💧Episode 33🔥
By Tiana
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
Steven just left a few minutes ago, it was fun having him anyway. Alvary also came to visit as excepted and it was just the best having him around me in my office.
▪▪Jordan’s POV▪▪
“we almost kill him the other time. Your idea was pointless, now he’s out there with that girl,” i said angrily to dad who was suggesting another stupid plan again.
“we almost lost him dad. That girl should be the one to suffer and not my brother, if you don’t any reasonable plan then just back out,”
“am not so dumb Jordan. I have another plan and am very sure it will work,”
“then suit yourself with your plan. Alvary hasn’t fully recovered yet and in order not to let anyone get suspicious we have to slow down a bit,” i said.
“stop talking as if am the bad guy here, am just trying to eliminate my enemies,” he said while i rolled my eyes.
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪
Maja wasn’t home yet and i know she might be with Alvary. I stood at the balcony and just as expected i saw a car drove in the compound, my guess was right it was her and Alvary. I need to talk to him, i have to see him now. I quickly made my way to the downstairs.
I hope he will listen to me this time.
I walked outside and meet him with her.
“hi,” i smiled then moved closer to them.
“Janelle! Maja called with a smile.
“can i talk to Alvary in private,” i said to her, it’s not more like a question because i really don’t need her permission to talk to him.
“oh.. you can say whatever you have to here,” he said.
“no.. it okay. I will give you some privacy,” Maja smiled then turn to Alvary.
“good night Alvary and thanks for today,” she smiled, he gave her peck before she walked inside.
“am so tired and need some rest so please be fast about whatever you want to talk about,” he said and i was a little bit surprised.
“Alvary.. are you trying to snub me. I have notice ever since that night..
“yes Janelle ever since the night you stupidly got me drunk and we foolishly got intimate i hate you for that and am avoiding you to avoid much troubles. Who knows what you’re having in mind next,” he said almost in a yell.
“huh! don’t act as if you don’t enjoy every bit of it. Am sorry Alvary but it’s really killing me slowly seeing you love my sister while you snub me for no good reason,”
“no good reason huh? because of you i always feel guilty whenever am around Maja. What if she find outs about this. Please Janelle just learn to keep your distance because if you don’t you’ll only make me hate you the more which i don’t want,” he said and with that he got into the car and drove away.
“Arrggg..” i yelled in anger feeling so stupid. How dare he? how dare Alvary treat me this way.. after giving him my body. I feel so used and dumped and now he’s going after my sister. I quickly went back in and found Maja at the sitting room staring at me.
“are you okay? she asked
“it all your fault Maja. I guess you don’t really know anything about Alvary, are you even sure he love you? are you sure he’s not cheating on you because i have my prove,” i yelled at her.
“what are you trying to say?
“Alvary doesn’t love you,” she yelled before running to her room. There’s definitely something wrong between Janelle and Alvary because they don’t seems really close again and what did she mean by he’s cheating on me and he doesn’t love me?
“Maja,” mom called then walked up to me.
“i thought you’re now okay with your sister?
“yea mom…. am confused as well,” i said sadly then sat down while she sat down beside me.
“i feel we are not actually welcome here mom. What the essence of even staying here,”
“what happen? did you two quarreling again? she asked.
“i don’t know. She just got mad at me,” i sighed.
“i will talk to her myself,” mom said then stood to leave but i stopped her.
“she looks so angry mom she might end up saying something that will hurt you,”
“no Maja. Whatever Janelle does i won’t blame her, rather i will blame myself for not being there for her as her mother. I need to talk to her about your issues,” mom said and she left.
Claire’s POV▪▪
I made my way to Janelle’s room and knocked.
“i don’t wanna talk to anyone,” she said from inside.
“it’s me your mom! you have to open the door please,” i said then knock again. Shortly after she open the door and i felt so relief. I fully walked in and hugged her, she seems surprised.
“i don’t wanna talk to anyone,” she said then disengaged from the hug.
“i thought you’re cool with your sister,” i started.
“so she reported me to you and you’re here to find out why am so mad at your favorite daughter,”
“you are both my favorite…
“then you wouldn’t have ever choose to dump me,” she cut me off.
“i thought we’ve talked about this already and all i want to be is your mother if only you give me the chance. I just want you to know we are here for you and we just want to get along as family should do. Please Janelle you don’t have to make us feel rejected somehow,” i said and there was an awkward silence, she was facing her window side without saying anything.
“i know,” she finally spoke then turn to me.
“that’s what am trying hard to be, to be close with you guys but i don’t think that would ever work out with Maja always get on my nerves,” she yelled.
“what’s the problem actually..? i asked
“it’s nothing,” she said then wipe off the tears from her eyes.
“after all we are sisters and we will patched things up someday so you don’t have to worry,” she said. I moved closer then sat down beside her and held her hand.
