💧Episode 23🩸
by Tiana
Alvary’s POV▪▪
Janelle just texted me her address, i can’t believe she’s asking me to meet her up at her mansion, did she got into a fight with her family.. not again! I picked up my car keys and was about leaving when Jordan quickly came to me.
“are you going somewhere? she asked.
“but where? i thought we gonna hang out today. It’s been long we had a good time together as brother and sister should do,” she smiled, i was surprised to hear that from her, i thought she was still mad at me when i said i like Maja.
“thanks goodness you’ve realize that Jordan, i was also thinking the same way but am so busy today maybe tomorrow,” i said.
“tomorrow? are you going to visit those girls again? is it Maja or Janelle or who? she asked.
“we will talk about this when am back,”
“you don’t have to worry Alvary, after what happen the other day, i felt their’s no point in misbehaving this way, mom called me and speak some sense into me. Am sorry for everything Alvary, i just want to be that sister you’ll love so much, i want us to be cool with each other okay and am ready to accept Maja. Your happiness means a lot to me now” she said while i smiled then move closer to her.
“thank you Jordan, i feel so happy hearing that from you and i also hope dad’s mind will also changed about them, i mean they should be the one to get angry with him for what he did to them and not the other way round,”
“i know but it was only an accident, you still believe dad will kill someone? she asked.
“i don’t know but Maja told me everything and dad keep denying it,”
“that’s not the point Alvary. They don’t even have a single evidence against him and beside it was just an accident am not saying Maja lied to you but i know dad isn’t capable of killing anyone. Please Alvary i know you love Maja so much but family first, your family should be your priority before any other thing,”
“i know that Jordan and i love my family that’s why am doing this but you know i wouldn’t stoop so low to support the wrong thing all because it’s from my family. Anyway thanks, i have to leave now,” i said then peck her before leaving. Seems Jordan has a changed of mind now.
Maja’s POV▪▪
I and mom later returned back home, dad said he’ll gonna talk to Janelle again and we also talked to her nanny. Mrs Loren, she promised to talk sense into her i know these are the only people she’ll hear them out. I don’t know why she’s misbehaving this way and why will she even say am incompetent to work in such company, i mean don’t i deserves to be here.
I went to my room and saw the dress Selene selected for me for the dinner. I just hope this date goes well because am just so curious somehow. I checked the time and notice it 2:40PM, Mom is busy is in the kitchen she was sad all day because of how Janelle sees us- she thinks we are just after their wealth and the company! it like we don’t even mean anything to her again. I open the window to enjoy the cool breeze when a call interrupted me. I quickly picked up because the caller was Alvary.
“hi Alvary,”
“Maja what about Janelle? is she okay? he asked.
“huh? i don’t know but i guess she’s at work by now,”
“Is anything wrong with her?
“nothing much, i just thought maybe Janelle is still upset with you,”
“yea, we’ll talk about this later,” i said before hanging up, i wonder what Janelle has told him this time.
I looked through the window and my eyes caught something. I saw some two men already in our compound and the two guards at the gate were already dead, i guess those guys used silencer to kill them and the worse thing is that they were putting on mask. oh my God! could this be assassins? but who are they? I quickly ran out of my room and went to the sitting and locked the door, i ran to the kitchen to call mom.
“mom, we need to leave here or else we might get killed,” i said so shocked and scared.
“kill? who will want to attack us in such daylight? mom asked.
“we need to leave before the break the door,” i said then dragged her hand and we ran out using the back door. What if i haven’t seen them and who are they. We quickly escape through the back door and that’s when i called dad immediately and he said he’s coming to pick up us along with the cops. I and mom couldn’t just stay and wait for dad, those people might come after us, so we took a cab and asked him to drove us to the main road, i don’t have any money on me but am glad the driver was a good person who didn’t bother.
Few minutes Later
Dad’s car drove to our place, am glad he was able to come on time.
“are you okay? what happen? he asked so curious.
“what about the cops? i asked him.
“they’re on their way and i hope they get to the house and have those hoodlums arrested,” Dad said.
“i saw everything that happen dad,”
“just get in so we could go,” he said. I and mom got into the car and drove quickly drove us home.
Dad walked to and fro in the sitting as he answered some calls.
“don’t be so incompetent officer, try to trace those people,” he yelled then angrily then threw his phone.
“i don’t get this, who are those people and why will they try to kill us by this time, i mean it’s daytime now,” mom said.
“the guards were found death and the door was already broken, it seems they’ve searched for you before they left and nothing was stolen that means they’re only there for you, if only i installed some cameras in the house,”
“they were putting on mask dad and they were using a silencer so we couldn’t hear the gun shot, i don’t know how it all happen but i just looked through the window i saw that, who would have want us killed,” i said so scared about everything.
“maybe, they might just be those poor hoodlums who are only there to steal from us,” Mom said.
“we can’t say that for now, please Claire this the reason why i want you to stay here with us. No one dares to come to this mansion because the security here is more tight, i wouldn’t take it if anything bad should happen to you or Maja, i don’t like the fact that you were staying in that house after all, please you have to stay here for your safety,” dad said to mom.
“i need to go there and know what the police are doing, we need to do something,” he said then quickly left.
“I can’t believe someone try to kill us, am just scared mother. Am so scared now i don’t think we are even save here maybe we will more safe if we go back to batangas,” i said rushing my words.
“it gonna be okay Maja, i wonder who might want us get killed,!
Jordan’s POV▪▪
Thank goodness i was able to talk to Alvary before he leave, i just want us to get along but mostly am doing what dad ask me to do. I headed straight to his office and meet busy with some calls, he seems really angry.
