💧Episode 56🔥
By Tiana
Ivy’s POV▪▪
“i will always love you,” he whisper and the next thing was his soft lips on mine..
The light from the window reflected through my eyes which made me open them slowly and i saw Alvary staring at me.
“you were smiling and busy blushing while asleep,” he laughed. oh my! was that a dream, the date and how he confess his love for me. Why would it have to be a dream.
“seems you have a nice dream,” he smiled while i lazily stood up and close the windows.
“you know how much i hate the sun reflection in my eyes,” i rolled my eyes then sat down on the bed.
“you’ve been sleeping all day, breakfast is ready and i personally made the breakfast with the help of Rocco and Ken,”
“wow, am sure it gonna taste so worse and beside am not hungry,”
” you think am a bad cook as just you.. huh!
“what! you must be crazy,” i rolled my eyes, my mind drifted back to the dream i had and i smiled.
“so what’s up with all this smiley face?
“well i had a dream i wish it will come true,” i said sadly.
“what type of dream?
it’s about you,”
“yeah, that you propose to me, you said you love me and want to spent the rest of your life with me, you even kissed me, it was just the best dinner date i have ever had in my life even though it’s a dream,” i said sadly.
“what a nice dream thou, well let go and eat,” he said and about to leave when i held him back.
“Alvary don’t you think this will ever happen.. like and you and me..
“yes Ivy i thought We’ve talked about this and theirs one more thing i wanted to tell you,” he said and i felt my beat so fast.
“am going to the Philippines,” he said and i felt my heart shattered into pieces.
“are you gonna leave us again.. but why? i thought you have no one their so what are you going there for? i asked my voice becoming more shaky, i try to hold back my tears.
“it’s just too early to talk about this, let go and eat,” he enthused.
“oh! okay just go and i will come right way,” i said.
“are you sure?
“yeah, i will be fine,” i smiled while he walked out. I sat down on my bed and let out all the tears, why is he going back their not after all that happen to him, that place held so much bitter and sad memories of everything that happen to him, could it be my dream were just the opposite. Alvary and i can never be and i just have to let go and move on..
I later went down for breakfast and he told my parents about his plans of going back to the Philippines, he’s going back to his ex, how sure is he that she even want him back..
I lose my appetite hearing that from him, i went to my room to dress for work.
“Ivy..” Alvary called as he walked to my room, i just ignore him as i pick my bag and car keys.
“aren’t you gonna talk to me?
“what did you want me to say,” i yelled as i let out the tears in my eyes.
” i didn’t men to hurt you Ivy, it wasn’t my fault that i couldn’t love you just the same way you did. I will forever be like this if Maja isn’t in my life, i just want to be with her if she allow me to do so,” he said.
“if she allows you? what if she have moved on already just the way she did?
“my heart can never lie to me, Maja sure want to be with me, we might be so distance as you all see it but we are so close when it comes to our heart… i..
“it’s okay Alvary, i understand you still love her and want to be with her, you can go now if you want to,” i yelled then hurriedly walked out, i ignore his calls and rush to my car, i just sat down and cried, it so much hurt to love someone and not to be loved in return, but i have to let go if that will make him happy..😭
.Later in the evening..✨
Alvary’s POV▪▪▪
Ivy arrived home but she refused to have dinner with us, she was in her room, i wanted to talk to her but i let her be, she need some time alone i hope with time she will learn to forget about those feeling she have for me because Maja has already occupied my entire being, i was such a fool to have leave without telling her and i didn’t bother to go back to her all this two months. We might be in a different world but the truth is that our heart is still entwined together and on the walls of my beating heart are the pictures of her, i don’t want to regret losing her ever again i have to try everything i can just to be with her again, i have to fix what i have broken so that i will happy again.
I sat down at the sitting watching a movie even thou it’s interesting i find it boring because i wasn’t myself, i was lost in my thoughts.
