💧Episode 39🔥
By Tiana

Janelle’s POV
“So Leah what did you think? i asked then stood up and pick my purse. It a good thing she agree to meet me at the Stars restaurant and i told her everything i needed her to do for me. I just want to use her as a little distraction so that dad and mom wedding won’t pushed through.
“it’s not like you’re killing someone right?
“i thought they are your family, why will you want that? she asked.
“i have my own reasons and you’re not in the right position to ask any question because you’ll get paid for it,”
“paid? she asked again the chuckled.
” i thought you never want me for your dad, you were one of the reason Sebastian never really loved me! all because of your stupidity,” she said angrily.
“calm down Leah, because am gonna pay you double or even triple of what you need and yes i never really like you for my dad and i still stand on my words, i just want you to cause a little distraction,” i scoffed
“even at the cause of your dad happiness? what type of daughter are you? i thought whatever Sebastian ever did was all for you so why are you trying to repay him this way,”
“you’re in no position to tell me that, i love my dad and am doing what’s best for him, now are you doing this or not?
“you can’t use me Janelle, not anymore because i have gotten over your dad a long time ago and what if i decide to tell him about your plans,” she whisper while i laughed.
“really, well let see,” i said then angrily walked outside to my car.
I sat down then let out a loud scream.
what a bitch!! gosh, i hate her she just embarrassed me.
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
I scrolled down to see more of mom and dad pictures on the internet, it’s all over the net because dad just introduce her to the as his wife to be to the public, it so sweet and am glad they’re officially back again and that’s means our family will be complete.
“am so happy for you mom,” i said as i peck her cheeks.
“thanks am happy as well,” she chuckle
“dad is already serious about everything and i hope your wedding will soon push through soon,”
“but am scared Maja,” she said as the smiles on her face died down.
“am scared people might see me as a gold digger and this may bring more enemies to us remember someone out their is still after our life,” she said.
“you don’t have to care about what others say all that matters is that you’re my mother and you’re loved by dad and as for out enemies Karma will surely catch up with whosoever they are and am sure dad will do something about this,”
” i know Maja but i couldn’t help but feel scared and the only person my instinct keep telling me is Lewis, he might be the person who wants us dead, he might be the one who even shoot me that time,”
“Lewis? i asked feeling sad about the whole thing. Mom might be right because that man is unpredictable….
💙Dad came later that evening and after dinner mom told him about her fears.
you don’t have to worry Claire, my family is my first priority and i will do everything to make sure we all are safe,”
“i wish i can send back that man to jail, he’s suppose to pay for what he did to my father, he shouldn’t be alive and free,” mom said bitterly.
“if only you still can some evidence about him concerning the incident that happen, i know the cops will do everything to put him behinds bars,” dad suggested.
“that’s the point we don’t have anything to use against him and i sometimes wonder if my instincts are right about him trying to have us killed then he’s a monster because i don’t know what he want from us again,” mom said and that bring all the bitter memories i never wished to remembered, how he shoot grandpa, now i feel so guilty of dating his son, maybe mom was right i and Alvary shouldn’t be a thing in the first place now i know grandpa will be so disappointed in me but i just couldn’t helped it because Alvary is so different from him.
“that’s the point now whatever plan we did against him there’s still a spy among us who will go out and leak this information,” Janelle said taking everyone by surprised. A spy?
“A spy? dad asked curious.
“yes dad, it’s Maja or have you guys forgotten she he’s son girlfriend and might tell him everything,” Janelle bashed out.
“Jan…” i almost yelled.
“what did you mean by that? i scoffed.
“yes! and i guess that’s why you insisted to cling your ugly self to Alvary,” she yelled then stood up and hurried to her room.
“Janelle,! mom called but she shoned her without even turning back.
” i will talk to her myself,” i said to mom then stood up.
“what the heck is wrong with Janelle these days,” dad complained while i hurried to her room.
“Janelle i thought we are cool with each other so why the harsh attitude? i asked while she turn angrily at me.
“am not giving you any harsh attitude am only stating the real facts about you,” she yelled.
“and i have also notice ever since the night dad proposed to mom you’ve been giving me silent treatment, aren’t you happy for them? i asked again but i was shocked when she slapped me.
“next time you couldn’t think of such thing about me,” she rasp while i felt my anger building up as i held my cheeks in pain.
“and why the heck would you slapped me? what type of sister are you? i asked angrily.
“this just the real me Maja, i find you very irritating and so annoying for my liking these days, so you should learn to stay in your lane and not cross your boundaries or else am gonna deal with you,” she snapped then intentionally pushed me with her shoulders making me lose balance, i felt so angry seeing her treating me this way for no good reason, she was about going out when i pulled her then dragged her hair and pushed her to the floor.
“am not your kid sister who you can bullied and go scot free,” i said angrily then slapped her and pulled her hair more harder i will make sure i pull every strand of hair in her empty head.
