💧Episode 42🔥
By Tiana
Alvary’s POV▪▪
I stare at Maja not knowing what to say.
“why aren’t you picking up my calls,” she asked and i was speechless, i wish i could split everything to her and tell her the whole truth, i wish i could tell her this whole thing is a set up.
“am sorry i wasn’t close to the phone,”
“i have been calling since yesterday Alvary so don’t tell me you aren’t close to your phone,” she snapped.
“am sorry,” i muttered then looked around. This whole thing i just so difficult for me to say… i don’t know what those men are capable of doing if i tell Maja the whole truth, how would i even escape this dilemma.
“i want you to explain what this video actually means, i don’t feel comfortable here but since you insist i should meet you here then explain,” she said then hand me her phone, i was shocked to see the video and it now dawn on me Janella might be behind this whole thing! but for what reason actually?. My countenance changed and i felt so much anger, why would Janelle do this! Seeing Maja’s phone in her hand was the right opportunity to text her everything and tell her what am about to say it fake and non of it is true, i wanted to type everything on the phone before giving her back- am sure she will understand at least those monsters can only her our conversation is not like they can see what am gonna type in the phone.
“just tell me the truth Alvary why will you do that with my sister,” she sked then collect her phone angrily, her eyes were filled with tears. I wanted to collect the phone back but she didn’t give me, i felt so restless seeing her cry, it all my fault i should have tell her this earlier and now my phone is with those monsters. Damn it!
“i don’t think i can continue with this relationship, am no longer interested,” i dropped the bombshell after a long silence, she looked surprised.
“huh.. what did you mean? she scoffed.
“it better we part our ways because we are not compatible in anyway and am doing this so we both can have peace of mind,”
“huh.. is that it, you want us to break up. I should be the one to say that because you’re the one at fault. You’ve just hurt me and all i need is just an explanation to this video and all you could say is to break up with me,” she yelled as more tears trickle down her cheeks. It’s hurt so bad to see her this way, she’s so much hurt but i have to do this to save her life and also Jordan. I swear on my life whoever behind this will pay for it.
“do you really want to break up with me because you can’t explain this video, so it now clear to me that you were on Janelle side all while. You’re such a monster Alvary,” she cried hitting me on the chest.
“why will you have to make me fall so hard for you then leave me heartbroken this way. I have always thought you were different from your dad and i choose to stand by you despite what he did to my family but i was wrong, you proved me wrong because you’re just like him, you only used me for your games,” she said angrily then forcefully removed then necklace on her neck and threw it to my face. I wanted to apologies to her for everything, i was really going so crazy and i don’t know what to say, my eyes were filled with tears when she threw the locket to me.
“never show your ugly face to me again,” she yelled before walking away. I stood speechless as i watched her leave in tears i couldn’t do anything and i felt so angry with myself. I wipe the drop tears on my cheeks then went back to where those monster are.
“good job! one the man said then removed the device from my shirt and threw Jordan from the car before they hurriedly zoomed off.
“are you okay Jordan? did they do anything to hurt you,” i asked so worried as i help her stood up.
“my arm really hurt we need to go home for a better treatment and am so hungry,” she said. We walked to the road side before we actually got a cab to take us home. Throughout the drive i was quiet as i stare back at the locket she gave me. I just lose her but i will do everything to make her understand i didn’t meant any of those words.
🏠We arrived home late in the evening. Dad was surprise to see us, he doesn’t even look worried he was only worried when he saw Jordan’s arm and that’s when he called our doctor to attend to her.
“was this also part of your plan to split me and Maja apart. We were missing since yesterday and it been 24 hours now yet you didn’t inform the cops what type of father are you, do you even cared about us,” i asked so angry when he said he haven’t reported to the cops because he don’t want our kidnap case to go viral.
“so you rather watch us die! I scoffed feeling so fed up with everything and everyone.
“i still sent some secret agent to look for you so stop making me look like the enemy aren’t you even ashamed you couldn’t protect your sister, look at her arm, you should be the one to feel that pain,” he yelled while i walked back to my room and pick my car key then zoomed off to the police station. Those monsters have to be traced and found, i have to prove to Maja that i was force to say that, those monsters will pay.
