💧Episode 21🩸
by Tiana
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
I wiped my tears and walked out angrily, i walked pass Alvary who was surprise to see me like that.
“Maja,” he called.
“Alvary i guess it better you just leave, i told you this before your coming back will only complicate things, just go back to where you came from,” i yelled trying to hold back more tears.
“what happen? what did she told you? he asked looking all worried.
“i can’t live in peace with my sister with you in the picture, i guess it better if you just leave,”
“Maja, am sorry about everything but…
“no Alvary, just do me this favor and leave our family. We don’t need you in our lives again, your family has been a disaster to us and i don’t even know why you keep pushing yourself into this family. Your dad has done his evil part by murdering my grandpa and now it’s your turn to cause more troubles between me and my sister…
“don’t take it the wrong way..
“no Alvary, who knows if your dad sent you in order to get back at our family again. This won’t just gonna work, so just leave us for good,” i yelled.
“is that the kind of person you think i am, do you really think my dad is using me and i will foolishly agree to that? You’ve changed so much Maja or perhaps you’ve never really see me as a friend and you’ve never try to give me that attention as your friend or even an old friend. It okay Maja i will go just as you said, so you won’t see me as the bad guy,” he said then walked away.
I ruffle my hair and sat down on the sofa, feeling so bad, i let out my tears and cried.
“Maja,” mom called, she moved closer and sat down beside me.
“why.. why are you crying? and where’s Janelle? she asked.
“it better we leave this house first thing tomorrow morning mom,” i said to her.
“because i got into a fight with Janelle, i don’t think we are welcome here, it better to go back to batangas,”
“fight! what really happen?
“it all because of Alvary mom and Janelle was acting as if am at fault, i don’t feel safe staying here again,” i cried.
“it okay Maja, i will just talk to your sister,”
Alvary’s POV😥
I felt so hurt hearing all that from Maja, does she really think am being used by my father to get back at them. I went to Janelle and meet her still at the passage.
“what actually happen between you and Maja? i asked.
“she started it all,”
“okay Janelle, i guess Maja is right, it’s better i distance myself with all these in order not to hurt her again,”
“so does that means i didn’t matter anymore to you? she asked almost in tears.
“listen Maja, I’ve told you this like a million times now, it Maja i love and not you, i don’t feel the same towards you. Maja is the one and she has always been the one but am not gonna force things to happen, so please Janelle try to act matured and be at peace with your sister,” i yelled
“are you trying to blame me?
“am only trying to speak good sense into your brain, i have to go,” i said and with that i left ignoring her calls.
▪▪Janelle walked back to the sitting room in tears, she felt so hurt about what Alvary told her and it seems like he’s angry with her.
“Janelle,” Claire called when she saw her.
“it all your favorite daughter’s fault, now Alvary is leaving,” she yelled.
“what did you mean and i thought you and your sister are getting alone? Claire asked.
“that won’t happen anymore, not until i have Alvary to myself,” she said, she climbed the stairs and hurried back to her room.
“this what i was telling you mom, Janelle is just something else,” Maja said.
“i will try to talk to her,”
“talk.. to who? Sebastian asked, he just walked in and overheard their conversation.
“it Janelle,”
“what happen to Janelle? he asked looking at Maja then back to Claire.
“we aren’t welcome in this house and i guess mom and i are leaving first thing tomorrow morning,” Maja said.
“what!.. i thought this the opportunity for our family to be complete, please Claire what else did you want me to do for you to stay here, if not for me but at least for Janelle,” he pleaded.
“am just so confused right now, i will just talk to Janelle,” Claire said then quickly left to Janelle’s room.
“you don’t know how happy i am when Janelle and i talked the other time, i love her so much and I’ve wanted us to be together happily because we been separated for good twenty one years, i thought we will be glad to make it up to each other for all they years we weren’t together but everything is getting ruined all because of Alvary and all because she can’t understand me,” Maja sobbed.
“.. am sorry about that Maja, i will also talk to her, Janelle can be so crazy atimes just be a little more patience so you’ll get to know her better,”
▪▪ “am sorry about what happen between the two of you Janelle, please just try to act mature, you both are no longer kids,” Claire said.
