💧Episode 50🔥
By Tiana
Maja’s POV▪▪
Today was boring and i just wish the day will end so i would just go back home and sleep. I have been thinking about lots of things lately. My phone on the table vibrated and i saw it’s a call from Toby, he have been calling me all day but i didn’t pick, i just want to be alone. I stare at the phone then picked up the call.
“Maja,” i heard Toby voice, he sound surprised.
“am glad you pick up my call,” he said again, he seems happy.
“well i just have to because you might end up running down my battery to 0%,” i rolled my eyes while i heard his chuckle.
“one of your funny jokes right? i miss you Maja. I have been so crazy thinking about the whole thing. Let just forget about last night and moved on. Am sorry Maja,” he cooed while i was speechless not knowing what to say.
“or, am coming over to pick you up,”
“no.. i will be fine,” i quickly cut him off.
“is that it? have you now break up with me? he scoffed.
“i just need some time alone…..
“time alone or maybe you have someone else already. Why are you acting as if you don’t even love me. You know what- let just break up,” he yelled and before i could say any other thing has already hanged up. Oh no! he seems so angry again. One thing i don’t like about him, he always flared up at every little thing, he get angry easily and always make inclusion to things according to his head. I like him so much and breaking up now isn’t the right option i only ask for a break because i want to think over this for the meantime and now he want to break up. I quickly call him back but he rejected the call.
Arrgh.. just when i thought things will gradually come back to normal but it’s only getting worse. I don’t want to break up with him… 😔
Alvary’s POV🌷
We had dinner together and am glad Jordan is here with us even thou i felt it wasn’t the right time to inform her bout our arrival just yet, it’s mom’s doing anyways.
“so this actually a surprise.. you should have told me you guys are coming earlier, i miss you so much.. like it been two years now,” she smiled.
“at least we always makes calls,” i said.
“yeah and am so happy you are back,”
“so are you sleeping over tonight? mom asked her while Jordan nodded happily.
“i will just text dad…
“no Jordan, i hope you haven’t tell him about our coming? i asked.
“sure, mom told me everything and how he turn out to be the one responsible for what happen to you,” she said while i just nodded. Mom can be so Annoying atimes why will she tell her that already.
“yes Jordan and i hope you won’t tell him anything yet,”
“i won’t. When it comes to you and mom i don’t joke with you and i feel like confronting dad because he keeps lying to me about everything , he kept denying the fact that he wasn’t responsible for what happen to you. Am sorry for everything,” she sigh.
“you don’t have to apologies that was all in the past,” i shrugged.
We finish eating in silence and Jordan went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes leaving me with mom at the dining table.
“mom why will you tell her about that?
“and since when have you start to doubt your sister. Stop thinking that way about her i don’t like it. Jordan won’t do anything to put our life at risk,” she said obviously pissed off.
“am not doubting Jordan am only having a bad feeling about the whole thing because Jordan has been with her dad for a very long time now. Mom i know Jordan is still my sister but remember Lewis was also the one who killed my father yet be appeared to be an angel and you fall for it by getting married to him in the first place,” i said angrily.
“and what did you mean by that?
“what i mean is that we shouldn’t trust Jordan just yet because she’s so close to her dad,”
“Alvary don’t let your hatred towards Lewis change your attitude towards your sister,”
“i know am just trying to be be careful,”
“well, i don’t want you make Jordan feel bad that’s all,”
“okay,” i muttered…
▪▪When Jordan was done washing the dishes she came back to the sitting room and we talked about lots of things thank goodness this time she didn’t involve Maja in any of our discussion. The rest of the evening was great, it’s just like a get together and am glad Jordan actually came, the house wasn’t boring because she keeps talking all the time, maybe my instinct were just wrong about her, she might have stayed with her dad but that doesn’t mean she’s like him.
I’ve also talked to officer Tagui and he said they’ve already traced one of our kidnappers and i felt relief maybe the truth will finally come out. Tagui said he couldn’t push through with the case or arrest the kidnapper just yet because it still a pending case but now that am back and am also the witness to everything that happen hey will have the man arrested as soon as possible, it good thing they monitor he’s every move so getting him arrested won’t be a problem. I felt so relief hearing that from him but i didn’t tell mom just yet because she might end up telling Jordan.
Two days Later….✨
Lewis POV▪▪
I notice Jordan doesn’t sleep at home now i don’t know what she’s up to. I thought we are partners in whatever we do because she’s my daughter but at some point i feel she’s hiding something from me and it’s remaining just a week now, i don’t fucking have a dime to pay the board and to worse the situation i don’t think Jordan is even helping matters at all.
I headed upstairs to her room, i need to talk to her, i need to know what she’s up to, she need to help me get that money from that so called organization by all means.
“okay mom, i will be on my way,” i heard her say from inside, wondering who she’s talking to but i heard her saying mom. I quickly rushed back downstairs and sat down waiting for her to come out and just few minutes she came down downstairs already dressed up.
“so are you meeting with Adrian? what your plan? i asked angrily.
“dad, am doing my best i just have to go somewhere else for now?
“to see Toby, he’ll give me some money for the last mission we did,” she said while i just nodded wondering who she was on call with earlier i need to see everything for myself. She walked out and after some few minutes i went out and get into my car as i told my driver to trail behind her car wisely nd should maintain a far distance.
✨✨I asked my driver to stop at a far distance when we arrived to the place, i saw Jordan drove into the compound, the house seems so familiar to me. I sat down quietly as i tried to recall everything. She lied to me because this not definitely Toby’s house, it can never be!
“oh my,” i said in shocked recalling the whole thing. This belongs to Lena but the house has been abandon for some many years now, what business does she have here or is Lena back and why didn’t she tell me. I fumed in anger, that bastard son of hers is still alive and i promise to kill him myself this time., why is Jordan hiding this from me, i guess they’re actually up to something and Jordan is more focused on them instead of her focusing on my plans. I was still confused whether to go in or not, i have to make sure Lena is inside because am not really sure, i have to confirm but i don’t think am going in now, i have to plan of something else….
Alvary’s POV▪▪
I rushed to the station when officer Tagui called me. The goddamn kidnapper was arrested. I reached to the cell and i saw him. Yes he’s the one, how can i ever forget his ugly face, the one who shoot Jordan and force me to break up with Maja. I moved close to him and the next thing i did was to punch him so hard on his nose making him bleed.
“you still remember me? huh! i yelled angrily.
“am sure you were among the people who stabbed and shoot me,” i snapped angrily, i wanted to punch him again but one of the police quickly stopped me.
“we will handle him ourselves,” he assured me.
“now Henry, we only need the truth from you or else you’ll rot here in jail,” Tagui told him.
“tell us who the heck is that your boss, who send you to do that to me,” i asked angrily while he wipe the blood from his nose and glare at me.
“i was just following orders,” he laughed.
“orders from who? i asked impatiently…
“who else? i know you’ll be surprise. it been two years now and you couldn’t let this go. Telling you the truth won’t ever make you and that Maja get back together again,” he mocked and i felt like slicing his throat with my fingers.
“just tell me! and do not include Maja in this,”
“no who else but your sister,” he yelled while i slapped him.
“tell me the truth and don’t try to confused me here, you were the person that shoot her,” i yelled.
“Jordan and your dad are the mastermind behind it,” he said slowly with tears threatening to come out from his eyes….huh i thought he was a tough guy.
“Jordan? i asked again.
“yes.. it’s was all part of her plan just so you wouldn’t suspect a thing and it a good thing you were so dumb not to see that,” he yelled while i was shocked hearing that..
“Jordan.. i clinched my fist angrily….😣

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