💧Episode 40🔥
By Tiana
Maja’s POV▪▪
“Hi,” i heard this familiar voice from my office door then raise my head to see Steven.
“hi,” i replied coldly.
“you.. don’t look happy,” he said.
“of course i am,” i smiled.
“not really, you’re just faking it,” he said then walked in.
“uhmm.. please Steven am not in for any of your jokes this morning, am sorry but am busy now,’ i said trying not to sound too harsh.
“oh! looks like someone is not in the mood,” he said then walked closer to where i was seated.
“if you need anyone to talk to am always here,” he said while i looked at him, he sounding serious this time.
“thanks,” i muttered then get back to my typing on the laptop in front of me. My eyes was fixed on the laptop but i know he stared at me before leaving.
“oh! i hope i didn’t hurt his feelings. I just need to be alone to think about my wretched life for now. My mind drifted back to Janelle is she home yet.
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪
I arrived home ready to face everyone actually am here to execute my plan, thank goodness that bitch of a sister isn’t here.
“Janelle,” mom rushed and hugged me.
“am glad you came,” she smiled while i pulled away from the hug.
“am only here for dad,” i said sternly.
“but you shouldn’t have left in the first place, we were so worried and even Maja was sorry about what happen,” she said holding my hands while i jerk it off.
“am not the one you love, so stop pretending as if you love me,” i said angrily.
“i love you Janelle, i love you and your sister,” she said.
“i don’t believe that, for a mother who dumps her daughter for good twenty one years only to come for her when she heard about her plane crash? where were you all these twenty one years that you didn’t showed up until you heard about the plane crashed,” i yelled at her while she stood in tears.
“i thought we have talk about this. Yes i admit i was wrong, i abandon you and am never a good mother but i just want to make it up to you. Am sorry for everything please try to understand me,” she said as more tears stream down her face.
“i don’t freaking care because i feel you love Maja more than me and to be honest with you i don’t like you for my dad anymore, you might be my mother as you all claimed but i think i don’t need you in my life, not anymore. I sometimes feel you’re just pretending to be who you are not so you can have a taste of dad wealth. I will never forgive you for been such an irresponsible mother,” i rasped then rushed back to my room.
“what was that for… why will you say that to your mother,” Nanny Loren asked as she fully walked to my room.
“to be honest with myself and you i don’t like that woman one bit, not anymore because she’s not a responsible mother,” i snapped.
“you’ve changed so much Janelle. You’ve changed so much ever since you survived that plane crash. Why?
“i just want to be alone, just leave,” i yelled with so much anger.
“i hope you change before it’s too late for you,” she said before walking out…
“Argghh…” i yelled in anger, then throw whatever my hands laid on, i feels so angry with everyone, maybe i shouldn’t have come here.
▪▪Claire’s POV😥
I was happy when Janelle walked in, am glad she finally came back, Maja will be so happy to see her but i was totally heartbroken when she said all that hurtful words to me i thought she have already let go of the past why is she bringing that up now just when i thought our family is complete, she said she don’t even want me for her dad. I wipe my tears and walked back to my room as i cried, i felt so much hurt but i still blame myself, she’s right i didn’t even care nor check up on her during those years, am such a horrible mother and maybe i don’t deserve to be her mother. I was still lost in my thought when i felt a tap on my shoulder which me bring me back to reality, i was surprise to see Loren standing beside me. When did she even came in!
“it’s gonna be okay, Janelle will change with time,” she cooed then sat down beside me.
“i don’t blame Janelle for this, i blamed myself instead for being such a stupid mother. Why will i ever have to dumped her at first, why did i ever leave, i wasn’t the one who raise her, i wasn’t there when she needed me the most, i wasn’t there when she was a child and i didn’t get to see my own daughter grow up i sometimes wonder how Sebastian raise her. I blame myself for all this,” i cried as i bent my head on my palms.
“you just did what you thought was the best thin to do. At least you dump Janelle to her own real father not an outsider or someone else and she has the best life ever just that she lack character. Maja is so much different from her and that’s when i believe you raise Maja so well and that means you’re not as horrible as you think. life left you with no option back then bu8t the most important thing out of all this predicament is that you are all together and you’re willing to make it up to her, i just don’t understand why she’s like this now,”
More tears flowed from my eyes. Janelle hate me this much and it’s all my fault.
