💧Episode 27🔥
By Tiana
▪▪Jordan’s POV▪▪
I quickly put back the gun in my bag when i shoot Claire. I can’t believe i did this! just exactly what dad want. I need to get out of here before anyone suspects me. I quickly left the arena and called Pablo to make sure he handle the CCTV footage before i get caught.
“i don’t know how you’ll distract those men in there but just try to delete everything you see in that CCTV footage i don’t wanna get caught,” i said into the phone.
“okay ma’am,”
“make sure you do this smartly Pablo, you wouldn’t want to get on my dad’s bad side if you mess up,” i threaten him then hanged up.
“hi Alvary, i smiled as i walked up to him and Maja.
“where have you gone? he asked.
“just looking around,” i smiled.
Immediately there was some noise and everyone was so shocked when Claire was rushed out, good thing she’s losing so much blood already.
“is that mom,” Maja almost yelled, i smiled when she rushed out to her dad and Alvary followed them behind.
“this just the beginning Maja, your family will only be at peace if my brother decides to stay out of your life,” i smirked then quickly followed them out.
▪▪Janelle quickly pushed Clark away, surprised by the kiss.
“what the heck is wrong with you?
“don’t act as if you don’t like it? he smirked.
“and why would i! just get out of my way,” she barked angrily.
“listen Janelle, when will you gonna stop this, i know you’re just forcing yourself on him and you’ll only get hurt by that,”
“all i ever did was to love you Clark, i mean we were both cool with each other before you destroyed everything, what even makes you think you’ll cheat on me and still have me back to play your dirty games,” she yelled.
“yeah, i know i was wrong, i was so stupid at that time but it’s you i love and i don’t just wanna give up on you because am at fault in all this and i won’t stop begging until you choose to forgive me and accept me back,”
“really! don’t tell me you’re still thinking about that. I love Alvary,” she said then pushed him out of her way as she walked out while he followed her.
“what’s happening here? Janelle asked surprised seeing the shocked on everyone face and also the cops were around, the hall was damn noisy even thou some people left already.
“good day Miss. Janelle,”
“what’s happening here? where is dad, mom? where are my family? she asked looking around to see if she would see them.
“didn’t you know about the incident that just happen? he asked and she look confused.
“what happen? Clark asked from behind.
“Mrs. Claire was shoot and we also found two men dead at the control room and sadly the CCTV footage was deleted. This must be someone from the inside but we are still looking into it,” he said.
“what! mom was shoot? Janelle asked almost in a whisper, she was very shocked to hear that because her mother was doing fine just a minutes ago.
“i will drive you there, you’re not in your right sense to drive,” Clark said.
“i don’t drive! my driver will do that, can’t you just leave me alone,” she yelled angrily.
“am just trying to help,” he said. She quickly entered the car and ask her driver to speed up. She already knows their family hospital and she’s definitely sure that’s were her dad would take her mom for a better treatment. Clark also followed her with his car.
▪▪Janelle arrived at the hospital and as expected she saw her dad, nanny, Alvary and Maja at the waiting room.
“where’s mom? what happen to her? she asked in tears.
“you have too calm down Janelle. Claire is undergoing a surgery let just pray she survived this,” Sebastian then hugged her.
“we will get through this Janelle,” he cooed.
“i hope so dad! we are just getting to know her, i don’t want to lose her,” she cried then sat down on the bench.
“am sure she’ll survived this,” Sebastian said then walked out, he stood at the passage as he kept walking to and fro, he felt so angry for not being able to protect her, why will it have to be now that everyone thought he’s family is complete why will something like this have to happen. Someone must be behind this and he’s ready to find that person at any cost.
▪▪”am always here for you Janelle just be strong,” Clark said seating beside her. He hand her a his handkerchief to wipe her tears.
“thanks,” she muttered staring into space, she felt so guilty now because they’ve not being close to her mom.
😥Maja kept pacing up and down, she just couldn’t stop crying, she can’t afford to lose her mother because it has always been her and her mother even right from the beginning.
“Maja! Alvary called calmly seeing how worried she was, he felt so sad, he even couldn’t do anything to make her feel better.
“nothing will gonna calm me down now Alvary. I don’t wanna lose my mom because she has being through a lot,” Maja said in tears.
“that’s the point Maja, you love your mom but crying here wouldn’t help. She needs our prayer to survived. We’ll get through this Maja,” he held her hand.
“am just scared Alvary, i don’t want to lose my mom. We were almost killed last week in that house and now this,”
“almost killed? what happen? Alvary asked shocked to hear that.
“oh.. i guess i didn’t tell you that, i just don’t want you to get worry,”
“what actually happen?
“some men barged into our house with dangerous weapons but i and mom escape before they came in. What if those guys succeeded in killing us. We are not saved here, i sometimes feel it’s better if we just go back to batangas maybe we will be more safe there,”
“am right here by your side Maja, nothing will gonna happen to your mom,” he hugged her.
@Lewis Mansion🏫
Lewis POV
I waited patiently for Jordan to arrived and she later did.
“mission accomplished,” she smiled.
“i trust you Jordan,”
“thanks dad, i have shoot Claire and there’s no trace left behind, no one will ever know am behind this and moreover Pablo did his job well too,”
“i know you will do this, something those stupid men couldn’t do for me,”
“they will never be happy as long as Alvary is still in their life,” she smirked.
“not only that, i think this the best way to get back at Claire, i won’t even allow her and Sebastian to be happy. I mean all those time i have been with Claire she never told me Sebastian Ramirez was the father of Maja and now everything seems to worked out good for her. She found her other daughter and now Sebastian, that proud and cunning man. I hate him so much i never even realize he has a daughter and that’s a twin to Maja,” i scoffed.
