💧Episode 49🔥
By Tiana
▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
Later that evening Toby took me to one of his mansion, it was beautiful, very large and spacious.
“this one of my favorite place, you like it? he asked wrapping his hand around my waist.
“this might end up being our matrimonial home, that’s when i finally make you my wife ,” he said sweetly while i laughed lightly.
“I so much love it but we don’t have to rush things,”
“i know, am just scared your ex might come and take you away from me,”
“no one is taking me away from you. I love you Toby,” i smile.
“but sometimes love isn’t enough,” he said then stood in front of me as he held my hands.
“promise you won’t ever leave me Maja,” he said sounding so serious.
“oh… i promise and how am i even sure it’s not the other way round,” i rolled my eyes.
“meaning you might be the one to leave me,”
“that won’t ever gonna happen. As i stand right now you’re the only best woman in my life,” he cooed.
“and i love you so much,”
“i love you,” i added then hug him.
“okay, i have a lot of things to show you here, the pools, garden, balcony and lots more so let go in,” he said when we disengaged from the huge. We walked hand in hand to the house and he showed me lots of beautiful places around, the view from outside was beautiful.
“am sure our unborn kids will be happy growing up in such a big mansion like this,”
“yeah but i just want a happy home,” i smiled. We walked to the pool and everything their was just amazing.
“does anyone lives here? i asked wondering if he lives here all by his own.
“i only come here once or whenever i feel i need to be alone,” he smiled.
“so can we swim?
“oh! i don’t know how to swim. Janelle has try lots of times to teach me but m not interested and i don’t want to get drenched,”
“i will teach you then,”
“okay but not now, i want to see the garden,” i said then walked over to the garden while Toby trailed behind me.
we walked in together and i was stunned staring at the whole place. It beautiful just like the one in our house and also it feels so magical.
“wow! i smiled.
“so this my magic garden,” he said.
“magic garden?
“yeah, i call it my magic garden, so just make a wish and it will definitely come true.
“really! i smiled then close my eyes to make a wish..
“so what your wish,”
“i thought it should be a secret,”
“nop, you can share that with me,” he smiled.
“so what’s your wish too? i asked.
“to always be with you,” he smile then held my hand.
“i have a lot to show you inside and am sure they maid must have already prepare our dinner ready,” he smiled.
“the maid?
“yeah, i called them to made dinner for us,”
“oh,” i smiled. We walked inside and just as he said the maid were done preparing dinner and was set at the dining table. He took me upstirs and we walked to one of the large bedroom, it look so beautiful and very spacious.
“this is perfect you know,” i smile staring at the room.
“it’s all for you Maja,” he smiled then kissed- a hot kiss which radiate my whole body. Toby’s touch was just so different, he kissed every part of my face, my cheeks, nose, eyes and neck giving me some soft hickeys, his hands were already roaming all over my body which make me feel so uncomfortable.
“i love you Maja,” he whisper kissing me so hungrily. He gently push me to the bed trying to zip down my dress but i stopped him and sat up immediately. Why do i even feel his touch are of lust and not love, even his eyes tells everything, he seems like someone who just want to devour me anytime. He smirk then place his hands on my thighs trying to raise my dress.
“am hungry let go and eat,” i stood up trying to change the topic even thou it sounds awkward, i was about leaving when he grabbed me, pushing me back to the bed.
“you’re now my girlfriend and am all yours,” he whispers softly to my ears.
“am not in the mood for this,” i said trying to stand up but he push me back again pinning me to the bed and kissing me roughly.
“Toby.. let go of me,” i yelled using all the strength in me to push him..
“what now huh? you don’t love me again,” i asked angrily.
“that’s not the point, am not in the mood for this,”
“then am trying to get you be in the mood,” he yelled.
“okay am not ready for it,” i scoffed.
“i bet if it was Alvary you would have given in and that’s because you still love him huh?
“and who’s talking about Alvary here?
“tell me Maja what’s even the purpose of rejecting me when other men has tasted it already,” he snorted and i felt my eyes forming more tears.
“haven’t Alvary use and dumped you already…. huh? he yelled while i slapped him.
“is that what you think of me? Alvary understand me better when it comes to this and we promise to make it up to each other only on our wedding night and since the relationship didn’t even worked out i expect you to understand me just as Alvary did. I promise to keep myself only for the right man,” i said angrily as i picked up my purse and walked out in tears. Toby just broke my heart with what he said.
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“Maja,” i heard his calls but ignore them and worriedly went downstairs.
“Maj.. am sorry,” he ran after and me then stood in front of me.
“i just lose control of myself, am sorry,” he cooed then pulled into a hug.
“just let me go,” i cried trying to push him away from me but he hugged me more tighter.
