💧Episode 55🔥
By Tiana
A week Later✨
Today, mom and Jordan were finally laid to rest. Mom was buried beside father(Rodney) while Jordan beside mom. Since after the incident i return back to Mexico, seems everything is over to start my life afresh even thou it not gonna be easy i still have to be strong and continue from where mom stopped at her company. I face my new resolve with all my life, arose each day to go to work and try to get busy that will help be forget about the whole incident, am glad Ivana’s parents always supported me and assured me am also part of their family.
At the graveyard something inside of me died, the only part of me that i held back to myself for years died as Mom and Jordan’s casket hit the ground, i was so devastated, i sometimes wonder why am i even alive? who am i living for. Everyone left the burial ground and i waited behind staring into space. Suddenly i felt someone hug me from behind and i knew it was Ivy.
“let go home,” she whimpered and i could tell she was crying too.
“i just want to be alone here,” i said while she walked and stood in front of me.
“you don’t want to be alone Alvary and am not leaving you. It still saddens my heart to know you lost two people you love, i mean why will your dad even do that to her…”
“he’s not my father Ivy,”
“and Jordan i never get the chance to even see her, i should have stubbornly follow you to the Philippines when you rejected my offer to follow you,” she sadly.
“and you think you’ll be safe, i still don’t even know why am even alive,” i laughed sadly.
“but you still have us Alvary, you are not alone and i guess the most important thing now is that you’re still alive,” she whimpered then hugged me tightly.
“i will miss Mrs Lena so much,” she cried.
“no one saw this coming, if only i knew this will turn out to be a disaster i wouldn’t have allow mom to follow me but it’s over now, i think since Lewis is dead my mind can be at peace,” i smile sadly then disengaged from the hug.
“so are you gonna keep crying making me feel more guilty and sad? i asked staring at her.
“is this how you’ll gonna help me move on?
“it’s just saddens my heart to know i will never see your mom again,” she cried while i hugged her again. We stood in that position for some minutes before we finally walked out to the gate.
“seems am the one consoling you now,” i held her hand as we walked to her car.
“am taking you somewhere,” she smiled.
“somewhere that will be just the two of us, am sure you will like it,” she said, i pop into the car and sat down beside her while she ignite the engine.
The drive was quiet and we didn’t have much to talk about so i was just lost, staring at the view through the window.
“Ta..daaa! she smile then open the car door for me and i was surprise, i mean when did she even stopped i must have been so lost that i didn’t even realize when we arrived to a park actually.
“are you still thinking? she asked while i just get down from the car.
“you don’t have to think too much about this Alvary,” she held my hand and i clasped it together as we talked in.
“so what are we doing here,”
“to have fun,”
“seriously you think am in the mood for this,” i rolled my eyes.
“okay.. we are just here so we could talk and so you could see the people around and feel at ease, i just don’t want you to feel lonely,” she said. While i looked around, the park was busy with children playing around and few of adult and couples, the place was filled with chatters and laughter and from different angle and i must say it really make me feel so relief.
“let go and sit over there,” she point a chair under a large beautiful tree and we walked hand in and hand and sit. We talked about lots of things mostly about mom, i also told a lot about Jordan.
“Lewis has succeed in luring Jordan to his bad act but the good thing was that despite all the stupid things Jordan did she still love me just as she used to say,” i laughed sadly.
“she wasn’t really a good sister and i wasn’t really a good brother too but i came to realize if Jordan have chosen to follow the right path she would have turn out to be a great sister to me because she loves me so much and never believe what her father said about me, even when she knew i was just her step bother it doesn’t matter to her because am still that only sibling she had, am just grateful she regret whatever she did before she died,” i smiled sadly recalling how she died in my arms.
“then you have to make them proud wherever they are! am sure they wouldn’t like to see you being so sad all day. Time heal all wound and am sure with the passage of time you’ll get over this,” she said.
“i don’t think i can ever get over this Ivy. This whole thing has carved a scar in my heart that can never be erased,”
“we will get through this, just know you’re not alone,” she cooed..
“care for some ice cream? she asked jolting me out my thought.
“well yes, am gonna get some for us,” she smile then walked to the ice cream man.
“it so cold, sweet and soft,” she smile the dropped the cup of ice cream she just finished taking, she likes ice cream too much.
