💧Episode 25🔥
By Tiana
Maja’s POV▪▪
It was a long drive and i wonder where Alvary is planing to take me to.
.. Finally we arrived to a big fancy restaurant. It was so beautiful and i really like it. They were few people around. Alvary held my hand and we walked to the other side of the place. It more like a marquee, very spacious ad beautiful. It has a table and two seat, it was well decorated with some wine and snack. There’s a music on a low key and everything there look so romantic, i guess this the perfect place for couples on their honeymoon.
“I have reserved this for us,” he said as we talked towards the table.
“this? i asked surprised.
“yeah, don’t you like this?
“it’s beautiful, am just surprise. Why will you have to spent much on this,’
“you deserves more than this Maja, am just so happy we are here together, like it just the two of us, it’s been long we seat like this to talk, i guess that was since seven years ago,” he smiled.
“Yeah, it was such a long time and what about Jordan? i asked, she just popped into my mind and i need to ask if she’s okay, it’s been a very long time since i saw her too.
“Jordan is doing good and she’s also looking forward to see you,”
“oh, i hope so because i could still remember those days she caused us so much trouble, she never really like me and i hope it still not the same?
“i won’t allow that Maja, trust me,” he said.
“thank you,”
“so.. can you tell me a story,”
“yeah, tell me everything that happen when i was away, am sorry for leaving you behind,” he said.
“i understand that and am also sorry for going away without leaving any letter or telling anyone to tell you where we went to, we had to leave then for our safety,” i said sadly.
“i wish i can turn back the hand of time Maja, i wish it will still be just the two of us and no one else in the picture, am sorry for all the pains my dad inflicted on you i guess that’s the reason why my mom never really like him and after what you told me i don’t think i can ever forgive him for that,”
“it okay, that was all in the past. What important now is that my family is complete, am glad Janelle is now good with us,”
“yea, she asked for forgiveness and she said she’s willing to changed,” i smiled.
“well.. that’s a good thing. So what will you like to eat? I stare at the table seeing the snacks and drinks, it like everything is set already.
“but we have this already,”
“maybe you will like to order something again, don’t be shy Maja, allow your best friend to spoil you.. okay,” he said while i laughed.
“look who’s talking,”
“yea, you’re still my best friend and i just want us to get alone like those old days, to tell each other everything and trust each other and mostly i missed how playful we are especially you,” he smiled.
“oh.. we were just kids then,”
“not just kids Maja but we are true friend to each other,” he said then pour some wine into the two glass cup.
“so cheers to our new friendship now, it’s just like a re-union,” he smile.
“cheers,” i smiled as we clicked our glass cup before taking a sip.
“so feel free to eat anything here, i still hope this your favorite?
“yeah, you still haven’t forgotten that,”
“how would i,” he smiled.
There was an awkward silence and i was just focus on the meal in front of me, Alvary was just staring at me.
“you’re not eating?
“watching how you is more than enough for me, you look so cute,” he said, my cheeks were already turning red already. Alvary wouldn’t just stop making me blushing.
“but i guess it suppose to be my sister with you, what type of relationship did you have with her? i asked.
“Janelle was just a friend. This about us Maja please you don’t have to bring up Janelle in this, i just don’t want to here that name ever again in my life,” he said with a frown while i wondered why he’s reacting this way.
“but i thought you like her? why the sudden changed?
“nothing,” he said calmly.
“Am sure Janelle has changed for now, maybe it because of the DNA test result or because she just want to turn into a new leaf,”
“i don’t believe so, anyway it’s for the best,” he smiled.
“did you have an issue with her?
“of course not Maja, i just don’t want to hurt her feelings by getting so close to her again,” he sighed.
“no Maja, can you please just talk about something else and not her. Tonight should be just about the two of us,” he said while i nodded with a smile.
When i was done eating, he took me to another side to look at the view, even thou it was getting dark i enjoyed being with him and enjoying the cool breeze.
“it so beautiful,” I smiled gazing at the shining stars. I felt Alvary hands on mine, i looked at him then back to our hands which was entwined and before i knew it he pulled me more closer to him.
“thank you for still keeping my locket safe Maja, it means a lot to me,” he said while i nodded trying to slip my hands away from his but he wouldn’t let that happen.
“you look so beautiful and this the right time to tell you this Maja, i don’t wanna keep it to myself any longer,” he said making my heart skip a bit. What did he mean by that.
“you don’t have to say anything, maybe you should just listen to me,” he said
“Maja, i want you to know i purposely came here to the Philippines because of you and that’s because i have never gave up on seeing you again. There was hope for me when Janelle said she wasn’t you, i knew you were somehow connected to her that’s why i came to find you myself. You know how crazy i was over you when we were kids it still hasn’t change anything because am still crazy over you. I love you Maja,” he said and i froze at that moment just staring at him, i listen as he poured out his heart.
