💧Episode 48🔥
By Tiana
Maja’s POV▪▪
I quickly went downstairs to know what was happening and i saw Toby who just walked in looking so angry like he just finished having a fight with someone.
“Toby,” i cooed then walked over to him.
“what’s the gunshot for? what’s happening? i asked.
“chill.. okay,” he chuckle then pulled me into a hug.
“am glad you didn’t leave my side yesterday,” he kissed my hair.
“what’s the gunshot all about ? and where have you been?
“i will tell you everything so just relax,” he held my shoulder while i just nodded.
“breakfast is ready you know” he said sweetly…
“okay,! i sighed. We walked hand in hand to the dining room.
I ate quietly while he just watched me eat. he looked sad thou he’s trying to put on a happy face.
“aren’t you gonna eat?
“no.. i enjoy watching you eat. I have to make sure my baby is satisfied first,” he smiled while i rolled my eyes and continue eating.
“Maja! he called after a long silence and i raise my head to look at him.
“i know you have a lot to ask, don’t worry i will tell you everything,” he said.
“thanks, whatever it is just know that i always gat you back Toby. You don’t have to pass through this alone am always here,” i assured him.
thank you,”
I was done eating and it seems he’s ready to tell me everything.
“the gunshots you heard was all Jaiko’s fault my personal bodyguard here, so no cause for alarm i have warned him to stop doing that,” he shrugged..
“and yesterday? i asked.
“whenever i see my mom’s picture the memories come afresh, how she died. It was an accident and till now i couldn’t get over it that’s why i hate to see her picture or anything about her because it always remind me of her,” he said sadly.
“oh! am sorry about,”
“am sorry too if i scared you yesterday, i just want to get over this, it been five years now and i don’t know why i still can’t get over it,” he sadly.
“she’s your mom and i don’t think you can possibly forget her just like that. I wish i can help in anyway,”
“well that’s it,” he shrugged then stood up.
” Am taking you out today,”
“somewhere you would love to see,” he winked.
“you’re always full of surprises,” i smiled.
Toby’s POV▪▪
I later asked my driver to take Maja home because i couldn’t do that and glad she understand, i need to handle something. I called Jaiko and asked him to cleaned up the mess. Yes the gunshot Maja heard was from my gun and i killed Anita, the maid that purposely hang that good for nothing picture on the wall. I’ve warned them several times but she went against my rule maybe to see me so tormented like yesterday. Why can’t mom just leave me alone, She died five years ago and it was all because of me. I pushed her up from the stairs and she died instantly she landed on then floor. I could still remember the night she died it was so bloody and if it wasn’t for dad i would have go to jail. I don’t know how it all happen but i ended up raping Kirena. Marquez’s daughter. She was my ex girlfriend but such a nerd, so boring, i don’t even know what attracted me to her maybe all i feel for her was lust and maybe because she has a killer looks and shape just like Maja. Her dad is very influential and he threaten to sent me to jail if i didn’t take responsibility for the baby. Kirena was his only daughter and he loved her so much so he vowed to hurt me just the same way i did to his daughter. Mom was totally against what i did, i wonder what type of mother would watch her son go to jail but she said she’s only doing the right thing, she said i have to pay for my crime, for meddling with Marquez’s only daughter. That night Kirena came with her dad and her dad was so furious requesting to see me. I was at the upstairs staring down at them, dad told me to go back to my room that he will handle them but mom dragged me out, she yelled, calls me names, she said she’s fed up with my attitude and it better being alone than to have a son like me, she said all those hurtful words to me while i was raging in anger, i pushed her off and that was the end of her.. i never meant to, but my anger get the best of me. Dad also came out and shoot Kirena and her dad, right at the spot i stood in shock as i watch mom in a pool of her blood while Kirena and her dad were also lying lifeless, that night was so bloody and ever since then mom kept tormenting me whenever i see her picture the memories keep replaying in my head and i felt so angry. I mean what mother would do that to her own son.. even in death she’s still tormenting me. i can’t possibly tell all these to Maja she would hate me and after all no one knows about this, it just our little secret between me and my dad and till now no one actually know the cause of Mr. Marquez death and his daughter. I guess dad was smart enough to clear the mess he did, their lifeless body was returned to their house and till now no one knows the actual truth about the whole incident…
Alvary’s POV▪▪
I and mom were done having breakfast, our flight will take off my ten and i hope i will be able to see Ivy before i leave.
