💧Episode 32🔥
By Tiana
“nice meeting you anyway,”
“okay see you later, i can see you’re already going somewhere,” he said and i nodded.
“okay, i have to go now,” i smiled back then went to Selene.
“seems someone is less busy,” she smiled when she saw me, she was busy typing something in the system.
“yeah i was so bored,”
“so you came to distract me,”
“of course not, i think i came at the wrong time since you’re busy,” i said.
“almost done,” she smiled.
“you know you can do whatever you want to here, it your dad’s company and who knows whether you’ll end up being the CEO, am sure your father will love to entrust this company to you someday,” she said while i rolled my eyes.
“you talk as if am the only child Janelle is also involved, am just getting used to things here, anyway that reminds me did you know Steven Austuco? i asked.
“what! Steven? she asked again looking all surprised.
” he’s so handsome,” she said dreamily while i smiled.
“seems you like him already, well who’s he?
“you don’t know? well he traveled and just came back yesterday, he works here,’ she smiled.
“oh, i just get to meet him earlier,”
“yeah, you seems to like him?
“to be honest i do,” she laughed. “but he’s so arrogant, i only ran into him once but you need to see the way he overacted,”
“but he seems to be nice, full of smiles,”
“well it because you’re Mr. Sebastian daughter who would want to disrespect you or get on your nerves,” she said.
“you’re so funny, get done with this we are going out,”
“like seriously,”
@Janelle’s Fashion House*🏦
Janelle’s POV▪▪
I was at the highest floor, in my office. I stood at the window holding a glass cup of wine, i just need to take this to clear off my head. I walked back to my seat and dropped the glass cup of wine then settle down in my seat. I took one of the magazines on my desk flipping through the pages of some of our designs. I just want to occupied my mind with work but i can’t, i sip from my drink feeling so frustrated already. Why am i this unfortunate. Yes i have everything it takes but am still not happy. My eyes darted over to the invitation card on the table. Am invited for a show at Ontario to dance and i was paid well for this. Well who wouldn’t want to see Janelle Ramirez dance on the stage. I need to get ready for this performance but ever since i came back with Alvary i have been having this phobia of being in a plane again. Am scared we might end up crashing and my life would have take another turn just like the other one. Be it private jet or anything am just scared and moreover the plane we took when travelling to Mexico was from JFH since it’s an official trip. This whole plane crashed of a thing changed my life, it used to be me and dad but now it’s my complete family. It was through Alvary i get to know there’s someone who looked like me. If only that accident hasn’t happen it would still be me and dad. I remembered those sweet memories i shared with Alvary back then in Mexico. He was all loving, caring and sweet all because he thought am his goddamn Maja and i was so stupid enough to tell him am not Maja when i regain my memory. I shouldn’t have say that i should have just keep pretending and live happily ever after with him there, we shouldn’t have come back here and now he don’t even value me or even sees me as a friend again. Why can’t he love me despite knowing who i am here in the Philippines. Why am i so unlucky when it comes to love. The vibration from my phone bring me out of my thoughts. It’s a message from a friend. I smiled when i read it. *”good job* i replied back.
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
I and Selene hanged out and it was so much fun, am glad i still have a friend who truly cared for me, i wish i could be able to do things like this with Janelle to talk to her, laugh with her, play around and tell her my problems but that can only happen according to her mood, sometimes she’s nice, sometimes so rude, sometimes you won’t even understand her. I wish she will be the sister i wish to have someday.
“you look disturbed,” Alvary said bringing me out of my thoughts, he placed his warms hand into mine then stare back at me.
“you don’t look okay,”
Am glad we were able to meet after work today and am glad he’s getting quite better. Here we are in a one of the fancy restaurant.
“i couldn’t help but to think about lots of things happening recently,”
“things like? he asked.
“you said you were unconscious ever since you return back home that evening so who could have texted me this? i asked then showed him his message below.
“am sure i didn’t send this, maybe it someone who has my phone in it’s possession,”
“don’t you this this whole thing was planned? i asked.
“am just so confused and if this was planned then who could do that?
“am sorry to say but i know your dad is capable of such thing. Am sorry if i have to remind you how cruel and evil your dad but ever since he murdered my grandpa right in front of me i see him as a heartless being who can get rid of anything that gets on his way,” i said while the countenance on his face changed.