“matured! it your favorite daughter who’s not matured. I guess your coming into our lives bring nothing but disaster and so much pain to me, i won’t ever be at peace with Maja without having Alvary to myself,” Janelle scoffed.
“Janelle i love you so much and i don’t want you to get hurt, you don’t have to force yourself on him, please,”
“it all Maja’s fault, it all your favorite daughter’s fault,”
“you both are my favorite and why are you talking this way?
“because that’s the real fact,” Janelle yelled.
“Janelle,” Sebastian walked in.
“i thought you were cool having Maja as your sister? he asked.
“yes, i thought that at first but Maja is just so stupid for my liking,”
“please dad, just stay out of this and mom this between me and Maja now,” she said then walked out angrily.
“oh! just when i thought things are finally falling into the place” Claire said sadly.
“that’s the point Claire so you don’t have to leave,”
“we have to Seb. Maja was right and i guess we are leaving first thing tomorrow morning,” she said.
“mom! Maja called, she looked around the room but didn’t see Janelle which make her wondered where she went to.
“and where’s Janelle?
“she left but i will try to talk to her tomorrow,”
“Maja, why are you both bittered at each other? Claire asked.
“am not bittered at anyone mom, Janelle doesn’t want to understand me but i guess i will try to apologies to her tomorrow,”
“are you really leaving tomorrow? Sebastian asked Maja..
“you don’t have to ask her that Seb, we can’t continue staying here especially with you,” Claire replied.
“okay.. i understand your point and am willing to wait until you’re ready to stay back here but please Claire you can’t go back to batangas, it quiet far from here. You can just stay in one of my house here in manila so we could always be together, please do this even for the sake of Janelle,”
“it okay dad, i guess it better that way,” Maja said..
▪▪Maja returned back to her room feeling so sad about everything, she felt bad quarreling with her sister and she also felt bad talking to Alvary the way she did, it doesn’t sound right but she all did that in anger.
The next day…✨✨
Maja stood so nervous at Janelle’s door, she has being in her room since morning and now they are about to leave with her home to the house given to them by Sebastian. The door went open and she almost bumped into Janelle who was coming out from her room.
“oh.. good morning Janelle,” she smiled, she looked already dressed up and seems she’s going to work.
“Janelle,” Maja called but she rolled her eyes then walked out on her.
“please Janelle, am sorry about yesterday,” Maja said rushing her words. Janelle stopped then turned to her.
“are you really sorry? she scoffed.
“please Janelle, believe me i wasn’t poisoning Alvary’s mind against you, i was only telling him not to hurt you because you’re my sister,”
“sister! now everyone is having your back, mom and dad all sees me as the bad guy now while you’re the angel. Maja i once had a peaceful life without you, i guess i was even more at peace when i was alone than now, i never knew having a sister was this stressful and annoying,”
“Please Janelle let try to act more matured, am sorry for everything and am not trying to take Alvary from you,”
“you know what.. i need a DNA test because am beginning to doubt if you’re truly my twin sister,” she scoffed then walked out, Maja followed her behind until the got to the sitting room.
“dad! Janelle called him then looked at Claire who setting the dinning table.
“you’re leaving already? breakfast is ready,” she told her.
“am not gonna eat with you,” she spoke rudely then turn to Sebastian.
“dad we need to do this DNA test, because i don’t think those people are my family, they might just be an imposter,”
“Janelle! Sebastian called surprised by her attitude.
“yes dad, am only gonna accept them after the DNA test,’ she said with finality then walked out on them before he could say any other thing.
“Janelle is so upset with everyone,” Claire said.
‘i will talk to her when i get to work. I wanted to introduce the both of you to the company today but seems Janelle is in a bad mood, maybe till when she’s ready,”
“it okay dad, i guess we all need some time away from each other, i and mom will leave after having breakfast,” Maja said.
“to batangas?
“no, to the house you offered us here, you’re right we don’t have to be so far away from each other now,” she said while he smiled then looked at Claire.
