💧Episode 58🔥(semi-final)
By Tiana
Maja’s POV▪▪
I told mom and dad about my intentions of going back to Mexico with Alvary once we are married, we’ve talked about that with him already. And dad can replace anyone in my position in the company.
“is that really necessary, you both can stay here, am sure your dad will help him start up something. You’ll gonna be so far away from us Maja,” mom said so worried she was comfortable with that ever since i told them well i know she’ll miss me so much.
“don’t worry mom i will always come visit. Alvary have a lot to do in Mexico, that’s where he came from remember, he have to continue from where his mom stopped and also to take over her company. Mom, dad i promise to support him in everything i just want to be their for him and beside Mexico is a nice place,” i said but mom wasn’t convinced.
“is up to you Maja as far as you’re happy and am sure Alvary will take good care of you,” dad said and i smile hearing that from him, mom wore a sad face.
“so now Janelle is married already and now that you’ll soon get married you’ll gonna leave me alone to feel so lonely,” she said sadly.
“you think you’ll gonna be lonely, you have me here Claire,” dad said then pulled her closer and kissed her hair.
“it all started with the two of us even before we have them so it’s time to continue that way at least we can now have enough time to enjoy ourselves once they’re gone,” dad said while mom rolled her eyes and i laughed.
“i will always come visit mom, i promise,”
“it’s okay, Alvary has finally succeeded in snatching my daughter away from me,” she said while we burst out laughing together..
✨✨My wedding was fast approaching and preparations were made, i just wanted a simple wedding as far as Alvary and my family are by my side then am happy. Alvary also told me about Ivana and her family, he said they will be coming over for our wedding and am happy about that even thou i don’t know anyone one of them, he told me a lot about Ivana and seems like they were pretty close friends.
And just as expected they arrived in the evening and of course they were welcome in our mansion, it such a nice family and Alvary introduce me to each and every one of them including the two little handsome boys Ken and Rocco. We had dinner together and their rooms was already prepared.
“uhmm Maja,” the beautiful lady called. I smile then turn to her, she’s Ivy the one Alvary has been disturbing me about and at some point i feel a little bit jealous when he told me she has feelings for him.
“you’re so beautiful,” she said while i smile. Awwwn she seems so nice.
“and you look so much alike like your sister,” she said glancing at Janelle who was talking with mom, well i also invited Janelle to come for the dinner.
“Alvary has told me a lot about you i must say you’re so lucky to have Alvary all for yourself,” she smile sadly.
“i sometimes wish i meet him before you do,” she chuckle.
“Alvary and i have been best friends ever since we were kids,”
“yea i know, he told me that already, am just so happy for you guys even thou am still hurt i just have to come and witness my friend’s wedding. Alvary wouldn’t be happy if he didn’t see me. Am glad he’s happy with you now,” she said, her eyes were already filled with tears and she look so sad, i felt so bad for her.
“thank you so much Ivy, you’re such a good soul and i hope you find someone who’ll love you in a better way,” i hugged her.
“thanks anyway and thanks for the dinner i and my family are going back to the hotel to sleep for tonight,”
“no.. everything has been arranged for you here,”
“sure, Alvary has told us about you and your family already you’re his special guest and he want to treat you special,” i said while she laughed.
“oh, Alvary is so sweet,” she smile….
The church was filled up with lots of people already, families, friends, well wishers etc.
Alvary was dressed gracefully in his tuxedo, he looked very handsome that even the single ladies couldn’t stop staring at him. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the bride who’s yet to come in. Alvary felt so fulfilled, he’s glad because the long awaited day has come and he’s getting married to his bestfriend, the girl he has ever loved ever since he was a kid, it indeed a dream come true for him.
The door was open and Maja walked in, walking majestically to the aisle where Alvary was standing. She was dressed in her white gown and everyone attention was on her, Janelle who was seated happily with her parents and Clark at the front seat were all happy, Janelle felt so proud of her sister and it’s indeed great to having a sister. Maja’s dressed was magnificent and as she walked in lots of people took different photos of her. Maja’s gaze was on Alvary, she felt her heart so much connected to him, her whole being was filled with happy, her mind drifted back to the memory lane, how she first meet little Alvary at the plantation, they were so young then but she so much wished to see him everyday, they were the best of friends even when his step father never wanted their friendship, her eyes were clouded up with tears when she remembered how he later went to Mexico which took him seven years to come back, they were always separated but destiny always have it way to bring them back to each other arms that’s why they’re meant for each other, at some points she thought Alvary wasn’t meant for her but she realize all the pains they passed through was just a test to see how much they love each other, everything that happen made them stronger than they were before and even increase their love for each other. Maja stood beside Alvary as the face each other.