“don’t ever give up on her just keep pushing am sure Janelle will be back to normal sense someday,” she said then kept encouraging me to try to tolerate her and pray for her at the moment. I felt a little bit relief because Loren has the right words for the moment, her words just inspired me and has given me the strength to keep fighting and to keep my family together and that’s what am gonna do even if it will cost my own life.😥
some hours Later….✨
Janelle’s POV🖤🖤
I sat down opposite to dad at his office, he called earlier and said he wanted to talk to me so i dropped by to see him at the company before going to JFH.
“Janelle… i thought you’ve really change for good. What exactly is your problem? he asked a little bit pissed.
“nothing dad..
“i want you to make it up to your sister. She’s your sister and you’re not suppose to fight her,”
“are you now siding with her, i guess everyone is on her side now,” i mumbled.
“It’s because you are at fault and you started it last night, you called her a spy for no good reason i hope its not about Alvary again? he asked while i rolled my eyes. Suddenly Maja walked in and i was surprise to see her, was this part of dad plan, did he intentionally ask her to come here too.
“Janelle! she called with a smile on her face then move closer to us.
“am sorry for what happen last night,” she said while i just nodded.
“is that all you can do? dad asked pissed off.
“okay… am sorry too, anyway i have something to tell you but that should be later when we get home,” i smirk while she just nodded.
“i have to go dad, my manager has been calling since morning,” i stood up.
“i only want to see you both happy. This isn’t how i picture having my complete family. I have always picture it to be full of laughter and joy and not this hatred you want to create against each other,” dad said sadly while i sighed.
“we won’t disappoint you again,” i said before leaving.
What a total waste of time for coming here, i shouldn’t have come and as for Maja her special surprise await her once we get home she will be shocked.👿
▪▪ Alvary’s POV▪▪
I felt bad for Maja after what she told me yesterday night on call. She got into a fight with Janelle, i just hope they reconcile soon. Janelle and her crazy attitudes, when will she ever changed. I was planning to visit Maja once am done with this shopping with Jordan. Yes it a good thing Jordan and i has been getting alone and i like it this way having my old sister back. She insist we hang out together and we first decide to for shopping.
“so what are you gonna buy for Maja? Jordan asked while i smiled.
“let talk about what am gonna buy for you first,” i said while she smiled. I kept driving and Jordan was enjoying the nice view from the window side, i smile seeing how happy she is, at least she wouldn’t think am choosing Maja over her since we are pretty close these days. Everything happen so fast while i was driving another car stopped on our way and some huge men came out from the car holding a gun. They quickly open our car door and hit Jordan behind her neck making her passed out. I was terrified. Who are they? I was about to hit the man who guts the nerves to hit Jordan but he was fast as he hit me so hard…

Later in the evening…..✨
Maja’s POV▪▪
I arrived home that evening feeling relief Janelle is also home but at the same time i feel so sad because she was still giving me silent treatment. I was more surprised when mom told me what Janelle said to her. It hurt so much and i felt so bad, i felt like confronting her again but i promised dad never to start up any fight with her again and beside am trying to have the cheerful Janelle i once know.
“we will scale through this mom. Am sure Janelle will regret her words and actions someday,” i said in a more comforting tone.
“it okay, i understand Janelle and am ready to wait for her until she’s fully back to us her family,” mom said with a smile while i nodded. Seems she’s not ready to give up on her anytime soon but Janelle is just too blind to see how much mom loved her.
After dinner Janelle said she has a surprised for all us and she gave me an envelope. I was curious what could be the surprise. I slowly open it then read from it. It a pregnancy test result.
what’s this for? i asked confused.
“am pregnant! she drop the bombshell while everyone looked surprised.
“pregnant? dad scoffed while mom look speechless.
” i don’t have much to say. Am pregnant and the father of the baby am carrying is Alvary,” she said dropping another bombshell which make me froze.
“yea.. you might all think i plan all this. Well i don’t care what you’ll think about me but i have my prove,” she smirk then picked her phone and gave it to me.
“here is the video,” she said, my hand was shaking as i collect the phone and look at it. It actually her and Alvary. This can’t be fake because it looks so real. Her and Alvary in bed..
“what’s this for? i asked in tears while she collect her phone back then stood up.
“this what your Alvary does behind your back. He love me and always craved to have me in his arms. He’s only using you because you’re too daft to realize he doesn’t love you,” she said then walked away leaving me confused and so broken💔😥
Alvary and Jordan are kidnapped.. by who?🤔
Janelle is pregnant?? for who?🤔
Maja is heartbroken💔

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