💧Episode 54🔥
By Tiana
▪▪Alvary’s POV▪▪
I stare at Maja and i was surprise to see her, like very surprised. Am just seeing her for the first time after those damn two years and the feeling that rushed was something i just couldn’t understand.
“Alvary,” she called again and i see how sad she is..
“i will do as you said,” Jordan said and hurriedly left without waiting to even hear my reply. I turn my back on Maja and wanted to leave when she rushed and stood in front of me.
“am happy to see you after all these years,” she smile sadly trying to hold back her tears.
“am sorry… about everything and all the misunderstanding am also sorry about the lost of your mom,” she rushed her words then wipe the tears that strolled down to her cheeks.
“i should be the one to apologies for everything Maja, i was the one who hurt you if only i let that your sister died right at Mexico all this wouldn’t have happen, she wouldn’t have kept forcing herself on me anyway i blame myself for everything,”
“Janelle has changed already and believe me she also want to see you and ask for your forgiveness, she’s still unconscious at the hospital after she was stabbed by Toby. Thank you for speaking sense into Jordan too her evidence really worked out and that’s why am free,” she said.
“it’s okay Maja but i just want to be alone,” i said.
“i just want to be the Maja you once knew back then, i just want to be their for you too,” she held my hand and just her mere touch sent shivers down my spine.
“i appreciate that but i will be fine…” i said then slowly removed her hand from mine.
” alone!,” i added then walked outside to take some fresh air. My mind was not occupied with anyone nor anything but is filled with so much grief, pain, sadness and hatred. I regret coming into such family. I wasn’t the one who make mistakes but why am i the one suffering for it. Everyone hates me from every angle and the only family i had left is gone. I felt so much anger within me. No one saw it coming why will mom just died a painful death for no good reason. I wipe the tears threatening to come out from my eyes and sat down on one of the bench outside, i need to call Ivy. I need to tell her about this, i wish she’s here i just need someone to talk too… someone who will tell me everything will gonna be okay soon..
Maja’s POV😥
I just stood in tears when Alvary walked out, he seems so sad and i could tell he was hurt about the whole thing. I didn’t even get the chance to see his mom and now she’s death, how did it even happen is something i don’t even know and Jordan left immediately, i was just confused about the whole thing but what really important is to see him at that time and it’s a good thing Agent Tagui brought me here, so Alvary was in the Philippines all these while. I felt so sad about the whole thing he must be going through a lot and the fact that he reject my offer to be their for him really hurts a lot maybe he don’t like me again well i wouldn’t blame him for that because i was so foolish not to have believe whatever he said back then and i just jumped to be with Toby all because i wanted to happy by all means. I wipe my tears and walked out when i saw Alvary making a call, i just stare at him one last time before leaving…😥
I went to the City hospital where Janelle was admitted i meet mom there beside Janelle who was still unconscious.
“you look so tired already Maja, just go home and rest, Mrs Loren is coming with our lunch and your dad is on his way too,” she said.
“no mom i have to make sure Janelle is awake. I caused this whole thing, Janelle shouldn’t be the one to be in this condition, if only i didn’t involved myself with that criminal all these wouldn’t have happen. Am just a bad luck to everyone,” i burst into more tears and mom pulled me into a hug.
“don’t ever say that about yourself, you’re free now and your name is cleared isn’t that something to be grateful for. Toby was the caused of all this, it wasn’t your fault you fall for him but i guess it was just infatuation and not love,”
“you’re a blessing to us Maja, to me in particular this just a phase and we will scale through this together,” she cooed stroking my hair gently.
“how about Alvary, were you able to see him? how is he? mom asked.
“he lost his mom, he looked so sad and seems he don’t even want me around, he said he’ll be fine all alone. I know Alvary too well mom he really need someone especially now that he’s hurt and i don’t even think he’s in a good term with his sister,” i said.
“then be that someone to comfort him, just try to be there for him by all means,”
“but why do i feel he will keeping pushing me away, he doesn’t love me anymore mom, i don’t think he does,” i hiccupped while mom squeeze my hand gently.
