💧Episode 29🔥
By Tiana
▪▪Jordan’s POV▪▪
I quickly rushed out to see if that witch has left and it’s a good thing she did. She’s no more there. I called the guards and they helped me rushed Alvary to the car.
@ the hospital😥
“please stay alive for me Alvary,” i cried when he was carried to the emergency room.
“what happen? dad asked and i was surprise to see him.
“Alvary is bleeding dad. He woke up but starts to bleed few seconds after that. You told nothing bad will happen to him”
“and what makes you think i will also endanger my son’s life. Alvary is my son too,” he yelled.
“it was all your plan and if anything bad should happen to him i will tell mom right away and you will never see me here again,” i said peskily and was about to leave when he held me back.
“don’t try to mess up with me Jordan because we are in this together and beside Alvary will be fine. I will call Dr. Shane and scold him about this who knows if he gave me a fake injection to use. So just calm down i assure you Alvary will be fine,” he said coldly while i rolled my eyes and left. Dad is becoming so annoying these days.
Lewis POV👹
I heaved a sigh of relief when Jordan left, my plan worked out but got ruined because she was there and rushed him to the hospital, if he wasn’t watching over him every minute like a baby he would have died. This not only to teach Claire and her daughter a lesson but also Lena. This the only way to repay her ad get back at her. I need to get ride of Alvary by all means, this the right time to get ride of him and am sure that injection would have finished him off but now Jordan ruined everything. Alvary is not my son and i have to kill him before him and Jordan find out about that soon. I have to execute my plans since Lena is not even here with them.
Maja’s POV▪▪
We were about driving when i sighted a car coming from Alvary’s place, it was on a very high speed and i asked the driver to followed it immediately. We finally reached to their destination and we needed up in the hospital, i was surprise to see someone rushed inside but i don’t know who might be. I stayed back in the car and sent the driver and go and check out everything for me. I just hope Alvary is fine where he is, am just so curious and need find out about this.
After some few minutes my driver came back and told me the lady was crying mentioning her brother but she didn’t mention any specific name. My heart skip a bit hearing that, could it be Alvary.. no oh!
“okay, let go home,” i told him. Maybe i can come and check things for myself tomorrow, i know i can’t see them for now because Jordan might be with her dad and things might get more complicated.
▪▪▪I arrived home in the evening feeling so weak about everything especially about what Jordan told me. Where the heck is Alvary?? I sat down beside mom.
“why the long face? she asked.
“it’s nothing mom, so how are you feeling today and hope your wound is fast healing? i asked.
“still on it and where did you go to, your dad was expecting you at the company today,”
“i was at Alvary’s place mom,”
“you mean you went to Lewis house? she asked surprised.
“am only there for Alvary but it’s turns out he’s not here, he’s not picking up my call either and he don’t even want to see me,”
“you are only endangering your life Maja. Alvary is starting to give you attitudes because this relationship wouldn’t last stop fooling yourself,” she yelled.
“but i love him, i love him and i choose to fight for our love. i was separated from him for good seven years and i wouldn’t want that to happen again. Alvary has become a part of my life now. It’s not my fault that i love him this much,” i said trying to hold back my tears.
“you’re hurt, it’s better to let go now than let go later because you’ll only get more hurt. Just try to forget about that family remember even his sister never liked you, just forget about them Maja,” mom said calmly then held my hand.
“i choose to forget about the past and that’s because of my love for him,” i said and with that i went to my room and cried. I need to find Alvary, i need to know who Jordan rushed to the hospital, i need to find out that myself.
…Later in the evening i, dad, Janelle and mom had dinner together. Dad told me to get ready so i can go and start my work tomorrow.
“everything has been set for you, so you’re going there tomorrow,’ he concluded.
“aren’t you happy about that? mom asked
“you don’t have to worry if you’re scared about what happen to your mom Maja. the security there is tight now and i will make sure nothing of such happen again and our family will be at peace,” dad smiled.
“thanks dad but i don’t think i can start tomorrow, maybe next week or ..
“or what! this not a child play Maja, their no room for lazy people like you. Aren’t you even tired to staying at home doing nothing all day,” Janelle scolded.
“am just occupied this week, i need to fix something,” i quickly cut her off.
“something? what’s that? dad asked while i looked at mom then sighed.
