💧Episode 43🔥
By Tiana
▪▪Jordan’s POV▪▪
I slapped Henry with my right hand and i groan feeling so much pain on the other hand. When will my arm get heal completely.
“how could you shoot me, it wasn’t part of the plan you fool,” i yelled angrily holding my gun.
“am sorry Ma’am, your brother is really stubborn he got me so pissed off that why and if i haven’t shoot you to show him how serious i am he wouldn’t have agree to do such thing,” he said while i slapped him again..
“look at me now i hardly sleep because my arm hurt so bad, i can’t do anything again and what if i died earlier i almost lost all the blood in my body so you shouldn’t have shoot me no matter what because it wasn’t plan of the deal am not ready to die yet,”
“for this reason i won’t pay you and your boys your remaining balance and let you feel the pain you caused me you fool,” i rasped then shoot him on his right arm.
“ha…,” he groan as blood gush out from it.
“let us both feel the pain,” i laughed then walked out. He’s such a fool to have do this to me, what if i ended up dead. Well the important thing is that am glad our plan worked out well. Maja and Alvary has officially break up and it awesome she don’t want to see him ever again. I went back home but couldn’t find Alvary and i have been calling his line but he wasn’t picking up, i know he must be hurt but he still have to come back home that good for nothing Maja is not the right woman for him and i will never allow such thing.
Alvary’s POV😥
I was still at the bar and seriously my head is aching so bad after taking like one bottle of wine. I was drunk but not completely drunk because am still in my right sense. I stood up then pick up my car key and left the bar. I was about to open my car door when some held me back.
“who are you? i asked but i receive some punches’ in return. They all geng up on me and beat me up, i couldn’t even see their faces but i guess those might be the fools that kidnapped me and Jordan. I was about to stand on my feet again when one of them punch me so hard.
“that’s the order from his father we should kill him right away before anyone sees us,” i heard their voices. What did they mean order from my father? Did he actually sent those people to kill me but for what reason or maybe i didn’t heard them well. Suddenly i felt a sharp pain on my stomach and that when i realize they stabbed me with a sharp knife, i felt so weak and blood was gushing out from my mouth.
“he might still be alive and Mr. Lewis will get mad if he dare survived,” i heard their voices again, this time was losing my strength and too much blood. Suddenly i heard a gun shot and then i realize the bullet penetrated on the other side of my stomach, i gasped for air before passing out.
Maja’s POV▪▪
📞 “what if this is truly a set up as he said, you have hear the full details from him remember what you told me when he was given some pictures of you and Steven am sure he listen to you and understand you, so why doing it the hard way for him? do you really think Alvary will just break up with you for no good reason? Selene said over the phone while i felt so guilt. I guess she’s right whenever we have a misunderstanding Alvary always take his time to listen to whatever i say but i couldn’t do the same because i was angry.
📞”just give him a chance to explain before you lose him for good,” she enthused.
📞 “okay Selene, we will talk about this tomorrow,”
😥 I sigh then sat down on my bed, i felt so weak. Alvary just left this evening am glad i saw him after five days but he look so broken, does that mean he was telling the truth but then what about the video of him Janelle? I was so lost in my thoughts as lost of questions kept flowing through my mind. I touched my neck then notice his necklace was missing, yes the one i gave him back since. A drop of tear slide down my cheeks and i wipe it off.

Few hours Later.. 10pm✨
Jordan’s POV😥
I kept crying non stop and dad tried comforting me. We got a call from the police that Alvary was brutally beaten, stabbed and shoot. I mean this all too much for him.
“what if he couldn’t survived it dad,” i cried the more. This isn’t what i planned! Maja should be the one to suffer like this and not my brother,”
“he’s gonna be fine,” dad comforted me but i was still not okay with that. After some minutes they doctor came out of his ward with a sad face.
“are you his family? he asked and i nodded my heart was beating so fast.
“we were able to removed the bullet from him successfully but am sorry to say he has sustain a lot of injuries and also a deep cut from the stabbed and the gun shoot, he has lost so much blood. It a good thing he was rushed here on time and am sorry to say he’s in coma,”
“coma? when will he be awake doctor? i asked in tears.
“i don’t know actually but from the look of thing it might take a long time,” the doctor explained while i burst into more tears. Alvary doesn’t have to suffer this way, i felt so guilty, i know it because of this heartbreak that lead him to the bar and if i hadn’t set him up like that all this wouldn’t have happen,” i cried. I went outside and call mom on phone she was shocked to hear that and was already crying over the phone.
“please take care of him, am coming right away tomorrow,” she said before i ended the call. I know mom would come. I was lost in my thought thinking who could have done this to my brother. Could it be Henry because i shoot him back, could be taking his revenge using Alvary but how dare he! I was so furious as i headed to his place right away.
Lena’s POV (Alvary’s Mom)▪▪▪▪
I arrived this morning from Mexico and headed straight to the hospital i was surprise to see Jordan with a bandage wrapped around her left arm.
“what happen to you? i asked shocked.
