💧Episode 36🔥
By Tiana
Alvary’s POV▪▪▪▪
Maja,” i called while they suddenly disengaged from the hug, i was surprise to see a cut on her lips. What just happen!!
“Maja,” i called still in shocked when she saw me, she quickly rushed to my arms and i hugged her tight. The guy just stood watching us.
“what happened? i asked when we finally disengaged from the hug, her eyes were already clouded with tears.
“who did this to you? i asked staring at the guy angrily.
“it someone i don’t even know but i know he’s one of the cleaner here, he just happen to snatched my bag and when i try to defend myself by trying to fight him back he hit me and i sustain this injury. Thanks Goodness Steven was here on time to help me,” she said trying to hold back her tears, i quickly held her back.
“it okay love,” i cooed and we remain in that position until she was cool again.
“so where’s the man? the one that did this to you? i asked angrily.
“thanks goodness he was caught immediately i came. Mr. Sebastain is handling the case with the security men outside,” the guy Steven answered while i just nodded.
“anyway thanks,” i said then turn to Maja and held her hand. We were about to leave but she stopped and thank Steven again.
…. We walked to her office and i sat down beside her.
“am sorry i couldn’t protect you,”
“it’s okay..
“i thought this place is well secured! why will a man want to steal something from you?
“he just happen to be one of the cleaner here,”
“cleaner! and why will that guy just showed up from nowhere to save you,”
“it’s just a coincidence and am glad Steven came just right on time,”
“then you have to stay away from him,” i said while she look kinda surprised.
“Steven is just a friend,”
“you still have to stay away from him, i don’t think he’s real. I mean by the sudden closeness, it doesn’t feels right,” i jibed.
“huh! Steven is a cool guy and there’s nothing going on between..
“that’s not the point Maja, i just don’t like him,” i said while she sighed.
“okay.. but what’s your reason after all?
“this might be part of their plan or any set up because Jordan gave me a picture of you and him just yesterday and that’s means someone is stalking you and you’re not safe,” i expound.
“what! my picture? she asked with a crumpled face.
“Jordan said someone ask her to give me that. I just don’t want to believe any of this because i love you so much,”
“it’s okay Alvary i will be more careful around him, but why will anyone even take a picture of us?
“that’s the point so you just have to be careful,”
“does it still hurt? i asked referring to the small cut on her lips.
“it does, maybe a kiss will do,” she said shyly while i didn’t hesitate to pulled her closer and kissed her.
“does it still hurt or it need more kiss,” i asked making a puppy face while she laughed. Her excited face felt like a music to my ears.
“i feel a lot better now, just seeing you today lighten up my mood,” she chuckle.
“Maja! we heard a masculine voice from the door and he saw Mr. Sébastien walked in.
“good morning Sir,” i greeted while he answered.
“you look better now,” he said said referring to Maja.
“yes dad, Alvary is here to cheer me up and i almost forgot about the incident,” she smiled.
“thanks for making my princess happy,” her dad said to me while i smiled.
“anything for her,” i replied.
“We’ve hand him over to the police for investigation he have to pay for hurting you this way,” dad said.
“it’s not necessary dad, i guess the poor cleaner need something and beside am fine i thought there’s no need of involving the police here,”
“we have to Maja, this not just something he will take lightly. I have talk to our Doctor and he’s already on his way to check up on you,” he said while Maja gasped.
“am fine dad, i don’t need any check up, it’s just a small cut,” she laughed.
“stop acting so funny Maja, this not small cut you know,” i chipped while she rolled her eyes at me making me to laugh.
“he need to make sure you’re okay Maja, i couldn’t want to risk your life for anything,”
“thank you dad,” she smiled then hugged him. I felt left out and sad remembering the kind of family i had and also my dad, even thou the only person i cared so much for is Jordan and mom.
“you can take a day off if you’re still troubled about the incident,” he said to her.
“no dad, am fine and Alvary is here to keep me busy,” she smiled looking at me while i nodded.
“okay then! i have to go now, take care,” he smiled then walked out.
