๐Ÿ’งEpisode 24๐Ÿ”ฅ
By Tiana
Janelle’s POV
The kissing got more hot and I really enjoyed the whole thing… Alvary is just so sweet๐Ÿ˜
The next morning…
I slowly open my eyes and found Alvary still sleeping, I smiled then placed a kiss on his soft lips. Everything that happened yesterday replayed in my head. We had sex, best sex ever and it was just so sweet. I giggle at the thought and smiled. Alvary completely drove me crazy yesterday, he thought I was his sweet Maja. I quietly stood up from the bed then picked his phone and saw two missed calls from Maja and three missed calls from Jordan, his sister. Thank goodness it has no password so I just texted her.
I got busy with something, but am coming home soon ๐Ÿ’Œ
I send her the text.
I was still in my nightie, seated in front of my dressing mirror, I could feel some pains between my legs, Alvary was just too hard on me yesterday. I stared at myself in the mirror and sighed. I can’t believe I did this, after the sex i took some pills to avoid myself from getting pregnant. Well it would be a good idea to get pregnant for him but am not just ready for any disappointment. I picked the camera on the table and checked if the video was complete. This the video of us yesterday, our hot romance and the sex, I think with this I can make him to be mine, all I need to do is to threaten him.
I took a shower and ask the maid to make breakfast for us. Alvary was still asleep and the whole is scaring me now, I mean he should be awake by now.
I quickly picked up my phone and called Sally.
๐Ÿ“ž “He’s not awake Sally, what if those drugs have some side effects on him,” I said so worried while she laughed.
๐Ÿ“ž”It not funny,” I frown
๐Ÿ“ž”How did it even go on? She asked.
๐Ÿ“ž “Well! It was the best sex ever because he was so good just as I expected and he even thought I was his Maja, all thanks to the fact that I looked so much like his dear Maja,” I smiled
๐Ÿ“ž”He did all that because he was drunk you don’t have to worry he’ll be awake soon,”
๐Ÿ“ž”I hope so, because I need to go home and I can’t leave him here,”
๐Ÿ“ž “But Janelle since when have you start forcing yourself on a guy? She asked.
๐Ÿ“ž”Hey, I don’t freaking care whatever relationship he had with Maja back then, they were just kids and it’s not real feelings, I also have dozens of childhood sweetheart back then but I don’t feel love for them now so why would Alvary love her this much and beside she told me she have no feelings for him,”
๐Ÿ“ž”We will talk about this when we meet… okay,”
๐Ÿ“ž”There’s nothing to talk about Sally. Am glad he made me feel like a woman yesterday and he should be happy he have me all to himself, I don’t throw myself cheaply to anyone, I did that because I truly love him,”
๐Ÿ“ž”Okay girl, see you later,” she said while in hanged up, I turned and was surprised to see his eyes open.
“Oh my! Alvary,” I smiled then sat down beside him, he fully open his eyes and stared at the room.
“Were am i? He asked as he sat up, he looked so surprised seeing himself on my bed and only with his shorts.
“Oh… i get it now Janelle, I came here yesterday because you needed someone to talk to, so what happen next? He asked, I was speechless not knowing what to say anymore.
“Tell me Janelle…,”
“You were drunk and we…
“No! I wasn’t drunk, I mean it was just a few sip I took from the wine you gave me, how is that possible for me to get drunk huh! Or let me say you drugged me.. tell me the truth,” he yelled then quickly stood up from the bed.
“No Alvary you were drunk and we were both got carried away in our world of ecstasy, stop acting as if you didn’t enjoy it,” . He looked at me as if he just remembered something.
“Oh I get it now, you’re not Maja but Janelle, how could you even do that. You drugged me I was sure of that,”
“Okay… whichever way Alvary at least you make me feel like a woman yesterday,” I smiled and was about to hug him but he pushed me.
“Don’t you dare come close to me. Was that the reason you called me here? Is it sex you want and do you think that will make me love you?
“I don’t care Alvary all I need is you,” I yelled trying to hold back my tears.
“I respect the woman you are Janelle and I also respect the fact that you’re Maja’s twin sister so why can’t you also respect the fact that I don’t feel the way towards you,” he yelled angrily.