“uncle Alvary,” i heard Rocco’s voice .
“can we play video games,” he asked while i smiled.
“and where’s your troublesome brother Ken? i asked.
“well he ate a lot and now he’s asleep,”
“and Ivy?
“she’s locked up herself in her room, aren’t you gonna play with me?
“well i will but don’t be too surprise am gonna win so easily,” i boasted.
“well let see then,” he smirk then held my hand.
” i always win when it comes to this,” he said proudly while i laughed.
“don’t be too sure when it comes to me,” i said.
“Alvary! Ivy called and i was surprise to see her. She smiled then walked up to us.
” we gonna play game now and i hope you’re not about to distract us.. right?” Rocco asked.
” i just want to talk to him for a few minutes,” .
“not when i have thought i have someone to play with,” Rocco said sounding pissed.
“well good for you, you should join your brother to sleep, staying up late at night isn’t good for kids like you,” she said.
“just go to your room Rocco am coming right away,” i told him while he rolled his eyes.
“just suit yourself,” he said climbing the stairs.
“so funny,” i laughed.
” i just want to say am sorry,” she said.
“yea for been so angry earlier, i just couldn’t take the news of what you said. I have to get rid of this feelings,” she sigh.
“it’s okay to feel that way but i want you to know you’re still my friend ivy and i like you so much,”
“thank you. I just want to see you happy and if that Maja can give you the happiness you want then so be it, am happy for you guys,” she smiled sadly while i hugged her.
“thanks for understanding this,” i cooed.💫

▪▪Maja’s POV▪▪
Since last week Janelle and Clark were greatly preparing for their wedding, you all know how Janelle can be atimes- she said she want a big wedding, a wedding that will be the talk of the town and good thing Clark was ready to give her that, dad was also willing to support her and make sure the wedding was just the best. I have been thinking a lot lately cos once Janelle got married she will gonna leave and i will feel so lonely.
I ran my hand through my hair, my gaze swaying left and right at the tons of documents, treatise, files and paperwork on my desk, i have a lot to do. I sigh then turn to pour myself a cup of coffee, i clung onto the cup gawkily as the hot liquid poured into it, i stopped the machine and added milk to the cup before drawing it to my lips, taking in a smaller part of the liquid, i sat it down and stared at the papers before me.. i wanted to work on them but my mind is somewhere else, all i could think of is Alvary, why has he occupied my every being. We are so distance from each other but somehow i hope destiny will find a way to bring us back together again because i love him, i was such a fool to have ever listen to what people say about us back then. I was still lost in my thought when i heard ringing of the telephone, i picked it up from the cradle.
“hi Maja,” i heard Janelle’s happy voice.
“what’s up Janelle,” i smile trying to sound normal.
“the wedding gown is finally ready, the board members did it as a surprise for me, they make the dress so beautiful,” she squeaked happily.
“wow, just snap and send it to me,” i smiled.
” i will do exactly that, tomorrow i and my friends are going on for shopping and i was hoping you will also come alone,”
“sure i will,”
“thanks, i will just send you the pictures,” she smile and the call got disconnected, just after a few minutes a message popped into my phone and i click it only to see the picture of the beautiful white wedding dress. JFH is sure the best, no wonder it among the top best fashion Store!
Later in the evening…✨
We all had a peaceful dinner and Janelle fed us more about what happen at JFH, she even showed us the video clips and i must say her wedding dress was just the best.
“so has it fit you well? mom asked.
“sure mom, i feel so excited but as the wedding draw close i feel so nervous too,” she pouts.
“well that how every bride feel on her wedding eve or when her wedding is close, it’s just a normal feeling. Our prayers are always with you Janelle, your home is bless already, you will have a happy life with Clark,” mom said.
“Amen mom,” she smiled.
“i also have a big surprise for you,” dad beam as he drop his fork.
“what could it be? Janelle asked curiously.
“that’s why it a surprise and only on your big day i will give you that,” dad said.
