💧Episode 37🔥
By Tiana
Maja’s POV▪▪
“are you okay Maja? mom asked, jolting me out from my thoughts. I was the dining room setting things in order. Was that just an imagination that Janelle is murdered! Then what sort of bad imagination is that, it looks so real.
“you seems scared? mom asked dropping some plates on the table.
Thank goodness is just an imagination. I can’t lose Janelle.
“am fine mom, just lost in thought, i just hope Janelle will be home safe, am just starting to get worried,”
“of course she will come home safe. Your sister is strong and am sure everything will work out well,”
“i hope so mom,” i said slowly
“you don’t have to think negative or feel down with this, let get all this ready am sure Janelle will love it,” Mom smiled while i nodded and get on with the work.
An hour later…✨
I heaved a sigh of relief knowing Janelle is back safely. Dad was able to reached her and him and mom were already on there way to the airport to pick her.
“that was one hell of a bad imagination, it look so real,” i told Alvary about it.
“thank goodness she’s back i guess you should forget about that and pray for her safety and also your family,” he cooed, we were both standing at the balcony when i sighted a car drove in. This must be Janelle.
“she’s the one,” i smiled then rushed outside to meet her.
“Janelle! i called still standing at the porch. She looked so fresh and beautiful.
“Maja,” she called then rushed and hugged me.
“I’ve missed you,” she giggle then disengaged from the hug am glad she looks so happy maybe my imagination was just the opposite.
❤ We all settled down at the dining table and we had dinner together.
“thanks for coming tonight Alvary,” Janelle said then winked at him.
“so how was your stay in Ontario? dad asked.
“it was fabulous dad, everything was fun,” she chuckle
“it’s written all over your face that’s the reason i insisted we should go so we could have that fun together,”
“Awwwwwn… don’t worry we still have all the time to hang out together,” she smiled.
“hope you like this, it’s your favorite,” mom smiled referring to the meal.
“i love it mom! thank you all for this, it makes me feel like a princess,”
“of course you’re a princess already. You and Maja are our princess,” dad chipped in.
The rest of the evening was cool and i enjoyed every moment i shared with my family. After dinner Alvary later left and i get to be with Janelle she was so happy with the day i arranged her room, it look so different because i change the decoration.
“this looks better you know,” she giggle.
“yeah! i did it with the help of nanny Loren, she said you like it this way i guess she knows a lot about you,”
“thank you,”
“well i guess you have no idea how i missed you, i will only leave you for tonight to rest while tomorrow you gist me about everything,”
“I had a good time there but…
“but what? i asked surprised to see the frown look on her face.
“am fine actually, just so tired,”
“yeah, it was indeed a very long day… i yawned feeling sleepy already.
▪▪Alvary’s POV▪▪
“okay mom, thanks and bye,” Jordan said happily before she hanged up. Am glad we were able to talk to mom today, she must really feel so lonely without us.
“i miss mom you know,” Jordan smiled.
“same here,” i sigh
“i sometimes wish she and dad aren’t separated but why do i even feel she’s just so far away from us for no good reason,”
“mom is happy without dad and whatever her decision is am right behind her and will always support her, you know mom can’t possibly leave Mexico for anything now. well i don’t blame her but dad who has been irresponsible maybe it a good thing mom left him, it’s better than way than getting hurt,” i said while she just shrugged.
It’s a good thing i and Jordan patched things up and i felt so relief about that, i just hope she’s not behind any of this, i don’t know why i have this feelings about her maybe it’s because she never liked Maja, even thou she acted as if she does like her i still can’t believe her yet because i know her too well.
▪▪Sebastian’s POV😀
Today was hectic at work and i came home a little late even thou i able to meet up with all them at the dining table. After having dinner i decided to tell them about my plans. Yeah i know they will all be surprise but i have to let them know about it the sooner, i don’t want to waste much time again because i just want a happy family and be with the one i loved.
“i have something important to tell you,” i said to them!
“something important like what? Janelle asked.
“well am…,” i paused then look at Claire who was curious to know what i have to say.
“am getting married,” i dropped the bombshell while they all look surprise.
“married? Claire asked in a soft voice almost like a whisper.
“getting married? like seriously…” Janelle scoffed.
“yes, i mean i deserve to be happy to. And now that i have my two daughters beside me i also want to have someone who i truly love by my side,” i said.
“but what about mom.. i thought you said you like her? Maja asked.
“yes i do but she isn’t ready to reciprocate, she doesn’t feel the same way probably because she’s still hurt by what i did to her but i will still say that am sorry for everything and will make it up to her anyhow,” i said.
“you don’t have to, am fine,” Claire replied coldly.
“well am happy you want to moved on again but why do i have a bad feeling about this. Who is she? will she like your daughters? don’t you think this might be the beginning of your family problem? Loren asked while i sigh!
“i know but trust me, she loves them and we wouldn’t have any problem about that. Maybe i will introduce you to her next week,” i smiled.
“Next week? isn’t that gonna take long. Dad it’s been long i saw you with any other women. I thought you were only focus on business and our family or don’t tell me you’re into a secret relationship? Janelle asked while i rolled my eyes.
“Janelle! dad has every right to choose who he want to be with,” Maja chipped in.
“but what about mom? she asked.
“it doesn’t have to be her,” i said.
‘but dad you never told me you have any lady and who knows if am not gonna like her,”
“well that not any of your problem because nothing will ever change the fact that am getting married and it doesn’t have to be with your permission Janelle, am just doing what’s best for the family,” i said and with that i left to my room.

Maja’s POV▪▪
“Aren’t you happy dad is getting married? i asked Janelle.
“well am just surprised because i thought he will patch things up with mom,” she rolled her eyes while mom stood up and left, she doesn’t look happy at all.
“and i don’t know if i will like the woman he’s getting married to. Look Maja what’s the point of getting married to another woman while we have our mother what’s the reason of having a step mother those are all gold diggers who are after dad’s money,”
“it not like we have a choice, we should support him to make him happy,’
“and mom do you think she’s happy now? she asked.
“we can’t force love, if this how things are destined to be then so be it,” i said.
“okay…,” she rolled her eyes then stood up and left! now am just left with Nanny Loren.
“do you think dad is doing the right thing? i asked her.
“i don’t know but if that will guarantee his complete happiness we have to support him you know,”
“that’s what i think so, let me just check up on mom,” i said then headed to her room but she wasn’t there. i wondered where she could have gone to this evening. I decide to check her at the balcony and good thing i have found her there.
“mom,” i said with a smile then moved closer to her.
“i thought you guys are asleep,” she asked..
“no mom i just want to know how you’re doing,”
“am perfectly fine Maja,” she smile but i could tell that’s doesn’t look real.
“are .. are you okay with dad decision of getting married? i asked while she kept quiet then later spoke.
“if that will make him happy,” she smiled.
“i think i have also overstayed my welcome here. I might be leaving anytime soon,” she said.
“leaving? to where? and what for? i asked confused.
“he’s getting married right? and that means he bringing in a new wife who would see me as her mistress or whatever. I don’t want any drama, i just want what’s best for you and Janelle. I can’t keep staying in the same roof with Sebastian- not any longer, it doesn’t feel right at all,”
“then am going with you mother, but dad never ask you to leave and aren’t you happy we are living together as family? i asked
“of course i am but i don’t belong here, am only here because of you and Janelle,”
“but mom..
“let talk about this tomorrow, i need some rest,” she said and with that she walked back to her room leaving me speechless😔
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