💧Episode 46🔥
By Tiana
Alvary’s POV▪▪
I was about to walked into the house when a message popped into my phone. It’s from Jordan, i click on the message to read it.
💌 “your beloved Maja has moved on,”💌 i read, then saw some pictures below. It a picture of Maja and someone who doesn’t even look familiar to me. The picture seems to taken when they were dancing and she looks so happy… but why the heck is Jordan sending me this and how did she even get this picture… I angrily deleted the message and the photo then called Jordan.
📞 “the last time i check i didn’t ask you to send me anything that has to do with Maja,” i said into the phone.
📞 “i just want my brother to be happy, i want you to moved on since she has moved on too. You deserves to be happy,” She said while i sighed
📞 “well thanks for your concern but you don’t have to send me this,” i said angrily then cut off the call before she could say any other thing.
“you’re back,” mom smiled when she saw me.
“you don’t look happy but i guess you had a good time with the poor kids and also with Ivy? she asked.
“yes mom it was so much fun, i need to freshen up,”
“were you able to speak with Jordan?
“yeah,” i muttered then hurried to my room to avoid further questions.
▪▪Maja’s POV😍
“such a bad dancer just stop it,” i laughed watching Toby displayed some crazy steps.
The evening seems so lovely. This actually my first date with Toby and here we are in a classic restaurant. Toby has already made this evening one of my best moments and i said just say yes to his proposal, am now officially his girlfriend and that sound great, few people their has already taken some video clips of us and i bet the latest news is already on the net.
“you just made me the happiness man on earth,” he chuckle then moved closer to me.
“you’re such a bad dancer you know,” i said.
“well that makes us perfect together because i know you’re also as bad as me,” he smirked.
“well am not because Janelle has taught me some simple steps so am way better than you when it comes to that,”
“okay.. you win,” he smiled.
“so i can have this dance? he stretch forward his hand while i held it.
“Maja Ramirez is now officially my girlfriend am so honored,” he smiled as we dance perfectly to the rhythm of the soft music played.
“i promise not to hurt you Maja, i promise to take care of your heart and to make you mine forever,” he said with a serious look and i know he mean every bit of what he said. The whole thing is making me to blush a lot.
“you’re a strong woman and i know with you by my side you’ll make me a better man than i was before. Thank you for opening up your heart to love again despite everything that happen in your past relationship,” he said while i sighed softly remembering about the past relationship- Alvary😥.
“i love you Toby and i hope you’ll keep to your promise i don’t want us to end so bad just the way Alvary and i did. I just want…, I didn’t even finish saying what i had to say when i felt his soft lips on mine.
“i love you more than you could ever imagine,” he whispers softly to my ears then kiss me on my neck… The feeling is just so wonderful, am able to love again…
The rest of the evening was fun with Toby he’s just so talkative, fun to be with and so romantic. He drove me home and i introduce him to mom and dad as my new boyfriend well as expected they were both happy for me because i have actually moved on and found a good man like Toby.
…I retired to my bed and we talked on phone with Toby.
“you love him don’t you? i heard Janelle’s voice and i almost freak out when did she even entered.
“well you were busy blushing that you didn’t even get to see when i walked in,” she smile then sat down on my bed.
“Toby has his own way of making me feel so special,”i smiled.
“the news was all over the net and am so happy for you because you’re happy too,” she said.
“but i still feel guilty..
“about what? i asked.
“uhhmmm, never mind,” she said sadly.
“no secrets remember. Don’t you like Toby for me? i asked.
“of course not, if he makes you happy then so be it,” she smiled.
“i just feel so useless from within Maja. I know i have hurt you so bad but am glad you were able to forgive me but what about Alvary he will hate me for good,” she said sadly while i rolled my eyes- it about Alvary again!
“Alvary and i are not meant for each other that’s why it happens that way,” i said.