“that’s how i feel when your dad said he doesn’t need me when i was pregnant for you and Janelle, i was so devastated and that’s why we moved to batangas so i could forget about the sad memories but destiny still brought us together this way through you and Janelle and that’s because we are destined for each other. Alvary is just hurt but am sure he will surely come back to you,” mom assured me but i wasn’t convinced, i felt so heartbroken, seeing him earlier brought back all the feelings i have for him even more stronger this time, i felt like hugging him but i couldn’t do that due to the way he look so angry, it just as if am falling over and over for him again and i think mom was right after all it was just a mere infatuation i have for Toby, i was just so dumb and stupid to sees things clearly for myself.
“there will come a times in our lives when we are going to be tested how much our heart can do us. It’s just a matter of time Maja, time heals all wound,” she said while i just cried in her arms. This just the worst moment of my life…
Two Days later…✨
Dad and i went straight to the station, i insisted that because i want to see the devil himself, i want to give Toby a piece of mind and i think after this he will never in his whole life see me ever again. I just visited their family mansion when i got a call from the senior maid there, i was surprised as well but they told me they just wanted to confirm if truly Toby’s dad is truly death and if Toby is in prison for real so hey could quit the job and go elsewhere and i told them yes, i was also shocked when they told me what happen the day i came with Toby, how he killed Anita -the other maid, the gunshot i heard was from his gun, they told me everything, how his mother died, it was so pathetic and i can’t believe i was actually getting myself into the devil’s den out of ignorance.
“and why did you want to see me,” he asked while i just down opposite to him.
“i know everything now, about you and the so called organization i think it’s a good thing your father died maybe you can rot here successfully,” i mocked.
“you know what Toby i would have been the biggest fool if i have gave in to your stupid sexual demands, i never ask for much from you. All i wanted was to be happy with you but you ruined it yourself, you were only claiming to love me,” i yelled trying to hold back my tears.
“fuck off Maja i don’t regret any of these, my only regret was not raping you before all this problems showed up,” he said while i slapped him..
“just the same way you raped the Kirena and your father had her killed, i now see the reason why your mom hate you so much even in her grave because you’re worse than the devil himself,” i yelled while his countenance changed mentioning those names i know he must be wondering i know this.
“noooo no… i didn’t kill my mom,” he yelled.
“you killed her because you’re a monster, that wasn’t an accident, you did that intentional,” i yelled saying all those hurtful words to torment his inner being so much, he use his hands to close his ears as he yelled.
“you will never get away with this,” he yelled. One of the police dragged him back to the cell. I regret the day i know toby..
Jordan’s POV▪▪
The police were still in search of dad and me but i would never go to jail, i don’t think i want to spent the rest of my life there. I sat down on the chair as i watched dad treat his wounded face, his wound is still so bad which gives a bad shape to his face.
“so dad we can’t keep hiding here,”
” am still making some arrangements for us so we can leave this country to for good,”
“it’s useless because you’ll still be caught. Alvary has sworn to make you pay and the cops are doing their job so well,” i yelled back.
“so are you now siding with that bastard brother of yours?
“yes and that because you killed my mother. Mom wasn’t part of this but you involve her in it, i don’t fucking care if you had issues with her all i know is that she’s my mother and you have no right to kill her,” i yelled at him angrily.
“i just did the right thing. Alvary is the one wasting his time and you also messed up a big time, why would you have to save that girl from the jail thereby implicating yourself and exposing the whole organization,”?
“i have to, at least am more better than you and i did that so that Toby would be the one to rot in jail, he has no one already,”
“i hope you’re not trying to implicate me too? he asked while i laughed sarcastically.
“just tell me dad, how did you find mom, how did you know she lives there,”
“because i followed you the other time Jordan and i saw everything for myself,” he said while i stood up angrily then walked to the window. The police just came in now and am sure they surrounded the whole place. I was the one that call Alvary and told him where dad and i are hiding i know for sure we are going to jail. I realize i was such a fool after all my hatred towards Maja led me to this and now my life will be cut short all because of my stupidity and illegal activities. I didn’t realize when dad was standing beside me, he was shock to see the cops through the window.
