💧Episode 38🔥
By Tiana
A huge man was seen at the ware house with his boys as they discussed about their next plan.
“this the last option, so you have to be smart in kidnapping those two, our money will be complete when the job is perfectly done,” Bruce their leader inform the other boys.
Maja’s POV▪▪
“That sound funny you know,” i laughed enjoying the time with Selene.
“hi,” i heard a familiar voice and i turn to see Steven. Ever since the incidence he has been so busy or should i say avoiding me or is it because of Alvary.
“Steven,” i smiled while he walked up to us.
“i miss my friend so much,” he smile
“yeah, i thought you are avoiding me?
“of course not, am just busy. Am just being so careful because i don’t want to get fired,”
“oh! no one is getting you fired you know as long as you did the right thing,”
“yeah, see you later then,” he said then left…
“he really seems to like you,” Selene said when he was out of sight.
“we are just friends,” i rolled my eyes.
“so what’s that look for..?
“i just remembered what Alvary told me. Who on earth would actually snapped my pictures with Steven and still send it to Alvary. That weird you know,”
“what! whoever the person might be must be against your relationship with Alvary and who knows if he’s being used as a distraction to you,”
“distraction? i asked again trying to figure out what she means.
“he might be part of the plan and at the same time he might be innocent and just a friend to you but definitely you have to be carefull,”
“this getting scary than i thought, does that means there’s someone stalking me here in this place? i asked
“probably,” she shrugged.
“just be more careful.. okay,” she cooed leaving me so worried. Steven might be a distraction! how?
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪
I gulped down another cup of the wine. This perfect! I checked the time and notice it 9pm already. The club was damn lively and so busy but the loud music was really so disturbing to my ears.
“are you trying to get yourself drunk? Sally asked while i rolled my eyes.
“so babe, don’t tell me you came back with Clark. Don’t you think he’s trying to make it up to you somehow,” Vera asked.
“by being with that silly girl i hate. Clark can be so unbelievable atimes,” i rolled my eyes..
“hey girls what’s the point of even talking about him, you don’t love him right? Sally asked while i laughed! such a lame question.
“okay.. are you damn serious about your dad getting married?
“yes and am not gonna let that happen,. can you imagine he didn’t even tell me about the so called woman,” i said angrily.
“so what about your mom then? Sally chipped in.
“who cares,” i shrugged then drank from my bottle.
“so what’s up with Alvary,” Vera asked
“he’s gonna pay for ever treating me as if am a piece of trash and with time Maja will get to know the real him. If i can’t have Alvary to myself then no one will not after what he did to me,” i groaned.
“even if it means hurting your sister? they asked.
“no one is getting hurt, just wanna play a little game,” i giggle then stood up.
“feel like dancing you know,” i laughed then walked to the dancing floor.
✨✨I slowly open my eyes as the sunlight reflect through them. I quickly close them back then rolled to the other side of the bed. My head really hurts i came home late at night yesterday because the party was so much fun.
“Janelle,” i heard mom voice then slowly open my eyes, i saw her standing with Maja beside her.
“mom! i called slowly then sat up.
“here is your milk,” she said then dropped the glass of milk on my table.
“you look so wasted yesterday and i was scared something might happen to you,.” she said sitting down beside me.
“am fine,” i smile.
“huh.. where’s dad? i asked.
“he just left or work,” Maja replied.
“he left without coming to see me? i asked
“hmmm, actually he was a bit angry with you seeing how wasted you came home yesterday but you know he wouldn’t stay angry with you for a long time,” Maja expound while i scoffed.
“hmmm i just need some rest, i want to be alone,”
“oh… okay if you need anything just tell me. Breakfast is also ready if you feel like eating i will also serve you your breakfast now,”
“not yet, thanks mom,” i said while she stood up.
“maybe i will leave you two to have a good time,” she said before walking out. I rolled my eyes when i see Maja still standing.
“how are you feeling now”? she asked sitting down beside me
“am fine,”
“so why was dad angry? i asked.
“oh.. you don’t have to worry,” she smiled.
“it’s feels so good catching fun with my friends after a long time of being so busy,”
“well it a good thing your driver was there to drive you home,” she said while i rolled my eyes…
❤Claire’s POV❤
I was so confused at the stage, i don’t know what else to do. I just want to leave and start a life of my own and not depending on anyone again but i can’t leave my daughters behind, i don’t want to live a lonely life without them. I need to tell Sebastian about my plans. I put on my flip flops then went to his study room just as expected, i meet him on call so i have to wait until he was done.
“Claire,” he smiled then ushered me sit down opposite to him which i did.
“so what’s up? he asked as he close down his system then jotted down something on a file before pushing it aside.
“i will be leaving here soon,’ i said..
“leaving..? to where? and what for? he asked sounding a bit confused.
“i don’t want to stay here any longer,”
“but your life is still at risk, you’ve not fully recovered from what happen and now you want to leave?
“you don’t expect me to stay here while you’ll get married, i don’t belong here…
“and they kids? are you leaving them behind or what? are you giving up on this family?
“you first gave me on us while i was still pregnant, it all fault and i don’t want to be with a man like you. Yes i appreciate your care and concern but it’s time i leave because we are two different people,” i yelled angrily, everything is getting me so angry now.
“this might affect the kids and just when i thought i will get to be close to Maja and you to Janelle and they two sisters will get to know each other the more,”
“why did you care this much? my only concern is for Maja and Janelle to be happy wherever they chose to stay,”
“you’ve changed so much Claire, i need my old Claire back they one who seems so lively and loved me so much back then,” he said while i scoffed.
