💧Episode 44🔥
By Tiana
▪▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪▪
Today was hectic and the first thing i did when i went back home was to take a cool shower to cool off my mind. Janelle and i haven’t been really close with the recent happenings, i don’t trust her and i hate her for betraying me, by getting intimate with Alvary behind my back. I was still in my room when she walked in which make me to rolled my eyes, i stood up and made my way to the door ignoring her but she stood on my way.
“Maja… she called.
“am so tired and i need to rest,” i said.
“aren’t you tired of giving me silent treatment, i mean every words i said am sorry for everything and this time am serious about it,” she said.
“serious? you’ve never been serious about anything in your life, you take me for granted and for this reason i don’t fucking care if you’re my sister anymore and beside Alvary and i have already broken up i guess you’re happy now,” i said angrily.
“i didn’t mean for any of this to happen, i let my emotions get the best of me. Am sorry about everything Maja, i just want us to be the way we are, remember we are sisters?
“glad you’ve now realize we are sisters but you’ve fooled me for a long time now but not anymore because am more wiser,” i said and was about to leave when i bumped into dad and mom who were at the door about to walk in too.
“where the heck is Janelle!,” dad yelled and i shift from the door while he walked in looking so angry.
“i never knew you could go to this extent, if only you just died in that plane crashed, if only you never returned at least that will much better than being this heartless,” dad yelled at her and i gasped hearing those words from him. How can he wish her death, i have never see him so angry this way.
“dad! she whimpered and her eyes were filled with tears. He only collect the phone from mom and played us an audio. The only voice i could recognize was Janelle’s voice but the other woman i don’t know.
“that’s Leah and she gave me this, telling me to know the kind of daughter i have, must you have to go this far,” he in a sad tone but was calm this time, Janelle was speechless already in tears.
“tell us the truth Janelle is this really true, did you actually plan with this woman just to ruin my relationship with your dad and make me feel jealous? mom asked her.
“speak up Janelle and tell us the whole truth,” dad yelled startling her.
“i wasn’t in my right sense dad. Am sorry i have to do this to you but at least the plan never worked out,” she cried.
“it never worked out? but it actually worked out for me and Alvary and because you succeeded in separating us you witch,” i scoffed.
“why are you this evil huh…”
“i regret having you as my daughter. A daughter who enjoys to watch her father being sad, who want to ruin her family happiness all because of her stupidity,” dad said disappointedly before walking out.
▪▪Janelle’s POV😥
I thought Leah was joking when she said she will gonna tell my dad about this, well i was ready to deny everything not knowing she have her own evidence and it’s now her time to turn me against my dad just the way i always ruin her relationship with dad back then. I felt so bad doing all this, i felt so horrible. Dad even wished me dead? and Maja is already angry with me, i stare at mom who held a sad face.
“am sorry,” i sobbed staring to no one in particular. Maja left and i stood there in tears.
“you never like me, do you? mom asked and her eyes were filled up with tears already.
“i have always love you mom i just let my anger and foolishness get the best of me, i never meant those words,” i cried then held her hands.
“please help me plead with dad and Maja,”
“i know i have never been the mother you always wished, i know i made a mistake by leaving you behind for all this years but am back and i want to be that mother you’ve also wished for, am here to make it up to you but it’s seems am late already,” she said in tears.
“am so sorry mom, please forgive me,”i pleaded.
“what if this woman agreed to your plan, who knows if i might still be alive or your dad, some people can be so desperate Janelle and if she happens to be one of those she might make this simple request as you think to be end up so bloody,” she yelled.
“am sorry,” i whimpered.
“but despite all the bad behavior you’ve been pulling to me and your sister and also your dad i will still choose to forgive you because i blame myself for leaving you behind all this years all i wanted is to be a mother to you,” she hugged me and i was surprised. I thought she will also leave just the same way Maja and dad left.
