💧Episode 30🔥
By Tiana
“what are you doing here? he asked, i looked at Selene finding the right words to say.
“am here to see Alvary, he’s sick and no one told me,”
“we are his family and there’s no need to tell an outsider especially someone like you Maja or Janelle or whosoever,” he smirked.
“it’s Maja and am only here for Alvary. I still haven’t forget what you did to my family and how killed my grandpa. You will pay for this Lewis, we’ve not forgotten that,” i said angrily.
“whoa! he laughs.
“seems someone is more brave now. Listen little girl you can’t do anything, that was a long time ago and you wouldn’t even prove anything against me. Now am only minding my business and i hope you will leave my son alone,” he said while i rolled my eyes.
“let go Maja,” Selene suggested.
“i can’t leave Alvary with those people,” i said staring angrily back at Mr. Lewis, gosh! this man is so evil, i hate him, i can’t believe am right in front of him after all these years.
“am not a bad person Maja, whatever happen in the past was an accident to which leads to your grandpa’s death, anyway you can have Alvary to yourself,” he said and with that he walked out while i heaved a sigh of relief.
“this man is so unbelievable! why is he looking at you that way? he seems so evil,” Selene said.
“i won’t fall for his tricks anymore,” i said then stare back at Alvary. I hope what Jordan told me about him isn’t true.
“don’t you think we should leave, you can visit him tomorrow,” Selene said and i nodded.
“i know, i just have a bad feeling about all this. what really happen? why will Jordan also hide this from me?
Talking of the devil, she just walked in and was shocked to see me. I was shocked as well but it’s a good thing she’s here and i have to hear from her, what actually happen.
“what!… what the heck are you doing here? she quickly asked and moved closer to us.
“you lied to me, you said Alvary was fine and that he was just busy,”
“yeah.. but..
“tell me the truth Jordan, all what you said was lies against your brother? i know you never like me and even now you still don’t like me, you’re just like your father,” i yelled at her.
“he’s my brother and don’t include my dad in this, now leave,” she ordered.
“am not going anywhere until you tell me what happen to Alvary? what did you do to him. I was still in the car when i saw your car rushed out to somewhere so i had to follow you,”
“he’s just fall down. Just leave! after all i owe you no explanations,” she yelled.
“it okay Jordan now i know your intentions,” i said then turn to Selene.
“let go,” i told her.
We walked out of the building and headed straight to the car we came in. I and Selene sat down at the backseat while the driver took off.
“gosh! that family is just something else,” i breathe out.
“let just hope Alvary will be okay,” Selene said in a comforting tone then held my hand.
“i hope so Selene, am just so scared for Alvary i don’t know what will become of me if i lose him,”
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪
I refuse to come down for dinner, i just want to be alone, i had a hectic day at work and also Sally told me something and i couldn’t help but to think about it. Jordan is also asking me about her offer. She will help me have Alvary if only i cooperate with her. I sighed trying to think of something else, i think too much these days. The only perfect way to split Alvary and Maja is by showing her the video, yes my sex video with him i still have it safe with me and Sally suggested i do so but at least not yet. Alvary is still mad at me for that he doesn’t even want us to be friends like before again and i blame myself for that. I shouldn’t have take those pills, i should have get pregnant and that way Alvary can be mine but at the same time i was only so scared at that point, i don’t want to be a single mother. I heard a knock on the door bringing me out of my dirty thoughts, i went and open it- angry to see Maja.
“Janelle,” she smiled, she was holding a tray.
“i brought dinner for you since you couldn’t eat with us,” she smiled then walked in fully, i just rolled my eyes. She kept the food the table and sat down at the edge of my bed.
“this the time we have to be together as family, we have to be reunited am sure you saw what happen to mom and till now we couldn’t find the culprit,” she started..
“so are you trying to say am the bad guy here”
“of course not, i just miss my sister. I miss you Janelle and i just want us to make mom and dad happy by being together always. By the way Alvary is in coma,” she said which got my attention.
“coma? i asked in shocked.
“what happen to him? what happen to Alvary? i asked.
“Jordan said he fall down but i think there’s more to that. If you want we can check up on him tomorrow when you’re less busy at work,” she said while i nodded, of course i need to see Alvary and know how he’s doing.
“you don’t have to worry he’ll be fine,” she added.
“okay.. i just want to be alone,” i said with a straight face, she smiled then stood up and moved closer to me.
“am always available if you need anyone to talk to, just let me know if anything is bothering you Janelle i promise to help out in anyway,” she said then left, leaving me speechless. Even when i push her she still keep coming.. what’s her problem anyway! Now am so worried thinking if i should do what Sally told me or cooperate with Jordan or to just forget about all these and live peacefully with my family especially now that we are complete. Maja is right when she said we need to be reunited as family especially in these hard time..
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
I just hope Maja will change someday. I walked out of her room and went back to mom and dad at the sitting room, i told them about Alvary condition and how i meet Lewis.
“like seriously Lewis? mom asked again while i nodded.
“am sorry mom but i want you to know am doing all this because of Alvary and i promise to be careful,” i said.