“i was so foolish to have trust all your fake promise, all those love died within those years because i was hurt,” i said then stood up and was about leaving.
“it’s your choice and i won’t stop you from leaving but please i hope you’ll stay tomorrow evening so that you will get to see my bride that’s if you’re still happy for me. After that you can leave if you want to,” he said. Is he trying to mock me or what.
“okay,” i nodded then walked back to my room angrily, i felt helpless. I don’t know why am this angry now i think i don’t like the idea of him getting married again! What does he mean i will wait for the night he will introduce his so called bride. I was so much in love with Sebastian back then and working for him as a maid to paid off my dad hospital’s bill create a bittersweet memory for us. He only fooled me because he choose his wife over me, he didn’t even care i was carrying his baby. I was so heartbroken that i have to dumped Janelle to him. Everything was shattered and just when i thought he was out of my life forever Janelle showed up in our lives and here i am stocked in his house with my daughters. I wish i could let the past be in the past since he’s truly sorry for what he did but the pain is still there and am scared of getting hurt again, he shouldn’t expect me to feel that love for him again or maybe i still love but my heart is still clouded up with that pain and scared of getting hurt again.
😀We all settle at the dinning table and Sebastian told us he’ll be introducing his wife but we hasn’t seen anyone yet.
“why is she keeping us waiting, i thought you said you have invited her for dinner? Janelle asked him.
“yeah, it taking longer than expected,” he said then stood up.
“i just need your support in that, well can you all step outside,” he said.
“outside, has she arrived and why wouldn’t she come in? Janelle jibed.
“can you just stop complaining and follow me,” he said while we were all surprised then trailed behind him.
We all step outside and i was surprise by what i saw. A brand new car and a bouquet of flower at the front. Is this for the woman he’s getting married?
“dad.. what’s this for? Janelle asked surprise while Maja was smiling, i have a feeling she knew about this all alone because she don’t look surprise.
“this for you Claire,” he said surprising me the more as me gave me the bouquet of flower.
“thanks, but this shouldn’t be given to me,,” i said still surprised.
“just read the letter inside,” he said and that’s when i realize there’s a small card inside the flower, my heart was beating so fast as i slowly read from the card.
This the biggest shocked of my life. 💌”Will you marry me Claire?”💌 I read the letter again. Maja and rushed to my side to read from the letter too.
“OMG! Janelle exclaimed looking surprised as well. My eyes were clouded up with tears, i turn to see Sebastian and realize he was on his knee holding a small box which has a diamond ring, it look so expensive and very beautiful.
“make me the happiest man so our family can be complete and whole again. I love you Claire and you’re the woman i have been talking about all along, i hope to spent the rest of my life with you, until we grow old with our children by our side…
Oh my! what is Sebastian doing again! my heart was filled with tears, he still bent on having me in his life and that means he’s really sorry about everything maybe we are actually meant for each other but circumstance and situation twisted everything. After all is not a bad thing marrying the father of my beautiful twins.
“i love you Claire please just say yes to make me happy for the rest of my life… please,” he said while stood there speechless, i turn to Maja who was ushering me to accept him, Janelle too seems happy about it and also Mrs Loren.
“Seb,” i called while his gaze was fixed on me. I wipe the tears trickling down my cheeks then smile.
“yes.. i will marry you because i love you too,” i said and he slipped the ring to my finger then stood up, place a soft kiss on my lips then hugged me tight. It been long i felt this way… i feel so special.
“thank you,” he cooed.
“mission accomplished,” Maja smiled as she join our hug too.
“mission accomplished? i asked.
“actually Maja planned all this, it was all part of her plan and am glad it worked out am sure you wouldn’t stand to see me bring in another woman,” Sebastian teased while i laughed.
“that explains why you weren’t worried, anyway thank you,” i smiled then hugged her, Maja knows the right way for anyone to get to my heart.
“are you now leaving as you said? he teased.
“of course not,” i laughed.
“congratulations Sebastian and Claire,” Mrs. Loren said happily while i smiled.
“congrats dad,” Janelle smiled.
“but don’t tell me you planned this all alone why didn’t you tell me earlier? she asked.
“it’s a surprise and now you know it,” Maja said.
“it nothing Janelle. Maja is the master planner and we planned to keep it a secret until a day like this comes,” Sebastian said while she nodded then walked back inside the house.
Janelle’s POV🖤🖤
I frown the moment i walked back inside.
So dad and Maja planned this all alone and non of them even care to tell me so we can all surprise mom. I thought i and dad use to be so close and we don’t keep secrets but ever since Maja came into our lives Dad like her more than me that’s why she’s working at the company, he sees her as the responsible and sensitive daughter and not me again.
“Janelle,” a familiar voice called me and i turn to see Maja with a smile.
“why are you here, dad want us to take some photos and celebrate outside,” she said.
“why didn’t you tell me? i asked with a frown.
“about what?
“the surprise, i thought we are sisters and no secret,” i yelled.
“is that why you are so worked up about it, why are you even sounding angry. It was my plan and we just decide to surprise mom and see whether she still have some feelings for dad, the fact that we didn’t include you doesn’t mean you’re not important to us. It’s a surprise,” she said.
“surprised! okay i understand,” i fake a smile.
” i will just get something from my room,” i said then hurriedly walked upstairs to my room. I stood beside my window then dialed a number in my phone, thanks goodness i still have this number, it Leah Dad’s ex lover… This will gonna be fun with her in the picture again!!!👿

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