💧Episode 41🔥
By Tiana
I wiped my tears trying so hard to be strong, i don’t want to believe Janelle just yet.
“what was that for? dad asked as he stood up and followed her immediately. Just when i thought everything will gonna be fine.
“i don’t think Janelle is saying the truth,” mom said.
“i don’t know mom, i said then stood up.
“where are you going?
“to see her so she can explain everything to me,” i said angrily.
“it doesn’t have to be now, i don’t want you two to get into a fight like the other day,”
“i promise i won’t i will just talk to her cos am losing my mind already,” i said trying to hold back my tears. I quickly rushed upstairs and stood beside her door, i heard her voice with dad.
“am so disappointed in you Janelle,” dad voice echoed with so much anger. He walked out looking angry, he just stare at me then walked away. I walked in and meet her still standing.
“what are you doing here? she asked immediately i walked in.
“i want to know everything. I know you never like my relationship with Alvary and you’ll glad see us apart but this might be fake or that video might be done since in Mexico since Alvary was close to you back then all because he thought you were me,” i said with a smirk trying not to sound sad.
“huh.. is that what you think. Well that video was done few weeks ago you can ask Alvary himself,”
“one thing i know for sure is that Alvary loves me so much and why was he avoiding you if you truly love you as you said? i asked while she burst out laughing.
“you’re so senseless Maja. Alvary is avoiding me in your presence because he don’t want you to feel insecure or notice anything and it a good thing he acted so well and you fall for it,” she said while i felt tears building up in my eyes.
“i will hear from Alvary first before believing whatever you said,.” i said calmly.
“whatever! At least Alvary is on my side secretly,” she smirked while i walked out of her room in tears. Is that why Alvary has been avoiding Janelle, was it true! I went back to my room, buried my face on my pillow and cried. I need to talk to Alvary but he isn’t picking up my calls. What they heck is wrong with him??
▪▪Alvary’s POV▪▪
I slowly open my eyes and notice am in a dark room with Jordan beside me she was awake as well.
“Where the heck is this place,” i cussed then stood up. The room was too small and has no window… I looked around and notice a small tiny window. The door was lock from outside but i kept hitting it so hard with my leg.
“we are kidnapped Alvary,” Jordan said in a panic voice.
“whoever did this will pay am gonna get us of of here,” i said feeling so angry about everything. Who the fuck has the gut to kidnapped me and my sister then stuck us in this small dirty room, am sweating already and Jordan is so scared. I heard some footsteps coming close to the door and i quickly stood behind the door. when the door was a little bit open i quickly close it back with full force pushing whosoever that is coming, i open it back then punch the guy so hard on his face, i signal Jordan to stand up and she did we were about going out when three huge men stopped in front of us.
“you can’t escaped,” one of the man said. They two men quickly grabbed me and held me tight while the other man punch me so hard on my stomach making me groan..
“stop! a masculine voice said from behind. I looked at the man while he smirk. He walked up to us and stood in front of me.
“you’re not allowed to punch him that will ruin our plans, he said coldly.
“he’s been so tough and he was about to escaped with his sister,” the other guy said.
he won’t be able to do that, now go and locked them up tomorrow will gonna be a big for all of us,” he said and they dragged me and Jordan back to the dark room and locked the door.
“what are we gonna do now,” Jordan asked in tears. I touch my trouser pocket and notice my phone was missing same thing with Jordan, i guess they took it away from us. Their face doesn’t look familiar to me and who are they? what are their plans.
“am sure dad is worried by now and am sure he’ll gonna find us soon,” i assured Jordan….
.The next morning….✨✨
Maja’s POV😥
“he has not been picking up my calls since morning, i don’t know if Janelle told him everything, i feel so betrayed,” i sniffed while Selene gave me some tissues to wipe my tears. Am already at work and i told her everything that happen.
“you have to hear from him first, i don’t think you can trust that your sister,” Selene said.