“you can have mine,” i proffered.
“nooo, am gonna get another one,”
“just have mine or else am gonna give it to one of those kids,”
“oh! okay.. you are just making this so bored for me,” she rolled her eyes and collect it from me..
..The rest of the evening was good, i loosed up a bit and Ivy make me laugh the whole day forgetting about everything already, she’s such a sweet soul anyone could ask for…
▪▪We arrived back home that evening but to their house actually, we had dinner together with her family…
“so Alvary are you having any plans? Ivy’s mom asked as we eat quietly at the dining table.
“are you going back to the Philippines again? her dad asked again.
“no, i have no one their already. I will just stay here and focus on mom’s business,” i smiled.
“you are always welcome here, your mom has been of great help to us and you are also like a family to us, please always feel at home here,” she said.
“yeah, thank you so much,” i smile while Rocco winked at me, i arched my brow with the expression of “what?”
“aren’t you gonna marry our aunt? Ken asked.
“if you want to be fully welcome here.. then marry Ivy,” Rocco added while i chuckle.
“Rocco, ken! their mother scolded and they kept shut. They are just ten but they act like teenagers atimes.
“okay.. once this damn holiday is over you guys are going back to your father in America,” Ivy rolled her eyes.
“but mom said we are here to stay permanently,” Rocco grinned.
“well i will personally take you back to America,”
“you’re such a talkative you know,'” Ivy’s mom told them.
“you see even your grandma complains about this a lot,” Gina there mom said with a mocking smile to them, she’s the elder sister to Ivy.
“you don’t have to worry Ivy is always safe with me,” i smiled then glance at her, she was already blushing.
After dinner✨…. Ivy and i walked to the balcony, well since her parents invited i sleep here tonight then i have too after all i wouldn’t feel so lonely.
“we have the full moonlight today,” Ivy smiled.
“yes and that make it a perfect night you know,”
“you know whenever the full moon appears it actually like a blessing to the people you can make any wish and of course it do come true,” she smile.
” you and your superstitious believe,” i teased.
“well it happens for sure, you can ask Rocco and Ken,” she smiled..
“you do that with them? i asked.
“sure whenever it appears,”
“well i would only wish for one thing,” i smiled.
“and that is?? she asked curiously.
“you look so funny you know,” i laughed seeing how eager she was to hear my wish.
“well i wish to be happy, i deserves to be happy too…. right? i asked
“sure you deserves that,” she smiled.
We spend the night staring at the stars and talking about lots of things i feel a bit relief whenever am with her.
Maja’s POV▪▪▪
It’s been two months now and am glad Janelle was already discharged from the hospital, her wound was fast healing, she have recovered already but not fully at least she can walk. I felt so relief because everything is finally falling into the place but not for me actually. Alvary left already without even telling me after the death of his sister and i felt so sad about the whole thing, he didn’t even tell me anything and i only got to know that from agent Tagui who told me everything. Am ready to do whatever it takes to be with Alvary again but it turn out useless because i don’t even know his address at Mexico. How can i find him..
Dad has decide to throw a simple party for the family, it just a small party to in the house garden to celebrate Janelle’s recovery and also our family. We’ve been through a lot lately and dad just want us to be together happily, after all that has been happening and how my name and reputation was almost ruined all because of Toby but now that everything is over i guess it’s time for our family to be happy for good.
The party was just the best for me, but it was only few people around, some of dad’s friends, mom’s friends and students from her school, yes ever since dad and mom got married dad opened a new school for her and more teachers were employed, it actually for nurseries and the primary pupils. They were all here, including Selene, Janelle’s friends and also her boyfriend Clark, it was so much fun but towards the end of the party Clark surprise us all- he propose to Janelle, like in the presence of mom and dad and everyone that was there, i could tell Janelle was surprise but she looked so happy and scream yes to his proposal, sliding the ring in her finger and hugging her as if he’s life depend on her, all brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy. Will the even be a day like this that will come to my life. Am just so unlucky when it comes to love, it never end well.
“congratulations Janelle,” mom hugged her and dad was so happy for her too.
“i hope you’ll take care of my daughter with everything you can? dad asked Clark.
“i love Janelle and am ready to spent the rest of my life with her. She’s safe with me i assured you that,” Clark said confidently.
