💧Episode 34🔥
By Tiana

Maja’s POV▪▪
I stare at the message at the top of the screen, i just hope Janelle won’t get mad at me.
“Maja! Janelle called and i almost froze at that spot. Her phone was already in my hand and i was about to click on the message. I try to calm myself then turn to her direction, he was standing at the door, with just a towel around her i guess i was right she was just coming from the bathroom when she saw her phone in my hand.
“oh… mom asked me to call you for dinner,” i smiled then kept back the phone on the table.
“and what are you doing with my phone? she asked.
“oh.. i was about leaving when a message pop in actually,” i said while she rushed to the table then carried the phone. Her eyes were fixed on it.
“oh this! she smiled.
“i told him several times to stop sending me this.. gosh! she said the sat down on the bed.
“it’s from Jiks, that nerd,” she rolled her eyes.
“can you imagine he couldn’t stop asking me to send him my nude pictures,” she said angrily.
“Huh! That’s so stupid of him, you should…
“I will handle him myself,” she cut me off then threw the phone on her bed.
“Okay, I will just wait for you at the dinning room so don’t keep us waiting,”
” okay,” she smiled. I walked then closed the door behind.
Oh my God! does that mean the text means nothing.. like it was just a mistake and not a plan! I sighed not knowing what to think anymore. I know how Janelle can be a times but I believe she has a good heart within. I just waved off the thought then walked back to the dinning room.
Janelle’s POV🙄
That was close! Maja could have read this message completely and she would be so suspicious but glad I was smart enough to tell her stories, I hoped she believe what I said. Gosh! Why will she even touch my phone. I guess i have to be more careful now. I quickly clad myself in a nice casual wear then went downstairs.
I sat down beside Maja at the dinning table as we had dinner together.
“so how is everything at JFH? Dad asked.
“Doing quite well, I guess things are starting to fall in place just as expected,” I smiled.
“That’s good, I trust you on that,”
“And you Maja, hope you’re getting used to everything now at work? I asked her.
“Sure, i like it there already,” she chuckle.
“I would like to take you to JFH, am sure you would like it..
“I’m always looking forward to that, thank you Janelle,” she smiled.
“Am glad you both look so happy tonight,” mom said.
“Yes mom, isn’t this what you want?
“Sure,” she nodded with a smile..
The next day… Janelle took me to JFH as she promised, it’s such a magnificent building, very large and beautiful . She showed me places around and everything was damn beautiful and neat. I never knew my sister is this great. She showed me their designs and how things are been done. I couldn’t help but stare at the place again and again and also the people around they were dressed so beautiful and smart and even what they wear looks so expensive, Janelle really has a great sense of fashions, her designs are just exceptional, I guess that’s explains why she’s always at the top- so smart!
“This JFH for you,” she smiled
“It’s so beautiful, Janelle you’re really great, everything here is just so expensive and great,” I smile.
“Thanks, well let go to the dress room I wanna show you something,” she said and i followed her behind. We reached to the large room and series of dress were their. It’s just like a boutique.
“Today is your lucky day. Pick as many dress as you want,”
“Huh! Are you kidding me?
“It’s for free, just pick as much as you want,”
“This just too much…
“We are sisters remember, I also want my sister to rock with my designs. These are all my dress and is yours as well,”
“Thank you so much Janelle, am so proud of you,” I smiled then hugged her tight.
▪▪ Today was just the best spending time with Janelle at JFH, this one of my happiest moment with my sister. We later went to the nearby cafeteria to eat, everything seems so good to me, how can i forget this day. The rest of the day was fun before i later went to check up on dad at the company.
“hey Maja,” i heard this familiar voice called my name and i turn to the direction to see Steven.
“are you just coming now… i didn’t see you the whole day? he asked
“yeah, i was with Janelle the whole day,”
“Janelle! so how is she? he asked.
“fine, am glad we are both getting alone,” i smiled.
“that sounds cool, it will be great to see you two together,”
“yeah,” i smile
“Maja! i heard Alvary’s voice and turn to see him. What a surprise visit.
“hi,” i smiled while he walked up to me and give me a peck.
“whoa.. Steven ached an eyebrow at me.
“oh.. meet Steven, a friend,” i said to Alvary while he nodded looking at Steven.
“and this my boyfriend,” i introduced.
“oh.. i sense it before. i mean a pretty lady like you wouldn’t be single,” he said then turn to Alvary.
“it’s nice meeting you,” he said to him stretching his hand for a handshake while Alvary took it.