“Awwwn.. you seems pretty close with your dad and it’s not been long you’ve meet him,” i said.
“yeah and during those times i get to realize dad is a good man,” she smiled.
“i hope Janelle is also free with your mom like this?
“not really, anyway i miss her,” she said making a sad face, then removed her phone from her bag.
“i will call to know how she’s doing,”
“not now, we will call her when we are less busy,”
“busy? she asked.
“yeah, of course am damn busy with you,” i said.
“busy indeed,” she rolled her eyes while i filled in the space between us with my face and dashed my lips against her, she wrapped her hands around me and deepened the kiss until it got breathless and intense, our lips still mashed on each other in a fierce and hot kiss, the feeling feels so good…
Two days Later✨✨
Janelle’s POV💙💙
Today was so much fun but i can’t tomorrow cos i will be leaving.
The show was exciting and everything done during this two days was superb.
“so babe are you sure you’re leaving tomorrow? Barry asked, one of the handsome guy from boys band, he has been all over me this few days well maybe it’s because we’ve known each other before and it’s been a long time we saw each other.
“is that a question?
“aren’t you gonna stay for some time so we can have a good time together…
“huh! i need to see my family and beside i gat business to handle i know people at JFH needs me and am sure the band also need you as well as their leader,” i smiled.
“yeah, but i was hoping..
“no Barry, you can’t convince me,” i said.
“oh.. well maybe we can hang out together at my house.. tonight
“oh.. that will be so much fun,”
“okay Barry see you later, i gat to go now,” i said and with that i stood up and left the hall. The loud music was still buzzing, everyone look so excited and busy as well. I walked out of the wall when i bumped into Clark, i rolled my eyes, i thought he left already and why isn’t he with that dull girl. I was about leaving when i felt his cold hand on my wrist.
“hi Janelle,” he said while i turn to him then jerk off his hands from mine.
“this the last day of this goddamn show so don’t tell me you’re just seeing me for the very first time? i asked angrily.
“of course not, by the way i like your performance yesterday,” he chuckle, acting as if we are even friends. I mean he ignore me for this two days only for him to showed up saying he like performance.
“can’t we at least talk?
“we have nothing to talk about,” i snapped
“don’t tell me you’re jealous because you saw me with Tharra!,” he said out of nowhere as if reading my mind but hell no! am not jealous.
“Jealous! i scoffed.
“that can never happen. Today was such a long day and am damn tired so i need to leave,” i snapped, then walked out angrily, he said something behind me but i didn’t even care to hear what he said.
▪▪ I arrived to my hotel room, i felt so tired like i wasn’t myself anymore, i wanted to call dad and told him how today went on but i felt so weak to do that i just laid down on my bed to rest and before i knew it i drifted to sleep.
I slowly open my eyes then pick my phone to check the time and i was damn surprise to see it’s 9:30AM.
What! did i sleep this much, i quickly stood up and stare at the phone so well. Three missed call from dad, two from Maja and six from Barry. Omg! i even forget i was suppose to be with yesterday and dad! i should have call him not to get them so worried. I rubbed my eyes then stood up. Gosh i can’t believe i slept with the same dress i wore yesterday. Suddenly i heard a knock on the door and i went to open it- surprised by who i saw.. what the heck is he doing here??? i frown.
Maja’s POV😀
Everything was sparkling, looking so beautiful as usual. i personally make sure Janelle’s room look so good and neat, nanny Loren helped me out with all these and also the food in the kitchen, we made her favorite meal and everyone was ready to welcomed her am glad Alvary also came alone.
Immediately dad’s phone rang and he picked up the call. I hope it’s Janelle maybe she’s already at the airport.
“what! how is that even possible,” i heard dad’s voice, he seems so shocked and the look on the face wasn’t encouraging at all.
“dad.. is it Janelle? i asked and everyone was silence waiting to hear his response.
“i don’t know.. if this is true but i just got this information now… that Janelle is murdered in her hotel room,” he dropped the bombshell and i stood there speechless.😥

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