💧Episode 22🩸
by Tiana
Janelle’s POV▪▪▪
I was done with the conference meeting and went back to my office. JFH is at stake already and we are at the losing team. I have never in my whole life lose so much focus than this time and i know the reason it because of the family problems i have recently, having that annoying girl and woman who called themselves my family, i never knew i was missing a lot and now i need to focus in my company. I guess my accident really cause a lot in this company. I need to be more focus. i walked to my office and was surprise to see Clark.
“who the heck gave you the permission to come to my office,” i yelled at him and pick up my phone to call my stupid Secretary how dare she allow him to come here.
“you don’t have to do that Janelle, am here so we could talk,” he said.
“i don’t wanna talk about anything with you,”
“then at least hear me out Janelle, stop acting this way all because you came back with a guy,” he said.
“it’s Alvary and i love him and not you. The feelings i once had for you were long gone they died the day i caught you cheating on me. You wouldn’t blame me for treating you this way because you broke my heart completely Clark,”
‘and am really sorry about that Janelle, the fact is that i still loves you and when i thought you’ve forgiven me i felt so happy and thought their’s still a chance for us but only to be told that was your twin sister and not you,”
“you came too late Clark, i don’t go back to my vomit! am done with you,” i said icily then picked up my hang bag and walked out of the office.
Clark is just so unbelievable now days, well it a good thing he’s still chasing after me, maybe when am ready to accept him i can use him for my plan.

▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
I arrived back home, feeling so happy and so relief, i don’t even know why am so happy this way, maybe it because am going out on a date with Alvary, but it can’t just be that, or maybe it because i was able to see him and talk to him – but i have always see him. Arg… i sat down on the sofa still thinking why exactly am i so happy or am i beginning to like him, but i can’t do that. He’s just a friend Maja. Alvary is just an old friend, i assured myself that.
“you’re back already,” i heard mom voice bring me out of my thoughts.
“mom! i smiled.
“so how was it, i hope you two understood each other?
“yes mom, but we’ll still gonna meet tomorrow evening,” i said.
“huh? what for? she asked.
“nothing, we’ll just have a friendly talk,”
“friendly talk? then what about Janelle, what if she get to know that,”
‘I don’t care mother, let her think whatever she wants to, and am just thinking …
“but she loves Alvary too, i wish i can have the power to take away that love, i don’t want anyone of you to get entangle with that family, i hate to know that Lewis is the father of Alvary and i also hate the fact that you two are fighting over him!
“mom.. why are you saying that as if Alvary is a bad person,”
“Alvary is a good guy and i know that already but what about his father Maja i don’t even know where this love is heading to, if you like him, Janelle also likes him and when he finally get to choose one of you- are you ready to be the daughter in-law to that murderer? especially you maja you saw what happen? you saw how he treated me all because i couldn’t love him back,”
“i know that mom but one thing am certain is that Alvary doesn’t have to pay for what his father did and if their’s anyone that should pay it should be Mr. Lewis, i wish he have some evidence against him so we can re-open grandpa case again and sent him to jail, that’s the only way we can get justice for grandpa.
“i know that Maja, i will look into that,” she said.
“so mom hasn’t Selene come yet? i asked trying to change the topic.
“Selene! is she coming today?
“yea she told me that, well i will just call her,”
. I went to my room and have a cool bath i don’t know why i feel this happy, i just hope it continues this way and i hope Janelle will change her mind for good. I changed into something casual then removed my locket from the drawer. I felt like wearing this tomorrow i know Alvary will be so surprised seeing me with this, i smiled to myself then kept it back. I went to the kitchen and helped mom out.
“i guess we should call Janelle, we need to know how she’s doing,” mom suggested while i nodded. I picked up my phone and called her immediately, i hope she’ll pick up.
“it’s ringing mom but she isn’t picking up,” i said then trying calling her again. I called and called and its obvious she won’t pick up so i decide to call dad.
“Maja! i heard his voice at the other end.
“dad, how is Janelle. Mom and i were so worried she isn’t picking any of our calls,” i said so worried.