“Ivy returned back to the house looking so sad and i guess you two had a fight,” mom said.
“of course not,”
“then what happen? or are you now couple’s? she asked.
“i think this actually where you’re heading to, well Ivana and i are just friends,” i said.
“friends! so tell me Alvary you don’t love her?
“of course i love her but only as my friend and not they way you guys thinks,” i mumbled.
“so are you still hoping to get back to that Maja or is this all part of your plan so that when we get back to the Philippines you go running after Maja again..
“yes Alvary. I don’t want to see you her near that girl again or even near her family. You were in coma for six months and she couldn’t even call to know how you were doing! it been two years now and she have moved on already. She don’t give a damn about you anymore, so get a life for yourself and moved on too,” she yelled sounding so angry.
“whatever mom! I don’t want to talk about this with you,”
“well i have said my mind. Ivy is the right girl for you or are you still blinded by Maja’s love again? she asked mockingly.
“i have already moved on mom. I don’t think Ivy is the right person for now. Despite everything that happen i want to learn to love and forgive myself before any other person. I was the one who hurt Maja and i don’t want to end up hurting Ivy too,”
“you didn’t do that intentional! you even saved her life by doing but that ingrate of a thing didn’t even thank you talk more of listening to you,” she yelled.
“it’s not only about the fake break up but also about the video of me and Janelle, she has every right to get angry. Look Mom Maja have moved on and who’s even talking about going back to her now, i don’t even think i feel the same way i use to feel for her again so you don’t have to worry yourself,” i said pissed off then hurried back to my room to get my things ready. I guess if i keep talking about this with mom we will only end up yelling at each other.
Ivana’s POV▪▪▪
I was still in bed, feeling so sad about everything that happen but i have decide to free myself from getting hurt. I just remembered Alvary and his mom will be leaving today and at least i need to see them before they leave. I checked the time and realize it 9:30am, huh!!! Have i slept that much, i checked my phone and notice two missed calls from Alvary. Am i even ready to see him? i just have to, even for the sake of Mrs. Lena. I jumped from the bed and quickly headed to the bathroom to take my bath.
▪▪✈I was already at the airport, i called Mrs. Lena and it a good thing they didn’t leave just yet.
“glad you’re still here,” i smiled when i saw her saw, i walked to where they were seated and my eyes meet with Alvary. Why did i suddenly feel shy around him or it because of yesterday and how he indirectly reject my feelings all in the name of he don’t want to hurt me.
“hi,” he smiled.
“hi,” i reply feeling so awkward about the whole thing.
“sorry i came late,” i said referring to Mrs Lena.
“thank you for always been here for us Ivy, you don’t have to worry, Alvary and i will soon be back when everything is over,” she said while i nodded.
“stop acting that way around me, it’s making me feel so guilty,” Alvary said teasingly while i just managed to smile.
“you’re still that good best friend i have,” he stood up and hugged me to my surprise.
“anyway am sorry about last night,” i said after we disengaged from the hug.
“i should be the one to apologies. Am sorry Ivy, if only love can give us a chance to choose who we will love i would have choose you a thousand times,” he cooed making me to blush by what he said.
“it okay. At some point you just have to let go of someone even when you still love that person . I have cried over this yesterday and it a good thing mom and speak some sense into me. I have been in love with you for two years but since you can’t reciprocate then i have to let go and moved on,” i shrugged.
“please don’t feel about about this..
“i understand, after all i can’t force you to love me,” i rolled my eyes.
“but i love you already,” he said while i stare at him in disbelief
“i love you as friend should do,” he added and i felt like i was stabbed in the chest. Why can’t he just reciprocate to my feelings.
“i will so much miss you Ivy,” he cooed and hugged me again and this time it was long hug and it felt so awesome. Am missing him already, i hope they will return back here soon and safe…😣

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