💧Episode 45🔥
By Tiana
Alvary’s POV😥
I and mom were already at the cemetery to visit my dad, my biological father just as she told me already and even showed me his pictures, the whole thing is getting more complicated than i thought and my Hatred for Lewis increased more, he wasn’t my real father after all! Mom should have tell me this the very first day and not now that my life is ruined and i guess that explains by he’s very mean to me. I can still remember all that happen before i was shoot, he actually sent those hoodlums to beat me up and probably kill me because that exactly what i heard them said.
“Lewis was in Mexico then because he came to handle a particular project and that’s were we meet, he pick interest me but i made it clear to him that am already a mother and my boyfriend is planning for our big wedding, he was so disappointed hearing that but that doesn’t stop him from coming, he kept trying his luck to win my heart but couldn’t and just few days to our wedding Rodney got into an accident and died. I was so devastated, i and Rodney has lot of plans together but death ruin everything. Lewis return back to his country but later came back after a year telling me how much he truly loved me, i was so stupid to have fallen for him and all his lies, i followed him to the Philippines and we got married he promised to love you as his son and we both agreed that theirs no point in telling you about your real father because you’ll only end up getting hurt. After year we had Jordan and that’s when i began to see Lewis real character, he was such a flirt and care less about how i feel, i sometimes think he never loved me all this years but only lust after me because he no longer care about me, i was already losing interest in the marriage but i had to stay for your sake and also for Jordan but when i later realize that he killed Rodney, my hatred for him increased, i hate him right at that spot. He tampered with the brakes of his car and that was how Rodney ended up death in that ghastly accident. I file for a divorce because that’s the only thing i could do at that moment. Lewis pleaded and do everything he can for me to stay back but i refused he said it was just an accident and he didn’t mean any harm, he claimed that everything he did was because he love me and wanted me for himself but that was all lies, he then pleaded that i should leave the children for him, his lawyer supported that and said if am to leave then i have leave with one and leave the other one to him but i don’t want to choose because i love you and Jordan so i just left leaving the both on you in his care since he promise nothing bad will ever happen to you, mostly to you since you’re not his real son. I return back to Mexico to my dad and it was after the death of my dad i took over his company. Am sorry it took so long to tell you all this and i guess it all my fault because i shouldn’t have left you with that monster, i thought he was ready to change for good,” mom cried as she explain the whole story to me and i felt my anger building up, if only i could see that Lewis! i will make sure i kill him myself. I stare back at the grave of my dad- his name “Rodney” was carve on the grave and it brought tears to my eyes seeing that. Am glad for this two years i was able to see him even thou i was too young to even remember that, all i know was that that first two years of my life i have my real dad by my side before that monster showed up and killed him.
“no time to waste mom, it been two years now and i want to go back to the Philippines, am going back for Lewis this time and this time i swear on my dad’s grave to set things right, i will make sure Lewis plead for mercy in my hands, i will kill him myself!!!
“if there should be anyone to face Lewis now is me. I will avenge your father’s dead and he also have to pay for whatever he did to you,” mom said.
“it’s been twenty six fucking years now mom you never did anything, you never thought of taking your revenge for what he did to my dad and you think you can do that now. Am doing that myself,” i said feeling angry about the whole thing.
“i promise you this dad, Lewis will pay for doing this to you,” i said as i dropped my flower and mom did hers too.
▪▪ Lena’s POV▪▪
We arrived back home and Alvary headed straight to his room, he was so angry and this time i know i can’t stop him from going back to the Philippines to have his revenge but am scared Lewis might hurt him again. He insisted all this years to go back but i stopped him because i have to make sure he has fully recovered. I just want to see Lewis behind bars but Alvary still insist on killing him himself, i don’t want him to take the law into his own hands, we have to find he right solution to all this.
I Was about to go to the kitchen when i heard the doorbell rang, i went to open the door- glad it was Ivana.
‘Ivy,” i smiled and she walked in fully.
“are you about to go out? she asked seeing how dressed i am,”
“no.. am about to make dinner now. We are just coming from the cemetery,” i said while she mouthed an oh!
“so how is Alvary?
“he’s in his room feeling so sad, angry.. i don’t even think he want to see anyone at the moment,” i said.
“i understand, well i will just help you make dinner because am free tonight, am done with my shift at the hospital and decided to spend the evening here before going back home,” she smiled.
“thank you so much Ivy,” i smiled and we walked to the kitchen together, she’s so cool, sweet and a very kind person i sometimes wish her and Alvary can be an item because they’ve been really close friends for this two years.
✨Just some few minutes later we were done with dinner, Ivy really helped out a lot.
“i don’t think Alvary would like to join us here maybe i will serve him his dinner in this room,” i said
“no.. i will talk to him myself,,” she smiled then walked upstairs to his room while i just shrugged i hope by now he might feel much better…
After some minutes i was surprise to see Alvary with Ivy descending from the stairs, she always has her own way of lightening up his mood.
“dinner is ready, Ivy and i cooked this,” i smiled as i dished out the meal to his plate.
“thanks mom,” he smiled.