“we are gather here to celebrate the secret sacrament of marriage, join your right hand together and recite your vows,” the priest said.
Maja’s heart skip a beat, she stare at alvary as he held her hand- they were both lost staring at each other.
“Maja do you take Alvary as your lawfully wedded husband? the priest asked.
“yes, i do father,” she smile.
“Alvary do you take Maja as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold for this day forward, for better or for worse till death do you part? The priest asked while Maja smiled staring at him
“absolutely yes father,” Alvary smile. Maja stared at the ring given to her by the priest.
“this this ring as symbol of my love and loyalty to love you with everything breathe in me,” she smile then slide the ring to his finger. Alvary also the same as he picked the ring and kissed it softly.
“take this ring as a sign of my love and loyalty,” he smile sliding it to her fingers. They two couple stared at their fingers, it a dream come true now that they are legally married.
“by the power invested in me i now pronounce Alvary Cruz and Maja Ramirez as husband and wife,” the priest said and there was laughter and claps from different angle.
“am so happy getting married to my best friend, my prince charming and the only one who my heart beats for,” Maja said with a smile.
“If i had to live my life without you near me, the days would all be empty. I love you, i love you so much Maja and from this day henceforth i promise to love and cherish you,” he said and their was loud ovation as everyone clapped.
“you may now kiss the bride,” the priest added. Alvary smile perhaps this the day he has been waiting for, he slowly removed her veil and he smile seeing how pretty she look, like a goddess, he felt so happy having an angel for a wife.
*kiss her** he heard different voices saying in excitement. He smile then stare at the congregation he saw Ivy who was smiling, she looked so happy and he pray she finds someone perfect for her someday. He stare back at Maja and kissed her passionately. He wished his mother and sister were here to witness the happiest day of his life..
🎆The grand wedding party was celebrated at the crystal hall. It’s such a large and beautiful place. The wedding party was grand, people of high classes were in attendance, people from far and near, re-known personalities flooded the venue, it was filled with laugh and smiley face, nothing could be more captivating than this. Maja and Alvary into a romantic dance that climaxed the occasion, everything seems perfect.
The next day..✈✈✈
Maja and Alvary already made arrangement to go back to Mexico immediately. Janelle was sad knowing that it might take time to see Maja but she promise to always get in touch with her.

🤗Maja’s POV🤗
I and Alvary arrived on a beautiful cold evening, the green vegetation welcome us home. I stare at the huge mansion in front of me. Alvary asked the driver to take our luggage inside.
“is this..
“Yes Maja this our new house, this where we will gonna stay and raise our children, this our matrimonial home,” he said but i was lost staring at the whole place it feels like am in paradise.
“but you never told me you have such a big mansion here,”
“i have so many plans for us Maja,” he smile then pulled me closer and kissed her my forehead. We walked inside hand in hand and i was amazed by everything, everywhere was beautify with flowers, the sitting room was huge and look really nice. We walked over to the dining table and damn, it was filled with different varieties of food and snacks, it look so sweet and i wonder who prepare all this.
“Mrs. Jays did the a great job, i asked her to make everything romantic,” he said as if he just read my mind.
“don’t you like it?
“of course i do,” i smile. He clasped our hand together and we walked upstirs, he took me to our bedroom. oh my! it’s so large, very spacious and beautiful, it has different coloured bulb beaming which looks so sweet, red flowers were arrange to the floor up to the king-size bed and with the flowers they wrote “MR/MRS. I smile seeing that, the whole room was beautified with red flowers then a red candle was lit already followed by the romantic fragrance in the room. Alvary connect his phone to a speaker then put a soft music, actually my favorite love song but in low sound.
“i hope my wife is impressed,” he smile and my cheeks flushed. He just call me his wife hearing that from him makes me so happy.
“are you hungry? he asked.
“not really, i just want to take a warm bath,” i said removing my heels.
“well it will be a good thing to take this shower with my wife,” he smiled.
“what! that’s incredible, we can’t bath together,” i almost yell.
“you’re now my wife,” he laughed.
“so,” i rolled my eyes then took off my jacket, now i just want to tie a towel and rush to the bathroom but how can i even take off my clothes with Alvary still in the room. Sharing the same bedroom and getting used to all this might take a lot of time for me to adjust. Immediately his phone rang and he stare at it.
“who’s trying to disturb me at this moment,” he mumbled then picked up the call before walking out. I sigh then quickly took off my dress before rushing to the bathroom.
