💧Episode 31🔥
By Tiana
“okay Maja, if you insist i will go with you,” Janelle said while i nodded.
We arrived to there house and i felt so nervous, we both stood at the gate.
“who are you looking for miss? the guard at the gate asked.
“for your boss or Jordan i hope they’re here,” i said.
“sure, i will just call Ma’am Jordan. Mr. Lewis just left few hours ago,” he said then walked in to call her.
“nothing will gonna happen Janelle, i know those people can be crazy atimes but i just have to take this bold step and know how Alvary is doing,” i said to her.
“we are in this together. Alvary saved my life, he never failed to protect me and i hope someday i can repay him for that kindness too,” she smiled.
“who do we have here! we heard Jordan voice, i quickly turn to her direction and saw her walking up to us, she just wearing a bum-short and a crop top.
“Jordan! am here to see Alvary,” i quickly said.
“okay Maja,” she smiled then turn to Janelle.
“it’s a good thing you both came. What a lovely identical twins,” she laughed while i rolled my eyes.
“anyway you can come in,” she said walking back to the house while i look at Janelle.
“can we trust her? why is she acting all nice,”
“let just go follow her,” Janelle said.
We walked inside, then to their sitting room.
“where’s Alvary, what actually happen to him? why was he discharged? i asked worriedly.
“it’s because he passed away,” she said.
“passed away? i asked then looked as Janelle who was shocked as well, my heart was beating so fast that it can pop out from my body anytime soon, i was breathing so fast and i felt my head spinning.
“what did you mean by passed away? Janelle asked again while Jordan laughed.
“i was just kidding,” she laughed again.
“kidding?… why would you even think about that, he’s your brother,” Janelle yelled.
“you need to see the look on your faces,” Jordan laughed again.
“i need to see Alvary, where’s he? i asked angrily.
“Maja! i heard this familiar voice and i quickly turn to the direction, i was surprise to see Alvary descending from the stairs.
“Alvary! i called back as i blink back the tears in my eyes. He walked up to us and i quickly hugged him so tight.
“what actually happen to you? i asked when we unlocked from the hug.
“am little bit okay for now, just that i still feel so weak and the doctor said i need to take some rest,” he said.
“Alvary, am glad you’re still alive,” Janelle then quickly hugged him too.
“thanks for your concern anyway,” he smiled then disengaged from the hug. He sat down on the sofa while i sat down beside him.
“Why would you lie to us Jordan? Janelle asked.
“i said i was only kidding…. well don’t talk too much, my brother need some rest,” she said then went back upstairs.
“Jordan said i passed out that evening i came home, she said i was unconscious for this few days and it shocked me to the core. The doctor said i only need to rest, he said it was due to stress,” Alvary explained.
“what kind of stress will make someone unconscious for all these days,”
“you were perfectly fine when you left us at the hospital that time, there’s more to this,” Janelle said.
“i will find out that myself because i know definitely something went wrong but what important now is that am safe, at least am talking to you guys and i miss you so much Maja,” he smiled then gave me a peck.
“okay Maja we have to go now,” Janelle stood up looking so angry, even thou she don’t wanna show it i know she don’t like seeing me and Alvary like this.
“i will give you a call later,” he smiled.
“that reminds me, what about your phone? i asked curiously, i wonder who i have been communicating with all this while. Since he was unconscious all this while then who was the one texting me?
“Jordan said i misplaced my phone so i got a new one. I still have your number i will just call then you’ll save it,” he said while i nodded. I guess this not the right time to talk about this, maybe i can tell him about this tomorrow or some other time.
“thank you for coming even thou you still have problem with my dad,” he said.
“anything for you Alvary. I and your dad have never be in a good terms ever since i was a kid but that hasn’t stop our friendship and i won’t allow that to effect our relationship now,”
“thank you so much Maja,” he hugged me tightly.
“okay.. i have to go. Janelle is already waiting at the car,” i said then unlocked from the hug.
“you need to rest as the doctor said, please don’t think too much,” i said while he nodded…
. I quickly get into the car and sat down beside Janelle.
“you’ve kept me waiting for so long Maja,”
“oh am so sorry Janelle, i just needed to make sure Alvary was okay,”
“just drive so fast, i need to go and get some rest too,” she said to the driver. I wanted to talk to her but i guess it would have been more better if we get home first.
