💧Episode 57🔥
By Tiana
Janelle’s POV▪▪
“guess who we have here,” Maja walked in looking so happy.
“well who is the visitor? i asked.
“it someone you’ll all be surprise to see,” she smile and i could tell she looks so happy, whoever the visitor that came most be so important to her. My gaze was at the door and i was shocked when i saw Alvary walked in.
“Alvary! Mom squealed happily and rushed to him.
“it’s been a while now, i miss you so much,”
“yeah, i so much miss this family,” he smiled.
“am sorry about the whole thing that happen to your family. I knew you for so long Alvary and now i feel so guilty for not been there for you,” she said.
“i understand, what’s important now is that we are together,” he smile then exchange greetings with dad. I felt so scared, the last time i saw Alvary was two years back when he barged into my office and almost choke me, he was so angry about what i did to him. Oh! i have contributed a lot to see him and Maja unhappy, i was such a bad sister but now that i have already realize my mistakes and i hope he will forgive me. I stare at him and our eyes meet, his smile faded away but his expression was normal.
“aren’t you gonna say hi to Alvary,” Maja said while i gulped down nothing and stood up, moved closer to him.
“Alvary,” i force myself to smile. Maja whisper something to his ear while he smile then look at me.
“am sorry about all that happen, i know you’re still angry to me and i have always wish for a day like this so i would ask for your forgiveness,” i said and i felt tears building up in my eyes already.
“i have decided to bury everything in the past and that because of one thing,” he said.
“that because am with Maja again,” he said while i look at Maja.
“thank you Alvary,” i smile then hugged him.
“Maja told me you’ve change already and am good about that, if only Jordan took the right path just the way you did then she might have still been alive,” he said sadly and there was a silence.
“so does that mean you and my daughter are back together? dad asked breaking the awkward silence.
“yes dad and am so happy,” Maja chuckle. I felt so relief knowing that Alvary wasn’t holding any grudges against me.
We all sat down and talked about lots of things, Alvary fed us with more detail about all that happen to him and i felt really sorry about all that happen to his family, he also cleared our doubts by telling us why he broke up with Maja at that time, it was all Jordan’s doing even thou i played some role in that.
“so Alvary do you have anywhere to go here, you can stay here for as long as you want and with that you can be close to Maja,” mom said.
“is that really necessary? he asked
“yes Alvary, you’re fully welcome here, please stay,” Maja enthused. I think everything is falling into place, i felt so happy seeing them together, now i don’t have to feel guilty because they are together again..
Maja’s POV💕
It’s night time already dad already went to bed while Janelle went to her room to receive a call from Clark.
“if you want to you can use my room,” i smiled.
“really! well i wouldn’t reject such offer,” he smiled then hugged me tight.
We walked to my room and i felt so nervous. Am i even in my right sense when i said we gonna share the same room- well you wouldn’t blame me for it, am just so excited, i want him by my side, i want to wake up staring at his cute face all day.
“wow, your room have changed so much,” he smiled while i sat down on the bed.
“well it been a while now, i changed the arrangements and decoration during my last birthday,” i smiled, he removed his shirt and i was lost drooling over him, staring at his nice silky hair, cute face, perfect muscles and his smooth skin, he has the perfect feature every girl will wished in her man. Everything about him now is driving me nuts.
“will you quit drooling, am all yours now, you can have me if you want to,” he smirk while i rolled my eyes.
“well i brought few of my things but i left them in the hotel i stayed,”
“hotel? for how long have you been here? i asked surprised.
“i just arrived two days back and you know i was just to nervous to showed up because am scared you might not want me again,” he sigh.
“oh! i will just give you my pajamas to wear,” i said still staring at him.
“huh.. you think your pajamas will fit me,” he laughed.
“well it will, it actually so baggy and i usually wear it. Why do you think am too skinny” i asked while he laughed. I just rolled my eyes and get on the bed.
“of course not, i was just thinking your pajamas might be too small for my huge body,” he said, then snuggle himself next to me on the bed.
I beamed and stared into his cute face as we cuddle up next to each other. He stroke my hair and didn’t say a word for a while and just when I was about asking if something was wrong, he spoke up.
“i have miss you so much,” he said staring into my face.
“i miss you too,”
“well i guess you didn’t miss me as much as i do because you even had a boyfriend when i was away. You need some beating from me you know,” he teased while my smile faded remembering about Toby.
“am sorry, am sorry if i hurt you by that but believe me Alvary you were always on my mind. I was just too foolish not to realize that Toby wasn’t the right one for me,” i said sadly.
“but you still give him the chance to be your boyfriend and if the relationship have worked out then i would forever be a sad man because you totally forget about me at that time,”
“that’s not true you know, i later broke up with him..
“uhmm.. we were not just compatible,”
“and.. well he wanted to have access to my body,” i closed my eyes trying not to think about what happen between me and Toby.
“so why didn’t you let him? Alvary asked while i pulled his hair forcefully.