I gave the officer the description of their leader, because i could still remember his face! it’s a good thing he promised to look into that.
▪▪▪I returned back home late in the night, i wish i could tell Maja everything but i don’t even know how to face her now, i felt so terrible with what i did to her. I went to Jordan’s room and i meet her on bed, her arm was tie with a bandage it a good thing the doctor attended to her immediately.
“how are you feeling now? i asked then sat down beside her on the bed.
“my arms still hurt but it much better now that am treated,” she said softly almost in a whisper.
“am sorry, i couldn’t help in anyway,” i said sadly.
“of course you did, you risk your relationship just to save me i just hope Maja will understand you.
“i hope so, i gat to sleep now,” i said then kissed her forehead before walking down to my room.
I had a sleepless night staring at the necklace Maja threw at me. She looks really angry and sad. I guess the only person that could make me feel so relief is mom. I quickly called mom and told her about our kidnapped she was shocked to hear that i didn’t tell her about Jordan’s wounded arm because she might freak out and even come down here just to see her, i know mom so well. I told her about my break up with Maja but left the part about the fucking video Janelle made because mom will be so mad at me.
📞 “am sorry about this son, it’s not easy but who could have done this? she asked worried
📞 “i don’t know but i will try to find out,”
📞 “if Maja truly loves you am sure she’ll hear you out,” she said
📞”i hope so mom because she was really broken and also angry with me, she said am just the same as dad and i only fooled her,”
📞 “she might be angry at the moment but just try to give her some time once you explain everything to her.
📞”it’s not your fault but just try to prove her wrong about what you said, prove to her you love her and you never meant any of these word, just don’t give up until she understand you fully,” mom encouraged.
📞 “thanks mom, i pray she forgive me,”
📞”be strong and don’t feel too bad about this because what meant to be will surely be,” she said
📞 “you’ve always been my rock and the one who kept me going thanks a lot mom, gat to go now today was such a long day…
….After the long call i laid on bed still thinking about the whole event…. please forgive me Maja for hurting you this much…
💔Maja’s POV😥
I couldn’t stop crying the whole night. This wasn’t what i expected from Alvary i was very disappointed in him and i hope he never show his face ever again.
“so you mean he actually broke up with you? Janelle asked who just walked in. I was at the sitting room with mom and i told her everything that happen i guess Janelle has been eavesdropping on our conversation.
“now you’re back to your sense. I told you Alvary was playing you all this while and i am sorry if have disappoint you with all this i just want you to know the whole truth i don’t want to keep you in the dark and am sorry if am consumed by my anger towards you i wasn’t just myself,” she pleaded and i wonder if this was the same Janelle i know.
“that’s doesn’t change the fact that your betrayed me,” i whimpered.
” i was just carried away because i like alvary so much and he seems to like me too. I did what i had to because i love him but am willing to let go just for you,” she said which make me more angry.
“i don’t need that,” i scoffed.
“am really sorry because i have abort the baby,” she said while i looked at her surprised by what she said.
“you abort the baby? mom asked surprised as well.
“am sorry, i did what i thought is right, there’s no more connection between me and Alvary now and i felt so relief doing this maybe you can forgive me,’ she said before walking away. I hugged mom and i cried on her shoulder.
“Alvary broke up with me mom, he couldn’t even apologies, he didn’t care to explain anything to me, i guess he was just tired of me all this while,” i cried the more while mom comforted me.
“i know Alvary is wrong by getting entangled with your sister secretly without telling you but i also know he loves you so much, this whole thing is confusing why will he do that,?
“i guess it’s just the best thing mom. Alvary and i aren’t just meant for each other and maybe it a good thing we broke up,” i wipe my tears then stood up.
“if he calls or come to see you just listen to whatever he has to say maybe he has his own reason for doing so,” mom said while i just nodded before going to my room but the truth is that am done with Alvary for good and i won’t accept any explanations from him. Am tired of getting hurt, he can go ahead and choose Janelle i don’t fucking care.
