💧Episode 20🩸
by Tiana
▪▪Claire’s POV▪▪
It’s just i and Sebastian in the sitting room and i couldn’t deny the fact that i felt so nervous, i wonder what Janelle has to discuss with Maja but i hope they get along soon.
“i hope the girls reconcile,” Sebastian broke the awkward silence between us.
“i hope so,”
“and i hope you’ll understand me this time,”
“like i said Sebastian am only here for Janelle and am glad she forgave me, i thought it was damn over between us since twenty one years ago..
“i know Claire but it’s not over now because our children are involved,”
“our children! i scoffed.
“yea Claire, you’re away from Janelle for all these years while i also missed a lot in Maja’s life, i couldn’t be a father to her, i wasn’t there when you all needed me. There’s still a chance for us to be together again,”
“that can never be, not with someone like you,” i scoffed then stood up.
“am sorry about everything Claire. When you dumped Janelle to me, i searched everywhere for you, i felt so guilty about everything, i just want to make peace with you and tell you how sorry i am. I regret every single thing I’ve done to you, when i couldn’t find you i give up the searched because i thought something bad might have happen to you and your dad. I lose all hope of seeing you again but whenever i see Janelle i also see you in her and that’s when i knew you’re already attached to me because you’re the mother of my children, i..
“enough of this, you have no idea of what i pass through and it was all your fault. Despite everything i did to you, i’ve always loved you and foolishly give you my body but what did i get in return, you said you couldn’t marry a maid, you said you weren’t ready to be a father just yet while Nessa your wife was already carrying your son. I don’t even want to re-visit the past. Please Sebastian am only here for Janelle,”
“i know i was so stupid to say all that to you but when you left i was so crazy Claire, i lose Nessa and Kenny the same day, i couldn’t get anyone to love me for me aside from my money, all the other women needed was money and i couldn’t find any true love that’s when it dawn on me that you were the only woman that loved me so much but i took it for granted and threw you away, am sorry Claire, am sorry for everything,” he pleaded, he moved closer and held my hands, his eyes were already clouded up with tears.
“it okay Seb, after all it’s just forgiveness you need. I’ve forgiven you,” i said angrily then removed his hands from mine.
“mom, dad! Janelle called and i raise my head and saw the both of them coming down from the stairs.
“why not sleep over? Janelle asked me.
“i mean you can’t possibly go back to batangas now, right dad? she asked.
“yes Claire, you can stay here as long as you want,” he said.
“please Maja can i talk to you? he asked, she looked at me while i signal her to follow him, after all he’s her dad.
“uhmm.. okay,” she nodded then followed him outside. I smile realizing it just me and Janelle.
“thank you Janelle,”
“you don’t have to thank me mom,” she said and i felt so happy hearing her calling me mom, it makes me feel so complete.
“always know that i love you so much and am glad we are together again,” i smiled and hugged her tight.
“i love you Janelle, sorry for not been there when you needed me,” i said almost in a whisper with tears crawling down my cheeks.
“it’s okay,” she said and disengaged from the hug.
“we gonna be one big family and that’s what important now. Nanny Loren was right when she told me their’s no point in holding grudges and i realize i survived and am alive today to see and know that i still have a sister and a mother, i don’t have to waste much time accepting my own mother and sister,” she smiled, i never knew Janelle could be this simple. Alvary was perfectly right when he said she might look tough from the outside but very soft in the inside.
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
I followed Mr. Sebastain and we stood at the balcony.
“am glad i was able to know you when you came here as Janelle. Am so sorry Maja for splitting our family apart, it all my fault and i hope you can forgive me, i hope Claire will also forgive me,” he said remorsefully while i sighed. Who on earth would have taught Mr. Sebastian will he begging me this way and why did i even turn out to be his daughter.
“the decision you took years ago by chasing mom away is still hurting you now because we are all affected by it especially me and mom. What if mom had truly aborted us the same way requested at first. She was so depressed, she was still a student and has a father to care for, she was also pregnant with a twins which you never know, things were just too much for her to bare and it all because of you. Mom has really pass through a lot that i even have to watched my grandpa get killed in front of us. Life wasn’t easy for us! especially me, you’re always in luxury because you never knew if i even existed, i grew up without a dad and with so much hardship that atimes i felt so angry at you for abandoning me and mom, for not taking your responsibilities as a man should,” i said in tears, everything is getting me so emotional now, after all the pain we went through now he just want us to forgive him and just moved on?
“am sorry Maja.. am sorry about everything. I know am the worse father ever, am stupid, fool, irresponsible, just call me any name you like but believe me when i said am sorry, am willing to change to take up my responsibilities please forgive me Maja,” he said and i was surprise to see his eyes clouded up with tears.
“everyone deserves a second chance and i know you’re truly sorry for everything, it okay.. dad,” i added and hugged him.
