Toyosi- Lyrics

Ringing……. 3x

Jompaul- Hello Toyosi, I have been trying to call your number for the past 30minutes now.

Where do you put your phone?

Toyosi- Am sorry, I gave it to my mum when I was washing outside.

Jompaul- Alright, I just want to know if you are Fine. So take care.

Toyosi Aaah
Have promised to love you with all my heart,
Just make sure you don’t break my heart,
I love what you put on see your hat,
Just because of that I will buy you a fish cat.
Toyosi always package yourself without using any tattoo.
If my mummy see you she will buy you a cattle.
Don’t come to my house you know we are yet to be married,
Just to avoid you from been carried.
I love you so much ask Jomiloju Olumbe.
He will tell you what I told Mr Azanubi Lambe.
Ani bo se ma n rerin,
Lo ma n pami lerin,
Tinu mi fi ma n dun to mo fi ma n rerin.
Toyosi have been looking for you for the past 5years
See me now am now 35years,
Look at my face,
You can see am handsome just like 2face.
I love you so much because your name sound so sweet.
Toyosi Adigun Kehinde,
Just like Omotola Jolade Ekeinde.


I love you…/3x
For you are the flesh of my flesh,
For you are the bone of my bone.
I love you…/3x

Verse 2.
Mo gbadura si Jesu,
Ki idile mi,
Ko dun ko lami,
Ki jeun soke,
Bi idile wale Oke,
My prayers,
In my marriage,
The Lord is my shepherd i shall not want,
After you God toyosi is all I want.
I love you so much just like toothpaste,
Everyday lo ma n wash mi,
Everyday lo ma n clean mi,
Everyday lo ma n pray fun mi,
Kin ma se ti Jesu,
nitori ota wa esu,
Let’s pray together,
Let’s walk together,
Let’s dance together,
Let’s love each other.

Won n Wadi mi won ni bawo mo se ma n compose,
Ekan di compose.


I love you…/3x
For you are flesh of my flesh,
For you are the bone of my bone,
I love you…/3x
Star boy,
Love is the greatest,
In the whole universe,
Love is sweet,
Love is good,
Love is for everybody,
Love me I love you,
Chi… Aahhh

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