💧Episode 28🔥
By Tiana
Jordan’s POV▪▪▪
I went to Alvary’s room and saw him still asleep, i was damn worried. What if he never wakes up. mom will never forgive me, i won’t be able to forgive myself for killing my own brother.
“still worried? i heard dad voice as he walked in.
“i told you he’s not dead,” he said so pissed off.
“this plan will not gonna work out dad, i mean this all pointless. What if Alvary never wakes up!
“he will,” he yelled angrily. “why are you so stupid Jordan,”
“am just worried,”
“Alvary will be soon be awake,” he enthused.
“this plan will not even work out and once Alvary is awake what do you expect us to tell him and about the message and what we are going to do, how do you want us to explain all this to him? i asked
“i have my own answers to all your questions, just do your job well, if this plan didn’t work out the we’ll tried plan B,” .
Dad is just something else, what did he mean by plan B again??
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
I woke up the the next morning still thinking about the text Alvary sent last night. which was: 💌<“Am sorry babe, starting from now am damn busy and won’t have enough time for you,”>💌
I and Janelle were already dressed up to go and visit mom, i hope she’s wake up by now. Mrs. Loren has already made our breakfast and packed everything in the flask.
“everything is in the car,” she said.
“thanks,” i smiled.
“i wish to go with you two, to see how your mom is doing,” she said.
“you don’t have to nanny, i will give you a call once she’s awake,” Janelle said while she nodded. We walked out of the house and headed to the car, actually Janelle’s car. We both sat down at the back seat while her drive headed straight to the hospital.
“Janelle… i thought we are cool with each other,” i said breaking the silence.
“cool! we can never be cool with each other if Alvary keeps treating me that way. He make me feel so useless yesterday,”
“am sorry about that, Alvary was just in a bad mood,”
“yeah! bad mood indeed, he’s always in a bad mood when it comes to me,” she said peskily.
“am sorry,” i said then reached to hold her hand but she stopped me.
“don’t try to act as the good sister Maja, i have a lot on my time and i wouldn’t waste my time to think about you and your boyfriend,” she yelled while i sighed.
“Clark loves you so much, if only you could open your heart to love him again,” i said while she frowned hearing that, she didn’t even spare me a look, she was just staring through the window. I decided to just kept quiet because she don’t even seems to be in the mood.
We later arrived at the hospital and rushed to mom’s ward. I was glad when i saw her awake with dad seated beside her.
“why didn’t you call and tell us she’s awake? Janelle asked as we both walked in.
“she just woke up now and she’s still weak,” dad said. I look at mom and she smile a bit seeing me and Janelle.
“how are you feeling now mom? Janelle asked as we both sat down beside her.
“okay girls, take it easy on your mom and make sure you take care of her. I need to see the officer so we can talked about what happen,” dad said.
“take care Claire,” he said then planted a kiss on her forehead while she nodded with smile.
“thanks,” she muttered.
“okay dad, take care,” i said while he left immediately
“whoever did this to you will dearly pay for it mom,” Janelle said.
“i hope so, am just so worried because i thought i was going to die, i was going to leave my family knowing fully well that you guys are not getting alone,” she said while i looked at Janelle.
“please Janelle, we are your family and we love you,” mom said
“i know that mom and that’s why am here to stay with you all day. I have called my secretary to take care of things in the office so i can take care of you,” she said while i smiled hearing that from her.
“thank you Janelle but i won’t be happy if you and Maja aren’t friends again. Your both sisters and need to act like one,” mom enthused.
“we already fine with each other and i have already accept both Alvary and Maja so no big deal about it,” she smiled then looked at me.
“yes mom. I and Janelle are fine now,” i smiled.
💙💙I felt so happy seeing mom, at least the doctor said she’s doing better now and but the sad news is that we still have no clue about who shoot her, is it that difficult to find that person. The bullet used on her was traced but it’s still unknown, seems those people are smart.
I called Avlary on phone but he’s isn’t picking this time, i thought he’s gonna come but he didn’t even showed up. The message he sent yesterday was so annoying, so that’s means he’s busy and won’t even check up on me and my mom. I rolled my eyes dropped the phone on my back i wonder what he’s busy with.