After taking a warm bath, i change into one of the nighties Janelle brought for me. I stood at the dressing mirror and stare at myself. Oh my! this nightie look so transparent and is too sexy, almost all the nighties she gave me were bad, it just like am still naked, the black nightie was vividly showing the red pant i wore and my boobs too, i didn’t put any bra since it night time already. My hair was packed but i loosen it making it fall down to my shoulders, Alvary always like it this way, i was still checking myself when then door opened and Alvary walked in.
“Alvary,” i called then turned to him, he was lost staring at me, not my face in particular but his eyes were roaming all over my body.. what have Janelle done to me by giving me this …
“uhmm… lemme just change into something,” i said nervously.
“no, change into what exactly,” he smile then moved closer to me.
‘i like it this way, you look so hot,” he smile while i gulped down nothing, he hugged me tightly and i could tell he was feeling the softness of my boobs.
“i have waited so long for this Maja, i respected your decision and now this my time to have what’s belong to me,” he whisper softly to my ears.
“like seriously,” i pulled away from the hug then threw a pillow at him.
“can’t you wait a little longer again, i don’t think am ready,” i teased
“i will make you ready then, this time no backing out,” he smirk while i threw more pillow at him and ran to the other side of the bed.
“you should get me yourself if you’re ready for this,” i ran while he chase after me.
“this time no escape for you,” he smile, i ran over to the bed but he caught me there immediately.
“well i did now,” he kissed me and i reciprocate, i just couldn’t resist him now even thou am a bit scared this my first time.
Alvary’s fingers move expertly on my legs to my ankles as that sent shivers to every parts in my body. Appreciating how relaxed he’s touching my leg in a really intimate manner. His hands stroke my ankles to the back of my thighs as I breathe in sharply. He smirk.
“am not gonna hurt you,” he whisper then took off his shirt.
He kiss my neck and rub my smooth skin, i moan silently as he kiss my neck to her down to my boobs, his hands brush past my panties, his touch got me wet already, with our lips still mashed on each other in a fierce and hot kiss, i bites my bottom lip and breathe in sharply accompanied by my moans. he place his hand around my waist as he took me and slowly push me back to the bed, he straddled over my body and my hand tightened over his shoulder pulling him closer to me. .
“i love you Maja,” i whisper and i left his fingers on the tip of my pant trying to pull it down….
The next day

I sat down on the bed as i ate the fruits served to me by one of the maid, it so sweet and i enjoy every bit of it, Alvary taking his bath. Oh my God! i couldn’t stop thinking about what happen last night, like Alvry and i actually got intimate and am no longer a virgin, it was painful but i couldn’t deny the fact that i enjoy every bit of it, Alvary is just soo sweet, he served me breakfast in bed, i mean since morning i was just seated or sleeping in bed without doing anything but now i don’t think i can cope sitting all day like this. When i was done eating those apples i went to the kitchen to get myself glass of juice, well i want to convince Alvary so we can go out for a walk, i really want to be familiar with some of the places around here.
I walked to the kitchen and my eyes caught something, it was some cookies prepared by the maid, i don’t even know why the make different things here while no one is eating them. I smile then sat down on the counter and ate a little from the cookies.
“wifey,” i heard Alvary’s voice as he walked to the kitchen, he was only wearing his shorts, his hair was wet and he’s looking so cute.
“you’re eating without me,” he pout then moved closer.
‘am tired of saying in that bed, now get dressed and let go out for a walk,” i said then sip from my drink.
“you are now wife we suppose to spent time together,”
“yeah and that’s why we will take a stroll together,” i said.
“no, we are only suppose to spent all day and night in our bedroom,” he smirk.
“you’re so silly you know,” i rolled my eyes.
“well care for some cookies,” i ask shaking the cookies to his face.
“i don’t eat cookies,”
“and since when have you stop eating it,” i laughed.
“since the day we got married,” he teased..
“such a jerk,” i mutter with the cookies stuck to my mouth.
“a cute jerk,” he smirk then took the bite from the one stuck to my mouth, he moved close getting in between my legs, his touch is just something else and i my felt my whole body shivers.
“i didn’t call you cute,”
“well you and i know that am cute or even cuter than you,” he puller my cheeks playfully and kiss me gently caressing my thighs up to my lower back, i didn’t have the strength to resist it, when it comes to Alvary he’s my weak point so i just wrap my hand around his neck as we kissed each other, his hands slide under my dress and i gasped.
“you’re my new addiction Maja, i want you so bad,” he whisper pushing the cookies from my side. Not again!
“let go to the bedroom then,” i found myself saying that.
“this our house and we can do it anywhere we feel like,” he smirk and kissed me once more before taking off my dress….
“Love is a beautiful thing💕, a priceless experience. The two hearts becomes intertwined and beat together as one…..👨‍❤️‍👨

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