“Jordan told me everything she was sick worried about me. I know the kind of family i have aren’t really good people and i know they don’t like you aside from my mom but i know they won’t do anything to hurt me. Jordan will never allow such thing to happen and dad, i don’t think he can do that to me,” he said.
“and Juliana? i asked while he looked all surprised.
“Jordan showed me your pictures, she said you still love her and you’re still getting in touch and that was the same day when i went to visit you,” i said.
“she .. told you? i and Juliana have nothing serious between us and ever since Janelle came into my life i quit everything with Juliana because i thought i have found you,”
“i trust you Alvary and i hope you won’t break this trust someday,”
“of course not, don’t even think of that. Juliana is my ex and everything i had with her was in the past and it was just to pass time,”
“pass time?.. and who knows if that exactly what you gonna do with me. I don’t even know if you’re here in the Philippine to stay or will still go back to Mexico,” i scoffed getting angry, i can’t just stand the fact that Alvary had something to do with any girl, when we were both apart i still don’t have any boyfriend.
“am sorry for that and am here for you Maja believe me when i say i truly love you,” he cooed.
“i know that Alvary am, only scared of what they future might hold for us,”
“you don’t have to because i will never gonna leave you..”
“it’s okay,” i said calmly, almost in a whisper. There was an awkward silence between us and he held my hand again.
“am sorry,” he later spoke
“for everything and for dragging you into my mess. Who would still want to date a son of a murderer. I value and cherish you so much because after everything that happen all these years, even after what my dad to your family.. you still choose to love me despite everything,”
“and i will still hold onto that love no matter what. I have lost you for this seven years Alvary and now that you’re here i won’t ever let you go again. Love conquers all, it believes all things and am ready to scale every through thick and thin with you in my life. You’re different from your dad and that’s what i choose to see in you,” i smiled.
“and i promise to love, cherish and hold onto this special woman who makes me happy,” he smiled back then kiss me.
“thank you Maja, you don’t have to worry about anything. I will also try to find out about what happen to me…
💕It was a great night with Alvary and i felt so relief talking to him after some days and settling whatever problems we have, we also celebrated my success of working in dad’s company and he promised to visit me tomorrow to see how am doing in my new office. Seriously am so happy to have Alvary in my life again and i hope all these would last and won’t end in tears, he makes my life complete and i love him more for that.
I arrived home and i guess i was a little bit late but not too late because my family were about to have dinner.
“you got us so worried Maja,” mom said while i smiled then woke up to them.
“i was with Alvary so am safe you don’t have to worry,” i smile then sat down beside Janelle.
“it okay if you feel safe with him but you still have to be careful, i don’t want what happen to your mom to also happen to anyone of you,” dad said.
“i know dad, well let enjoy our dinner i guess i came at the right time,” i smiled.
“yeah, so how was your date with Alvary? Janelle asked with a smile.
“it went fine, well that reminds me dad who’s Steven? i asked.
“Steven? Janelle repeated surprised.
“yeah Steven Austuco, am just curious,”
“oh, he was my secretary before he later got a better position, am sorry i forgot to tell you about him, well he has been working in that company for almost three years now,”
“wow,” i said focused on my meal.
“he’s a nice guy.. right? Janelle asked.
“well i don’t know him that much i only get to know him today,” i said.
“you’ll get to know him soon,” she smiled and i wonder what she meant by that. I just waved that off and we had a great time having dinner together as family, Janelle told us she’ll be going to Ontario the other week for a show and i was so happy for her. Maybe aside from her other shows i have seen, i have never see her dance.
😃After dinner i went to check up on Janelle in her room and i meet her busy with her laptop.
“hi Janelle,” i smiled then walked to her bed and sat on it.
“like seriously! who gave you the permission to even sit on my bed that way, don’t you have a room? she glare at me while i end up laughing.
“we are sisters and am sleeping here tonight it’s not like i need your permission to do so,” i said.
“of course it has to be with my permission i hate disturbance,”
“am not gonna disturbed you, i just want to be with my sister. Can’t we at least share the same room,”
“share the same room,” she repeat in a mockery tone then laughed.
“go and do that with Alvary not me,” she scoffed.
“okay.. to cut the long story short i will really like to see you perform in Ontario,”
“i will like to go there with you,” i smiled, she held a frown face but later smiled as if she thought of something.
