Fedpoffa Students


Deposez Les Stylo

Aseyez Vous


Je m’appelle St. Jompaul

Rap Lion

Je habit á Offa

Everybody comment Allez vous

I believe nous avon bien merci.

Chi see




Is a great school/2x

To the glorious God, to the marvellous God

We say thank you.


Hook Line/Verse 1

Open the door for me I don’t want to Soliloquize

Fedpoffa Students I know you are very wise.

Especially students from Engineering.

You know how they are performing naw in wiring

Boya kedo lo bere lowo Engr. Abikoye

See Emi na Jompaul mo shi ma joye.


Oya school of Applied Science,

Efogo fun olorun omniscience,

To fun yin ni gbogbo imo te mo ni science,

Just like the way you know virulence,

In your school no more condolence.

No more condolence, no more condolence I pray no more condolence.


In SBMS/2x

Don’t try to nullify our interest,

We don’t know calculus,

But we are trying in compound interest.

Eni Jompaul ni kema ki Dr. Kenneth Unuafe, Dr. A.s mohammed and Mrs Ajibade,

Ema wo emi na si ma Dade.


Oya let’s go/2x

School Of Environmental,

No more Accidental,

Eyin to ministry of housing,

Just be bouncing.


Eyin ti school of Communication And Information,

Eo nidi calculation,

But see,  your togetherness will leads to celebration.




The reason why i am in school,

Is to achieve all my goals,

I pray to you oh Lord, take control./2x


Hook Line/Chorus 2


Rap Lion,

Tinubu Orin see,


Tunde Kaka,

Sebi iwe na ni kowa ka,

Kilo wa de to wa n damu anti ruka,

Oje jare e kogba ra e lowo calculator kenko,

Ko ma reason bi calculator casio,

Ko ma burn candle,

Ko ba le solve ratio.

If you don’t work for your future, you know go chop.

Ask Mr future you know go chop.

You just try your best

And leave the rest

For God to do the rest.

Chi see,

To my Role Model, Engr. Dr. Balogun Abdulwaheed and to my closest link Olumbe Jomiloju Nollywood Actor.


My daddy Arch. Adama Augustine eba mi ki Dr. Larongbe Afolabi.

Dr. Mrs Grace korter eba mi ki Mrs Suhurat Ikeola Olatinwo.

To the DSA Mr Gbenga Aleminu, Qudos to you.

This song is dedicated to all fedpoffa Students.

Com. Abiola Azeez MRM Adigun.

And to our Rector Dr. Abdullateef Ademola Olatunji.


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