“but isn’t it obvious she might be telling the truth. The video was real and Alvary has always been avoiding Janelle,”
“so do you believe her? she asked.
“am so confused Selene. I don’t know what else to feel about them or do,”
“it gonna be okay. There must be mix up somewhere but am sure Alvary still loves you so you have to calm down and listen to him when you meet,” She cooed and told me to stop crying. After my discussion with her i return back to my office when a message popped into my phone.
💌**incase Alvary need prove, show him this video,***💌 i read the message which was from Janelle. Immediately she sent me the video again. What is she really up to huh? i didn’t ask for this.
▪▪ Alvary’s POV▪▪
I and Jordan were taken to another room, it quit large but empty except for the few chairs inside.
“don’t even try to escaped,” one of man said who i guess he’s their leader.
“who’s your boss and tell us why you have to kidnapped me and my sister? i yelled at them.
“it’s simple. I want you to break up with Maja completely then i can release you and your sister,” he smirk
“you? i asked disgustingly.
“it’s an order and you have to follow it. You will gonna break up with Maja or else we will kill your sister right in front of you,” he said while i chuckle.
“whoever your boss is just tell him or her am not gonna break up with Maja and don’t you dare hurt her my sister,” i yelled.
“it’s 10am and you still have like six hours to think about this because exactly by 5pm we will want to execute our plans,” he said.
“am not gonna break up with her just because you said that or because your boss sent you, never! i said angrily while he nodded.
“am coming after two hours and i hope by then you have think about that”,” he said before walking away with his boys, as usual the locked the door.
“they might kill me if you don’t break up with her, am sure Alvary,” Jordan said in tears.
” no one will gonna kill you and am not gonna break up with Maja,” i enthused. I can’t do such a thing. I promised to love Maja and i can’t just hurt her all because someone i don’t even know ask me to do that, never will i do such a thing. I stood looked around and went close to the closed windows. I need to make sure we escaped before those people come but how will i even do that..
“at least dad should report to the police and tell them we are missing, we need someone to get us out of here,”
“but Alvary are you gonna watch them kill me all because you don’t want to break up with Maja? she asked looking so sad. I squat beside her and hugged her.
“no one will kill you am not gonna allow that and i won’t fall for their tricks by breaking up with Maja,”
“why are you sounding as if it too hard to do that? to me it’s simple because once you get to meet her you’ll explain everything her it’s a set up and am sure she will believe you. Those people are daft to ask you to even do such a thing am sure once we are out of here you and Maja can be together again so just do as they said so we could be out of trouble they look so dangerous and i wonder who might have sent them,” she said while i sighed. It’s not easy to see the one you love get hurt by you. I will hurt Maja by doing so and i don’t to all because of those scoundrel.
“it’s more complicated than i thought. Let not think about this for now, let think on how to escaped from those devils,”
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪
“Everything went perfect and i told them just as you said,” i told Sally the full gist of what happen on phone.
“you’re so bad Janelle,” she chuckle.
“the pregnancy part was fake. Am not pregnant for anyone but i wished i was for Alvary maybe if hadn’t take those pills i would have been pregnant but i was just scared,”
“that’s mean you can’t fool your family about that..? She asked.
“they all believed that already but i will tell them i have already abort the pregnancy, i think i have to act that good girl again so they won’t suspect a thing,”
“just play smart and make sure no one will ever get to know about this,” she said into the phone while i nodded.
“thanks Sally, see you guys tonight at the club we need to celebrate this,” i chuckle.
“always on point, take care,” she said while i hanged up.
“it’s so much fun playing this game. Alvary will feel the pain i felt when he choose Maja over me!! good for him.
Alvary’s POV▪▪
“so what’s your reply? the man asked as he fully walked in smoking a cigarette, his boys trail behind him.
“it’s still the same, you can’t play such dirty game with me,”
“okay then,” he smirk then pulled out a gun and shoot Jordan on her arm.
“Jordan! i held as i ran to her.
“how dare you,” i yelled then gave him a heavy punch sending him back to the floor but his boys were quick enough to hold me back.