“Alvary still insisted to be part of her family, he just obsessed with Maja,” Jordan said.
“what about Janelle! have she accepted your offer? i asked.
“we haven’t talked yet but i have my own way to make her accept it, we will use Janelle against Maja and against her family especially now that she’s so much in love with my brother,” She smiled.
“perfect! call Alvary now i need him to talk to him, just lie to him, tell him anything that will make him come right away,” i said.
“but why dad… you know Alvary will want to be close to Maja now that her mother is in a bad shape,”
“i know and that’s why i want to stop that. Take this,” i said then gave her a needle.
“all you have to..
“dad.. Alvary is at the middle of all this and i don’t want to get him hurt, what did you want me to do with this? she asked surprised.
“inject him with it, once he comes home,”
“why? she cringed.
“with this, he will fall asleep for a very long time. Doctor Shane gave me this and it will make him sleep for days, it’s just like this will make him go in a coma for few days but he’ll be awake.
“dad! she yelled then dropped the needle on the table.
“am not doing this to Alvary, he might hate me for good and beside this might have a side effects on him. I don’t want to hurt Alvary in all this,”
“no one is hurting Alvary, that way you’ll play the game by using his phone to communicate with Maja. This the game Jordan. Alvary will still be awake and so alive, nothing bad will happen to him, doctor Shane has assured me of that. This the only way we can to make Maja hate Alvary and with that our plan will worked out,”
“okay dad, but i just hope it worked out well because i don’t want anything bad to happen to Alvary,”
“i will assure you that,” i smirked.
… Jordan quickly called Alvary in a frightened manner. She put the call on a loud speaker.
“you need to come home right away Alvary,” she said into the phone.
“what! am staying here with Maja, she needs me right away,” he replied back.
“so are you trying to choose dad over her. Alvary! dad just collapsed and am scared we might lose him,” she burst out into tears. Awww Jordan is such a good actress.
“what! what actually happen?
“you have to be home right now, i will just call our doctor,”
“do that right away, am on my way,” she said then hanged up.
“he’s coming as expected,”
“that’s good,” i smirked.
“but dad are sure this won’t hurt him in any way- the injection? she asked again.
“no Jordan just stop feeling so guilty. Alvary is also my son and am just doing what best for him,” i smiled.
▪▪▪ Lewis and Jordan waited for Alvary’s arrivals which took him some hours before arriving.
“Alvary! Jordan rushed and hugged him when he walked in.
“where’s dad? how is now? what did the doctor said? he asked while Jordan hugged him so tight.
“dad will be okay Alvary,” she cooed, then quickly inject him with the injection on his neck. He fall down right at that spot while Lewis quickly came out from his hiding place, he called the guards and asked them to take Alvary to his room.
“dad, what will happen now? Jordan asked looking so scared.
“Alvary will be just fine, now you have to play this game well, you have to be smart. This between you and Maja now,” he smirked then gave her Alvary’s phone.
“go through his message with Maja. This just the perfect idea make her think Alvary just abandoned her at the right moment she needed him,” he enthused.
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
Thank goodness the surgery was successful as the doctor said, they were able to removed the bullet and mom is still unconscious but he assured us she might be awake by tomorrow. Dad insisted i and Janelle should come home since it already getting late, he will stay back to watch over mom, not only that the security in her ward was so tight, because whoever shoot her might still come to hurt her again.
It was Clark that later took us home and i kinda feel relief seeing him with Janelle, maybe they’re back together. We get out of the car and Janelle hurriedly left without even thanking him.
“thanks,” i said.
“it’s okay Maja, i just need you to help me to talk to Janelle,” he started.
“she’s playing so hard to get and beside aren’t you now Alvary’s boyfriend? he asked and i was surprise to hear him say that, how did he even knows all that.
“why will she force herself on her sister’s boyfriend,”
“hmm…i guess you should just give Janelle a little bit more time,” i said trying to change the topic.
“i just want Janelle back and maybe you can help me with that. please Maja i love your sister,” he said while i nodded.
“this not the right time for this, our mom is still not awake so am sure Janelle wouldn’t want to hear any of this but once everything is okay i will talk to her,” i said.
“thanks, i have to go now,” he smiled.
“bye,” i said then walked back to the house. I sat down on the couch and stare into space, tonight suppose to be the dinner party, everything will have been perfect because dad really planned everything well but now everything has been ruined and mom is in so much pains, i sometimes think it’s better if we were still in batangas, no enemies. After much thinking i later went to check up on Janelle in her room.
“Janelle! I called, she was just seated in front of her dressing mirror staring at her face.
“we will get through this am sure mom will be fine,” i said calmly.
“i don’t need your consolation, just get out of my room,” she yelled and i was surprise by her sudden reaction.
“just go, let me be,” she yelled and i quickly left and went back to my room. I thought we were both cool with each since in the morning, why is she acting this way. Not again! This not the time for quarrels, mom needs us now to be reunited.
I took a shower and changed into my nightie, i couldn’t even sleep that night, still thinking about mom and our present condition, everything is just messed up. I decided to call Alvary to know how he’s doing or if he has arrived home safe, i also need to tell him mom is out of danger for now. I called but their was no answer, i called again and he still didn’t pick up. Well maybe is already asleep or he’s not close to his phone. I dropped my phone on the table and lie back on my bed to sleep, suddenly a message pop into my phone and i picked up to see it- i smiled when i saw the message was from Alvary, i guess it one of his message to tell me good night but i was shocked when i read the message….

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