“That’s because I love you Alvary, all I want is you,”
“Maybe all you needed is sex right…. then I will give it to you again and again, ” he yelled then pushed me to the bed, kissing me roughly.
“Stop it Alvary,” I yelled trying to free myself from him, but he pin me to the bed.
“We can spend the whole day here having sex so you won’t disturb me ever again,” he yelled, I pushed him then stood up, I have never seen him like this before.
“Are you trying to rape me?
“Isn’t that what you want! Look Janelle if you find yourself pregnant don’t ever tell me that,” he said peskily then picked his clothes from the bed.
“I took some pills after the sex, am not trying to pin anything on you, if I would have want to get pregnant I wouldn’t have took those pills but i did that to avoid disappointment and beside I wasn’t ready to carry any pregnancy for nine months, am not ready for all the pains including the child birth, I don’t want to spoil my perfect shape and ruined my modeling career, I would rather hire a surrogate mother than did all that by myself but the important thing here is that i love you,” I said.
“You disgust me Janelle,” he said with disgust as if I look like some piece trash. He picked up his phone on the table and hurried out. I sighed. Such a drama early this morning. Alvary will gonna hate me for this.
I quickly adjust my dress and did my make up, this video is all I have got now and am gonna keep it safe.
I went back home that morning and meet dad, Maja and mom having breakfast.
“Janelle we were so worried about you,” mom said then quickly rushed and hug me.
You were not in the office yesterday and you were still not in JFH, do you realize how in incompetent you are gradually becoming, you are losing so much focus Janelle,” dad yelled angrily at me but I just stared at him, thinking of a perfect lie to tell him.
“Is it all about work, work work you know. Don’t you even care about my welfare. I wasn’t feeling so well dad so I decide to go to my house to rest the whole day. Why are you blaming me now? Do you think am in incompetent now? Well you can give everything to your favorite daughter now. I don’t feel like am part of this family anymore,” I yelled in tears.
“We are sorry Janelle, you didn’t tell us you weren’t feeling so well,” mom said trying hold me but I move back, dad was speechless and I know he’s feeling guilty already.
“But why didn’t you at least texted us? When dad even call to tell you we were attacked yesterday you said you are so busy to come and see us,” Maja said and I felt like slapping her.
“What has my work got to do with your attack, dad should have called the police and not me,”
“It okay Janelle, I guess you need some rest now,” mom said.
“I don’t need that! am off to work,” I said then walked out angrily, I don’t even know why they came back to our house again. I don’t need them here.
Maja’s POV
“I don’t know what else to do to have my sister back,” I said sadly.
“She’s not even concerned about what happened to you, I don’t get it, what is Janelle gradually turning into..,” dad said.
“No matter what she did or say to us I still won’t blame her, I know is not just easy for her and I blame myself for everything that is happening now, if only I raise Janelle by myself she wouldn’t have turn out this way,”mom burst into tears.
“You don’t have to blame yourself mom am sure Janelle will come around someday,” I said then hugged her.
“Am here for you,” i cooed.
I couldn’t even finish my breakfast, I just went to my room. I was so worried, I called Alvary yesterday but he didn’t picked, same thing with Janelle could they be together or something. I tried to wave off the thought but I just felt something is not just right.
Alvary’s POV
I went back home and sat down mesmerizing about the whole event. I can’t believe I f**k Janelle, how can she be so cheap to throw herself at me just like that.
“Alvary! Were have you been? Jordan asked then sat down sat beside me.
“Was just busy with something,”
“Busy! With what in particular dad and I were so worried about you,” she said.
“Am sorry for keeping you so worried, I need some rest,” I said then hurriedly went to my room leaving Jordan speechless.
I took a long bath then settle on bed, the whole thing couldn’t get off my mind. I think I need to act fast, I need to let Maja knows how I feel for her before Janelle will completely ruined everything for me.
I picked up my phone and go through it and that’s when I saw the message that bitch sent to my sister. I was also surprised to see two missed calls from Maja and I quickly called her.
๐Ÿ“ž”Alvary! What the heck happened to you? You got me so worried,” her voice came in and I felt a little bit relief knowing she’s concerned about me.
