💧Episode 26🔥
By Tiana
Jordan’s POV▪▪
I sat down next to Alvary at the sitting room watching movie, i hope Janelle thinks about my offer before it will be too late for her.
“don’t you think this movie is so boring,” Alvary break into my thoughts.
“okay, i will just change the channel or get a romantic movie for us,”
“we are not couple’s remember,”
“it doesn’t have to be couple’s,” i laughed then picked the last piece of pizza on the table.
“so Alvary you mean Maja is now your girlfriend? i asked.
“sure, i love her so much and i feel so happy now,” he smiled.
“well my brother happiness is all that matters to me now, am glad you are happy with her,” i smiled then nudge him.
“mom will be so happy,”
“she is happy already, i told her about that,”
“but Alvary are you just using Maja to pass time before you go back to Mexico, i mean it’s like you just came here for nothing, you left your work and everything all because of Maja?
“i guess you don’t know how special she is to me, this someone i have always loved ever since we were kids and when we both drifted apart for this seven years i felt like a part of me is gone, i wanted to forget about her but this part of me won’t allow that because she’s already part of my life,” he said.
“Awww🤗, my brother is so in love and i feel so jealous right now, does that mean you love her more than your own sister?
“are you jealous,” he teased while i rolled my eyes.
“you’re this one sister i have and i cherish you so much Jordan. I’ve always want this kind of sister and brother relationship between us but everything changed when i went to Mexico, am back to make it up to you too. So don’t get anything twisted i love you more,” he smiled then pulled me into a hug.
“okay.. i believe you,” i smiled.
“but when are you going back to Mexico. Mom must be so lonely and i know she need someone to help her in her company,”
“am planing that soon but first thing first, i want Maja to meet my mom and am planing to take Maja with me to Mexico,”
“huh! but what for? remember she have her complete family here and beside are you going to marry that girl? i asked peskily.
“i have lots of plans for me and her but i just don’t want to rush things with her, am gonna take my time to do this so i won’t lose her. I hope you’ll be good to Maja whenever you meet? he asked.
“well.. maybe. I just have to if she’s truly your happiness,” i smiled.
“thank you Jordan,”
“so tell me what about Janelle, i thought you were in love with her too, those girls really looked alike i thought she was Maja when we were in Mexico,” i said.
“yeah, Janelle was just a friend,”
“was? so that’s means she’s no longer your friend?
“we decide it better to stay away from each other. No need to talk about her,” he said while i nodded…
The next morning..✨
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪
We sat down at the dining table after breakfast, me, Maja and mom.
“so Maja you’re coming with me so we can show you around in the company you can also come along Claire,” dad said.
“thank you daddy, but i think you can give me a low position for a start, i just don’t want to start from a big position because i want to learn more things gradually,” Maja said.
“i and Janelle will teach you everything you need to know. And not only that am planing to introduce you to the company today, i have planned everything all this while, since Janelle seems to be a good person now maybe things might be much easy,” dad said.
“yeah, it’s better that way dad. I will make sure Maja is well taken care of, she have to dress like us,” i smiled.
“am happy you two are getting along now,” mom smiled.
“yes mom,” i smiled back.
My make up artist did so well on my face and that of Maja. Our hair was also made the same in a french plait which looks so good on us. I open my wardrobe and ask Maja to choose any type of dress she want, well ever since they moved here we never had time to get her new clothes.
“it just like a boutique here,” she smile staring at it.
“or don’t you think we should wear the same dress? i asked when they idea popped into my mind.
“the same?
“we are twins remember, so we have to do everything the same,” i laughed.
“yeah but i thought dressing the same as twins were just for kids,”
“no, we gonna look awesome and moreover we gonna confused many people, well at least we don’t have the same hair color, yours is black and mine is brown,”
Nanny Loren walked in, she was also dressed up, among all the maids in this house i see her as a family because she was the one who piratically raise me.
“you look so beautiful, oh my! so who’s Janelle among you? she asked then turn to me.
“seems you’ve forgotten me? i teased.
“even thou you look alike i will still know Janelle,” she laughed.
“like seriously Nanny, what if Maja and i decide to dress the same, make our hair the same and everything? i asked.
“i will still know you Janelle because you are two different people,”
“you both look so beautiful Maja,’ she smiled.
“thank you Mrs Loren and you also look good as well,” Maja complimented with a smile while i picked a dress.
“okay girls, get dressed soon we are still waiting for you,” Nanny Loren said before walking out.