“but he loves you, he truly do. Am sorry i haven’t tell you this…” she sniffed, trying to hold back the tears in her eyes. What did she have to say again. Everything is all over now and i don’t want to revisit anything about my past relationship. she told me about Steven how she hired him to be a distraction to me so that Alvary might get angry and that will create a lot of problems but well it a good thing dad already kick his ass outta the company.
“Alvary was forced to break up with you because he has no option or else you will be killed. He decided to risk your relationship so that you can be alive and if he haven’t do that then you would have been dead by now,” she said while i looked so confused. Alvary told me it was a set up and whatever he said to me back then was all fake, well i didn’t let him explain everything to me, i just flared up and ask him to leave.
“but why didn’t you tell me this all these years, it been two years now,” i scoffed.
“i thought you will listen to him yourself. Jordan planned that and she told me that herself, i was scared this might result to something,” she said then wiped off the tears from her eyes.
“i was just so angry to listen to Alvary at the moment but he also left. When i realize how foolishness i was for not listening to him i went to their house only to be told that he left to Mexico and might not come here so i think he’s just fed up with me,” i rolled my eyes.
“he never left on his own,” she said..
“what did you mean?
“he was in a coma,” she said and i was shocked to hear that.
“Alvary in a coma? whaatt! Why didn’t you tell me this and why are you even telling me now.. what the heck happen to him,” i yelled.
“i don’t know but Jordan said he was stabbed then shoot. I didn’t tell you all this while because i thought is of no use again. Alvary has left already and you’ve moved on too. Am sorry Maja i played a huge part in this and i don’t think Alvary will ever forgive me i was just obsessed with him,” she cried and for a while i was lost in my thought. Alvary was a in a coma.. no one told me about this, it was more complicated than i thought!
“But why will Jordan do that to her brother?
“i don’t know, Jordan hasn’t fully explain to me all that happen you didn’t get to hear that from Alvary too,”
” i believe i and Alvary were not meant for each other, i hope he’s fine wherever he is now,”
“am sorry for separating you from your first love am just scared if Alvary happens to back here, what if he still want you back, i wish theirs a way i could do to see you back together again so that i can be free from this guilt,”
“it’s okay Janelle. You’re still my sister and even thou i want to hate you for what you did to me i can’t because i will only end up hurting myself by trying to hate you and that’s the reason i have move on so i can be happy again and not to live a life of hatred or anger towards anyone, i believe everything happens for a reason so please forget about Alvary and be happy for me. Let just forget about the past and hoped for a better tomorrow,” i pulled her into a hug.
* 😞I was so happy not until when Janelle came and ruin that happiness by telling me all that about Alvary. I had a sleepless night throughout that night thinking about what she told me. Alvary actually did that to save me from getting shoot by the unknown men, he risked our relationship to save me and i was so mad at him but it wasn’t my fault because it hurt to see the one you so much love hurt you that way. And who are those people after his life. Thousands of questions kept running through my mind and i guess only Alvary has the answers to that, now i feel so guilty about this..
▪▪▪Toby was already at the club with his friends seated on a round table which was filled with different types of drinks. The four friends click their glass cup together..
“cheers to Toby’s new relationship,” Dave shrugged while the others laugh
“i doubt if this damn relationship will last for good,” Ramon grumbled under his breathe.
“hey you guys should be happy for me that’s why i called for this celebration. I have been dying to be with Maja ever since we were in college but she was playing so hard to get and the worse part happen when she left batangas and got entangled with that her so-called ex now destiny has brought us together and glad it wasn’t too late for me,” Toby smile then puff out some smoke from the cigarettes’..
“i love her so much and i mean,” He smirk then sip from his drink.
“this shit mehn! i doubt you do so,”
“so have you taste the sweetest part of her,” Ramon asked mockingly
“don’t you think it pretty early for the girl.. she might not survived it Toby get to devour her,” Joe laughed while Toby rolled his eyes.
“such a bunch of useless friends,” he muttered.