Two days Later….💙💙

Sebastian serves her breakfast in bed then helped her sat up. She was discharged yesterday even thou she wasn’t suppose to, she still insisted to go home and that’s the good thing to him for now, so they can all be together as family and beside she’s fast recuperating as the doctor said, he usually checked up on her when necessary.
“so how are you feeling today?
“the wound is still healing, i feel a little bit fine,” she smiled adjusting herself.
“i made this for you myself,” he said while she stare at the noodles and egg sauce.
“it looks good and since when did you know how to cook? she asked which makes him laughed.
“of course i do, many people won’t believe that but i only cook for the people i love, i started that for Janelle when she was young,” he said while Claire smiled. She remembered those days she once worked for him and how she fell in love with him remembering those times he sent her out, not caring the fact that she was carrying his babies broke her heart, she frown at the thought.
“and why the long face? he asked.
“oh it nothing! she covered it up with a faux smile.
“your cooking has always been the best and i still remember those old times when you were still working for me,”
“i just want to make it up to now anyhow Claire and i hope you’ll allow me do so with a open heart,” he added..
“I know and am grateful for everything, for how you even cared for me that’s more than enough to me now,”
“and i hope you’ve forgiven me?
“of course i do, if i didn’t i wouldn’t have stayed in the same house with you. It’s just like a dream to me but everything has changed this not only about us now but also about Janelle and Maja,”
“yeah, Janelle is just too difficult atimes but am glad she’s now becoming the person i have always wanted,” he smiled.
“no, i just sometimes think you didn’t raise Janelle so well and that’s because you were so busy with your work,” she said sadly.
“i know that Claire. Am a bad father, am not responsible, i sometimes think i don’t even deserved to be with all of you but i just want to make it up to you, Maja and Janelle, i just want to make it up to my family,”
“we all have our own flaws. I know you love Janelle and it’s all because of you she’s who she is today, don’t think bad about yourself that way. Am just glad our path still crossed after all these years and that’s through our children. I never thought of seeing you again, i always wanted to be so far away from you because i hated you so much back then…’ she sighed.
“even now?
“i have decided to let go of everything, you don’t have to worry about anything now,” she said.
“Thank you! you have to eat before your meal gets cool or i can feed you myself,” he smiled.
“oh.. i can do that myself,” 🙂
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
I arrived to Alvary’s place, i need to check up on him. My instinct tells me something is definitely wrong and i need to see him.
I knock the door again and the first person i saw was Jordan.
“Maja,” she smiled then hugged me.
“how have you been? she asked then disengaged from the hug.
“am good,
“and what about your mom? is she still alive? she asked while i looked at her, what did she mean by “is she still alive?
“i hope she’s recuperating fast? she asked with a smile.
“yeah,” i smiled back.
“so what about Alvary? he have been ignoring my calls and he said he’s busy, am just worried and need to see him,” i said.
“Alvary! oh he’s right, he’s so busy. He needed to help dad at work. Maja if i were you i would just concentrate on my sick mom and my stubborn sister. You don’t have to keep forcing yourself on Alvary. I mean no matter how busy he is he should have at least go to your place by all means but see he’s at dad company flirting with other girls,” she smiled while i stood speechless.
“i like you Maja and am sorry for how i treated you when we were kids, i was just so foolish and childish back then but now i don’t want to see you hurt and i have warn Alvary to treat you like a queen and if he can’t then he should let you know. Alvary likes you but the truth is that he’s already in love with someone,” she said while my heart skip a bit. She moved closer then held my hand.
“am so sorry Maja but am a woman like you that’s why i want to help you out of this. Alvary is just doing that because he don’t want to hurt you, because he always tells me everything he does, he said he knew you were also this cheap to accept his prosocial and be his girlfriend so soon..
“no Jordan… i know Alvary so well he can’t do that to me,” i said, but she just laughed.
“that’s the point Maja, you’re just blinded by your love for him. Alvary is my brother and i know him more than you do and he also tells me everything, he just want to use and dump you, if i were you i would think about this. Don’t be too quick to trust all men Maja. Just remembered you were away from him for good seven years and what even makes you think he don’t have a girlfriend there,” she said then walked to the table and carried an envelope, she removed some photos and showed it to me.
“this Juliana, his girlfriend from Mexico and he still loves her till now,”
My hand was still shaking when i collected the photo to see it for myself, it was his picture with the girl kissing and hugging.
“i have to go,” i said trying to hold back my tears.
“it’s just for the best Maja,” she said while i hurriedly left and went back into the car i came with. I sat down as i cried out my eyes.
“mom was right when she said i shouldn’t involved myself with those families but i was stubborn and i was just blinded by love.
▪▪▪Jordan’s POV▪▪
I smiled when she left, thank goodness i was able to get all his dirty photos of him and Juliana, she gave me that herself before i came down here and i know it would helped someday. Weither she believe me or not am sure this will cause a great misunderstanding between her and Alvary. I quickly rushed to check up on Alvary as usual and i was shocked to see him awake, like he’s awake but looks so weak. I didn’t expect him to wake up this soon.
“Alvary! i smiled then sat down beside him.
“what happen to me…? he asked trying to stand up but he couldn’t.
“i feel so weak,” he said in a weak voice, he’s eyes were slowly closing.
“Alvary, just hold on i will dad and our doctor,” i said but his eyes were already close and to my greatest surprise he was bleeding, some blood was gushing out from his mouth, nose and ear. Oh my goodness!!!
“Alvary! i yelled in tears. This what i was afraid of… please forgive me Alvary,” i yelled in tears..😭😭

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