💧Episode 47🔥
By Tiana
▪▪Jordan’s POV▪▪
“and you think i will ever agree to that,” i said, that was such a lame decision.
“okay then suit yourself,” she shrugged which make me more angry. A man in suit walked in- he’s Toby personal bodyguards
“so how was it? Toby asked.
“done,” he smile slightly while Toby smirked and i stared at them wondering what they are talking bout.
“you can leave,” Toby ordered him to leave.
“what was it about? i asked curiously.
“always inquisitive.. huh? he smiled.
“well Lin is dead,” he said..
“Lin! why? what happen to him?
“he mess up! he was caught yesterday and the cops were damn serious about everything, they wanted to know how he got all that hard drugs and we can’t risk it, he might expose us when things get tough for him so he’s better off dead,” he shrugged.
“and how did you kill him while he’s still in the police custody?
“we have our own ways Jordan stop talking as if you just know me today. No room for any mistakes and anyone who dare betray us get killed the rule is so simple but yet difficult to keep,” he smiled. This crazy, Lin was very loyal to them they should at least try to help him escape from those police and not to kill him.
“but why did you kill him instead of helping him to escape,”
“no one has time for that because we got a lot to handle here. You’re questions are so lame, i gat to finish working on those papers because i need to visit Maja,” he said then walked back to his seat. I sighed then walked out of his office. Toby is just something else, now my mind has drifted to the poor guy Lin. I was about walking out of the building when my phone rang and to my surprise it’s Adrian Kitsch calling..
📞 “hello sir… i said into the phone..
📞 “i need you right now in my house, Colman is on his way to pick you up,” he said coldly..
📞”okay,” i said.. I hope all is well and what the heck is this old man trying to do, well i hope i will be able to push through with my plans soon.
✨I arrived home later in the evening, just coming from Adrian’s mansion, what a perfect way to execute my plan soon now i don’t have to worry about Toby either as far as the big fish is on my side and that’s he’s father.
I slump on the couch and removed my boots, i wanted to call mima one of our maid to get me some drink but just remembered dad has already dismissed them. Things are gradually turning out so bad for us because for this past two years dad hasn’t been doing so well in his company, he has went bankrupt and as it now he have nothing left aside from this big mansion we live. Dad has made himself so useless, he had promised a big project to the board and they had given him a huge capital to do it, i didn’t know how he spent it all but i knew most of it went to his sluts and to his full time bodyguards’ and some of his men that he hired. Everything is not going as planned but joining Toby’s organization would made it easier for me now it was actually part of dad’s plan after all. I stoop up lazily, pick my purse and was about to go back to my room upstairs when dad walked in, looking angry as always.
“dad! i called.
“don’t tell me it still the same thing,”
“it’s positive at least am sure things will finally fall into place,”
“the board are still asking for their money Jordan, am going to jail if am not able to pay it by next week, just do something, be fast about this before this house is taken away from us too, we might end up being in then slum if cared if not taken,” he yelled.
“it not so easy to meddle with the Kitsch, i might end up get killed if Mr. Adrian knows am only fooling them. One step at a time and beside i told you to ask for mom’s help she might help you with the money,” i enthused.
“i will never do such a thing. Lena should be the one to ask for my help- and not the other way round. Look Jordan i just want to know on one loves you aside from me and whatever i did is for your sake. Lena hasn’t been a good mother to you. You practically grew up without her all through your life and that’s because she never cared for you,” he said while i get a little confused..
“okay dad, i know you and mom got divorce ever since Alvary and i were kids and mom choose to leave because she hate for what you did, did you actually expect her to stay with someone who killed her ex, you killed Alvary’s father and …
“i didn’t kill him, i was an accident Jordan i thought you were smart enough to understand these,” he yelled back.
“Lena only loved Alvary and that’s because he’s the stupid child from her ex and she hate you because you’re my daughter,” he snorted..
“so is that the reason why you wanted to kill her son, don’t deny it dad just spill it to me, were you the person that sent those hoodlums to beat up Alvary then shoot him?
“i can never so such a thing,” he walked out angrily. He keep denying the fact that he has nothing to do with what happen to Alvary, this whole thing is getting me so confused..
Alvary’s POV▪▪▪
I sat down next to Ivy, the dining table was filled with her parents, aunt, grandpa and her stubborn cousins Rocco and Ken, even mom was here too, they actually invite us for a dinner since i and mom will be travelling to the Philippines in two days from now. It’s actually a full house and i like it here, You can’t be staying in this house and feel lonely because it’s always lively. Ivy is so lucky. The dinner went well and after that Ivy and i went to the pool side to take some fresh air while mom was inside chatting with the others.
“this the type of family i have always wished for,” i said then sat down on a bench.
“well since you couldn’t get that family, you can as well make it a happy family for your children so they won’t experience what you passed through,” she said.
“i wish so,” i sigh
“i told you my parents will gladly allow me to follow you guys, i just want to help in anyway way i can and not only that i want to use this opportunity to see your sister and also get to visit lost of places in the Philippines,” she enthused and keep insisting to follow me and mom.
“they are better places to go Ivy, we can go on vocation when i return back but going to the Philippines with me isn’t a good idea and i will never forgive myself if anything bad should happen to you there. Once am done with Lewis i have no business there so am coming with mom and probably with Jordan if she wants to,” i explain the situation at hand to her.
“but how do you think Jordan will react if she get to know you’re now against her father, don’t you think this will cause a rift between you and your sister? she asked.