“i will shoot her fucking head right in front of you if you didn’t do that. I told you, you can’t escape from this, is either you do as we said or you will watch your sister die,” he yelled.
“are you gonna let me die, just do as they said so we can all get out of here,” Jordan cried holding her bleeding arm. I quickly removed my shirt and tied the wounded place to avoid it from bleeding.
“if this will guarantee Jordan safety i will do as you said,” i finally said while he laughed.
“that’s good,” he chuckle revealing his yellow teeth.
“get him another shirt to put on,” he ordered one of his boy.
“just do as i said to avoid trouble,” he yelled at me.
One of his man walked in with a new shirt as he hand it to me. I was about putting it on when their leader stopped me.
“this will be the evidence for us to know if you’ve truly broken up with her,” he smirk then fix the device to my singlet.
“you dare not removed this,” he added.
“what all this for.. who the heck is behind this. Go back and tell that person that i and Maja are inseparable,” i yelled angrily, this whole thing is getting me go crazy, Jordan is shoot and here is this ugly man asking me to break up with Maja in some way i can’t even understand.
“your sister life is at stake,”
“i won’t go anywhere if Jordan is not release, i need to make sure she’s safe before doing what you’re asking me to do,” i said. He removed a phone from his pocket and i notice it was mine.
“seems your princess charming have been calling since,” he grinned then showed me the missed calls from Maja, she must be so worried about me. I wanted to collect the phone from him but he stopped me from doing so.
“not too fast,” he said then dialed her number.
“tell her to meet you at bay street near the old abandon building,” he said then put a phone on speaker and point a gun at Jordan. I was filled with so much anger, i felt helpless this the only thing i can do to save my sister i hope Maja understand.
📞”hello Alvary,” i heard her voice, it sounded so sad and i wonder if she was sick worried about me.
📞”we need to talk please,”
📞 “is there any problem, why do you sound so sad? i asked.
📞”nothing actually i just want to see you,” she said.
📞 “uhmm.. same thing here, i want to talk to you too maybe we can meet at bay street near the old abandon building,” i said hoping she knows the place.
📞”but why there? am coming to your house right away,”
📞 “am not am home, please let meet up there,” i said, she was quiet for some time before she later spoke up.
Before i could say any other thing the man hanged up the call.
Some of my men are already there at the top of the building with a sniper. Once we get there they will point their target directly at Maja if you dare try to mess up or run away or tell her anything otherwise i will give them my order to shoot her to dead remember with the device on you we can hear all your conversation and this also has to do with some rules. You most not sound emotional or apologies to her for anything, just tell her straight to the point that you’re no longer interested in the fucking relationship and you don’t give a damn about how she feels. Just be straight forward remember one mistake from you my men will shoot her,” he said and i wonder what type of nonsense is all this, i couldn’t hold the anger inside of me and i wanted to punch him but they other boys pulled me back.
“don’t play this the rough way man, you might end up getting killed. I would have ruined your handsome face with punches but i don’t want Maja to get suspicious,” he said.
“let get going, bring him to the car,” he ordered, i was dragged out with Jordan behind me.
….▪▪It was quit a long drive, i was in the seated at the middle with two other huge men beside me while Jordan was in the other car with them.
We finally arrived to the place but their car was parked in a far distance.
“remember this is not also about your sister’s life at stake but also Maja. One mistake, just a mistake Alvary and you will live to see Maja and Jordan dead body,” he smirked
“you’ll pay for this,” i snapped then walked to the exact place, i was surprise to see Maja, she’s already here. I looked around and notice it a very quiet street with only few people moving around, i looked at the top of building to confirm what he said and it’s true, theirs a man at the top of the building. I don’t think i can do this to Maja she will be so much hurt, will she even believe me after all this….. I stood like a confused man not knowing what to do, Jordan is with them and now Maja life is at stake too… i can’t risk any of this!💔
what did you think will happen….?
what the best thing Alvary should do???🤔

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