“am sorry, am so sorry, i didn’t mean any of those words. I love you Maja,” he whisper.
“no! it’s lust not love,” i yelled in tears.
“no… no, i love you and i promise from now hence forth i won’t bother you about this, we will both wait for the right time,” he said remorsefully while i free myself from his grip.
“i need a break? i said shocking him the more.
” break? for what?
“a break from this relationship,”
“are you breaking up with me?
“no, i just need a break and maybe after that i will decide if i want to push through with this so called relationship,” i said angrily then hurriedly walked out. I thought this was a perfect evening but he just ruined my day!
😥I laid on my bed and Janelle gave me some issues to wipe my tears, i just told her everything that happen.
“it’s not even up to two weeks you accept Toby and now you’re on break, you need some time alone? what will people say? Janelle sked.
“i don’t care what they will say, this about my feelings and not about what people will think or say. why am i even feeling this way now, i don’t even think Toby and i are compatible in anyway,”
“okay.. okay, Toby is your boyfriend and to me it sound awkward denying your boyfriend sex,” she said.
“thank goodness you said to you, i don’t want to rush things, i don’t want to lose my virginity to a man who i wouldn’t end up with,”
“if Toby truly loves you as he claimed then he should respect your decision,”
“he apologies but i just want to think through, i don’t want to make any mistake. Don’t you think i even rushed in accepting his proposal? i asked.
“oh! so what are you insinuating?
“nothing actually,” i said sadly.
“it’s okay Maja, if Clark and i are back together again then i think you and Alvary will get back again, i actually miss seeing the two of you together, ” she smiled.
“you and Clark are now couple? i asked
“kind of, i decided to forget about the past and move on since Clark really seems so serious with me but i promise him to break his head if i happens to caught him cheating again,” she laughed lightly.
“i thought as much too, your closeness with Clark obviously shows you two are dating, it a good thing you’ve now become more wiser,”
“oh! is that an insult? she rolled her eyes.
“nop, it’s just a saying,” i said while she laughed.
“chill okay, Toby really love you just forgive him and forget about this break of a thing,” she enthused.
“i was once the cause of your unhappiness and if i could do anything now to make you happy each passing moment of my life i will gladly do so to make it up for all the days i made you cry,” she said while i hugged her.
“don’t worry about me, i will be fine,” i whisper trying to hold back my tears.
Janelle slept in my room to make me feel better but i had a sleepless night thinking about the whole thing, about Toby and Alvary. I don’t want to compare those two but i guess i now realize men like Alvary are rare to find.. i miss him so much even if it’s not as my ex boyfriend but as my best friend, the only person who make my childhood so memorable…😥
The next morning..✨✨
▪▪Alvary’s POV▪▪
“it so delicious mom,” i smiled as i finished the whole plate of soup mom prepared for breakfast. Thank goodness we arrived safely yesterday but headed straight to mom’s penthouse, Jordan hasn’t even know we are here in the Philippines already and i told mom not to tell her yet.
“so mom i will be visiting officer Tagui i hope by now he must have found the guys that once kidnaped me and Jordan,” i said
“i hope the news will turn out positive because it still a pending case since you weren’t here for good two years,”
“yeah and that’s why am hoping he get some information about those kidnappers, this the first step i have to take,”
“no, the first step you have to take is for you to be careful,” mom cooed while i smiled.
“i will mom,”
“Jordan will be so surprise to see us. I will call her to help me with some work later,”
“We’ve talked about this mom. You don’t have to tell Jordan about this at least not now,”
“you can’t blame for this Alvary. I miss my daughter so much and it been two years we haven’t seen each other and now that we are back you expect me to stay calm? she scoffed.
“Jordan has been so close to her dad recently and her knowing about us is the same thing as Lewis also knowing that we came back and probably ready for him this time, its too risky,”
“this bout Jordan, am sure she won’t tell Lewis we are back,”
“okay mom, just be careful i will talk to her myself when i get back and i hope her evil father hasn’t brainwash her,”
“look Alvary Jordan is still your sister no matter what and we suppose to be on the same side,”
“okay mom… i just nodded because arguing over this will be pointless, seems she has already made up her mind to tell Jordan but i still don’t feel comfortable when it comes to her, i don’t know why…
▪▪Toby’s POV▪▪
💌 “Get the cocain ready,” i texted Jaiko, i have to make sure everything is set for my plans.
I tried calling Maja this morning but she wasn’t picking up or replying to any of my messages. Damn! she should be glad i didn’t even raped her yesterday i just couldn’t control myself. I have to get her back by all means and this time round i wouldn’t hesitate to have her in my bed then set her up as her punishment.

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