💧Episode 35🔥
By Tiana
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
Today was just the best, getting to hang out with my sister and also with Alvary. I arrived home that evening and decide to thank Janelle for the dress she gave me. I made my way to my room and found her busy going through some magazine’s
“hey,” i smiled then walked closer to her
“i thought dad said no body should bring anything like work at home so we could spend a quality time as family,”
“am just trying to work on something,” she smile.
“anyway thanks for the pretty dresses you gave me earlier,”
“you don’t have thank me this much Maja,” she rolled her eyes
“am just excited, they mean so much to me,”
“so Maja are you reading for the show, the one at Canada because i will be leaving tomorrow,”
“tomorrow? that’s too early..
” yeah and that because i have some unfinished business there. Well to me i wouldn’t want you to follow me because you might slow things for me maybe we can still go there next time,” she said while i felt so disappointed.
“it’s not like i will even stay there for too long, once am back, we can all go for a family picnic that will be more fun,” she smiled.
“am gonna miss you thou, have you talk to dad and mom about this?
“sure,” she smiled. Maybe she’s kinda right, i might slow things for her but why the sudden change of mind!
#Janelle’s POV▪▪
That’s the only way to stopped Maja from following me to make sure my plans worked out well. I know even in my absence this plan will gonna worked out. The next day we had breakfast together and i told mom and dad about my plans.
“I will miss you so much,” mom said.
“It’s not like am staying there forever,” i rolled my eyes.
“my flight will take off by 10,” i said.
“okay, once you’ve arrived just call to inform us not to get worried and i hope nothing bad will happen because i almost went crazy when i heard about your plane crashed,” dad said.
” i will be fine dad, let just think positive and forget about my past,” i said focus on my meal.
“you will go by my private jet and i have already talked to the pilot,” he said.
“is that really necessary?
“sure and i insist,” he enthused while i just nodded maybe it’s for the best.
✈✈▪▪Later.. we all arrived at the airport and i was about leaving, the pilot from the jet got out from the cockpit and approached us, he was wearing a uniform.
“good morning Sir, the pilot greeted my dad. ” good morning Ma’am,” he extended his salutation to my mom, then me and Maja.
“i hope everything for the journey is ready? dad asked while he nodded
“yes sir,”
“okay, i’ll be leaving in a minute then,” i smiled. The pilot proceed with my luggage while i turn to dad, mom and Maja.
“take care dear and i hope this lead you to a higher place just be the good girl that you are,” mom said then hugged me.
“thanks,” i smiled then hugged dad too and Maja.
“i will miss you guys,” i smiled. I went ahead and take my seat next to the pilot and the jet waste no time in gravitating skyward i was looking at dad, mom and Maja who stood on the patio waving benevolently.
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#Maja’s POV😥
Dad headed straight to the company while the driver took us home. I just felt like a half part of me is gone. This few months we have been here am already used to her even thou we fight atimes i still just want to see her face around here.
“i hope she’ll arrive safely,” i said to mom.
“sure she will,” mom smiled then sat down on the sofa while i sat down next to her.
“you look so sad mom? i asked
“yea Maja, i just wish there’s a way i can make it up to your sister, why do i still feel there this distance between us,”
“seeing her everyday and being there for her is more than enough, i mean you can’t kill yourself all because you want to make it up to her. Janelle can be so stubborn and rude atimes but am very sure she understands you, you didn’t intentional dumped her or leave her behind. After all it’s not a bad thing you left her with dad and not with someone else and it’s a good thing dad gave her the best life anyone could ever wished for, let just be happy that we are now together and am glad you’re now okay and at least no one wants us dead since after what happen to you,”
“yeah, anyway i guess you’re right,” mom nodded while i hugged her.
“am always here for you. You don’t have to worry because you’ll always have me by your side,” i cooed trying to hold back my tears.
The next day….✨✨
#Alvary’s POV▪▪
I just felt so guilty about the whole thing. This was what am avoiding, Janelle is such a bitch i just hope Maja won’t ever find out about this and i don’t even know how to tell her. It even pointless telling her that, she will definitely get hurt her and am not ready for that. I just want to set things right but it seems Janelle doesn’t appear who she seems to be, she more worse than i thought. Maja called and told me Janelle already left for Canada, well i kinda felt relief because Maja didn’t go along with her.
“Alvary! Jordan called as she walked up to me.
“where are you coming from, it’s late already almost getting to ten,” i said.
“am not a kid Alvary,” she rolled her eyes then sit down beside me.
“That reminds me, someone came here earlier to give you this but you were not around and i had to collect it from him because i was also in a haste to go out,” she said then removed an envelope and drop it on a table.
“what’s this?
“see for yourself,” she shrugged. I carried the envelope and removed the pictures that were inside, what sort of picture is this. It’s a picture of the same guy i saw with Maja the other day, the guy who was acting weird to me. They were so close in the picture, i glance at the next one and his hand was on her lips, she was holding a cupcake and smiling. I squeeze the photo and in anger and threw it away.