“i hope you wouldn’t mess this job next time,” he yelled then hanged up.
“who were you speaking with on phone?
“it those stupid bastards they couldn’t even kill them,” he groaned.
“killed? at this time? what makes you think those guys can kill them at this time. They should have broke into their house tonight and not this time and by the way what did you mean by kill?
“yes Jordan, i want Claire death and i hope you’ll keep that a secret,”
“but dad they deal was to separate those two. I don’t want us to involve shedding of any blood and mostly Alvary is my brother, i love him but i won’t just accept the fact that he’s into that girl to the extent of turning down my offer to go out with him. But we don’t have to kill anyone,”
“it’s only Claire i want death and i have my reasons. You don’t have to worry Jordan, i have another plan and no one will ever suspects me,” he smirk while i rolled my eyes.
Maja’s POV▪▪
Dad and the police later came to our to ask me some questions about those criminals but sadly i wasn’t able to see their face because they were wearing on mask. After the questioning they left and promise to work on it. Those criminals need to be found.
“i guess it better you stay here,” dad said.
“or maybe i think it’s better we go back to batangas,” i said.
“no Maja, no need for that after all we are family. Those people won’t stop until they’ve got you but i won’t allow that,” he said.
“i guess Sebastian is right Maja, you don’t have to leave again, it’s for your own safety,” Mrs. Loren said while i nodded.
“Janelle need to know about this,” dad said before walking away. I sat down feeling so uneasy, mom was in the other room already.
“you’re safe here,” Mrs. Loren said then sat done beside me.
“i know by all means your dad will ensure you’re safe and comfortable here,” she said.
“i just hope so, am just thinking what if i haven’t seen them and am confused are they really after our lives or they just want to harm me and my mom. The last time this thing happen was seven years ago, my grandfather got killed and the memory is still fresh in my mind, he was killed in cold blood and that’s the first time in my life i have watch someone died right in front of me. Am just so scared, am scared those people might come again,” i said.
“i know how you feel Maja but just try to think positive, who ever they are i hope they’ll be caught soon. You don’t have to think about this,”
“yeah, actually i have lots of things running through my mind and i just feel we are not just welcome here because of Janelle. She’s not who you told me the other time,”
“yeah.. am also confused Janelle has so much changed but i know it’s not just easy for her,” she said.
“easy! it wasn’t easy for me either, you saw how she treated me and mom. We have try so much to be close to her but she end up insulting us. We are both trying to adjust and adopt to such environment and people around us but i guess it’s not not enough, if Janelle keep showing us such attitudes i and mom will go back to batangas and continue leaving our lives,”
“you’re gonna give up on her?
“i guess she also gave up on us by doing all that, i sometimes feel we both needed some time away from each other maybe with that she can realize how much we love her,” i said trying to hold back my tears.
“don’t just give up on her Maja,”
Janelle’s POV▪▪
Am glad Alvary came as promised. I sat down on the couch as i poured out all my heart to him, i cried so bitterly.
“so Alvary i guess now you see the reason why i never really liked to come here. If only you listen to me we would have stayed back in Mexico and live a simple life. Dad is only concern about Maja and her mom and he’s even trying to give out the company we both worked so hard, all to Maja. I know you’ll still be in support of Maja but it saddens my heart to know you’re also not on my side,” i cried.
“Sshh.. it okay Janelle, i understand how you feel but they people you’re talking about like this are your family. Maja is your twin sister,”
“if you’re only here to keep reminding me she’s my twin sister then you better leave,” i said.
“of course not, i just want you to know they love you so much, i just want you to see and love them as your family and if you’re able to do that you won’t feel that anger towards Maja if she’s given the company, but i thought you have JFH to handle,'”
“it not only about JFH Alvary,”
“okay.. am sorry about all these but i hope you should just try to let go of all your anger..”
“okay… anyway thanks for coming, i just needed someone to talk to about this, i needed a shoulder to cry on and the only person i could think of at the moment was you,”
“thank you for confiding in me Janelle, am always here for you,” he hugged me.
“okay, let have some drink,” i said then pour some wine into the empty glass cup on the table.
“cheers to our friendship Alvary, i guess i just have to admit you don’t feel the same way for me but that won’t stop us from being friends right?
“yea, anyway i think i have to go now,” he stood up.
“but you don’t have to turn my offer Alvary, it’s just a wine and i just want to feel a little bit better drinking with you,”
“okay, if you insist,” he smiled then took the drink from me and sip.
“thanks, whenever am sad i call my friends and we’ll just go to the club, i will dance, get drunk and forget about everything, that’s the only thing that makes me feel better,” i smiled. Immediately my phone and rang and i excuse myself to answer the call.
“hello dad!
“Janelle? where are you? you’re not even at work,”
“yea, am busy now,”
“you need to come home now, something bad happen to your mom and sister,” he said and my heart skip a bit, i looked at Alvary and saw how tipsy he is. The drugs i out in the wine was really working and it strong. I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity..
“what.. what happen to them?
“they almost got attacked Janelle,”
“i guess it only the police can work on that, am so busy and at least they’re okay.. right? i asked but he hanged up on me. I smiled then stared at Alvary who was tipsy already.
“Alvary! i called then kissed him.
“hey, what are you doing? he asked trying to push me away but i told him tight.
“it’s me Alvary, it’s your Maja and i love you so much, i really do,” i said staring deep at him, the look on his face was so confusing.
“Maja! he called then held me back.
“Maja.. i love you too,” he kissed me roughly then pushed me back to the couch. I don’t really care if he sees me as Maja or anyone else, all i want now is him and am having him to myself….

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