▪▪Claire’s POV▪▪
I walked back to our bedroom, my bedroom with Sebastian ever since he proposed to me to share the room and it feels so good, i felt happy having Sebastian back to me and this time in a more lovely way but with the troubles Janelle has been causing my mind isn’t at rest and i don’t like the way things are going! how could she even abort the pregnancy!
“has she stopped crying,” Sebastian asked when i walked in.
“she in her room and i don’t think she will be fine just yet because she so much love Alvary, i don’t know how this can get all complicated,” i said so worried.
“Alvary is such a fool to have hurt Maja, he cheat on her with her sister and now break up! I thought he was a good guy when he first brought Janelle to the Philippines not knowing he’s just like his father maybe it’s a good thing they part ways now so that we won’t have anything to do with that Lewis,” he said so pissed.
“am just worried about Maja, i know how that feels and Janelle said she abort her pregnancy?
“and how sure are you she was even pregnant. Janelle can be tricky atimes i know her so well but what i can’t fathom is why she have to drag her family in this, why will she do that to her sister. I guess it’s all my fault because i fail to raise her well,” he sadly.
“you fail to raise her well but being kind is also a decision she have to make. She’s of age and by now she suppose to know what’s best for her and for this family,” i said then i felt his warms hands on mine.
“am sorry,” he muttered.
“what for?
“it’s all my fault! it’s all my fault this family was separated from the very start and i know it might took long before everyone will cope with each other. If only i stood by you and we rise my two beautiful daughters well maybe all this wouldn’t have happen,”
“i know everything that happen was for a reason and am just glad we both feel the same way for each other and God had brought this shattered family together i just hope all this will end someday. Theirs no point in blaming each other now we’ll we have to do to work on ourselves to make our daughter reconcile for good,”
“i would have been the biggest fool if i ever let you slip from my life, i love you so much Claire,” he cooed then hugged me.
▪▪▪▪▪The next day in the morning we had breakfast as families together, am glad Maja was able to come down for the breakfast even thou she looks so sad and moody.
“am sorry about everything,” Janelle started.
“i just want to say am sorry for my recent behaviors, i was just so stupid back then,” she said remorsefully.
“Janelle are you sure you’re ready to change for good? Sebastian asked her while she nodded.
“i mean every single word i said, am sorry mom for talking back at you several times, am sorry if i have hurt anyone feelings and also sorry Maja for letting such thing to happen between me and Alvary we were both carried away,” she said.
“you’re still our daughter and we love you, we just want what best for you. I hope you really mean those words? Sebastian said. Maja was quiet throughout and i wonder what’s running through her mind.
“are you okay dear? i asked while she just nodded, she seems lost in her thoughts.
“Maja am sorry about all that happen, you can stay at home to cool off your mind if you want too,”
“it’s okay dad i can still go to work,” she replied with sad smile.
✨After breakfast Maja went to her room while Janelle went out. One of the security guard came to inform me that we have a visitor outside and i went to see for myself who that could be and i was surprise to Alvary, i felt so angry seeing me not after what he did to Maja.
“uhmm good morning aunt,” he greeted.
“Alvary what are you doing here? i asked.
“i just need your permission if i can see and talk to Maja,” he said.
“so you can say all those hurtful words to her again.. huh. I have always known you to be a good person and that’s why in trust you enough to let my daughter be in a relationship with you even thou i never really like your relationship because of what your dad did to us back then, i decide to let things slide because of daughter’s happiness but what did you do- you prove to her you’re no different from your dad, you were fooled her by going to bed with Janelle and now you broke up with her and you still have the guts to show your face,” i scoffed.
“am sorry aunt, i never meant to hurt Maja, i love her so much everything that happen back then was….
“enough of your lies Alvary please leave because Maja doesn’t want to see you,” i said when Sebastian walked out, he was already dressed for work and am sure he was surprise to see Alvary.
“Alvary! he called then moved closer to us.