“am so happy for you Janelle i guess by now you know how much Clark loves you,” i smiled then stare at the ring on her finger, it so beautiful.
“am just so happy Maja i never expect this from Clark, i mean i love him but i thought this relationship isn’t gonna led to anywhere,” she giggle.
“well, now you know he’s serious about you,” i laughed.
“you know ever since we got back together i have never been so serious about it i just decide to see if Clark has truly changed just as he said and i guess he did,” she smile.
“thank goodness you know that, you’re now already taken and that’s mean no more flirting, say no to all the guys that are crazy over you,” i said while we laughed out together.
“so what’s so funny you girls are laughing about,” Clark asked as he walked up to us.
“girls, are you calling your wife to be a girl,” Janelle rolled her eyes.
“okay… let me put it this way, why is my baby laughing,” he teased then hugged her from behind.
“but Clark are you really kidding me, are you even ready to get married? she asked staring at the ring in her finger.
“am hundred percent ready to spent the rest of my life with the one and only stubborn, rude and arrogant Janelle Ramirez,” he said while i mouthed an “oh..
“what!! what did you just call me? she asked sternly as she turn to fully face him.
“i said only with the one and only sweet, sexy and beautiful Janelle Ramirez,” he said while we laughed out together.
“you are so crazy you know,” Janelle rolled her eyes.
“you can say that again because am crazy over you,” he pulled her closer to him while Janelle smirk.
“stop being so sweet this evening, i gat important guest to attend to,” she said as she hurriedly left while Clark trail behind her. I just laughed seeing those two together, they would make a crazy couple. I sighted Selene who was busy on her phone and i wanted to go and join her when mom walked up to me.
“everyone looks so happy right,” she smiled while i nodded.
“but you don’t look happy,”
“mom! of course am happy, am happy for Janelle,” i said.
“i know that and am not against it am only saying you don’t look happy. I know you so well Maja you are still hurt by everything that happen,” she said while i just sigh. Mom has already got me on this one.
“yes but am still happy,” i defended while she held my hand.
“is it still about Alvary, why hasn’t he come for you yet,” she said.
“mom can we just stop talking about Alvary,”
“i know i just want you to know that you might not be destined for him, you can’t force things to happen just let it to align with your life the way it is. Please Maja i don’t want you to lose hope in love when it comes knocking at your door. You deserves someone who will love and cherish you,”
“I know mom and am not desperate for any of this. What important now is that my family are happy and theirs’ no more enemies again,” i said.
“okay dear but just try to open up your heart when true love comes, it never too late,” she enthused while i hugged her.
“thank mom,” i hugged her trying to hold back my tears. How can i be able to love when my relationship with Alvary never worked out and even with that criminal too it was the worst one ever. I have given up on love already maybe it wasn’t my thing, am always unlucky when it comes to that and i always end up being the one hurt..
@ Mexico..💫
💕Ivy’s POV ▪▪
It came as a surprise when Alvary took me out on a date, well we usually hang out a lot on different occasion but this just different and i feel so loved. We had dinner together and i couldn’t help but to blush at everything thing Alvary said, he’s such a sweet talker and i like that. I was surprised when he told me that he’s starting to like me so much… i guess i was the happiest person on earth but i have to make sure he’s saying the truth.
“Alvary are you sure theirs still a space left for me in your heart? i asked while he nodded, he stood up and held my hand and i also stood close to him.
“you’ve been residing in the innermost part of my being Ivy, only you can make me happy and i have come to realize that i feel the same for you. I want to be part of your life, i want to love you each passing day of my life, i know wherever mom is she will be so happy because she always wanted you for me and that’s because she trust only you can make me happy,” he said while i smile amidst of tears. This what i have been waiting to hear all this years i have been together with him, i never thought a day like this would come but it did and i feel so happy.
“i love you so much Alvary,” i wavered while he smile then wipe my tears with his thumb.
“am sorry for hurting you, it took me so long to feel that way for you but now that i did i promise never to leave you,” he said while i hugged him so tight. We stayed like that for some minutes before we disengaged from the hug.
“i will always love you,” he whisper and the next thing was his soft lips on mine.. this just the best moment of life. Wishes do come true..💕

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