“you’ll wear this,” i said then gave Maja the dress, it a short flare dress with it’s jacket.
“you can go to the other side to choose any heels of your choice.
“You’re now my sister Maja and you have to dress like me, i don’t want anyone to disrespect you most especially those gossipers in the company we have bunch of useless gossipers if only dad would allow me to fire them. You have to dress so expensive and beautiful. I will also like to show you JFH later so you’ll see things for yourself and i will also introduce you to my friends. I guess i will also get you some dress,” i smiled.
“don’t you think that’s too much for me? she asked.
“you deserves better Maja,” i smiled and she hugged me.
“thank you so much, i never felt what having sister is like until now,” she smiled.
“am so happy too but please tell me- am i a bad person. Tell me the truth Maja, do i look like a bad person to you? i asked almost in tears.
“of course not Janelle, you still have a good heart. You might be crazy atimes but that doesn’t makes you a bad person. Whoever tells you that have to pass through me before you, i won’t gonna let anyone call you names,” she said.
“thank you but that what’s Alvary thinks about me. He no longer pick my call, he sees me as the devil Maja,” i cried.
“Alvary! did you do anything wrong? what happen between the two of you?
“i don’t know but i just want you to help me clear my name, just tell him am a changed person. I still like Alvary as a friend and i don’t want to lose him,”
“i will talk to him about it. And am sure Alvary is not angry with you,”
“i hope so,”
“well, let get dressed, i know mom and dad have been waiting,” she smiled.
We all arrived at the company and lots of people were over us, the paparazzi taking photographs of us and the journalist asking like thousand of stupid questions.
Somehow we managed and find ourselves inside the hall which was beautifully decorated. All cynosure of eyes were on us especially me and Maja i know lots of people might be wondering why we look so much alike.
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
The program has started, this place is so huge, beautiful and filled with lots of high class people, i felt so nervous but with Janelle by my side i was able to calm my nerves. Alvary also called and he said he’ll come along with Jordan.
We were called on stage and there was a loud ovation.
“we introduce to you Maja and Janelle Ramirez, the twin daughters of Mr. Sebastian Ramirez,”
I smiled as i stand next to Janelle, the microphone was given to Janelle to speak first.
“thank you for coming to witness this day,” she started.
” I lived all my life without those important people and that’s my mom and twin sister. I never knew i had a sister until i my return from Mexico. Life was just to tough at first but i realize the only thing that could make me happy again is to be with my family and am glad to have a sister who will back me up from now hence forth,” she smiled and their was a thunderous clap. The microphone was hand to me, i look at the congregation and notice Alvary from behind, that made me smile.
“Am Maja and so glad to be here, to speak to you all. I have never thought my life will some day turn around like this and i will eventually find happiness with my complete family. Am so happy Janelle survived the plane crashed she went through and i guess it was through that we were able to meet again,” i concluded.
“I must say Mr. Sebastian has two lovely daughters, well we introduce to you Mrs. Claire Marcelo, his wife and the mother of those lovely twins,” the woman on the stage announced but did she just address mom as dad’s wife.
Dad held mom and they both walked on stage, they really look together and act like lovely couple. They stood beside us and lots of photographs were taken.
“now i feel so happy my family is complete, my long lost daughter is found and also the dearest woman to me,” dad said referring to mom.There was a loud ovation.
After all the introductions, taking pictures and other things the program came to an end. It was also announced that there will gonna be a dinner party later in the evening.
“congratulations Maja,” Alvary said hugging me from behind, he kissed my neck then turn to me.
“congratulations? for what,” i smiled.
“for having your complete family. Am so happy for you,” he smiled.
“hi Maja,” i heard this voice and i turn to see Jordan. It such a long time.
“Jordan,” i called.
“longest time Maja,
“yeah, i have missed you so much, it a good thing you came here and i also hope you’ll show up in tonight’s dinner party,”
“yeah, i wouldn’t miss that for anything,” she smiled.
“it a good thing you guys are cool now,” Alvary smiled.
“congratulations for being part of our family now, i hope you won’t hurt my brother because he loves you so much? she asked while i nodded.
“okay.. i will just walk around,” she smiled before leaving.
“Jordan has grown so big now, she’s so beautiful,”
“look who’s talking, you’ve also grown into the woman i have always wanted,” he said making me blush. “and you look good,” he smiled.
“Well all thanks to Janelle. Am happy we are cool with each other now. Janelle is now a good sister to me,” i smiled.
“Janelle! are you now getting alone? he asked.