“we can’t stayed mad at each other for so long because we are family. I’ve forgiven you and i hope mom will do that as well,” i smiled wiping away my tears.
“am just so worried about your mom, i hope Claire will realise how sorry i am,”
“mom is just so hurt and angry with you, if you really want her to forgive you maybe you should give her time, she need some space to think things through and maybe after that you can make her fall for you again,” i said, he smiled.
“then you’ll gonna give me tips on how to get your mom back, am willing to do everything for this family to be whole again,” he said while i smiled, i feel so special having my family back… We walked back to the sitting room and meet mom and Janelle chatting, they seems to be getting alone pretty fast..
Jordan’s POV😖
“Alvary is just so stupid now,” dad complained, he called me to his office and asked me to watched my brother closely.
“i don’t want him near that people,” he said.
“i never in my whole life imagine Maja have a twin sister and also a rich dad like that, now Alavry will be all over her and i won’t allow that, i have my own plans to separate those two,” i said.
“okay then, just make sure you’ll convinced Alvary to go back to Mexico and he should never come back again and if he refuse then we have to eliminate those twins,” dad said while i nodded.
“you’re the best dad,” i grinned..
Alvary’s POV💙
I sat on the bed and video called mom and we talked about lots of things.
📞 “so when are you coming back? she asked
📞 “mom i don’t think am coming soon, i have to fix a lot of things here now that i have found Maja, i don’t want to be away from her, i have to confess my feelings to her and let her know i love her so much, i have to make sure things are going on well between us before thinking about going back to Mexico,” i said.
📞 “you so much love her, don’t you?
📞 “i do mom, Maja is my everything and you don’t know how happy i am now. She looks so beautiful and perfect,” i smiled.
📞 “what about Janelle, don’t you think this might cause a little misunderstanding between the two sisters since Janelle seems to like you too,” mom asked while i kept quiet for a while.
📞”i know how to handle this mom. I don’t want to be the cause of their fight or any argument. I want Maja to be happy with her sister and i also want Janelle to be happy too. I will just take my time to fix this,”
📞 “just becareful.. okay..
📞 “just that Maja seems not to like me anymore,” i said sadly.
📞 “what! does she have a boyfriend? have she moved on already? mom asked.
📞 “not really but she only sees me as a friend, she couldn’t keep the locket i gave her safe, she acted as if it nothing but i believe it just got missing as she said, am beginning to feel like we are only meant to be just friends, maybe i should just just open up my heart to love Janelle. Maja is really playing so hard to get,”
📞 “uhmm.. that means you’re giving up on her? you don’t love her anymore?
“what! of course not mother, i love Maja and am not gonna give up yet. You know your son to well. No one will gonna resist how handsome i am and i know not even Maja, am not gonna stop until i make her fall helplessly in love💕 with me, trust your son,”
📞 “wow..” mom laughed
📞 “never give up Alvary, just go for the one you love, you don’t expect things to go smooth just like that. Just don’t give up on Maja, you love her so much and i think i like her for you even thou i have never seen her,” she said.
📞 “you’re the best mom, whenever i feel so sad, or depressed i will just call to hear your voice,”
📞 “yeah, am always available son,” she smiled. We both laughed.
▪▪ We had dinner together and dad blabbering all nonsense to me, asking me to stay away from Maja and her family even Jordan was supporting him.
“i guess you don’t know something dad, i love Maja and she’s the reason why am here in the Philippines, to fix back our friendship and relationship again,”
“she’s not the right one for you Alvary, why are you tie to that girl ever since we were young, why wouldn’t you just forget her? Jordan yelled.
“enough of this! i yelled back then stood up in anger.
“do what ever you want Alvary but am warning you, what ever happens to you, you should blame yourself and not anyone else,” dad said and with that i left to my room feeling so angry about everything…
▪▪▪▪✨The next day Janelle called and told me about how it all went on, her and Maja are now okay and their parents are yet to be okay, she hoped for that. Seems everything is working as expected, i felt so happy for them. It all started with only Maja and her mother then with Janelle and her dad but now it one big family, i wished to have that complete family but i know it pointless wishing that. Mom and dad were already divorce and seems they’re really done with each other for good.
It was a long drive but thank goodness i arrived to manila safely, i can’t wait to see Maja, to see how happy she is. Janelle invited me for a dinner and i guess today will gonna be so much great.
I arrived at the big mansion and was surprise to see Janelle at the balcony, i smiled then went up to her, wondering where Maja could be.
“welcome Alvary,” she smiled then hugged me, she look so beautiful, she was wearing a blue skinny gown bringing out her perfect shape.
“you look good,”
“thanks and you look so handsome,” she smiled then peck my cheeks.
“am just so lucky to have you Mr. Handsome,” she chuckle.
“well thanks Miss Beautiful,” i teased and we laughed together.