“hey stop giving us that sad smile,” Ivy rolled her eyes at him.
“so you want me to give you a happy smile,” he said dramatically which make me smile.
“let eat before our food get cold,” i said. We ate in silence before Alvary later broke the awkward silence.
“mom i think we should go back to the Philippine as soon as possible,” he said..
“huh.. yeah i think soo but not yet,” i said.
“are you leaving? Ivy asked dropping her spoon.
“seems someone is gonna miss me so much,” Alvary teased while she gave him a hard punch on his harm.
“ouch! what was that for,” he frown.
“and who told you am gonna miss you,” she rolled her eyes while he laughed.
“good thing then! am not gonna miss you either,” he laughed.
“suit yourself, am full already,” she dropped her spoon then stood up.
“Ivy.. are you leaving already? i asked.
“quit that baby act, sit down and finish this meal,” he pulled her back and make her sit on the chair.
“am not going anywhere,” he teased.
I laughed as i watched those two- they quarrel every minutes, tease each other and threw punches at each other..
After dinner Ivy helped me wash the dishes before i later retired to room leaving her and Alvary at the balcony.
Ivana’s POV😍
When i was done helping Mrs. Lena in the kitchen i went and stood close to Alary at the balcony he was lost in the thoughts or should i say he was busy staring at the stars.
“what a wonderful stars,” i yelled to his ear startling him out from his thought.
“oh.. you always freak the hell outta me Ivy, must you have to yell,” he rolled his eyes. Awwwwn🤗 he look so cute doing that.
“good thing i made you angry now, it’s my revenge time,” i laughed.
“and do you think am angry,” he smirked.
“you’re just so unbelievable,” he smile then turn back staring at the stars, i stood more close to him wondering what he’s thinking about.
“your mom told me you visited the cemetery today,” i started while he kept quiet, not saying anything.. I wanted to say something again before he spoke..
“i guess i will be leaving soon to face my step father this time and end it once and for all,” he said.
“what if you get hurt… your mom has explain everything to me so just handle everything to the police am sure they will take care of this,”
“to the police.. so that when he get to jail he will bribe them or ended up escaping, not this time Ivy that man has done more harm than good in my life and i wish him nothing but dead,” he said angrily and i could see so much anger in his eyes, each time he talked about him, his countenance always changed.
“so that means theirs every possibilities you will get to see your ex if you go back to the Philippines? i asked trying to change the topic, i just want to know if he still have any plans for his ex.
“ex? he scoffed.
“you mean Maja? am only going there to end everything with that monster and once am done am coming back here,” he said ..
“but what if…
“what if” i thought you said you hate that word “what if”? he teased while i rolled my eyes.
“okay.. i was just carried away. I will miss you so much and i hope you won’t stay too long,”
“you have to be very more careful around that man, he seems so dangerous,”
“yeah i will be more careful this time, i don’t want to get into coma and then you’ll start disturbing me with your boring stories,” he teased and i laughed.
“i bet it was my reading and prayers that woke you up,”
“maybe,” he smiled.
“i hope you haven’t forgotten about our tomorrow schedule? i asked.
“i will be there, i will come and pick you up if you want to,”
“sure, i gat to go now, Rocco and Ken might be waiting for me,” i smiled remembering those troublesome kids.
“those annoying kids,” he rolled his eyes.
“get ready for your several punches because am gonna tell them,” i said while he burst out laughing.
“i will drive you home,” he insisted.
“no, my car is already packed outside,” i said, he escort me to the gate where my car was parked…
The following day..💫💫
💕Maja’s POV💕
💢Different beautiful lights brighten the outside as people chatter, the paparazzi were busy taking different photos of me and Janelle. We were both beautifully dressed in a ball gown designed by Janelle.
*sure her designs are good..
*what a perfect twins, looking so gorgeous
*such a complete and happy family
I could hear all those compliments from the every angle and i felt so good. It’s indeed a happy family that’s why dad decide to make this a grand birthday party to celebrate out twenty- third birthday and it just was perfect just as i picture it on my mind, dad has really spent a lot preparing for this day. Am glad for this past two years everything is quite better because dad later got married to mom and that makes our family complete and happy, mom and dad also forgave Janelle and i did the same since she has really changed for good, i believe everyone deserves a second chance no matter what bad they did, well i did not only forgive Janelle because she deserves a second chance but because life is just too short to hold grudges, i just want to free anyone from my mind and live that peaceful life i have always wished for. At least for this past two years Janelle and i has been the best friends and sister and i like it that way.
After the photographs i left Janelle discussing with some of her business partners, they were so many guest to be attend to. I went straight to mom and dad, they were dressed so beautiful and even mom dressed was designed by Janelle, she took a lot of effort to do all this just for this day.
“a special big thanks to the best mom and dad,” i yelled in excitement then hugged them.