“yeah, and i like that,”
“Alvary! Janelle called then walked up to us.
“thanks for coming anyway,” she smiled.
“well am only here for Maja,” he replied.
“oh! i see,” she said sadly and i could see how disappointed she is when she looked at me.
“can you please excuse us,” Alvary said to her while she nodded before laving.
“Alvary that kinda rude,” i said when Janelle left she looks so angry already, i wouldn’t want to get on her bad side at least not now.
“i was cool with your sister and why did you have to treat my own sister that way,” i asked a little bit pissed, i don’t want anything that will make Janelle to hate me again, i don’t want to see her hurt.
“i wasn’t rude Maja and besides i don’t just feel like talking to her,” he said.
“okay, if you don’t feel like talking to her then you don’t also have to feel like talking to me,” i said then turn leave but Alvary held me back.
“okay.. am sorry,”
“you don’t have to tell me that! you should Janelle that,”
“for what!
“because you were rude to her,”
“look Maja, it’s not like i hate your sister, i don’t just want anything that has to do with her again,”
“why? has she done anything bad to you? i asked while he stood speechless.
“tell me Alvary, what did Janelle do? i asked again.
“nothing! i don’t want to hurt her especially now that we are together. It’s your day Maja please let not argue over this,”
“okay.. but please Alvary just know that Janelle has changed, she’s a better person now and she likes me so much so please stop seeing her as the bad guy,” i said while he nodded.
“i was able to talk with your mom earlier, she said i should take care of you if i truly love you but..
“yeah, she don’t like our relationship and it’s not because of you,” i said sadly.
“i know my dad is the reason and am willing to protect you from him Maja. I know it’s not easy for you and your mom too but we love each other and am ready to fight for you, to be with you over and over again,”
“i know that Alvary, i just hope we’ll scale through all this,” i said then hugged him tight.
“i love you,” 💕
😥Janelle’s POV😥
I went to the restroom and wipe my tears. Alvary is just something else now, he even hate the sight of me now all because of Maja. I felt so hurt and disgraced. I cried for sometime before washing my face. Maybe i should just think about what Jordan told me. That would be the best idea ever. I adjust my dress and was going out when i bumped into someone.
“what the heck…,” i yelled angrily and raise my head to see the good for nothing person that bumped into me.
“Janelle,” he called.
“what are you doing here? i stuttered.
“to see you of course, am glad your family is now complete,” he smiled.
“whatever! just get out of my way,” i yelled angrily but before i could say any other thing, his lips were on mine and i found him kissing me so bad…😋
Sebastian and Claire sat down alone at the lounge, it was quiet and so peaceful.
“i feel so happy, at least everyone knows our family is complete and am willing to protect it with everything i have got,” Sebastian said.
“yeah and thanks for that,” she smiled.
“so what about you, what did you intend to do?
“instead of staying home all day…
“maybe you can help out here in the company,” Sebastian suggested..
“no, am not interested in that and am not even good in all that. I just want to go back to the teacher i was,”
“Wow! so that means i have to open a new school for you!
“it’s not necessary, i will just applied that job in one of the good schools here,” she smiled.
“i will do anything for you Claire, am trying so hard to make it up to you,”
“well thanks, but why did that woman address me as your wife, i mean we were never even married,” she said.
“i know that Claire and am looking forward to that, i want to make you my wife and that’s because i love you..
“when it comes to that i still don’t believe you Seb, that’s what you made me believe, you said you love me but your words were only filled with lies back then so don’t blame me for not trusting you again. You don’t love me.. okay,”
“what else did you want to do or say to make you believe i truly want you in my life again. When you left i searched everywhere for you and if only i found so back then my life wouldn’t have been the same,”
“isn’t it obvious to you that i have forgiven you and that’s the reason why we stay under the same roof, am only doing that for Janelle and Maja because they deserves a complete family and to be honest Seb am only here for my daughters, i don’t feel the same way towards you. That love has died when i was raising Maja alone,”
“If i was able to make you fall for me before then am sure you will one day still fall for me again, it hurt me so much to see we are sometimes acting as if we are strangers to each other,”
“i don’t just wanna talk about this,” Claire then stood up and was about to leave but she felt a sharp pain penetrated through her stomach and immediately blood was gushing out of it.
“Claire! Sebastian was shocked seeing her that way, he looked around but didn’t see any one around there, who could have shoot her and why hasn’t they heard a gun shoot, or could it be that person use a silencer. He quickly held her before she passed out, she was already losing so much blood…😥

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