“you’re so crazy you know, what sort of question is that,” i rolled my eyes then turn to the other side of the bed backing him.
“well am sorry, i just want to know everything,” he chuckle.
“i trust you Maja, you body is meant for me alone” he cooed then wrapped his hands round my waist, pulling me closer.
“i felt so shamed of myself when i remembered Toby, i just want to forget him,” i said then turn to his side.
“thank you,” he smiled.
“for still keeping yourself for me and i will forever respect you for that,” he said in a sweet calm voice which sent shivers to my body. He pulled me closer and planted a soft kissed on my forehead then to my lips, i guess this exactly what i needed i wrapped my hands round his neck then deepened the kiss.
💫Alvary is the best thing that have ever happen to me and i felt so happy having him by my side always.
Janelle’s and Clark wedding was just the best just the way she wanted it and dad gifted them with a huge mansion and a new brand car, dad have really spent a lot even thou Clark try to stop him because he’s also capable to afford all these but dad refused because he’s doing it all for his daughter. It was the best wedding and i was so happy for Janelle, she wanted our wedding to be on the day, well i would love that too but it wouldn’t happen because Alvary and i don’t want to rushed things, he have to make some arrangements and he said he wanted his family friends from Mexico to come for our wedding so theirs no point in rushing things.
It been three weeks now after Janelle’s wedding and today they will gonna be back from their honeymoon from Paris. I, Selene and some of the decorators i hired were busy making the house looked great, the cooks are also doing a job in the kitchen. Janelle can be so crazy atimes she gisted me everything about their honeymoon and she said she still have a lot to tell me. I was so happy because my wedding with Alvary is just in few weeks time and i want no other person aside from Janelle to make my wedding dress, she said she will gonna do just that as her special gift for me.
“you see Maja, you look so happy these few weeks and i could tell it’s all because of Alvary, i only wanted the best for you when i once told you Toby isn’t the right guy for you,” she said while i nodded.
“you’re always right Selene and am sorry for not listening to you maybe if i have listen to you, i wouldn’t have been in such mess when Toby wanted to drag me down with him,”
“the good thing now is that you are getting married to Alvary soon and am so happy for you,” she giggle.
“am just so lucky to have you know,” i smiled..
“well, i don’t think i will be able to wait till evening because am going out on a date,” she smiled.
“on a date with Frank? i asked while she nodded, she told me about him already.
“finally my Selene also have her prince charming,” i said while we burst out laughing…..
Later in the evening..😍😍
Janelle and Clark arrived and she was amazed by everything we did, she thanked everyone for helping out in anyway, Clark was as well happy. Mom and dad also came to see them. We had dinner together and it was just like a get together, so perfect the atmosphere was heartwarming and everywhere was filled with laughter.
▪▪After the little merriment mom and dad later left while Alvary was down stair with Clark having a drink together. I was with Janelle in her room as she gist me nonstop.
“i just love everything there,” she said while i giggle.
“our honeymoon was just perfect and i get to be with Clark alone, just us in our own world,” she said dreamily.
“that so sweet you know,” i smiled
“and Clark almost kill me..’ she whisper
“kill you? i sked confused.
“yeah with s*x, he’s a sex freak and we make love like everyday minute, it’s just so good but Clark’s own is just too much he’s such a s*x freak,” she said while i laughed.
“don’t you guys get tired,”
“you know how Clark is, well am sure Alvary will gonna spoil you soon,” she said while i rolled my eyes.
“i already told him no sex till after marriage, i keep prolonging the whole thing because am scared Janelle..
“you can’t run away from it, if i was Alvary i would just rape you,”
“like seriously..,” i laugh
“yea.. virgins like you always get scared, you’re just too naïve Maja, allow Alvary to have what belong to him. Just be glad you have a good sister like me and am gonna give you tips on how to seduce your husband, give him the best blow job ever and..
“you’re just too spoiled for my liking you know. Whichever way i know Alvary loves me so much and am sure he will understand,”
“when it comes to sex i don’t think he will, that’s his desires, well just be coming for you classes here.. she said
“what classes? i asked
“am gonna teach you everything you need to know, how to satisfy your husband in bed so he wouldn’t go about cheating,”
“you’re just so crazy. You might think am naïve but i can also be crazy just as you atimes,” i smirk while she laughed.
“so.. when are you gonna start working on my dress? i asked changing the topic. I don’t wanna think Alvary might find me so boring when it comes to romance and all this..
“wow, that reminds me i have got the best materials from Paris for the dress,” she said while i hugged her happily.
“you’re just the best,”
“just the way you tried your best just to make me look good on my wedding, i will exactly do the same in yours, Alvary will not gonna recognize his wife because am gonna transform you to the beautiful goddess that you are. I have already talked to Lorretta my personal make up artist and you know your sister also have a great sense of fashion so am gonna make sure you look so hot for Alvary that day,” she said while we burst out laughing…💕
Awwwwnn.. who like those two sisters🤗💕
Who’s ready for Alvary and Maja first night in the next episode😋…

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