“it’s nothing dad i can fix it myself,” i said sadly.
“what are family for Maja! just tell us your problem and i assured you i will help out in every possible way i can,” he enthused.
“it’s Alvary,” mom said while Janelle looked at me.
“oh, lover girl she wants to be with him always, don’t be too clingy Maja he might end up dumping you,” she mocked.
“and what about Alvary? dad asked looking at me.
“it’s nothing,” i said
“that’s not how things are done in the company and just because you’re my father’s daughter doesn’t mean he will tolerate any form of stupidity from you in the company.. right dad? Janelle asked with a smile while he nodded.
“it’s okay Maja, i will give you some time after all it’s all up to you but please you don’t have to hide anything away from us,”
💙After dinner Janelle went to her room while mom and dad were still at the dining room chatting. I went to Janelle’s room to talk to her.
“Janelle… i think something is wrong with Alvary,” i said but she only laughed it off.
“Alvary rejected me remember so i gat nothing to do with him again,” she yelled.
“but he’s still your friend, am just worried about his silence and i just want us to talk about this as sisters,”
“Alvary choose you, so you should be the only one to get disturbed about his problems! i don’t freaking care and who knows if he’s avoiding you,” she yelled then walked out of the room leaving me standing there so speechless.
The doorbell rang and i went to check on the person, gladly it was Selene.
“my friend is looking so good now,” she hugged me.
“i have missed you,”
“how is your mom doing, am here to see her and i brought her some fruit,” she smiled.
“thanks,” i laughed and we went to the sitting room and found mom and dad there.
“omg.. my boss is here, you didn’t tell me your dad is here,” she Selene said.
“hey he’s not gonna bite,” i said then dragged her to come alone with me.
“Selene,” mom called with a smile and she gave her a side hug.
“good evening Sir,” Selene greeted my dad while he answered with a smile.
“Selene is here to visit us again,….
“thank you Selene am still recovery, am strong now,” mom boosted while we all laughed.
“am glad you survived this, am just so happy for this family,” Selene smiled.
“yeah and thanks! so come with me to my room,” i told her… and she followed me behind..
“oh gosh you didn’t tell me your dad was home? am so scared of him,”
“because he’s very strict, he just act so different when we are in the company,” she said.
“dad is a nice person. Ever since i and mom came into his life he has changed so much and i can still see how much he loves my mom,” i smiled.
“Awwww i guess Mr. Sebastian is now different from the Sebastian everyone use to know back then,”
“yeah, a lot has changed recently,” i said.
“who would have thought your family will be complete again,” she giggle.
‘so how about Alvary? are you two still together? she asked while i nodded
“but am scared Selene, am scared because this might all end in tears,” i said then told her everything that happen….
▪▪The next day Selene accompanied me to the same hospital i told her about. Oh my God, how are we even suppose to find the room of the person she brought, what if it was Alvary. But if he’s sick there’s no point in hiding that from anyone. I sighted Jordan who was just coming in but i make sure she didn’t see me.
“we need to follow her,” i told Selene. We did that smartly until she went to room 05. We stoop at a corner, we have to make sure she leaves before we can go there. I can’t believe we are still standing here for almost thirty minutes.
“why is she taking so long? Selene asked.
“we need to find out who is that, let just wait a little,” i said, i heaved a sighed of relief when i saw her going out of the room with tears in her eyes.
“we need to go since no one is there,” Selene said while i nodded, we make sure she was out of sight before we went in. I hurriedly went closer to the patient who look so pale and weak and the body was connected with lots of wire. As i walked closer i gasped seeing it was my Alvary!
“Alvary! i called in shocked then went closer, my eyes were already clouded up with tears.
“he’s the one. So he was sick all alone and they decided to keep it a secret from everyone,”
“what might have happen to him, we need to ask the doctor so we could know about his condition,” Selene suggested. More tears flowed down my cheeks and i cried the more seeing him in that condition. What if i never came here? but why will Jordan even lie to me? what could have happen to him? thousands of questions keep running through my mind but have no answer. The door went open and i was shocked by who i saw. Mr. Lewis. I stare at him from head to toe so angrily am sure he was also surprise to see me too, i also observes he was holding a syringe..🙄
“longest time Maja,” he smirked then moved closer to me and Selene…😲

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