“yea am sorry about that. Janelle also refused to talk to me aside from her nanny Loren. But i will try to talk to her you don’t have to worry,” he said.
“it okay dad,”
“and what about Claire, how is she doing? he asked, i looked at mom then hand over the phone to her but i put it on speaker first.
“dad want to talk to you,” i told her.
“hi Seb,” she said into the phone.
“how is your stay in the new house? do you really feel so comfortable? Claire things will only get better if you come back home to me and Janelle,”
“it’s not necessary, i just don’t understand Janelle again,”
“i will talk to her Claire, you don’t have to worry about that,”
“it’s okay,” mom said then hanged up.
“i regret ever giving Janelle away, if only i raise her by myself all this wouldn’t have happen,” she said sadly.
“things were just destined to happen this way so you don’t have to blame yourself, am hungry let go and eat,” i said.
We went to the dinner table to eat when we heard the doorbell rang.
“i will just get it,” i said then walked to the door and open it- Oh my. I smiled then hugged her.
“Selene! i yelled happily.
“i thought you’re not coming,”
“well i have prove you wrong,” she smiled.
“you just came at the right time girl, dinner is ready,” i smiled then held her hand as we went back to the dining table.
“Selene, it a good thing you came to visit us tonight,’ mom smiled.
“Yes ma’am and am here to sleepover,” she chuckle
“oh am so happy,” i laughed.
“our food is getting cold, welcome once again Selene,” mom smiled.
We had dinner together and it was so good, after that i and Selene cleared the table and wash the dishes while mom stayed in her room to rest.
I and Selene were done with the chores before i took her to my room.
“this house is so beautiful i almost got lost when you sent the address to me,”
“but Maja i thought you’ll gonna stayed together with your sister in your dad’s house? she asked.
“yeah but mom doesn’t want that and Janelle and i aren’t getting alone for now, we got into a fight yesterday,” i said while she gasped.
“like seriously, fight! isn’t that too soon? she asked.
“i don’t know but Janelle is just so confused i guess. I told her what actually happen between me and Janelle.
“who does that, why on earth will Janelle act that way towards you,”
“she loves Alvary am just confused,”
“there’s nothing to be confused about Maja, am sure you like him and he likes you too so why can’t you be together with him?
“it doesn’t happen that way Selene. Alvary and i are just friends that whats i believe i don’t need more troubles especially with my sister,”
“so is that why you’ll gonna give up on your own happiness. I don’t even know this Alvary but they way you’ve always talked to me about him i know you still love him, you love him that’s why you waited for him and that’s why you didn’t agree to date Toby back then in college,”
“huh! that not true i wasn’t just interested in that,” i defended.
“you can keep denying that but you can’t hide the truth from yourself. Don’t you get it, you’ve been far away from Alvary for seven years and now that he’s his back you still want to waste that opportunity just stop being a kid Maja. Janelle should understand you’re the one he loves you,” she said while i nodded.
“okay Selene, i have heard you and… and i admit i like Alvary, i like him so much but i think even mom will be disappointed to know about this!
“she don’t like him?
“of course not, she just don’t like the fact that we might get his family involved and Mr. Lewis in particular,”
“i know that Maja but i thought true love conquers all,”
“i don’t know.. let just stop talking about this,” i sighed
“and what about your date,” she smiled while i rolled my eyes. I shouldn’t have tell her this.
“well i guess it’s just a friendly date,”
“Awwwn.. but that’s so sweet of Alvary, i guess he’s trying to lure you into a date with him by saying he might forgive you, i can’t wait for your tomorrow’s date,” she giggle.
“hey it nothing serious,”
“when it comes to Alvary is something serious,”
“okay, you win, i guess you couldn’t stop talking about Alvary,”
The rest of the night was good, i was glad Selene was here and i always see her as the sister i never had, i wished i and Janelle will get along this way.
…The next morning
Selene and i did the chores and made breakfast. Dad called and said we should go to the house the doctor is already waiting to take a sample of us for the DNA test.
After breakfast Selene left for work while i and mom went to see dad and Janelle.
✨✨ “the result will be out within 24 hours,” the doctor said.
“okay doc, anyway thanks,” Sebastian said.