๐Ÿ“ž “Am sorry Maja, I know you were expecting me to come and pick you up for the date yesterday something came up,”
๐Ÿ“ž”It okay ”
๐Ÿ“ž”So how are you doing, hope you’re free this evening?
๐Ÿ“ž “Yeah, just that I have got a lot on my mind recently,”
๐Ÿ“ž “Everything will gonna be fine Maja, we will talked about this. I will come and pick you up by 5pm,” I said
๐Ÿ“ž “Okay!
I smiled. Her voice along melt my heart and I felt so sad about what happened between me and Janelle, how can I bring myself to tell Maja about all this. Will she even accept me after hearing all this. Such a mess.
Maja’s POV
I smiled when I ended the call with Alvary, at least he will make it up to me today but I felt so nervous now that am leaving in the same house with Janelle she might not like the idea.
I wish Janelle will stop all these her act and be a normal person to us again.
.Later in the evening.
I and Selene talked on the phone and I told her what happened to me yesterday, how mom and I escaped from those hoodlums, it good a thing she said she will gonna visit me tomorrow at least I won’t be so bored.
I put on a pink shining short gown and it looks so perfect on me, it was the dress Selene suggested I should wear. I picked my necklace and wore it around my neck, Alvary will gonna like this.
I applied a light make up to my face before finally packing my hair in a ponytail. I kept admiring myself in the mirror when the door went open, I was surprised to see Janelle. She’s back from work already.
“Janelle! I called
“Oh my! You look so beautiful, are you going somewhere? She asked while I nodded, I guess there’s no point in lying to her because Alvary will gonna come and pick me up and she might see him.
“Here, read this,” she said then gave me the envelope she was holding. I collected it and read through the papers that were inside. It our DNA test and it actually turn out positive that we were related.
“Mom and dad have seen it already, they doctor just left and I told them I will be the one to show you this,” she smiled then moved a little bit more closer. She touched the necklace around my neck.
“It’s so beautiful, who gave you this,? She asked.
“Oh, it’s a friend,”
“But were are you going? She asked again.
“It nowhere serious, you don’t have to worry about it,” I said. It doesn’t feels right to tell her am going on a friendly date with Alvary, she might get mad at me again.
“Nanny Loren told me everything that happen to you guys, am sorry. Am sorry for being so stupid these days. I wasn’t thinking so straight please forgive me sister,” she pleaded while I smiled, I felt so happy hearing that from her, i hope she have changed for good.
“You’re always welcome Janelle! Am glad to have you back but I hope this time is for real…. right? I asked.
“Sure,” she smiled then hugged me.
“Okay… I have to go now,” i said.
“So aren’t you gonna tell me where you’ll go, isn’t that what sisters do? They tell each other secrets,”
“Yea, okay Janelle. I and Alvary are going out, hope you’re okay with that?
“Sure! It obvious you like him, anyway wish you good luck in your date,” she smiled.
“It’s just a friendly date, in mean ever since he came back from Mexico we were both so busy for each other, he just want us to catch up with the old times,”
“That’s so sweet of him,” she smiled.
We walked to the sitting room and I meet mom.
“You look beautiful Maja,” she smiled.
“Thanks mom I have to go now,” I hugged her then wave bye to Janelle. I hope this time she change for good.
I went outside when I saw Alvary’s message. He’s already here.
“Maja! I heard his voice then looked towards the direction he was.
“Oh, am sorry for keeping you waiting,”
“I just came now, my car is packed outside,” he smiled, looking so cute.
“You look so beautiful,” he said. There’s was an awkward silence between us and I felt so nervous, he was staring at me keenly especially my neck. Oh! He might see the necklace.
“You still have the locket? He asked surprised then moved closer and touched it.
“So you were just kidding when you told me it got missing?
“Yeah… sorry about that,” I said but he smiled then pulled me into a hugged which took me by surprise.
“So sweet of you,” we heard Janelle’s voice and I pulled away from the hug.
“Please Alvary this her first time of going out on a date, so treat my sister like a queen, ” she laughed then walked back to the house, Alvary looked so angry with that.
“Let go Maja,” he said then held my hand as we walked to where he’s car was packed…

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