“i just want you to love me as a daughter should to her mother and not to hurt me or conspire with anyone to ruin my new found happiness with your dad,” she whisper..
“am sorry mom,”i cried in her arms, regretting everything thing i did. Dad is so much disappointed, i think he hates me for this and Maja too, i guess the only person i have on my side now is mom and i hope she’ll help me talk to dad and Maja… I’ve now realize that family is everything but i have took them for granted but not anymore..
Lewis POV▪▪
My planned failed and it’s all because of those good for nothing goons i hired. I told them the should be no room for any fucking mistake but yet they still couldn’t finish him completely and as for Lena and Alvary i swear on my life if they ever show their ugly faces to me again i will kill them especially Lena. I will make sure i squeeze the life out of her because i know Alvary will definitely know am not his biological father and that might cause a lot of thing.
I will us till use Jordan to make sure Alvary become so Misérable that he will plead for death, if only Lena haven’t take him away he would have been death by now….

..Crystal Hospital…🏟
💙Ivana’s POV😍
“so it’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare, but it’s because we do not dare that things are difficult. At some point Augustine thought he was never meant to be with Kyle but he later realize that whatever the problems he passes through it a test to mature him and make him more stronger But then not all love story has a happy ending- just as Romeo and Juliet but this reality and we have to faced it, it not some fairytale and that’s what Augustine believe in and the sweetest part of it was when he found new love because he decide to let go of the anger in his heart… i kept reading the novel i was holding and i explain some part to Alvary. He is still not awake for good six months now and it hasn’t been easy for me nor for his mother. Six months is such a long time and i have always visit here every Saturday night when am off duty to read some true life touching tales for Alvary and sometimes my favorite novel, not just novel but a life-changing novel that can heal a broken soul, make you to fall in love again and inspire every bone in you. Mrs. Lena find it as time wasting saying Alvary can’t hear any of those things that i might just be wasting my time but the truth is that i enjoyed reading him those books because i know he might hear it somewhere deep down, he knows lots of people missed him and are still waiting for him to be awake.
“Ivy,” Mrs. Lena called as she walked in.
“aren’t you tired reading this time round? she asked.
“Alvary really need it now,” i said while she sighed then stared at her son.
“it’s been six months now,” she said sadly.
“the doctor said he’s gonna be find so let just keep hoping for that,” i said.
“what if…
“no “what if” in my dictionary, remember Alvary can still hear you so you’re only allowed to speak something positive about him and not negative,” i enthused.
“i know but am just worried, for how long i will keep waiting, am tired of seeing him this way,” she said with tears building up in her eyes, she’s gonna break down anytime soon and i have to stopped that or maybe the change the topic of the discussion.
“okay.. maybe Alvary is still waiting for his princess charming to kiss him before he wakes up, who knows if the only cure for him to wake up is being kiss by his true love,” i chuckle.
“true love.. you mean Maja or Janelle or whatever he call them,” she rolled her eyes.
“she never really cared for Alvary and she didn’t even care to call and know how he’s doing for all this six month. I hope Alvary never returns to that girl because i will never allow that,” she said looking so angry. Oh! just when am trying to make her smile, now she’s angry at the mention of his ex lover.
“okay.. what important now is that we should keep praying for him and by the way Jason dropped by earlier and mom called saying she will come to check up on you,” i said.
“thank you for all your support, i really appreciate Ivana,” she called me by my full name and i smiled.
“i will just get us something to eat,” she went out and i sighed. I stared at Alvary. I find myself staring at him for a long time.. he’s so handsome and am sure he took that from his mom.. I was still admiring his beauty when i was shocked to see his index finger moved a little bit. Did i see that right thing. I stood up and stared at him again, his index finger moved again and i was surprised to see his eyes open. Oh those blue attractive eyes staring into mine😍. He’s awake, like is this for real i felt like jumping, his mom will be so happy…
“Alvary.. i called softly then touched his cheeks with my palm, he wasn’t saying.. at least not yet….


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