The party was going on so well, it was so lively because they were other celebrities entertaining the guest, people like Clark. Janelle too will gonna dance and different funny shows will be displayed, everything is just so prefect even the weather itself was so calm and smooth, the evening breeze was so heartwarming. I sighted Toby and i found myself smiling, for a moment i was lost staring at him- his features, footsteps, cold aura – it was just indescribable and i wonder how he get to be this handsome. Toby was actually just a casual friend in the college back then in batangas, he was the king of the college because he was damn rich and of course every girl’s crush. He was just someone i know because of his popularity but i was surprise when he told me he like me so much i was not into him back then and during that time we later graduated from college and that when i get to meet my family and moved to manila with mom ever since then i never saw nor heard from Toby till four months ago when we meet at the cinema and now he’s just all over me saying how much he still liked me, he said he was sad when he heard i left batangas but he was more heart broken when he heard i and Alvary were dating back then so he just back off but now i guess it destiny that brought us together and i really seems to like him. For the past few months i know him to be this loving and amazing, i love everything about him.
“will you just stare at me the whole day..” he chuckle and i smile, my cheeks were getting hot already, i think am already falling for him but this time i have to be more careful so it won’t end like that of Alvary, i believe whatever Alvary and i shared is already buried in the past and i have decide to move on with my life, i don’t want to remain stuck in the past and am sure wherever Alvary is he has also moved on.
“you look so beautiful tonight,” he smiled..
“thanks and you also look good, well thanks for coming i thought you were busy..
“i wouldn’t miss my princess birthday for anything,” he said in the most sweet voice while i rolled my eyes, his words always sent shivers down my spine, making me to fall over and over again for him.
“you and your sweet-talks,”
“anything for my princess,” he chuckle. He held my hand and we walked to the dancing floor, now i feel so nervous as he place his hand on my waist while i placed mine on his shoulders, we were both lost staring deep at each other, you know sometimes we don’t understand what we can do or say unless we meet the right person and i guess Toby is just the right person for me…👨‍❤️‍👨💕
▪▪Alvary’s POV▪▪▪
Today was hectic but filled with so much fun, seeing the smile on those children faces was the best thing ever. Ivy and i visited the orphanage, that’s what she does at least once in a month and i always accompanied her which i get used to those kids. Ivana is just this sweet loving lady with a very big heart, she’s so jovial and am glad i happen to be her friend, she always knows the right word for the right moment, she has her own way of making me feel better when ever i feel depressed or sad, that’s why i so much cherish the good friendship we have. All those years we’ve been together i really learn a lot from her, she thoughts me lots of things i never thought i could do, it was all because of her i completely fall in love with reading books, books that actually changed my view about life. I always teased her saying how boring her books are but the truth is that i like them, we usually visit the special library during her free day to read together, it’s so much fun being around her, i like her so much but am just scared she might have already fallen for me and am not ready for any of these yet, even thou i want to move on but my heart is still frozen about some certain things which i can’t understand. I like Ivy so much and i don’t want to end up hurting her feelings for anything.
“what the heck are you think this time,” she snapped me out of my thought it’s already 6pm and i insisted to bring her home myself, today was indeed so much fun.
“i gat to go now, feeling sleepy already,” i said faking a sleepy eyes which make her laugh.
“okay.. Mr. Alvary thanks for today at least am glad we were able to put smiles on those children faces,”
“you only out smile on their face, while i was able to put a big laugh on their faces,” i chuckle
“you can be so silly atimes,” she laughed. Just then my mind drifted back to something, yes i just remembered today is Maja and Janelle’s birthday.. but why am i just remembering it now maybe it because i was so busy throughout the whole day.
“you seems lost? she asked.
“oh, it’s nothing,” i said not wanting to ruin the moment by mentioning Maja because she’s better off forgotten for now.
“uhmm.. i don’t believe that, well don’t think too much if it’s about your evil step father,” she held my hand.
“am not thinking about that asshole, i gat better thing to think of, people like you,” i said.
“oh! she blushed making me smile.
“okay then, don’t just think about the past because it might bring tears and don’t think much about the future too- it might brings fears, just live the moment with a wide smile on your cute face,” she chuckle then pulled my cheeks in a childish way.
“you will always be my inspiration Ivy, you’ve just inspire me tonight,” i hugged her..
“i gat to go,” i smiled then disengaged from the hug before popping into my car.
“my greetings to your mom,” she waved me goodbye and i did so before driving off. I arrived home and all of a sudden i felt so sad, so sad from within, i was so happy a while ago with ivy but now my mind seems so heavy thinking about Maja’s birthday. I don’t want to think about her again, i hate it whenever i remember anything about her, i just want to forget about her and moved on for good because i believe we are not meant for each other, am sure she has also moved on and i want to moved on too but at some point my heart doesn’t want to..
Love was just so perfect back then with Maja but Years has drifted us apart, Life has created complications that we can’t even handle, like a waves it comes and go.
“happy birthday Maja, you still remain the first queen to my heart and i wish you happiness wherever you are,” i find myself saying that. If only wishes do come true i will wish to forget about Maja for good, if only i can completely erase her from my mind. She’s the stain i want to erase completely from my heart so i can move on but it seems so difficult…🖤💔
what did you think now…???🤔
are these two really destined for each other..🙄

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