“who gave you this? i asked Jordan while shew shrugged. I pulled her roughly and held her so tight.
“tell me the truth Jordan, who gave you this, are you behind this? i yelled, i was almost choking her with the way i grabbed her neck.
“let.. me go,” she managed to say while i pushed her.
“Alvary! she called looking surprised.
“are you trying to kill me because someone caught your so called girlfriend cheating on you,” she yelled then quickly stood up adjusting her dress.
“just tell me the truth,” i yelled back.
“is that why you want to choke me to dead. I only delivered your message, i don’t even know the guy. Am so disappointed in you for treating me this way all because of that bullshit,” she yelled as tears slide down from her eyes.
“you might think of me as the horrible person on earth, you can see me as the bad guy or anything else but i love you Alvary, i never stop loving you as my brother and i will do everything to protect you but what have you done to me? huh! you did nothing because practically you went to stay with mom along the line when we were both growing up. You were so obsessed with Maja that you forget you had a sister and i know you are only here in the Philippines because of Maja and not me or dad. You never treated me like your sister, you’re just a horrible brother,” she yelled in tears as she ran upstairs to her room. She just made me feel so guilty, i shouldn’t have been so harsh on her because she’s my sister and i should have trust her.
“Jordan! i called the quickly followed her but her door was lock and i could hear her cry.
“Jordan!.. am sorry, i let my anger get the best of me,”
“am sorry Jordan,” i said as i stood quietly at the door.
“just go away Alvary, just go back to Mexico were you belong and never showed your face here because am better off without a brother,” she said from inside as she kept crying..
“Alvary! i heard dad voice.
“what’s going on here? he asked as he moved closer.
“i was in my study room and heard your voices,” he said.
“yes, it’s just a little misunderstanding,” i said
“and she’s crying! Jordan open the door,” dad said as he tried knocking it, i hurriedly went to the store room to get a spare key to open her door, i need to calm her down.
I open the door and as expected it opened. I quickly rushed to Jordan who was seated on the floor still in tears.
“am sorry,” i cooed as i hugged her so tight.
“and what the heck is happening here? dad asked, his voice sounding a bit angry.
“just get away from me,” Jordan yelled pushing me..
“he almost choked me to death because of Maja, he wanted to kill his own sister because of Maja,” she cried.
“and how could you do that to her Alvary, what type of brother are you? he asked angrily while i sigh in frustration.
“okay… Jordan am sorry but i have to let you know if you truly love me as you said you wouldn’t want to destroy what means a lot to me. I know you to be so stubborn and not friendly to Maja ever since we were kids and even thou you said you’ve changed i still try hard to believe you. Am sorry for this but if i ever get to know you’re behind all this just remember you don’t have a brother anymore because am not gonna forgive you and i might do something worse than this to you,” i said angrily then walked out on them.
✨☪The next morning i woke up feeling so down about everything. Who is that guy and why is he really this close to Maja. I trust Maja and i think he might be using her for some reasons or it might just be a set up, they think this mere pictures will split me and Maja? hell no! Nothing will gonna sperate me from her and whoever that dare try to do that must surely get ready for it. I greeted Jordan and i just want to set things right with her but she was giving me a silence treatment, i just let her be. Maybe when she’s done with the silence treatment she can talk to me again.
I got dressed up because i really need to see Maja, i need to tell her to stay away from that jerk who knows if he’s even the one that ask someone to snapped those pictures to make me jealous or angry at her. I headed straight to the company and at the entrance door i was shocked by what i saw. Maja in that same guy’s arms. She was hugging me so tight and he was as well enjoying the hug. I frown seeing them like that, i don’t want to believe what Jordan told me… why the heck are they this close, someone she just recently know!!!😬
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪

I make sure i look so hot, dressed in something enticing. I want everyone to know that JFH has the best designs ever and they can all witness that from my dressing and fashion sense. the place was quite crowded and damn it! i will get to meet those crazy people especially one of my stupid enemy Tharra. I hate to say she dance so well like me and of course her dad is a billionaire she from Paris but she’s in no where close to me because am always the best in everything. I hate her so much because she always like to compete with me, she makes everything between us look like a competition and sadly for her she always end up losing it. Such a dull girl for my liking.
“Janelle! i heard a familiar voice called my name and i turn to see the devil. Just thinking about her.
“Tharra,” i said then turn to her direction, i was damn surprise to see he with Clark. My Clark! Well i know he would be here but what the fuck is he doing with Tharra.
“nice meeting you after a very long time, am glad you survived the plane crashed,” she said mockingly then laughed, i stare at her in anger then look at Clark, he look really hot and handsome. He wasn’t saying anything, their hands were entangled together.
“babe let get going,” he said and i was surprise to hear him say that. Are they now dating or just f*ckmate! I was already boiling in anger.
“at least i survived and that makes me stronger am sure if you were to be in my shoes you would have been long dead and probably rotting in hell,” i said then angrily then walked out of them. I hurried to the restroom and stare at myself in the mirror, my eyes were already clouded with tears. Why am i even crying? is it because of her or because Clark was with her….😣😥

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