“can’t wait for the result,” Janelle smirked.
“their’s nothing so special about the result Janelle isn’t it obvious i told you Claire is your mom and Maja is an exact copy of you,” Sebastian told her.
“i know dad,”
“Janelle! Claire called.
“okay.. thanks doc you can now leave,” he said while he nodded then left.
“i called you here again because i want to tell you something,” Sebastian stated…
“i want Maja to take over the company and i hope you have no problem with that Janelle?,” Sebastian asked shocking Maja.
“you don’t have to worry Maja, i know that’s what you’ve ever wanted and you’re taking over at the Remirez company so you can help me,”
“that unfair dad what about me,” Janelle yelled.
“i know Janelle but it’s not like am giving her all my wealth, she’ll just gonna help me and take over your position. Janelle JFH is at stake now and am sure you’ve always want to concentrate alone in that. You don’t have to be jealous! now it’s the time you concentrate on JFH if you don’t want to lose it for good,”
“no dad, i can handle both…
“no Janelle that’s final,” he said with finality while Janelle frown looking at Maja.
“Janelle dear, your dad is only trying to help your sister, is not like he gave all his will to her,” Claire said trying to calm her down.
“no dad, i won’t allow that,”
“but you have JFH to focus on now Janelle, aren’t you happy you have someone to help you out, i know Maja is capable of doing this,”
“she’s incompetent dad, how sure are you she’s capable of handling such thing, do you even know the college she finished from, do you about her grades…
“Janelle, stop talking that way about your sister! Claire scolded.
“it okay dad, we don’t have to argue about this. I know everything here belongs to Janelle and i don’t want to meddle with it. I guess she’s also right maybe i can’t handle such a huge company just like that,” Maja said sadly.
“you better admit how incompetent you are,” Janelle growled then walked out on them.
“why is she acting this way? Claire said surprised by her sudden hatred for Maja.
“Janelle is trying to give everyone a tough time,” Sebastian said.
“no dad, i understand how she felt, she think she’s gradually losing everything to me but let just prove her wrong with that,’ Maja said.
Lewis’s POV🤬
Claire is like a threat to me especially when i was told she was once Sebastian ex lover, they might hunt me down but am always smarter than them, they don’t even have a piece of evidence to prove i killed that old man after all that was a long time ago and i hope they forget about it. I hate the fact that Alvary is now proving to be unstoppable, he want to involved himself in their family by chasing after that stupid girl, how did she even turn out to be twins is still a mystery i don’t understand. I picked up my phone and and called one of my men.
“hello Hector! i said into the phone.
“i want Claire Marcelo dead, i want her dead before the sunset. I will sent you every details you need to know including her address,” i smirked, then hanged up.
“dad! Jordan called and i wonder if she overheard me.
“where are you coming from?
“from work,” she replied tiredly.
“Jordan i need you to do me something,”
“what is it? she asked while i smirk, i know i will always have Jordan to back me up.

Janelle’s POV😠
I walked out angrily and headed straight to the office, all i felt was so much anger and hatred towards Maja, why is she gradually taking everything away from me, it’s Alvary now my dad and now the company so don’t i have the right to work there or be part of the company all because i have JFH to handle. Dad is so unbelievable for him to think about that, i mean am more intelligent than Maja so why her? i know she’s not as smart as me and i know she can’t handle the company, am very sure of that. I felt so angry about everything that is happening in my life now. The coming of Maja and that her mother is just bad luck. An idea pop into my mind and i quickly called Alvary.
📞 “Alvary! i said into the phone when he picked.
📞 “Janelle! how you doing?
📞 “Alvary.. a lot has happen already and i felt you no longer care for me anymore, please Alvary we need to talk, i need to tell you something very important,” i cried over the phone.
📞 “are you okay Janelle, what’s actually going on? he asked sounding so worried, it melted my heart to know he’s still worried about me, at least he care about me.
📞 “Oh.. okay Janelle am coming right away,”
📞”thank you Alvary, i will just text you my address,” i said before hanging up. I hope my plan works out well…. after this Alvary will be mine forever and i don’t have to worry about anything…☺😠

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