your sister and mother back to our lives. I was such a fool to let go of Claire and i regret every single thing i did to her, she suffered for it and Maja was also drag into our mess,” he said remorsefully.
“yea, it all your fault but why do i still feel that woman choose that Maja over me! i said peskily.
“Maja is your sister and i know Claire loves you both. You were just three months old when she dumped you at my door so it obvious she didn’t choose Maja. Janelle i thought you’re matured enough to understand her?
“it okay dad, there’s no point in holding any grudges again,” i said plainly.
Immediately one of our security guard came in saying we had a visitor.
“let them in,” dad ordered and he left, within some minutes i was shocked to see Maja and her mom- what are they doing here- in Manila!
“Claire! dad called surprise as well.
“am only here for Maja,” she said looking at me.
“okay,” i said then turn to her and Maja.
“am glad you came.. for me,” i smiled.
“am still sorry about everything Janelle, i know it not that easy for you but always know that i love you so much,” she said then moved closer and held my hands.
“am really sorry my child,” she pleaded, my eyes were clouded up with tears already.
“i understand why you have to dumped me anyways. It wasn’t your fault either and there’s no point in being angry with you again because you’re still my mother and nothing will ever change that fact,” i said, she hugged me tight and i saw Maja smiled.
“thank you Janelle,” she said.
“i guess we’ll talk about this later but for now i want to talk to Maja,” i said looking at her.
“uhmm.. okay,” she smiled.
“can we please go to my room so we could give dad and mom some privacy,” i said, i know dad must be surprise to hear me say that. Let him fix what he have broken. I hope she’ll forgive him just they way i forgave her.
I lead Maja to my room, well she already knows it since she once claimed to be me. We walked to my room and i sat down on my bed.
“stop acting like you’ve never been here Maja, this was once your room too when you came stealing my identity,” i said, she looked kinda surprise seeing my reaction now.
“anyway, have a seat,” i said pointing at the chair close to her.
“so tell me why you stole my identity? i asked.
“uhmm.. am sorry about that Janelle. i knew it wasn’t so right that why i quit. It was just for a day,’ she said.
“but that isn’t right,”
“i know and that’s why i left immediately,” she said while i rolled my eyes.
“and why didn’t you tell Alvary about your identity soon when you regain your memory, he still thought you were me and you played along with it? she asked- how dare she ask me that and why will Alvary tell her that.
“it because i love him Maja. Can you please tell me about your whole story with Alvary. How did you get to meet him and were you even lovers back then? i asked curiously.
“not really. Alvary and i were just childhood friends. We grew up together and became best friends. It all started when mom worked at his dad’s plantation so during my free days at school or weekend i use to follow mom and that’s where i meet Alvary, my best friend,” she smiled.
“and you love him? were you in a relationship? i asked again getting so frustrated about the whole thing.
“i was just fourteen years when Alvary left for Mexico, you don’t expect us to be in a relationship,” she said.
“at fourteen i had ton of boyfriends but they were just mere boyfriends, i was everyone favorite and the school queen so i have all the boys dying to be with me. Dad was so busy with work and the only person i had as a mother back then was my nanny Loren, she warned me several times to stay away from boys but i was just too stubborn. I lose my virginity at sixteen during our prom party to a guy i thought i was in love with. It was infatuation and lust we have towards each other and not love but then i had no one to tell me anything to, even thou Mrs. Loren did her best i was still so stubborn,” i said sadly. Maja looked surprise hearing that from me.
“yea Maja, i had no one to share all these with and painful part of this sad story was when i got pregnant at that same age of sixteen,”
“what! Maja almost yelled.
“i had a lot of dreams and dad promises to send me to the best university to study. Fashion and designing was what i had passion for, i wanted to be a model and being the good dancer i was i wanted to keep that good record, i didn’t want a common pregnancy to tarnished that great dream i had so i had to abort it. I did that before i even told Nanny Loren, she was so mad at me and told dad about it. She said if i should have any complications at the young age and die she will never forgive herself so she have to tell my dad so i will go for a proper check up. Dad was so mad at me and that’s when i told him my mind. Yes i love my dad so much because he was the only family i had when growing up, i love him even when he had no time for me, i knew he was just busy with work trying to make money for my future, he was doing all that for me and i still had to understand him so we both forgave each other and things began to fall in place. Dad helped me achieve my dreams, it was with all his support JFH came into existence but he was later bent on me getting married into the Murphy’s family for the sake of the company. I felt so sure and confident because i boldly told dad i wasn’t interested, i thought i have Clark to back me up but i also caught him cheating on me. A lot of things were on my mind already and i needed to clear my head from everything. So i traveled to Mexico for a business trip concerning JFH and that’s where i thought it will be the end of the road for me. I thought i was going to die, i never knew i would survived this Maja but Alvary saved me and i had to go through a lot to be back on my feet again. In those times I’ve learn to love Alvary, i love him so much and that’s when i knew I’ve found a true love in Alvary,” i explained..
“uhmm.. am.. am sorry for everything that happen to you Janelle, am sorry you have to pass through all this,”
“it all because of my stubbornness. Anyway that was all in the past and i have moved on from it. I no longer exist in the past all am focused now is the present and future,” i smiled.
“am glad to know i have a twin sister and this like a dream come true for me to see and talk to you,” she smiled.
“telling you all these makes me feels so relief, at least i have someone to share all my pains and happiness with. Please Maja are you in love with Alvary? i asked
“just tell me what you feels for him, i need to know it now because i love him so much and he’s already my boyfriend!
“boyfriend! she quickly asked.
“yeah, you don’t have to fully love someone before you get into a relationship with him. I know with time Alvary will get to love me, am sure about this,”
“i know how you feel Janelle..
“just tell me Maja, are you in love with him? do you have any feelings for Alvary? i asked again.
“uh.. of course not. Alvary and i were just friends and i believe whatever we had for each other back then were just infatuation. Alvary is just a friend,” she smiled.
“he’s just a friend? i asked while she nodded.. i heaved a sighed of relief. This what i am scared of but i felt so glad Maja has no feelings for him and that means Alvary will soon be mine and mine alone. I smiled at the thought i stood up and moved closer to her.
“thank you Maja,” i smiled then hugged her. I guess with this our conversation am pretty cool with my sister since she has no feelings for Alvary!
what has MAJA gotten herself into..🤔
Maja said that because she want to make peace with her sister…bad idea🙄

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