“i love you so much and i don’t just want us to be friends but something more than that, i want my best friend to be my girlfriend. What i feel for you is more than friendship Maja. You’ve been residing in the innermost part of my being and now i just couldn’t keep quiet i want you to know how much i love you,” he said, i felt some shivers down my spine, my body was just too hot already despite the cool breeze. I mean i have always knew Alvary like me so much but i never knew it was up to this extent. I was speechless at that moment not knowing what to say.
“i know you also feel the same day for me Maja, please don’t deprived us of this, we might seems afar from each other but our heart are connected, our heart are in love with each other,” he said.
“what about my sister.. Janelle? i asked slowly.
“Janelle is nothing to me,” he said.
“but she likes you,”
“then that’s the point Maja, she likes me while i likes you and not her. This about us you don’t need to involved her in this,”
“i know but she’s my sister and i won’t watch her get hurt,” i said.
“you won’t watch her get hurt but when it comes to me you will? Maja haven’t i try enough for us to be together and am still trying my best but it seems you don’t even want to try for me. Don’t force me to love your sister, i thought once i have found you, we will be friends again but it seems a lot has changed already and i can’t seems to do anything about it,” he said sadly then freed my hands from his.
“i don’t know why you’re punishing me this way and i don’t know for how long you want me to wait for you but i will Maja, am willing to wait for you even if it’s not gonna favor me, i will wait for you because i love you so much and i will do everything i can so we could be together again,” he said then turn to leave. My eyes were already clouded up with tears, seems he’s hurt already but for how long will i continue to keep this. This also about my happiness and he said he loves me too so why can’t we be together.
“Alvary! i called then rushed and hugged him.
“i love you too Alvary,” I hugged him tighter.
“you do? he asked while i nodded.
“am just scared Alvary. I love you so much but i always sees you as just a friend not realizing how much i loved you,” i cried.
“am glad you feel the same way for me, it took us so much time to say this to each other and when i wanted to court then back then before i travel to Mexico you always tell me we are too young to fall in love or date but now you dare not say that,” he teased while i laughed then wipe my tears. He pulled me closer and stare at me for a while.
“i love you Maja and i promise never to break your heart. Your heart is safe with me,” he smiled.
“same thing here Alvary. Thank you for coming to my life again i hope it for the best,”
…I felt so relief like a heavy burden was release from my shoulder, i felt so happy now, like really happy. Alvary is now officially my boyfriend. This evening is just the best, i feel so happy but remembering about mom and Janelle bring back a little sadness in my heart. Mom might not like the fact we are into a relationship with someone whose’s father killed my grandpa and Janelle she might get mad because she also like him and i once told her i have no feelings for him.
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“worried about something? he asked bringing me out of my thoughts.
“our love will overcome everything Maja, what important now is how we feel for each other, you make me a complete man now,” he smile then slowly reach for my lips. We shared a long kiss which was just so perfect. I feel like am so much addicted to him already, i feel like i can’t live without him anymore and i wished this relationship will lead to something serious.
“i will always gat your back,” he smiled while i pulled his ears playfully.
“thank you lover,” i smiled.
“ouch! that hurts you know,” he pulled my cheeks making me to laugh.
The rest of the evening was fantastic, everything was filled with so much peace and love and that’s because it’s just me and Alvary just they way we are when we were kids. We teased each other about those old moments and we laughed it off. I guess life with Alvary will be so sweet and i hope things will work out well for us because i love him so much and i don’t want to lose him.
The next morning…✨✨
I woke up feeling so happy when i remembered about last night, Alvary make it so perfect for me. I smiled then stood up from my bed when my phone rang, a smile curved on my lips when i saw it’s Alvary calling.
“good morning! i said and it’s like we almost said that at the same time which me smile.
“seems my princess is already awake,”
“i just woke up now, how was your night,” i smiled
“it was perfect and i know yours was perfect too because i saw you in my dream and everything that happen was filled with so much joy, laughter and love,”
“oh… that was a good dream thou,” i laughed.
“so what’s up, how about your family,”
“they are all good,”
“hope Janelle didn’t bother you?
“sure, when i came yesterday she was already asleep,”
“what your schedules for today? he asked
“nothing, always at home for now and it’s just so bored,”
“well i guess same thing with me, since i have nothing to do again then am coming to make you busy,”
“busy? with what?
“busy falling in love over and over again for me, am gonna keep your company,” he said making me laughed.
“see you later,” he said…
I smiled then hanged up, Alvary is just so sweet, he knows how to make me smile a lot.
I went to the sitting room and found Janelle already dressed up ready to leave but why this early.
“good morning Maja,” she smiled then hugged me.
“morning.. are you leaving now, you haven’t eat breakfast,”
“i gat lots of works to do, i don’t want dad to scold me again. I just want to be a good girl to everyone and by the way how was your date with Alvary? she asked.