Few hours Later….▪▪
Maja and her mom has already packed to the new house given to them by Sebastian. It so huge, beautiful and look so expensive everything they needed was in the house.
“so that means we gonna live here in manila again,”
“yes dear, this where you were born and this where i lived all my life, it held so much bitter and sweet memories of my life but am so happy to be back to manila, am only staying here because of Janelle, i don’t want to be far away from her at least i can visit her everyday,” Claire said.
“yes mom, i just hope she’ll accept us back after the DNA test,”
“we will do whatever she want, after all it’s just a DNA, she still believes we are not her family, it saddens my heart to hear that from her i thought she have already accepted us,”
“she’s so complicated mom but i hope she’ll come around soon i just want to be together with my sister again. We have been apart for such a long time and i just want us to be so lose again as sisters should do,”
“i hope so too Maja, i just wished Janelle will changed for the better,”
“but mom, dad was so sad when we left even thou he knew we accepted this house he gave us i guess he still want us there,” Maja said.
“that’s not possible, it doesn’t feels right staying under the same roof with Sebastian, i mean he’s not my husband and i hate it, waking up every morning to see his face in that house, am only there for Janelle,”
“but mom.. don’t you still have feelings for dad? i mean he’s really sorry for what he did,” she said.
“feelings! that feelings had died they day he chase me out of his life for good. I’ve always loved your dad but not anymore, i don’t need him in my life again, having you and Janelle is enough for me,” she said.
“but mom..
“am so tired Maja, i don’t wanna waste my time discussing about your father. Sebastian is still very okay without me and am very much better without him too, so it’s just for the best,” she said.
Maja’s POV💙
Staying at house all day was so much bored, i called Selene and she told she she’s already in Manila and currently at work but will visit me later or even sleepover, i felt so happy when said she’ll gonna sleepover, at least i will have someone to talk to throughout the night. I called Alvary that evening to apologies, i told him to meet me up at the coffee shop so we could talk and am glad he agreed to it.
I was already seated at the coffee shop waiting for him, hoping he will at least showed up as he said.
“Maja! i heard him called my name and my heart skip a beat when i saw him. He walked closer and sat down opposite to me.
“it’s a good thing you’re still in manila, if not i won’t be able to talk to you,” i started.
“i purposely want us to meet because i want to apologies for everything Alvary, sorry for speaking to you that way, i was just angry,” i said sadly with my head bent.
“oh okay…. i can’t believe you called me to meet up with you here so you could apologies, you should have just said over the phone, you don’t have to stress yourself and also stress me as well,” he said while i looked at him, he isn’t sounding friendly anymore.
“i wouldn’t want to say that on phone because i want you to know how sorry i am,” i said while he nodded.
“okay, i think have to go now,” he said then stood up, he was about to leave but i quickly held him back by the wrist.
“Alvary..” i called calmly.
“seems you’re angry at me,”
“am not angry Maja, i just want to do what you ask of me, to stay away.. right! he said while i stood speechless.
“am only sad hearing that from my best friend. If it was Janelle that said all those words to me i couldn’t feel so hurt this way because i just recently know Janelle but what about you, We’ve been together ever since we were kids and knew each other so well but the only thing you could think of me now is being used by my dad to get back to your family, am i now the bad guy,” he scoffed, he seems so angry.
“am sorry Alvary i didn’t mean to say any of those words,” i said almost in a whispers, my voice came out so low and i realize my eyes were clouded up with tears already. It seems i have hurt him this much.
“you’re different from your dad and i choose to believe in that because you’re a different person. I didn’t mean any of those words, please Alvary just tell me anything you want me to do so you can forgive me,” i said.
“anything? he asked while i nodded, he smiled.
“i just felt hurt Maja, i can’t stay mad at you for so long,” he said and i heaved a sigh of relief.
“well if only you’ll go out for a dinner with me tomorrow evening i might consider forgiving you,” he said..
” are you asking me out on a date? i asked surprised.
“yea, i have a lot to tell you and maybe i can forgive you,” he smirk.
“okay… as you wish,” i smiled…🙂
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