“always know that we love you and we will do everything to make you happy just be the girl everyone wants, at least try to see us as your family,”
“okay,” she said then stood up and walked out of the room. I sighed feeling so bad about everything. If only i never dumped her with Sebastian. That’s my greatest regret and mistake. If only i raise my own child by myself then all this couldn’t be happening.
“Janelle! someone called and i raise my head to see Loren, her nanny. She was holding a tray of her meal.
“isn’t she here Claire? she asked then fully walked in and kept the tray on her table.
“she just left a few minutes ago,” i said sadly.
“please Loren i need you to do me this favor,” i said and she looked at me.
“help me talk to Janelle, maybe she will listen to you the worst part is that she doesn’t even listen to anyone not even Sebastian now, she’s playing so hard to get with everyone,”
“i have talked to Janelle several times and i made it clear to her that you’re her family but i don’t know why she behaves like that atimes. Janelle can be so stubborn maybe you should just give her time to sort herself out. I think she need some space,” she said.
“space? i asked again then stood up.
“i just hope she will one day come around,” i said before walking back to the sitting room. I met Maja and Sebastian talking about something, i thought Janelle was with them but she isn’t, then where is she?
“did you see Janelle? i asked them.
“Janelle…? weren’t she in her room when you went to talk to her? Maja asked.
“yeah, but she left…
“am here,” we heard her voice and i turn to her direction and saw her at the door coming in.
“i use the back door to take some fresh air,” she smiled the walked up to us.
“you don’t need to worry mom. I and Maja will sort out our problems by ourselves after all we are both adults,” she said while nodded with a smile.
“yeah, beside i don’t have any problem with you Janelle and i hope you’ll tell me what’s bothering you maybe i can help,” Maja said.
“it’s okay,” she smiled back then sat down.
“are you sure you’re okay Janelle? Sebastian asked
“yes dad. Mom has talked sense into me and i just want to let you know i love you all because you’re my family and am sure we’ll get over all this little misunderstandings,” she smiled.
“okay! thanks for that. Janelle and i will be going to Canada next week for the show she told us about,” Maja said with a smile.
“both of you? i asked a little bit surprise.
“so what about the work in office? Sebastian asked her.
“it’a not like we are spending the whole week it’s just for three days and beside i just want to see my sister perform on her stage live, i don’t want to watch it on Tv, i want to be beside her there,” Maja enthused but i wasn’t really happy about the idea. What if something bad happens to them, why am i having this bad feeling ever since Janelle told me about this.
“okay, if that’s what you want permission granted,” Seb said while Maja hugged him.
“thanks dad, we promise not to disappoint you.. right Janelle? she asked while Janelle just nodded.
Janelle and Maja retired back to their rooms while i turn to Sebastian.
“are you really sure we will watch both Janelle and Maja leave the country just like that? i asked.
“it’s just for the show and beside i think that will make them bond as sisters ,” he shrugged.
“you don’t even care if anything bad should happen to them? i asked angrily.
“nothing bad will happen, always try to think positive and beside we can’t stop Janelle from going because this means a lot to her and if her sister insisted to follow her then why not,” he said.
“i guess that’s the same thing you said when she traveled to Mexico and ended up in a plane crashed. Why do i feel so tensed and sad about this,” i said so worried.
“you’re just being so paranoid Claire. Let just try to see things in a more positive way rather then the negative,” he cooed then stood up and walked closer to me.
“it’s okay, i understand,” i said then finally made my way to my room.
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
Today went on smoothly at work and i didn’t get to see Steven, such a talkative thou!
Lots of thought kept running through my mind and i think i need to ask Alvary if anything is going on between him and Janelle, like did they quarrel or what because i can’t seems to understand Janelle again.
Immediately after work i went home so early and helped nanny Loren prepare dinner. Dad wasn’t home yet and am a little bit surprise to see Janelle home too.
“so dear are you really sure about going to Canada with your sister as you said? mom asked when were setting the dining table.
“sure mom i feel so excited maybe that way i can be able to bond with Janelle. You don’t have to worry,” i smiled.
“of course i am, i couldn’t help but to get so worried i couldn’t forget what happen to your sister,”
“you don’t have to think that way. You raise me so well and i will take care of Janelle if that’s what you’re worried about,” i smiled.
“okay.. just call Janelle for dinner,” mom said and i went upstairs to her room.
“Janelle! i called then fully walked in, she wasn’t in her room. Suddenly i heard some noise of running water from her bathroom, i guess she’s bathing. I was about leaving when her phone vibrated. It was on her table and i went over to see it. I know i shouldn’t be doing this but am just curious. I went over to the phone on the table and saw a message from an unknown number which reads: 💌Send me the XXX video so we can use it to sabotage the….💌* The message wasn’t fully open and all i need to do is just to click on it to fully open but i don’t want to pry into her privacy but reading from this message i wonder what Janelle is up to.. am so curious and i need to find out what the message is all about…

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