“it was fine, you were asleep when i came yesterday,”
“yeah and that because you came late and i was wondering if you and Alvary are already a thing, you both love each other right..? she asked
“you don’t have to hide anything from me Maja. I have decide to move on, i just want to forget about my feelings for Alvary because it’s not just right, it’s you he loves,”
“yeah, he told me that yesterday and…. and i love him too Janelle hope you’re okay with that,” i said.
“so that’s means you’re now couple’s? she asked while i nodded.
“am so happy for you. We’ll talk about this when am back from work,” she smiled.
“but it’s just too early to leave now,”
“it not only about dad’s company but also my Fashion house, things are not really working out well and i need to get more designs and expensive materials, i need to work on lots of things now, so i better go early to work on some documents for our next project,”
“wow.. i admire you so much Janelle and your fashion sense is just so incredible, you’re so talented. I think am just so lucky to have a sister like you,” i smiled.
“that’s Janelle for you, we talk about lots of things when i get home so bye for now,” she smiled then walked out. I sighed as i watch her leave, am glad we are now okay with each other.
“Janelle! mom called descending from the stairs.
“she just left mom,”
“but she didn’t eat anything,”
“you don’t have to worry, Janelle can take care of herself, am just glad we are cool with each other and it feels so good to have a sister now,” i smiled.
“am glad she’s now a different person and i was just wondering about her recent changed,”
“she just felt she needed to do this and am so happy right now,”
“you look so happy and by the way you didn’t tell me how your date went with Alvary,”
“oh! it was good,” i said wondering if i should tell her the truth.
“but mom will it be okay if Alvary and i become a thing… like if we truly love each other,”
“what’s with the question, are you now couple’s? she asked.
“am sorry mom but i love Alvary, i have always loved him and since destiny has given us the chance to meet again i also feel we deserves to be together and feel each other love,” i said.
“but you know so well what his dad did to us. Maja am not against your relationship all am saying is that i will never be an in-law to that monster of his father. Lewis might use this opportunity to come back to our lives again. Just quiet it Maja he’s just friend,” she said and i didn’t even realize tears was already building up in my eyes.
“but i love him mom,”
“i know that Maja but all am saying here is that i don’t want to have anything to do with his dad because of you. Alvary is a nice guy and i know he has always loved you Maja, but don’t be blinded by love, that’s was what happen to me and that was how your father treated me like a piece of trash back then. It’s not only about how you feel but also how i feel too. Am doing this for our own safety Maja please understand me,” she said while i nodded then wipe my tears.
“i understand you mom,” i said sadly.
“hi,” dad said from behind then walked up to us. He looked at my teary face then back to mom.
“are you two okay? he asked.
“yeah…” i fake a smile…😥
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪
Today was so stressful, dad later called and said he’s planing to introduce us to everyone in his company mostly Maja and after that she can officially work with him for good of the company. I agree to that and i guess that’s the right thing to do, she deserves to be happy but remembering what she told me early this morning broke my heart completely. She loves Alvary and he loves her too. Alvary doesn’t even care about how i feel right now. Later that evening i headed straight to the club to meet my friends. Maybe it better if i just get drunk, dance and forget about everything.
“Janelle,” Vera called with a smile when she saw me.
“am done for today’s work, i just need to clear my head,” i smile then called the waiter and order for champagne.
“how is Alvary? Sally asked while i rolled my eyes.
“Sally told me what happen, how could you be so cheap Janelle,” Vera almost yelled.
“it’s because i love him Vera and stop acting as if you’re a saint. Since i won’t have Alvary to myself then no one will,” i smirk
“but why did you take those pills, i thought you only wanted to get pregnant for him? Sally asked.
“yeah but this is also about me, am not ready to be a mother now. I don’t want to end up being a single mother because Alvary is already mad at me. I still know how to get him somehow,”
“but can you just quit this, you’ll also gonna hurt your sister. And you have lots of guys who want to be in your arms Janelle so why being so cheap to Alvary while hey are other men,” Vera rolled her eyes.
“he’s the only one my heart couldn’t stop loving, anyway let quit this discussion,” i said then gulped down my drink.
The club was damn noisy and everyone was busy, busy drinking, making out, dancing, kissing and all sort of disgusting things to me. Sally and Vera also left with their so called boyfriends. I just took my drink, just wanna get drunk and forget about everything. I checked my phone and saw two missed calls from Maja and one from dad. Why they heck are they even calling me.
“hi Janelle,” i head this familiar voice and a lady sat down opposite to me. I was surprise to see her.
“Jordan! I called, i thought she never liked me when i was in mexico.
“are you stalking me?
“of course not,”
“and why are you even here you asshole,”
“Hey! it just a coincidence and i just feel like saying hi to you, how is your sister Maja? she smiled.
“well i don’t like you so get the fuck out of my sight,” i yelled.
“i just want to be of help Janelle, all you have to do is to listen to my offer,” she smirk while i stare at her so confused…
what did she mean?🤔🤔🤔

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