“are you serious? she asked.
“sure, who wouldn’t want to go out with someone like you Janelle. I know it will gonna be so fun out there with my sister,”
“sure thing! she smile the close the laptop and join me on the bed.
“but can you dance? she asked.
“nop! dancing is not my thing, you’ll laughed out your lungs whenever i dance,” i laughed.
“so when you wanted to act like me when i was in mexico why didn’t you last with the acting?
“it was a tough one when i learn you’re into fashion and a diva. I mean am not even use to the public, am not a good dancer and i know nothing about fashion. I realize i don’t actually have what it takes to be Janelle Ramirez but am glad i was able to be with dad for the two days i was here. I envy you Janelle, everyone likes you,” i smiled.
“yeah everyone likes me but it also saddens my heart to know that this one person i love doesn’t even like me back,” she said sadly, could she be referring to Alvary, Clark or someone else. I wanted to say something but she stood up then smiled.
“i hope you don’t mind if i teach you some few steps now,”
“Janelle Ramirez gonna teach me how to dance.. thank you,” i yelled then jumped on her but we both end up falling down on the floor.
“ouch! that hurts you know am not strong enough for you to jump on me that way,” she frown.
“so that means am more stronger than you and can beat the hell out of you if you got me pissed,” i teased.
“like seriously! Our laughter was what filled the room and i hope this is genuine and will last forever. This the kind of life i want to have with any of my sibling to be best friends.
😴😴I stretched my hand and rolled to the other side of the bed. My eyes were still closed, i stretched my hands and legs then rolled over. OMG! I ended up pushing Janelle down on the floor. omg! i didn’t even realize i occupied the whole bed alone and Janelle was fast asleep at the edge.
“ouch! she quickly stood up.
“did you just pushed me, that’s the reason i never wanted you to sleep here,” she rolled her eyes.
“am sorry.. i was so tired we slept so late yesterday and i didn’t even know i occupied the whole bed alone,” i laughed but a pillow landed on my head.
“good for you, big head! she cussed the throw another pillow at me before walking out of the room. I wanted to follow her but my phone rang and i immediately pick the phone on the table. I smiled when i saw the caller. Alvary*
“hi sweet love,” i said so excited as i walked to the window to answer his call😃.
❤ I couldn’t stop laughing and now my stomach really hurts. Steven is really fun to be with, he has been here for the past ten minutes cracking this crazy jokes, it seems like we’ve been friends for a very long time. I guess everyone is right he’s such a nice guy and fun to be with. I ate a little from the cupcake he gave me and it was damn delicious well he just came to my office with those cupcakes and insisted i take it, it wouldn’t be nice if i rejected it.
“you so different from Janelle,” he said when the laughter died down.
“and to be honest i like you, i guess this what really attracts me to you, your calmness. You are just the opposite version of Janelle,” he smiled.
“hey! my sister is nice okay,”i said then ate from the cupcake again.
“it so delicious..
“yeah, i brought this on my way here,” he smiled.
“the last time i crossed path with Janelle we ended up arguing. She’s just too proud and thinks she can order anyone around all because her dad owns the company,”
“that’s what everyone says about Janelle but i see her differently. She’s not what you guys think,”
“well maybe she hasn’t show you her bad side after all you’re her sister and you need to get along,” he said.
“yeah and am glad everything is falling into place. Janelle and i are becoming more than friends now,” i smiled remembering last night.
“I was shocked when i heard Janelle twin sister is back with her mother. I was also looking forward to the party to see you and your mom but unfortunately i was out on a business trip,” he smiled.
“oh, well you’ve finally meet me,”
“and your mom? I heard about what happen at the party, she was shot,”
“yeah, she’s okay now and am glad no one is bothering us again. they are bunch of enemies out there always waiting to devour us,”
“nothing bad will gonna happen again,” he smiled then moved more closer to me. omg! what is he trying to do? I could feel his breathe and am sure he could feel mine. He stare at me… we spent some time staring at each other..
“the cupcake seems so sweet,” he said calmly, he place his thumb on the corner of my lips which got me shocked.
“now you look good, i just wipe off the piece of the cake you left there,” he smiled the moved backward giving me some air to breath.
“thanks! i just muttered slowly wondering what his intentions really are..!!!🙄

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