▪▪Alvary’s POV▪▪
I went back to my room and settle on the bed, i felt so weak, i thought i was going to died. What really happen. I could vividly remembered what happen and how Mrs. Claire was shoot and brought to the hospital, we all went there but Jordan called telling me stories about dad so i have to rush home to see them. I couldn’t remember anything after that. Jordan said i passed out when i came home. The doctor said i was poison which lead to the weakness of my body but i still don’t get it. Jordan keep insisting that i might be poison from that party, who would have probably do that to me?
“Alvary,” Jordan called then fully walked in holding a glass cup of water and my drugs.
“you need to take your medicine, i need my brother back,” she smile then kept the water and the medicine on my table.
“thank you Jordan,”
“you don’t have to worry Alvary you’ll be perfectly fine, am glad i was able to rushed you to the hospital at that time,”
“am still confused Jordan.. what really happen to me?
“this like the million times am explaining this to you Alvary. When you came home that evening you passed out and you were unconscious for two days and when you finally woke up, you were so weak and i was scared when i saw you bleeding from the nose, ear and mouth. I rushed you to the hospital and the doctor said you were poison. Just forget about what’s important now is that you’re awake,” she said.
“something is just so wrong but i will definitely find out, anyway thanks for checking up on me,”
“you can always count on your sister,” she smiled.
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
We arrived home and Janelle refuse to talked to me as expected, she was acting all angry, i guess she still haven’t gotten over Alvary, or she’s just crazy just like she use to with her annoying attitudes. I freshen up and couldn’t sleep, still thinking about Alvary, i know what actually happen to him was all planned but i don’t how, is it even possible?. I was still lost in my thought when i saw a call from a new number, i guess it must be him.
📞 “Maja,” i heard his masculine voice.
📞 “you still haven’t sleep?
📞”yeah am still awake.. and you why haven’t you go to bed yet?
📞 “it nothing, anyway how are you feeling now? did you take your medicine? are you still feeling weak? i asked rushing my words.
📞 “one question at a time Maja,” i heard him laughed while i smiled.
📞 “i just couldn’t help it, am so worried Alvary but what even happen to your phone? where did you misplaced it? i asked and there was a short silence.
📞 “sincerely i don’t know, am confused as well. Jordan told me i came home that evening without my phone maybe i misplaced it on my way back, it somehow confusing thou, well I’ve got a new one you don’t have to worry and i will soon retrieve all my contacts,” he said and i was so worried. Then who was the one who texted me. This must be a plan work.
📞 “we really need to talk Alvary but am willing to wait until you’ve fully recovered i don’t want to stress you much with my problems,” i said.
📞 “of course not, i keep telling you this everyday whenever you need someone to talk to am always available so don’t ever think you’re stressing me out with your problems Maja,”
📞 “am just worried about your health,”
📞 “i will just call you tomorrow,”
📞 “okay Alvary, please take care and don’t think too much,” i said.
📞 “whatever problem you might be facing right now just know that i love you, nothing will ever change my love for you Maja,” he said in that sweet voice which make me blush already.
📞 “i love you too, just take some rest and goodnight,” i smiled before hanging up.
The next day… 💙
The doctor came on time to check up on mom this morning and it seems her wound is fast healing. Thank goodness she survived this gunshot and i hope nothing of such will ever happen. Janelle left for work early while i and dad also left leaving mom in the care of Mrs. Loren. Dad has already ensure a very tight security in the house and am sure it will be so tough for anyone to get in now.
Dad left for a board meeting, he said he needed to see the investors with other members of the board. I was so bored in my office since i got nothing important to do, i decided to go and see Selene downstairs. I arranged the files on my table then stood up to leave but bumped into someone at the door.
“oh! am sorry,” the person apologies politely, i raise my head angrily to look at the person but was surprise to the handsome dude standing right in front of me.
“am sorry, i just wanted to see you,” he said staring at me. Am sure this a new face, well am just new here and i don’t know all they employee.
“is.. there a problem? i asked because i don’t even know him.
“am sure you’re Maja right? he asked with a smile, he has a cute smile and look handsome but not as handsome as my Alvary.
“am Steven Austaco,” he smile then stretch out his hand for a handshake, i stare at him for a while trying to understand what was happening.
“nice meeting you,” i said then shook his hand.
“are you sure you did not mistaken me for Janelle? i asked.
“of course not, you and Janelle might look so much alike but you’re two different people,”
“do you work here?
“yeah, your dad hasn’t mention me to you because i was out of the country when he even introduce you to the public, i guess you should ask your dad more about me,” he smiled. He seems to know much about me or should i say my family.
“anyway you look so beautiful,” he said while i stood speechless just staring back at him…😯
hmmm.. something is fishy here—–who can guess??🤔

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