“well i just hope she’ll will understand, that’s why i need to go back to sort things out. I have a lot of things undone and i have to fix everything before coming back here,”
“including your relationship with your ex? she asked
“seems someone is trying to get jealous? i smirk while she rolled her eyes.
“I just want to know what your plans are,”
“well Maja has already moved on,” i shrugged.
“and what again? i asked..
“you still love her? are you trying to hold onto to someone who doesn’t even want you anymore?
“i blame myself for everything that happen between me and Maja, it’s all my fault and i wouldn’t mind taking all the blames, i just believe there’s so much out there which life want us to see. Why are we even talking about her? i asked
“because i don’t want to get hurt Alvary, i…. i love you,” she wavered then stared at me, her eyes were already filled with tears.
“i love you right from the very first day i set my eyes on your pale and weak body in that hospital when you were still in coma, but it seems you’re still tied to your past, you don’t want to move on and it hurts so much to know you only see me as a friend and nothing else,” she said then wipe the tears from her eyes.
“i have always wanted to tell you about how i feel but i couldn’t- thinking you will see that and reciprocate but it never happen. And now that you’re leaving i think i should let you know about this so i can feel much better in my heart,”. I was speechless as i watch her talk, she look so sad, i have always knew Ivy like me so much or perhaps love me just as she said but am not ready for it.
“Ivy.. am sorry if i hurt your feelings but i like you too, i like your personality and everything about you, i like the kind of person you are and you have impact a lot to me, i sees you as a super and a very strong woman that’s why i don’t want to get to that level with you because i respect you so much, i don’t want to end up being the cause of your sadness….
“but only you seems to make me happy Alvary, just say it straight to my face that you don’t feel the same way i feel towards you so that i can zero my mind and swallow my pains,” she sniffed while held her hands.
“i don’t want to hurt you just the same way i did to Maja,” I said..
“i don’t care about that Alvary, your love story with her might actually be different when it comes to us,” she batted her eyelids trying to hold back more tears.
“you will always be in my heart Ivana, i guess if all this mess never happen then i might never get the chance to know you but being in coma and mom bringing me here gave me the chance to know someone like you. I wouldn’t forgive myself if i hurt you,”
“but you just did. I know you can’t force someone to love you and you can’t be forced to stop loving someone. Love does not gives us the chance to choose… it’s all about what you feel,” she said in tears then hurried back into the house leaving me speechless…
Maja’s POV▪▪▪▪
Toby took me to their family house, we just came back from “Kitsch Cooperate” his dad’s company this actually the first time am meeting him just as Toby always says his dad is a busy man, good thing he was so nice to me.
We talked to the beautiful mansion as i stared at the large sitting room.
“this where i actually grew up,” he smiled then held my hand as we walked in. The thing that captured my mind was a huge picture frame. It actually a picture of a beautiful woman with a small boy beside her and i bet it Toby but he looks so young there. I realize he was also gazing at the picture and i stood beside him.
“i know you use to be mummy’s boy back then, she’s so beautiful,” i nudge his shoulder, i just wanted to make him smile and not to remembered about her dead since he once told me he’s mom is late already. He stood speechless without saying anything as he keeps staring at the picture as if he’s seeing it for the first time.
“no.. no..no who they heck put this picture,” he yelled.
“i told you never to hang this picture on the wall, who did this,” he yelled more loudly making me cringe. That’s his mom picture so why is he acting as if it’s something bad.
“Toby.. ,” i called trying to hold him but he pushed me back then used his two hands hands to close his both ear.
“who did this! i told you it was an accident, it was just an accident,” he yelled and his eyes were filled with tears. Now this whole thing is making me scared what did he mean by it’s an accident. Suddenly the maids quickly rushed with a nurse behind them. The nurse quickly held Toby and injected him with the syringe she was holding.
“whenever he acts this way this the only injection that calm him down,” the nurse said to me while i nodded, she called the bodyguards outside and they took Toby to his room.
“it a good thing we heard him on time if not he would have get out of control,” the nurse explain and i became more curious.
“but why was he acting this way? i asked.
“am sorry Ma’am, am not in the right position to tell you this am sure he will tell you himself when he wakes up by tomorrow,” she said then walked back to her room.
*i didn’t know he was coming over here
*who even ask you to put this picture, he has warned us all,”
*just know that you’ll be death by tomorrow,”
I heard the maid whispers to themselves as the bring down the picture from the wall.
“just go back to your duty,” one of them ordered and i think she might be the senior maid here.
“uhmm.. can i talk to you for some minutes,” i said to her while she nodded.
“please why was Toby acting that way, i need to know what just happen to him because am so confused,” i said curiously.
“behind every picture theirs a story, a secret and also some memories. I guess am not the in the right position to tell you this, sorry ma’am,” she said before walking away. I stood there speechless, why are they not saying anything. I slowly walked to his room and meet him on the bed, he was fast asleep. I sat down beside him and stare at his face, he looks so hurt, what is he hiding from me…
“am always here for you Toby,” i said then kissed his cheeks. I hope he tells me everything because i have never see him act that way… I need to know what the heck was wrong with him!
The next morning….✨
I slightly open my eyes and found myself on the bed but Toby is not here, i checked the time on my phone and notice it’s 6am, where could he have gone too. I was about to stand up when i heard several gun shots from outside…..
.Toby!!! was the first person that came to my mind😯


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