“i was shot mother, but it’s nothing,”
“oh my! did you and your brother get into any trouble, who are those scoundrels doing this to you? i asked with sad look.
“i was just grazed by a strayed bullet and beside am fast recovering now the problem is Alvary,” she said while i hugged her gently.
“i miss you Jordan, come with me so we can go back to Mexico, you and your brother are not safe here,” i insisted.
“but mom you know it’s i and dad that manage the company and for Alvary am sorry to say he’s in Coma?
“Coma? i need to see him,” i rushed to his ward but stopped at the door when i saw him, looking so pale and with lots of wire connected to him.
“Al..vary,” i cried then rushed to his side, i sat down on a chair beside him while Jordan stood behind me.
“who could have do this to him,” i whimpered.
“the doctor said he might not be awake anytime soon,” Jordan said, suddenly the door went open and Lewis walked him. I felt so angry seeing him, i stood up and the first thing i did was to slapped him.
“mom..” Jordan called looking surprised.
“you couldn’t even take care of those kids, look at Jordan, look at her arm and look at Alvary almost lifeless what type of father are you,” i yelled at me.
“and what type of mother are you that leave her children. Your so good for nothing Lena and i know you only choose to stay in Mexico so you will keep on doing all your dirty works without anyone seeing,” Lewis rasped angrily.
“will you both stop this at least for the sake of Alvary,” Jordan yelled.
“i hate you Lewis and am taking my children back to Mexico with me,” i said then turned to Jordan who looked so sad.
“am gonna make arrangement as soon as possible so that Alvary will be transferred to one of the best hospital in Mexico, you’re are also going there with me Jordan,” i said…
“you are taking Alvary away?
“yes am taking my son away from this monster of his father and i hope you’ll go along with us,” i pleaded with her but she doesn’t look convinced.
“i wish i could mom but i will be missing a lot here… i mean my work, i have to help dad in the company,”
“it okay, i understand,” i said so disappointed while Lewis smirked.
“i guess it better you go with your son because am fed up with him and don’t want him anymore,” Lewis said icily.
“yes i know that already because you were never his father,” i said angrily.
“what did you mean mom? Jordan asked surprised by her words.
“Lewis was never a father to Alvary, he isn’t his biological father and that’s why he’s acting this way,”
“what,” Jordan scoffed, looking confused.
“why didn’t you tell us this mom i know Alvary isn’t aware of this neither,” she asked
“yea but that won’t still change the fact that he’s still your step brother,” i said trying to make her understand…
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“you’re so unbelievable Lena, you should leave and once you do never return back here or else i might kill you myself,” Lewis said then stormed out the room.
“what was that for? Jordan asked mom still shocked while i explained everything to her..
“so Alvary isn’t father’s son all this while? she asked.
“sure, am sorry for hiding this from you, i guess i also have an explanation to give when he’s awake. I just wanted you to love each other as siblings should do, i don’t want Alvary to feel left out of he family because Lewis isn’t his real father. Alvary’s father was my long time boyfriend but he died when Alvary was just two years and it was after three years i later got married to Lewis which we later had you,” i explained everything to her.
“i never knew Lewis could changed this much and the reason why we got divorce was when i found out he was the one that killed Rodney, Alvary’s father, yes he killed him so that can pave a way for him to marry me, i was such a fool not to have realize that but when i did i already had you and Lewis threaten to tell Alvary the whole truth, i wasn’t ready for that and that’s why i left him here and returned back to Mexico where i grew up, i was glad when Alvary later came to stay me with permanently there,”‘
“you mean dad killed him…? she asked while i nodded.
“your dad is a monster and i guess it’s time you have to be careful around him,”
▪▪▪Jordan’s POV▪▪▪▪
Mom has left to get us something to eat while i sat down beside Alvary who was still unconscious. I confronted Henry and he swear on his life that he gat nothing to do with this. Now am so confused and i don’t even want to think dad can do this to my brother…
“i hope you’ll forgive me Alvary, please stay alive for me,” i cried, seeing him in that condition broke me completely.
“Jordan,” mom called as she walked in.
“you must be hungry,” she said then sat down beside me.
“i hope Alvary survived this for us,” she said slowly.
“yes mom, i feel so guilty because i wasn’t able to save my brother,”
“it’s not your fault and i don’t know why but i feel so angry with Lewis, i blame him for all this because he failed as a father, please Jordan is there anything i need to know about him for the sake of your brother? she asked while my heart skip a bit.
“please tell me the whole truth,” she asked curiously.
“uhmm.. nothing mom. i don’t think dad is capable of doing this to him,” i said while she looked disappointed….
Mom was still at the hospital with Alvary while i headed straight to JFH, i need to see Janelle to clear my mind. Damn it! i have to wait for her until she’s done with a meeting.
After like thirty minutes i went to her office and meet her there.
“Jordan, it a good thing you came i wanted to see you afterall,” she said.
“don’t tell me you’re behind what happen to Alvary? i asked angrily,.
“and what the heck happen to him?
“don’t act as if you don’t know anything Janelle,” i yelled.