“that’s dangerous Maja. I only get to know Lewis as a rude and wicked being when i try to invest in his company and that was many years back before i withdrew from that, he’s my enemy not even knowing he’s already an enemy to Claire and you. You have to be careful who knows if he’s the one trying to destroy this family,” dad said.
“i know dad but i just told what’s on my mind, i let him know we are not afraid of him and we are now better people he once know,”
“that’s not the point Maja, if only you can completely stay away from that family but you won’t just listen to me,” mom scold.
“mom.. i thought we have talked about this. let not include Alvary in this please,”
“you don’t have to argue about this again. All we have to do is to be careful now,” dad said.
“yes dad,” i said then turn to mom.
“you don’t have to worry about me. I believe i and Alvary will get through this. Just try to understand me mom, i love Alvary and am not letting go of him, not again,”
“i understand you dear, am just scared of what they outcome might be,” she said softly holding my hand.
“i will be much careful,”
“you don’t have to worry too much about this. I promise myself to protect this family so i won’t ever allow anything bad to happen to any of you,” dad assured us.
▪▪The next day i and dad were at the company, he has already showed me around and i really like it here. I just hope i will be able to work successfully here not because here is my dad’s company but because am also capable i have to prove them wrong also Janelle who thinks my going to college was all in vain.
“so this your new office now,” dad said bringing me out of my thoughts.
“it’s so good, beautiful, spacious and all,” i smile lacking word to describe it.
“i know you’ll do a great job here Maja and i want you to prove to anyone you deserves this position not only as my daughter but because you’re capable,” dad said while i smile hearing that from him, that exactly what i was thinking.
“thanks dad, i really appreciate working here as the secretary, i know as time goes by i will be more used to it,”
“so you can use any of the cars in the house and drivers are available, if you want you can start learning how to drive by yourself,”
“sure, it gonna be fun,” i chuckle. “i will like too,”
“you’re just so different from your sister and that only means one thing,” he said sadly.
“what did you mean dad?
“your mom raise you well while i failed to do that to Janelle and now am suffering from it, am sorry she have to include in all her mess,”
“you don’t have to say that. Janelle is like that because she choose to. She’s an adults now and i guess that’s what she choose but i still hope she’ll changed for the better someday,” i said.
“am sorry for not being part of your lives all this years. Believe me when i say am trying to make it up to you and Claire, i will…
“you don’t have to dad, all that’s important to me now is that my family is complete and am so happy to have this wonderful dad. We all make mistakes and learn from it and i believe everyone deserves a second chance. So i love you dad,” i smile then hugged him.
“i love you too Maja,”
“i don’t know what i did to deserves your love this way but am still very grateful for that you know, i also hope someday your mom will feel the same way for me, i hope she will learn to love me again,” he said sadly.
“you don’t have to worry. Mom wouldn’t resist you anymore, she already likes you so much.. let do this, i have a plan!
“plan? he asked.
“yeah, and we will exhibit the plan once mom fully recovers and i bet you after that you’ll see how much she’s in love with you. She’s only acting that way because she’s hurt before, but i hope you won’t hurt her anymore,”
“you’re now my family and i wouldn’t do anything stupid to hurt Claire. I have realize my mistakes ever since i lose my wife and son, i have searched for Claire to make peace with her. When i lost my wife and son i was still with baby Janelle and that’s when i realize i need Claire in my life again but she’s gone, she left and it took me all these years to see the both of you not knowing she was somewhere else raising one of my daughter, she’s always the strong woman i use to know and i love her for that,”
“you really love my mom, am sure my plan will work out,” i smile..
▪▪Dad just let some few minutes ago after i have told him about the plan and he agreed to it. I can’t wait to see the look on mom face when that happens,” i laughed to myself. I called Selene to meet me at my office and in short time she came.
“oh my! Maja am so happy for you,” she giggle then hugged me.
“it feels so happy seeing you in your office. Am so happy for your family,”
“thank you babe, this calls for our own girly celebration. But am sad because Alvary is still in the hospital and i need to check up on him later with Janelle,”
“yea i told her about it and we plan to go there after work that is later in the evening,” i said.
“just be careful okay…. at least we will always see each other more often now that you belong here,” she smiled.
Later in the evening i and Janelle meet up as planned and we rushed to check up on Alvary. I hope he will be awake any time soon. I miss him and i just want to be with him regardless of what Jordan told me i really don’t care anymore all i want now is for him to wake up and talk to me.
We arrived to the hospital and i asked one of the nurse about him, i didn’t even see Jordan nor his dad.
“am sorry miss, he was discharged this morning,” she said.
“what! Janelle scoffed.
“discharged? but why? is he awake? i asked confused.
“i don’t know, we don’t disclose our patient secret to anyone. This should be private,” she said then left leaving us speechless, i rushed to his ward but he wasn’t there..
“we need to go their house. That Jordan and her evil dad are up to no good,” i said between gritted teeth.
“but what if it’s a trap Maja, we can’t just go there,” Janelle said.
“this about Alvary, i don’t care if it’s a trap or not am going there right now,” i said angrily then walked out of her..😥

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