“you might think of anything bad and dirty you wish to but when it comes to Maja am damn serious about her and i would make her mine sooner,” he smirked.
“you’ll make her yours? isn’t she yours already? Dave asked with puzzle look.
“you won’t understand just yet,” he said then walked out to picked his call, at first he thought it was Maja but got disappointed to see it was his dad calling.
📞”dad,” he grumbled into the phone.
📞”the shipment is tomorrow i guess this now the right time to prove me how serious you are in this organization. Those drugs need to be delivered or else we will gonna lose some billions here,” he’s dad said sternly.
📞”we will talk about this when i get home,” i said..
Maja’s POV▪▪
“so Toby is now your boyfriend! like seriously when have you even get to have these so-called feelings for him? Selene asked, she seems not be happy when i told her about that.
“Toby is a cool guy and i like him so much. If my heart doesn’t trust him then i wouldn’t have said yes to him,”
“but that wouldn’t change the fact that he’s a playboy, wasn’t that the reason you reject his proposal when we were in college, he always has so many girls flocking around him..
“that was then when we were still in college. Toby is willing to change for me,’ i enthused while she rolled her eyes.
“wand what if Alvary just show up now…
“and he probably want you back again..
“well that will not gonna happen,” i said simply.
“i bet Alvary is a better guy than that Toby,” she said.
“are you trying to compare those two. Everyone is good in their own ways, you might not see the good thing in Toby but i did and that’s why i choose him. This whole conversation is getting me annoyed,” i said angrily then stood up and walked back to my office ignoring her calls. If she can’t say anything good about Toby then it’s better she remain silent than blab nonsense about my boyfriend.
Jordan’s POV
I walked majestically to the huge building and the bodyguards bow as a sign of respect, it feels so good being part of this organization. It actually Mr. Adrian Kitsch who controls the activities done. He’s a drug lord, filthy rich and always get away with everything he does even thou he controls the organization in dealing with illegal drugs he has never been caught and even if he was, then he always get away with it. Aside from that he also own a company, well a normal company which ends him more than enough. I only get to know him through his son Toby. I’ve known Toby for almost a year now and i guess i was so loyal to him that’s why he trust me enough to tell me all this since am working for his dad too. Toby and i has been dating all this while only for him to meet that bitch a few months ago and now he’s all over her. Why would it always have to be Maja! well i shouldn’t have separate her from my brother back then i should have just kill her and that reminds me dad also want her dad and mom dead. After seeing their happy family photo that was taken during their birthday he got angry and the only way to eliminate those people is by killing them for good, no need to play games like i did before. I barged into Toby’s office and meet him busy working on some papers.
“are you serious,” i scoffed and walked closer to him.
“what about us Toby…. is it true you’re now in a relationship with that bitch after knowing how much i hate her, i split her from my brother not for you to have her to yourself but because i hate her so much,” i yelled then he dropped his pen then stood up.
“i trust you Jordan and ever since you join this organization everyone like you even dad, i don’t want you to feel like i have just used you. I like Maja more and that’s why am with her,” he said.
“did she know anything about your background? did she even know am still your girlfriend,’ I scoffed. I mean this whole thing is so complicated just when i thought everything is going on fine between me and Toby she just came into the picture again and snatched Toby away from me, i won’t ever allow that and i have my ways to eliminate her out of the picture again.
“we’ll talk about this when am less busy,”
“less busy! okay…” i smirked and turn to leave but i felt his grip on mine.
“i don’t fucking care how you split Maja and your goddamn brother apart, maybe you actually pave a way for me to come into her life without your notice. You know i wouldn’t want to lose someone like you in this organization. Maja will be my girlfriend, the one everyone knows in public while you will still remain my secret girlfriend,’ he whisper to my ears which irritate me the more. Hell no! i can’t share my man with that Bitch, definitely not Maja. Not for once have i ever imagine this will happen… i have to do something…😈

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