“well i hope it something nice,”
The evening was so peaceful and i felt so happy, Janelle couldn’t stop talking about how special and grand she wants her wedding with Clark to be.
One of the security guard came and announced that someone wanted to see me outside, well i wasn’t expecting any visitor this evening.
“are you sure the visitor mentioned Maja? Janelle asked him.
“yeah, that what he said,” the security guard replied. Did he just said “he”.
“I will just check it myself,” i said then walked
“okay, just be careful,” Janelle yelled while i smiled then walked outside..
I was surprised by who i saw, i wasn’t expecting him!, or am i imagining or hallucinating again.
“Maja,” he called then walked closer to me, my heart was beating so fast as he moved closer.
“Alvary, i wasn’t expecting to see you here,” i wavered, my eyes were clouded with tears already. When did he even arrived… We’ve been separated for so long and see in him now light up my whole world. Is he back because he still love me, is he truly back because he want us to be together again, this will my happiest day if that is his intentions. For a moment i was lost staring at him- his features, footsteps, aura and cute face, he looked more handsome and i have missed him so much for this two years we’ve been away from each other, i miss everything about him, he’s smiles, laugh, funny jokes and mostly i miss the way he look at me and care so dearly for me..
“am i not welcome here? he asked.
“of course not, come in,” i said.
“i just want to talk to you,” he added
“huh.. okay then, let go to the garden,” i said while we waked in silence, i felt so nervous and don’t even know what to say.
We arrived to the garden and i felt so nervous, what is he gonna tell me.
“Maja,” he called then stood right in front of me, i just stare at him without saying any words.
“Alvary.. i..
“Maja, am sorry,” he quickly cut me off from saying what i wanted to say.
“am sorry i didn’t realize how foolish i was when i left you all alone. Am sorry it took me all those years to come back to you my love, am sorry if i have hurt you several times but believe me am here to make things right and to be with you again,” he said
“everything that happen was all in the past now, am glad you came and it’s all that matters to me now,” i said with a sad smile.
“are we always going to wait for the right time, the right place and the right opportunity? Maja we are constantly pained for other people’s mistake and you know sometimes i feel like the world does not want us to be together, if they don’t want us to be then we will do everything we can to make our own world, where it will be just the two of us again, far from everything and everyone,” he said and those words really got into me which make me feel so emotional, i just let out my tears and let then flow down to my cheeks.
“Maja,” he called then held my shoulders.
“you are my whole life and the life that i always wanted, to be with you, to be with you each passing day of my life, to be beside you until my very last breathe,” he said and more tears stroll down my cheeks, this what i have always wanted to hear from him again, i feet so complete now..
“i got hurt Maja and i still have anger inside my heart about what happen to me and everyone around but the last mistake i will ever make in my life is to live a day without you, i don’t want to lose you anymore, i have lose you twice but not this time anymore. I know i was wrong, i was so wrong because i shouldn’t be the one running away from you because you are my life. Maja let us give ourselves the chance to love each other again,” he said with tears threatening to come from his eyes.
“i love you Alvary, i love you so much and am sorry for everything too. Thank you for coming back for me,” i cried as i hugged him so tight.
“and from this day hence forth i have given you my life, my soul and all of me and we’ll never be apart again,” he whisper as he wipe my tears with his thumb. I felt his lips on mine and i reciprocate to the kiss, my whole body radiate, it been long i felt his charming touch. This just the perfect moment in my life having my lost love back to me for good. The ecstasy we felt was like no other.
“i know for sure we are meant for each other and now i will never let you go because this journey ours started a long time ago,” he said while i smiled.
“am sure my parents will be so happy to see you, let go in,” i said, he held my hand and clasped it together…. as we walked inside the house..
Growing old with Alvary was all I hoped for, It was nice the Future was bright this time am gonna love him with all of me!!!💕
Wow- Alvary/Maja🤗🤗

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