“i hope you’re not here for Maja? he asked him while he kept quiet.
“i appreciate the fact that you saved Janelle at Mexico and brought her home to us, i really appreciate that but i won’t take it lightly with you to see you hurting Maja again. I guess it’s better you leave and never come here again,” Sebastian warned him before leaving. I kinda felt bad about the situation but i guess it’s better this way. Alvary and Maja are two different people.
Alvary’s POV▪▪▪
With the help of a sketch drawing of the man who kidnaped us i guess the police are doing anything possible to find the man and through that we can find out who the boss is even thou i know Janelle might have a hand in this. It’s been five days now, five fucking days without seeing Maja. It obvious she don’t want to see me because anytime i go to their house it still the same thing, she don’t want to see me and now i appear as the bad guy even in front of her parents, i felt so stupid, i just want the police to be quick in getting the so called criminal i just want to prove them wrong, i was more surprised when i wasn’t allow to entered the REMIREZ COMPANY i know that order is from her dad because he doesn’t want to see me anywhere close to his daughter, i feel like am beginning to lose her and that thought a lot is making me go insane.
I drove at JFH, I need to see Janelle and tell her a piece of my mind. I barged into her office and she looked surprised.
“i know you’re behind this Janelle but that won’t make me fall for you,”
“the deed has been done. Maja hate you now,” she smirk while angrily held her roughly then pin her to the wall.
“you may think you succeeded now but when the right time comes i promise you’ll rot in jail for this, i promise you this,” i yelled then let go of her.
“you’re so unbelievable Alvary! now leave my office,” she snapped while i glare at her before leaving. Once i got the evidence i really need Janelle will pay for this.
✨ …..Later in the evening i decide to try my luck today, i went to see Maja i know by now she must have gone home, i need to talk to her, i need to hear from her so i can at least have a peace of mind. As expected the security guard wouldn’t let me in, i was about leaving when a car stopped and i notice it belong to Maja. Thank goodness she’s just coming now. This the perfect opportunity to talk to her. She step out of the car while i rushed to her.
“are you trying to cause a scene here? she asked.
“if that will make me see a glimpse of you then i will because i really need to talk to you,” i said while she scoffed then turn back to leave but i stopped her, i pull her back this time she have to hear whatever i have to say.
“i know i was wrong, i was wrong in everyway and am sorry for everything Maja but i never meant those words i said to you, i really loved you and am doing everything i can to prove how much i still love you. Everything that happen back then was all a set up because i and Jordan were Kidn….” i haven’t finished saying it when i felt a slap on my cheeks.
“all i needed was an explanation of that video but you were heartless saying all that hurtful words to me. I hate you now Alvary,” she yelled then moved backward, her eyes were filled with anger.
“i just want you to understand me Maja.. please i really loved you..” i said, my eyes were filled with tears, i reached for her hand but she jerk it away from mine. I went on my knee…
“just say something Maja, am going crazy about this. I never meant those words, i was forced to do that…
“am tired of getting hurt.. it’s too late for the both of us now,” she said and with that she walked into the house leaving me still on my knees. I felt so shattered, angry about everything. Janelle and her gang will pay for this. I stood up and wipe off the tears in my eyes. I guess this the last time i will ever cry about this. Maja should have understand me better, if she truly loves as she always said then she suppose to understand me better than anyone else, she suppose to feel that i still love her despite everything. I left angrily and headed to the bar to get myself drunk…. This heart break is just too much to take in. Maja couldn’t even wait to hear any of my explanations, she just left me as if i never meant anything to her and i felt so much hurt….
🖤Lewis POV🖤
▪▪Alvary is bent on finding who those kidnappers are and i won’t allow that to happen i have to get rid of them without letting Jordan know about it even thou it was part of my plan with Jordan, yes Jordan was the master planner about this and am glad the plan worked as expected. I checked my phone and notice Simon just called..
“he’s at the bar, obviously drunk,” he said while i smirk.
“i want him dead tonight… and this time no room for any mistake,” i ordered….
This the best way to get him out of the way…

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