“Maja! a familiar voice called and i turn to the direction it was mom and dad at the door, they quickly pulled me away from Janelle who quickly stood up looking so mess up.
“were you two fighting? dad asked looking so disappointed.
“why will you have to fight her this way? mom scold me.
“she first slapped me and i couldn’t let it slide,” i replied angry.
“did you do that Janelle? dad asked but she rolled her eyes and then rushed to her table as she picked her car keys.
“go ahead and blame me. I know you never love me because you’ve always choose Maja over me, everyone prefer to choose Maja over me and you’re not an exceptional. Am leaving this house for you so you can have a good time with your favorite daughter,” Janelle said angrily with her eyes clouded with tears, mom was trying to hold her but she pushed her then made her way to the door and hurriedly left.
“am so disappointed,” dad said to me and i felt so sad about everything.
“wait a minute Janelle,’ he called after her then hurriedly left.
“am sorry mom,” i mumbled.
“Maja.. why would you do that to your sister?
“I have tolerated Janelle enough, she can’t bullied me as if am her kid sister or whatsoever,” i said trying to defend myself.
“we all know how Janelle behaved atime, you should have just tolerated her or rather walked away since she was in a bad mood. It was a bad idea to even talk to her when she’s angry,”
▪▪I sat down at the sitting room feeling so guilty about what just happen. Janelle left and dad couldn’t stop her not even her nanny Loren talk more of me or mom.
“i don’t know how you will do it but you have to reconcile with your sister tomorrow morning,” dad said while i sigh. How will i even do that when she just left.
“how do you expect things to worked out well when you and sister can’t even get along,”
“please where could she be by this time of the night? mom asked.
“you don’t have to worry she might be in one of her mansion but am sure she will come back here tomorrow,” dad said….
I walked to and fro in my room, i couldn’t sleep that night as i kept thinking about Janelle, what if something happens to her, how can she be able to sleep in such a big house alone. I called her several times but she wasn’t picking up i tired again and unfortunate her line was off. I just want to apologies to her. I can’t get mad at my sister for this long, we need to talk so i can at least know she’s fine…. my heart was really troubled and i was so restless i shouldn’t have pulled her back to start a fight with her but it’s wasn’t my fault either because i was so consumed in my anger.
“why will you do this to me Janelle, why will you do this to me,” i yelled at her angrily while she kept crying without saying a thing.
“when i was first told i have a sister i was so happy because i have always want to have a sibling but not an evil person like you. I regret ever knowing you, i shouldn’t have been your twin sister and believe me in my next world i wouldn’t choose to be paired with such an evil person as a twin sister. You decide to cause me so much pain knowing fully how much i loved him, i love Alvary but you still go ahead to split us apart,” i wept bitterly.
“am… so… Sorry Maja,” she spoke amidst tears.
“just forget if you ever have a sister,” i said angrily then walked away as she called my name which echoed around the lonely paths….
I slowly open my eyes, feeling a heavy headache, i touched my face and notice it was wet. Have i been crying? I lazily walked to my dressing mirror then sat down in front of it.
The were real tears in my eyes and my face really looked so pale, weak and sad. Yesterday incident popped into my mind and i felt my whole world crushing down on me. Have i been crying because Janelle and i got into a fight or those tears are from my dreams. Talking about the dream what has Janelle done this time in the dream and it make me talk to her that way. Whatever the dream might mean am sure it a bad one. I say short prayer and after that i rushed to the bathroom and wash my face. I walked back to my room then picked up my phone and tried calling her i hope she picks up this time.
I went downstairs to the sitting room and meet dad who was ready for work. Huh! but it damn too early for work right now.
“dad.. good morning,” i greeted.
‘morning, how was you night? he asked..
“have you been crying? he asked moving closer to me when he notice the sad look on my face, was it really obvious?
“no? i heard mom voice as she moved forward to us.
“You don’t look okay,” mom said..
“yeah.. why should i when Janelle is not at home, i just want to see her,” i said.
“glad she picked up my call this morning, she’s coming over later,” dad said while i heaved a sigh of relief.
“but dad it too early to go to work..”
“yeah i have an early meeting and need to sort out something in the office,” he explained the peck my cheeks and kiss mom before leaving
“are you really okay? mom asked again.
“yea i just feel a little bit down with what happen yesterday,”
“don’t worry once Janelle is back i will talk to her and you two will be friends again,” she assured me and gave a warm hug.
“go take your bath, am almost done making breakfast,” she cooed.
“thanks mom.. but i thought you’re still angry with me? about yesterday?
“oh! i just felt bad seeing you tow fight. I can’t stay mad at you for so long, anyway i hope your sister comes home soon,” she said while i just nodded…. Why do i have this feeling that something is definitely wrong somewhere…

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