“how did they fucking know we are here, did you tell them.. tell me Jordan,” he asked as he held my neck. I have never see him so angry this way and he looked so scared, he was choking me and i was almost losing my strength when i kick him so hard on his legs and pushed him down, i quickly picked up a knife on the table and point at him.
“are you gonna kill me too,” i asked.
“yes, because you’re so dumb, you betrayed me.. why will you do this to me, why would you call the cops, am not ready to go to jail yet that son of a bitch will be so happy to see me behind bars,” he yelled.
“yes i called them and am only doing this for Alvary and mom, this the least and perhaps the last thing i could do for them, i still want to prove to Alvary that there’s still some goodness left in me, i was just blinded by some evil desires and your words, i regret having a father like you because you completely turned me to the monster i am,” i yelled in tears…
“damn you Jordan! i only wanted the best for you. You are the only one i love, you are the only family i have left and as for Lena and Alvary they weren’t part of my life that’s why i killed them and i still want to kill their son too,” he laughed.
“and now that am busy suffering for all my mistake my mate are out there doing something useful with their life, am sure mom will never forgive me for all these. This the least i can do for him so that you will pay for everything,” i whimpered..
“not me only but you, you deserve to die Jordan, you deserves to die for betraying me,” he yelled then stood up and quickly pick a gun from his drawer.
“stop all this and let look for a way to escape,” he said.
“we are not leaving here dad, you still have to pay for everything, for what you did to my mom,” i said sternly while i shoot me on the left side of my tommy, it was damn painful but not as painful as the wound in my heart, i kicked him so hard and push the gun from his hand then making him fall, i held the knife i was holding steadily then stabbed him so deep in his chest, i stabbed him again and again and again, i stabbed him continually until my face was drenched with his blood, starting from the night he came home, he night he killed Maja’s grandpa, that was the night he made me who i am today.. As those memories came flashing back i stabbed him the more..
“Jordan,” i heard Alvary voice…
▪▪Alvary’s POV▪▪
We already arrived with the cops and i know for sure their will be so escape for Lewis this time, he have to surrender or he die. The cops surrounded the whole place while some went in to search for them, my heart was beating so fast which i don’t know why, i quickly rushed to one of the room upstairs when i was shocked by the sight i saw. Jordan stabbing her father unstoppable even when he was death already.
“Jordan.. it’s okay.. he’s death already,” i told her then push her off from his body and collect the knife from her. She looked so messed up with blood streaming on her face, she wasn’t saying anything only tears strolling down her cheeks, i realize she was bleeding, she has lost so much blood already.
“Jordan.. please just stay alive me…,” i said so worried, trying to carrying her in my arms but she shook her head.
“just let me die…” she said whisper.
“Lewis is death already, you should have leave this to the police, just open your eyes am taking to the hospital now,” i carried her in my arms and hurried out of the room.
“this the least i can do for you and mom,” she muttered and her eyes were closing slowly.
“you’re the only family i have left, you are the only one Jordan, if you truly love me as you use to say then stay alive for me, so we would make it up to each other. I was just so angry with you but i never wanted to see my own sister die in such way, mom wouldn’t want this too,” i said as i rushed downstairs and meet some of the cops, i told them Lewis is already death, all that matters now is to rush Jordan to the hospital.
“i failed as a sister, am better off death, i just hope you realize am not completely as bad as you think of me because somewhere deep down in my heart i still love my brother so much,” she smile before her eyes finally closed.
“Jordan.. Jordan.. just say something,” i yelled, i check her pulse, she wasn’t breathing – she’s death already. I stared at her lifeless body in my arms trying to fight back the tears in my eyes.
There are things that with the passage of time, you will just wished that something should have never happen, you wish that you took a different part in life. My mind ran through the memory lane and bit by bit i recalled everyone i had lost to death…😥

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