“i hope you will take good care of her else she might slip out from your hand,” he said.
“what does that suppose to mean? Alvary asked.
“0h! it’s nothing actually,” he smiled then walked away.
“what was that for? Alvary sked.
“i guess it’s nothing, Steven can be crazy times, he’s so funny you know,”
“well seems you’ve got friends here,” he shrugged.
“not really, i guess i only get alone with him and Selene,”
“i just dropped by to see you,”
“you just came at the right time because i was with Janelle throughout the whole day,”
“Janelle? he asked.
“sure, i visit JFH and i must admit it so beautiful and just the best. I gat more things to tell you, but first let get somewhere to sit,” i said then held his hand and we walked to my office.
“wow, this place always remind me of my office,” he smiled then sat down while i sat down opposite to him.
“but don’t you think you’re taking longer here, i mean what about your work at Mexico? i asked.
“mom will gonna take care of everything and beside Jason is also there to help out, am just trying to fix something here before leaving,”
“fix something? i don’t know how i will cope when you finally leave,” i said sadly, they time he left things didn’t go well and i didn’t plan to have any distance relationship i want Alvary by my side always.
“do you think am gonna leave without you, i have many plans for us Maja so no need to worry because i love you so much,”
“thank you so much my happiness,” i chuckle.
“well mom want to talk to you,” he said then dialed something on his phone.
📞 “hi mom,” he said into the phone. He just video called her.
📞”are you ready to see the pretty damsel? he laughed into the phone.
📞”sure… you said she look so much like Janelle,” i heard the woman voice which i assume to be his mom. He immediately stood up and stood beside me, keeping the phone to our faces.
📞”she’s Maja? his mom asked. The woman really look young and pretty, am sure Alvary took after her looks and not that devil Lewis.
📞”uhmm.. good day ma’am,” i said so nervous.
📞”she looks like Janelle, so they’re really twins as you said,” she smiled.
📞 “nice meeting you Maja, you look so beautiful,”
📞 “thank ma’am, how is work over there? i asked.
📞”am doing fine but so lonely without Alvary, i was so used to him,” she pouts out sadly while Alvary laughed.
📞”don’t worry mom everything is falling into place and am coming home soon,”
📞 “i hope so and i hope you’ll come alone with Maja, so i can get to see my daughter in law,” she said while i blushed hearing that, is she already considering me as her daughter in law, she’s so nice.
📞”my son loves you so much Maja, he talks a lot about you, i guess you’re just this one person glued to his heart which he can’t stop loving please promise me not to hurt him in anyway… promise you won’t break his heart,” she said while i glance at Alvary and he just shrugged.
📞”yes ma’am i promise. I love Alvary so much and i wouldn’t do anything to hurt him,” i said.
📞”thank you dear and Alvary if dear try to hurt her i wouldn’t take that lightly with you,” she scolded while we all burst out laughing by the way she said it.
📞 “if Alvary should hurt you, just call me and tell me that right away i know how to handle him,” she said while i nodded.
📞”am not a kid and don’t even think of that. Maja will not gonna hurt me i trust her,” he smiled.
📞 “okay son, i gat a lot to do at work my greetings to Janelle i miss her too,”
📞 “yeah, i will tell her that,” Alvary said
📞 “okay then bye,” she smile and the phone went blank. I sighed a heaved a of relief and turn to Alvary.
“your mom is so nice,” i smiled.
“sure she is, i miss her so much,”
“i wish i get to see her soon, Janelle is so lucky to have meet her already,” i said.
“and that reminds me Alvary is there anything going on between you and Janelle? i asked while he looked kinda surprise.
“Janelle! no.. noth..
“but you’re avoiding her,”
“am avoiding her because i don’t want to hurt you, i don’t want much problems,” he seethe while i sighed.
“i know and am not asking you to be close to her but why do i feel you are avoiding her for some reasons base known to you,”
“reasons? what did you mean? he asked.
“i don’t know that’s why am asking you,”
“am just avoiding troubles Maja, you don’t have to think that way,” he said more calmly while i just nodded.
“okay.. i believe you,” i said then hugged him tightly.
“i hate arguing with you over anything and i trust you so much Alvary i know you wouldn’t do anything that will hurt me,” i said still in his arms.
“thank you,” he cooed.
“i just want you to know whatever happens that won’t stop the way i feel for you because i love you so much,” he said moving my hair backwards.
“i love you too…” i said while he gently kiss me and i reciprocated. We kissed each other at the same time, the ecstasy felt was like no other….😍

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