“i don’t knw what you’re talking about, just leave my office if you don’t have anything reasonable to say,” she yelled back.
“Alvary was stabbed and shoot at the same time and right now he’s in coma, i need to know who did that to him,”
“Alvary once saved my life and i can never do such thing to him. And did Alvary actually plan to break up with Maja or it’s also part of your plan? she asked curiously.
“yes, the kidnapped and everything was all part of my plan but the unfortunate thing here is that someone is still against him, your sister should be the one to suffer and not Alvary who knows if she have something to do with that,”
“Maja can never do such thing,” she scoffed.
“remember you’re also part of this plan and if you can’t play it smart am gonna get rid of you by myself and if i ever found out you have something to do with what happen to him i will make sure…
“are you threatening me.. and beside the only thing you asked me to do is to send the video to Maja, you never told me you’ll threaten him to do that,”
“just remember we are not on the same side, i only used you to free my brother from your wretched sister never in my whole life would i allow them to be together and if she has anything to do with him i will kill her,” i whisper to her then walked out angrily. By all means i need to know who the other enemy is…
▪▪Janelle’s POV▪▪
I watched Jordan walked out angry and i felt so restless, i shouldn’t have worked with such person, i never knew this was part of their plan because she didn’t tell me they will threaten Alvary to break up with Maja, she only asked me to send the video to her and lied about been pregnant.. Whatever thou… since i can never have Alvary to myself now then no one will but the thing is that no one should get hurt. She don’t have to blame Maja about what happen to him and who could have do that to Alvary, he’s now in coma? is she really telling the truth or is just one of her strategy.
Three Days…..Later…✨✨
▪▪Lena’s POV▪▪
I sat down beside Alvary who was still unconscious, it a good thing i was able to make the arrangements quick, i don’t ever want my son to go back there again. I don’t know why i was bent on brining him here to Mexico but i have a feeling his situation might get worst if he stays there, it much better here so i can always watch over him.
“aunt,” a familiar voice name and i looked at the door and saw Ivana.
“is he awake? she asked then fully walked in.
“am sure you hear what the doctor said … his condition is getting worse each day and am getting more scared,” i said trying to hold back my tears.
“am sure he’s gonna be fine,” she smiled then sat down beside me. Ever since Alvary left for the Philippines, Ivana whom i normally calls Ivy has been a great friend to me, she’s a nurse and also in charged to be the one to watch over Alvary until he’s awake.
“mom never told me you have a very cute son,” she smiled then stared back at his pale face.
“he’s still very handsome even in this condition,”
“he’s hurt both from inside and outside but i feel relief having him here with me even thou he’s not awake,”
“can you quit that sad face. Am sure Alvary is strong enough to survived this am sure of that.. she smiled.
“i hope so..
“so now that i have even you my assurance that he will be fine can you at least smile,” she said in a dramatic way while i smile. Ivy is always this cheerful girl i used to know and i know she’s just saying that to see me smile despite the condition.
” you know aunt, when life give you reasons to cry don’t let that to get into you, smiling is the best medicine that heal the soul. I have been a nurse for almost four years now this what i use to tell every patient i come across. Time heals all wound and am sure with time your son will get heal. Just try to be happy for him, at least smile whenever you’re with him and tell him how eager you’re waiting for him to be awake,”
“thank you Ivy.. i know with you by my side i will feel so much better,” i smiled..
▪Maja’s POV😥
Selene was actually right when she said i need to at least give Alvary another chance. Alvary is a good listener and has always hear me out before concluding anything about me but i didn’t give him that chance, i refused to listen to him because i was consumed by my anger, i felt so hurt and broken. But the worst part is that my life has been a hell ever since i have been avoiding him, i realize Alvary is actually the air that i breathe, i can’t live without him because i feel so incomplete i don’t know why am so much attached to him this way but i just feel i need him in my life again, i need him by my side, i still want my Alvary despite everything i just want him right here with me. I went to check up on him at their house only be disappointed Jordan told me that he went back to Mexico and might never come again, she said now that he have broken up with me he has nothing to do here again so he left three days back and that alone shattered me. I felt so angry because he didn’t even tell me but it’s all my fault cos i kept pushing him away, i never gave him the chance to explain and now he’s gone, i just have to get used to being alone without him even thou its hurt like hell.
I kept tossing and turning on my bed, i couldn’t sleep these days, ever since the day he broke up with me my mind has never been at peace, always having sleepless night and the little sleep i get always end up in a nightmare which scare the hell outta me, i felt so empty and useless because he’s no longer part of me, i sometimes wonder how i even get to fall so deep for him that i have to feel this way. I stood up then walked to my window, staring at the stars..✨
..Everything is just void, the stars are missing from my sky, every moment feels incomplete, everything around me seems dull and boring, why will i have to feel this incomplete….
I walked back to my bed and buried my face in my pillow as i cried out my eyes… am not just used to this but whichever way i have to accept the fact that Alvary and i were never meant for each other and that really hurts….😭
what did you think now that Alvary is in Mexico but still in coma..???😥

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