“Janelle, mom and dad are already waiting for you,” i heard this familiar voice and i knew it was Maja. I turn to her direction and couldn’t take off my eyes from her, she looks so beautiful, very beautiful and charming. Am glad she will have that good life she truly deserves from her family.
“how you doing Maja,”i smiled.
“fine and welcome! dinner is already,” she smiled then left.
“okay Mr. Handsome, quit staring at my sister that way i mean am so beautiful than she is.. right? Janelle asked with a little frown.
“huh.. you both look so much alike and you both are just so beautiful so stop comparing yourself to her,”
“I know but am more sexier than her, am more hot and got the perfect shape Alvary, please don’t deny the fact about that,” she smiled seductively running her fingers to my chest, she moved her fingers down to my thighs and i had to stop her immediately, is she trying to seduce me.
“i love you Alvary! she quickly said and kissed me unexpectedly.
“what’s all these Janelle,” i scoffed then pushed her away.
“ouch! she frown and adjust her balance because she almost fell down.
“i don’t know you’re capable of pushing a woman that way?
“am sorry about that, but what the heck is wrong with you,”
“okay.. am sorry i just got carried away, you just look so hot Alvary,” she smiled.
“everyone is waiting for us we have to go now..
✨✨Janelle and Alvary went to the dinning room and meet Claire, Sebastian, Loren and Maja. Sebastian suggested Loren should joined them since she have been like a family to them.
“sorry for making you waiting,” Janelle smiled then held Alvary’s hand.
“well let me make a little introduction, mom already know him and dad does to, but i have something to tell you,” she smiled while Maja just watched them like a movie.
“i invite Alvary here because he’s now my boyfriend and i want you to see how your future son in-law look like,” she chuckle making everyone surprise. Alvary didn’t expect her to say that to everyone especially when Maja was there, they shared an eye contact with Maja but he couldn’t understand the expression on her face.
“well have a seat,” Sebastian smile. Alvary sat down opposite to Maja while Janelle sat down next to him.
“i will dish out your meal,” Janelle smiled and dished out the meal.
“so are you now couple? Loren asked with a smiled.
“yes nanny, I’ve found true love in Alvary and not that Clark anymore,” she smiled.
“thank you so much Alvary for saving Janelle, You’ve done enough for this family already,” Sebastian said.
“yeah, i had to, so it nothing,” Alvary smiled back.
“well i hope you’ll take care of my Janelle, i don’t want her to experience any heart break again.. can you? he asked.
“sure, i will,” Alvary smiled then steal a glance at Maja but she seems busy with her meal and didn’t bother about what their discussing.
Alvary had a chit chats with Sebastian untill the dinner was over, Maja was all quiet and after eating, she left but Alvary quickly followed her.
“Maja! he called when he reached to a passage, she stopped walking then turn to him.
“did you need anything? she asked
“just wanna talk to you and you look so beautiful tonight,”
“oh thanks! but i guess that should be for my sister, are you really in a relationship with her? she asked.
“don’t tell me someone is getting jealous already,” he teased but Maja frowned, not finding it funny.
“just tell me Alvary, did you truly love my sister? she asked again.
“to be honest Maja, i had to do that so she could accept you, Janelle is really into me and i don’t want to hurt her feelings,”
“but you’re only gonna hurt her the more. Janelle loves you so much and i will be glad to know you’re in relationship because you love her too not to please anyone. If you can’t deal with it just quit that Alvary, i don’t want Janelle to get hurt at the end, so you better tell her the truth,”
“she knows the truth already but she still insist to date me,”
“Maja! Janelle called angrily but try to hide the anger on her face. She walked up to them, she already heard their conversation but misunderstood it.
“Alvary can you please excuse me, i want to talk to my sister,” she said.
“you can just wait for us at the sitting room Alvary,” Maja said while he nodded then left. Immediately he left Janelle landed a heavy slap on Maja’s face, taking her by surprise.
“were you actually poisoning his mind against me? i thought you said you have no feelings for him,” Janelle yelled.
“you misunderstood the whole thing! Maja said, her eyes were already clouded up with tears.
“i accepted you and your damn mother because i thought that was the right thing to do, on the other hand i know i will have Alvary to myself if i did that, so why are trying to ruin my plans.. huh? i can’t share Alvary with anyone and not even with a poor slum girl like you,” Janelle yelled but before she could finish saying any other thing, Maja also slap her.
“i also accepted your damn father because that was the right thing to do, we are not doing ourselves favor by accepting each other as a family but this just the right thing to do so stop feeling too high and as if you’re doing us a favor, if you can’t accept us for real then we can’t accept you with your dad either,” Maja ranted angrily. Janelle raise her hand in anger to hit Maja but Maja was quick to held her and pushed her down.
“i guess we are both the same Janelle because i can also be tough just as you are,” Maja said then walked out in anger. Janelle was still in shocked, she couldn’t believe Maja would slap and push her this way, she thought Maja was the quiet one and not the tough one..😡

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